Scotland Bans Fracking After ‘Irrefutable Evidence’ Proves Dangers

Scotland bans fracking

Scotland has banned fracking after irrefutable evidence proved that the practise posed a danger to the environment and public. 

The Scottish government announced Tuesday that “overwhelming” public opposition to the gas extraction technique forced them to confront the controversial practise once and for all. reports:  Energy minister Paul Wheelhouse said an immediate ban would be enacted by using planning powers to extend the current moratorium “indefinitely”, removing the need for legislation.

Mr Wheelhouse told MSPs: “Let me be clear that the action is sufficient to effectively ban the development of unconventional oil and gas extraction in Scotland.

“The decision that I am announcing today means that fracking cannot, and will not take place in Scotland.”

The minister said a public consultation on the issue received more than 60,000 responses, an “overwhelming” 99 per cent of which were opposed to fracking.

Opponents raised concerns over the impact on health and the environment, while supporters focused on the economic benefits and said regulation could mitigate any adverse effects.

Hydraulic fracturing involves injecting water at high pressure into shale formations, fracturing the rock and allowing natural gas to flow out.

The government will seek Holyrood’s endorsement for the ban by extending the moratorium in place since January 2015, during a debate and vote following recess.

Conservative MSP Dean Lockhart said the decision meant Scotland’s economy was being “left behind”, and that reports had shown fracking could bring up to £4.6bn in additional GVA and thousands of jobs.

He said: “This much-needed economic boost and these jobs will now be created outside of Scotland, thanks to the SNP.”

Labour’s environment spokesperson Claudia Beamish, and Green MSP Mark Ruskell, both called on the government to commit to a full legal ban, with Ms Beamish saying the proposal did not go “far enough”.

The Liberal Democrats welcomed the government’s announcement, but criticised the time taken to reach a decision.

Environmental charities hailed the ban, while industry bodies said Scotland would miss out on an economic boost and thousands of jobs.

Friends of the Earth Scotland head of campaigns Mary Church said: “This is a huge win for the anti-fracking movement, particularly for those on the frontline of this dirty industry here in Scotland, who have been working for a ban these last six years.”

She said the ban would “avoid potentially devastating impacts to people’s health, the climate and our natural environment”.

Dr Sam Gardner, acting director of WWF Scotland, added: “It’s excellent news the Scottish government has listened to the thousands of people, campaigners, and politicians across the country who have been calling for a permanent ban to fracking.

“The climate science is clear. The vast majority of fossil fuel reserves need to be left in the ground.”

Tom Pickering, operations director of Ineos Shale, which processes shale gas shi-ped from overseas to Grangemouth in Scotland, warned the country will miss out on economic and employment benefits, including an estimated 3,100 jobs.

Gary Smith, the GMB union’s Scotland secretary, accused the Scottish government of being “dishonest and hypercritical”, adding: “Scotland is importing a huge amount of shale gas from Trump’s America.

“If the government wants to be consistent, it will now ban shale gas imports, threatening a huge number of job losses.”

  • Tricky6

    I wonder how many of the 3100 jobs would have been filled by people living locally to where the extraction would be taking place anyway.

    I’d much rather be drinking uncontaminated water for a start.

    Much of the injected chemical gets trapped down below but its gonna come back up sooner or later somehow and they won’t be able to deal with the consequences.

    Easier to prevent this waste right now and pursue more environmentally friendly methods of creating energy.

    If Scotland gets desperate we can open up the pits for coal as even its more environmentally friendly than the leaking methane from the cracking process.

    If Merkel says coal is good enough for German energy refusing nuclear, Scotland can refuse fracking and use coal!

  • Dennis

    Good for Scotland! Seems there are still some intelligent people there?

    • Tricky6

      Don’t believe whats printed in the papers that everyone in Scotland wants independence and hate the English people.

      I’ve saw both the English & Scottish versions of the Sun newspaper from the same days reporting very differently, trying to manipulate the English into hating the Scots with packs of lies.

      I don’t know anyone who voted independence, including SNP voters themselves. The election resulting in the loss of many of the 58 SNP MP’s proves even SNP voters defected to Conservative etc as they are also sick of the continuation of independence talk from snp mp’s while Scotland is falling apart.

      Don’t believe the media, our education, nhs , police and local government services are $hit and on their knee’s but the fudged figures that make the media make out to the English that Scots services are better to get the English complaining about Jeremy Hunt etc.

      SNP wants more powers for Scotland but don’t use / have a clue how to use what they have.

      Scotland will end up like North Korea with people living in poverty with Scotland paying EU membership money just so that the First minister can get a seat alongside Merkel etc at the EU table & G20 etc. She hates not having what Teresa May has and Scotland’s people will pay the price required to get it!