New Self Sufficient Greenhouse That Can Grow Food & Produce Water

roots up
roots up

A new greenhouse has been developed that could provide crops in a desert environment.

The multifunctional greenhouse will allow farmers to grow food and collect water.

This new design can help farmers in areas where the lack of rainfall make it difficult to grow crops, by collecting moisture from the air, which is then used to water the plants.

The Roots Up organisation is hoping to raise enough funds to launch the project in Africa.

It will enable self-sufficient farming for communities in Ethiopia.

Roots up reports:

This greenhouse has multifunctional purpose: grow food and produce water. Inside, the hot air is trapped so the temperature in the greenhouse keeps rising throughout the day. The heat causes water to evaporate, creating air humidity making the greenhouse atmosphere better for plants’ growth as well as maximising the dew harvest.

When the surface temperature drops at evening until morning, the farmer pulls out the rope to open the top of the greenhouse allowing it to cool, eventually reaching the dew point, atmospheric water vapor condenses to form small droplets on the surface of the bioplastic sheet falling into the water tank container.

This system allows farmers to harvest water used as safe drinking water and irrigation.

Be part of this project on Indiegogo: Roots Up for self-sufficient farming communities

Edmondo Burr

BA Economics/Statistics
Assistant Editor
  • Debal Deb

    How to get the greenhouse? Who to contact? What would be the price range?

    • Johann C Brits

      Do not waste your money!!
      Rather go dig a hole in your back yard, throw all your money in there and fill up the hole. When you start thinking clearly again, go and find your money. With this thing you will never recover your money, not even 1 penny/cent!!

  • Neil William Mitchell

    I do not think this would work. The interior day temperature would be far too high(if 40 C outside it will be 65-70C inside) killing the plants by cooking them. This needs to go back to the drawing board.

    • Johann C Brits

      No going back to the drawing board!! SCRAP it! This thing (can’t call it a design) is like the perpetual motion models of the 70’s and 80’s – garbage!!

  • Kristian Tvesjå

    Secured for strong winds? Most of the outside evaporation will be lost due to no collection system [small tubes would be sufficient]. Rather have something to cover the soil to avoid evaporation, and use the more efficient system of Warka Water for dew-collecting. Blessings :]

  • Ross Elliott

    Defies the laws of physics and completely unsuitable environment for plant growth. Can’t grow in an unventilated solar cooker, can’t condense enough water by night cooling to irrigate crops. Also the last thing any third-world farmer needs, looks like just another buck-chasing grant-sucking concept looking for funding.

  • KAT Moser

    If it would work I’d like it here in the high desert where the humidity is extremely low and we average 2″ of rain per year. However, I think it would cook the plants in the daytime heat. It’s extremely rare that our temperatures reach dew point so I don’t know where all this “moisture in the air” would be found. We grow our plants in a well ventilated screen house that protects them from the animals and shades them from excessive sun.