Shocker.. Guess Who Russia Voted For Man Of The Year?

In a completely un-stunning revelation – the same man has been named “Man of The Year” for the 15th year in a row.

Can you guess who he is?

He’s strong.

He likes horses.

And he’s the leader of one of the world’s biggest countries.

So…. who is it?

Drumroll…. The Independent puts it great in the title of their recent article “You’ll never guess who Russia’s man of the year is (actually you might)” [1]

Because… you won’t just guess.  You already know.

It’s Vladimir Putin!

The Independent reports:

The votes are in and Vladimir Putin has been named Russia’s man of the year for the 15th year running.

The Russian president won the political category with 68 per cent of the vote. He has won every year since becoming prime minister in 1999, Interfax reported.

Independent Russian pollster Public Opinion Foundation asked 1,500 people in 43 Russian regions who their men of the year were in a range of fields.

But in sport 68 per cent of people had no answer at all, while in culture 75 per cent of people could not think of anyone.

Russia’s man of the year: Past winners

2014 Vladimir Putin

2013 Vladimir Putin

2012 Vladimir Putin

2011 Vladimir Putin

2010 Vladimir Putin

2009 Vladimir Putin

2008 Vladimir Putin

2007 Vladimir Putin

2006 Vladimir Putin

2005 Vladimir Putin

2004 Vladimir Putin

2003 Vladimir Putin

2002 Vladimir Putin

2001 Vladimir Putin

2000 Vladimir Putin


[1] You’ll never guess who Russia’s man of the year is (actually you might)

  • Burak Özdemir

    well, compared to puppet politicians of the west this man actually gets things done. its obvious that people like him, no need to by cynical about it. western propaganda keeps trying to make him look the bad guy but that just proves it all the more that they have their own reasons why they do that and that would be: They hope to someday do some outrageous things they hope to be able to justify with their anti putin propaganda and the people will be on their side. WELL TRY IT BITCHES

  • Doris Daniels Kerns