Senior Russian Diplomat Found Dead In Athens

Senior Russian Diplomat Found Dead In Athens

A murder investigation has been launched after the head of the Russian Consular service in Athens was found dead in his home in Greece.

According to Greek police,  a senior diplomat at Russia’s embassy in Athens was found dead in his apartment.

The death comes just weeks after Russia’s ambassador to Turkey was gunned down in Ankara.

According to Press TV:

According to Protothema portal on Monday, 55-year-old Russian consul, Andrei Malanin was found dead on his bathroom floor by another member of embassy staff.

Police said at “first sight” he appears to have died from natural causes but the authorities were awaiting a report from the coroner. There was apparently no evidence of a break in or no signs of visible harm on the senior diplomat’s body.

His colleagues said he did not come to work in the morning and did not answer to phone calls, so they came to his house with the police. The door of his apartment was locked by a key from the inside.

The death occurred about three weeks after Russia’s ambassador to Turkey, Andrei Karlov, was assassinated while speaking at a photo exhibit in Ankara.

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  • Mollie Norris

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  • Yshia Lau

    Sad and disturbing. We demand justice for him!