Sean Penn: Donald Trump Is Mankind’s ‘Number One Enemy’

Sean Penn says Donald Trump is humanity's greatest threat

Oscar-winning actor Sean Penn has slammed Donald Trump, declaring him to be the number one enemy of mankind. 

In a scathing op-ed for Time, the has-been actor branded Trump an “enemy of Americans, Republicans, Democrats, Independents and every new child born. An enemy of mankind…. an enemy of the state.” reports: It takes nearly 1,000 self-aggrandizing words before Penn takes on the president. For most of the interminable piece, the two-time Oscar-winner thumps his own chest over his work in Haiti after a devastating earthquake in 2010 resulted in some 300,000 dead Haitians.

Nowhere, however, does Penn reveal that Trump denies making the “shithole” comments about Haiti. Nowhere does Penn mention that two senators, who were in the room, back up the president’s claim. And naturally, like the rest of our media, Penn spreads the fake news that Trump’s comments were racist, even though the left-wing Washington Postreports that Trump wants to increase immigration from “Asian countries” — an idea that would make him the most inept white supremacist ever.

Moreover, nowhere does Penn bother to take a breath from his prose of purple to suggest that, in a private conversation, there is absolutely nothing morally wrong with using this kind of shorthand language to describe a backwards country with an infrastructure so bad 300,000 innocent people needlessly died in an earthquake.

As an artist, Penn should be protecting and defending free expression, not joining the corporate-funded media mob to criminalize speech and truth using the anti-science scarlet letter of racism.

But as we all know, Penn is a big fan of dictators and police states.

  • Mar Drafting Corporation

    How about Hillary Clinton Sean? You never said anything about George W. Bush a war assassin. Now that our president Donald Trump is trying to fix up this country and take it from satanical deep state you came up with your stupid personal complaint.

  • Steve S

    I guess men who beat on women will see Trump as a threat.

    • Marilyn Bloom

      Well, cowards ARE afraid of legitimate strength.

  • Btown

    Mankind’s number 1 enemy is itself.

    • nullifyNWO

      Don’t fool Yourself, this is exactly what propaganda wants You to think!

      • Btown

        propaganda apparently wants me to think everything at once. nonetheless, as a collective, obviously some of us are it’s own worst enemy.

  • Peter Lemonjello

    Actually the number one enemy to mankind is the Jew.

    • Marilyn Bloom

      Genesis 12:3 & 1John 4:20. Repent, my friend.

    • sandy daniels

      you are wrong. It’s those who hate the jews that are the enemy

      • Peter Lemonjello

        The Jews hate your guts, moron. Google “Passages in the Talmud referring to Gentiles”. Then when you find out that they think Jesus is in Hell boiling in his own excrement, come back and tell me how wonderful they are.

        • sandy daniels

          you are incorrect I pity you, your hate has overcome your reason. The Talmud is a collection of decisions made by Idiots who forgot the Torah.

          • Peter Lemonjello

            I don’t care if you think I’m wrong. Just because the facts are inconvenient for you doesnt make them less factual.

  • Ed Ram

    Long Live President Trump! Sean Penn is a Hollywood degenerate. MAGA

  • Marilyn Bloom

    Aaaaand you have NOTHING TO SAY ABOUT YOUR BUDDIES THE CLINTONS ROBBING HAITIANS, SEAN? You were supposedly SO INVOLVED in those relief efforts and you saw NOTHING? Go back to sleep.

  • Katos

    Well if Penn had actually helped in Haiti (FOR more than a day)??? HE would have seen the wholesale robbery by the CLINTONS OF the billions in relief funds that never touched the ground in Haiti! OF COURSE, HE’S ANOTHER hillary sycophant, so hed NEVER EXPOSE het massive corruption!

  • General Apathy

    Interesting how Penn’s stash is getting more and more Hitler like. lol


    Coke Head

  • rcwarbirdbuilder

    What a jackass.

  • sandy daniels

    Penn has always been a piece of satanic trash. He portrayed our men in Vietnam as amoral rapists and murderers. You can bet anything he is against sane people should be for. He disgusts me.

  • KittenWithWhip

    How smart can he be? He married Madonna. Actors are stupid yet preach to the rest of us with real jobs and families. They are too stupid to realize how stupid we think they are. Go away.

    • sandy daniels

      right on!! He is probably so angry cause Madonna gave him the gift that keeps on giving LOL