Busted: Soros Paid March For Our Lives Protestors $300 Each

March for our Lives protestors paid 300 dollars by Soros organizers

#MarchForOurLives organizers paid protestors $300 each to attend the March 24 protest in Washington, D.C, according to reports.

Journalist Jacob Wohl found ads posted on Craigslist where Soros organizers looked to recruit paid protestors to attend the march.

“Here’s just one of many of the Craigslist ads where Soros Organizers were recruiting PAID protestors for #MarchForOurLives ! Don’t expect the MSM to talk about this,” the Editor In Chief for The Washington Reporter tweeted.

“Here’s one of the ads that was posted by #MarchForOurLives organizers seeking PAID “street-teams” in Washington DC.”

Craigslist ad for MarchForOurLives protestors

Jacob Wohl’s explosive find confirms claims made earlier in the week by former Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke Jr., who said that the survivors of the Parkland, Fla., school shooting were being manipulated by George Soros in order to ban guns in America.

Thehill.com reports: In a tweet, the former Wisconsin sheriff wrote that media appearances and an activism campaign from students of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School against gun violence had “George Soros’ fingerprints all over it.”

Seventeen people were killed at the Parkland high school last week when a gunman attacked with an AR-15. In the days following, students of the school have organized a national campaign aimed at reducing gun violence.

Clarke, who resigned as sheriff last year amid speculation he would join the Trump administration, now serves as senior adviser and spokesman for the pro-Trump America First Action PAC. He is scheduled to speak at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) later this week.

  • sandy daniels

    Why is that bastard even allowed in the USA. Hungary wants to extradite him and throw him in the deepest cell they have and throw away the key. He has promoted sedition, rebellion, treason, high treason. Execute that bastard

    • Rachel

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      • william couch

        WHY DON’T YOU GET,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, OH THAT’S RIGHT!! YOU DO!! “R” U PAID BY SOROS??!! DO YOU SWALLOW!!!???

    • living detroit

      so does russia…they have a warrant out on him

      • John Barker

        If Russia can get to a KGB defector in a restaurant in a rural English city with a nerve agent attack, you’d think they’d be able to deal with Soros, wherever he happens to be.

        • Valkyrie14

          POS has a house in Bedford Hills NY, but I’m sure they know it already.

          • perdue1111

            Doesn’t he live in Bedford, N.Y.?

          • http://www.infrastructure-defense.com Tom Carlton

            Right up the road from Hillary and Bill.

          • Valkyrie14

            Not far from the “woods” of Chappaqua. Yuck, what an area.

          • teresa kenny

            wonder how many of these protestors visit him at home for a little fun if you know what I mean .

        • Patrick McGoff

          He’s likely as well guarded as Trump.

        • Robyn Peters

          That hoax in the UK had nothing to do with Russia, it was a ploy to make people hate Russia. It came from portland down 10 mins away (which is confirmed to have a stock of this agent), so did the so called clean up (no protocols except has-mat suits were followed), it was a joke, no decontamination areas, they didn’t decontaminate the area’s, this nerve agent is designed to kill in mins at most, and there is no treatment until it is confirmed, which takes two weeks = death, not hours and full recovery in a week, not to mention one police officer, who wouldn’t have been patrolling (cos of his station) but not the nurse who helped out first, not the paramedic’s, not any hospital staff, not any passersby, and no decontamination anywhere!

          • Crusty Gronk

            I agree. The global government wants a war with Russia.

    • Jane St. Clair


    • cbodi

      Better yet, extradite him to Hungary!

    • Jim Cain

      My are you gullible. This is a Fake News story!

  • Johnny in Philly

    Soros sells buttons & T-shirts on the street? ::confused::
    The ad says it is a commission based street team – do u guys know what a street team is? Hawkers who sell Tshirts/merch on commission.

    • Sean TaTa BYEBYE….

      Exactly..the ads are for a merchandising job…not for people being paid to march.. this is YNW Sean TaTa BYE BYE.,.. HES ALWAYS WRITING BULLSHIT STORIES/…if its a bullshit story on YNW you can rest assured Sean TaTa bye bye wrote it.. hes taking pills he bought at the pub again no doubt…

      • Johnny in Philly

        clicks = money

      • https://www.facebook.com/groups/ca4trump.SanLuisObispoCounty/ Sandi4TRUMP


    • noscams

      they work on commission, right. That’s why he’s paying $300?

      • Johnny in Philly

        have u not seen: “pays up to $xxxx” to entice people?
        or save upto 20%

      • Me Again

        the money goes to DNC

    • Me Again

      I made a call to a guy in Colorado it is real Soros shit they pay you overtime=violence make the call next time

      • Johnny in Philly

        That rally is gonna bankrupt Soros. So.many.people.

        • Patricia Trapasso

          He’s the richest person in the world! It will take more than any of us can dish out to bankrupt him!

          • Screw_Globalism

            You are sort of right , Soros is a top , inner circle , member of the Rothschild Cartel…the Rothschild’s are by far the richest family on Earth , obtained mainly by deception !!

          • chantal

            And got rich on wars

          • Screw_Globalism

            And continue to get richer …spilling the blood of ” goys “

          • perdue1111

            Goyim are gentile, (non Jewish) “useful idiots” that do the dirty deeds of the “evildoers”!

          • Norm Ash

            Hardly the richest. America has several far richer billionaires like Gates, Buffett, Cuban, Ellison, the CEOs of Apple, Amazon, Disney, etal are far richer. And several Asian billionaires dwarf even our billionaires.

          • Screw_Globalism

            The Rothschild’s in turn , totally dwarf all those combined !! Seriously !!

          • Stephen S.

            No, David and the rest of the Rothchilds are worth 1/2 the world’s wealth at $500 Trillion

          • Screw_Globalism

            Exactly , Soros is a member of their Cartel !!

          • perdue1111

            Trump can freeze his assets!

        • Stephen S.

          $300×50,000=$15M He has $11B in gold bullion; and that’s just one of hundreds of assets. Bankruptcy is not likely; you’re not thinking big enough.

        • cbodi

          No way. He could have 50,000 protests like this for less than 1 Bil…… he will still have 7 Bil left.

    • https://www.facebook.com/LNoraSheffield Nora Sheffield

      Exactly. Once again, the RWNJ’s are ballooning an ad for 20-25 people hired to sell merchandise AT an event into 100’s of thousands of people. If Soros paid people at that rate, he would be BROKE AS FUCK. No way this is true. Just more propaganda from the Far Right. They have NOTHING else to prop up their failure of a President and the encroaching impeachment. Sorry guys, this AD doesn’t work on those of us who , number one, can READ, and number two, ACTUALLY THINK for ourselves. #SycophanticParrots just drinking too much #OrangeKookAid!!

      • Howie

        So impeach him for your silly-assed reasons. Bill Clinton was impeached and still finished his terms. Impeachment = slap on the wrist. You pussies suck.

        • Rob Thomson

          Howie, how S T U P I D are you? You’re so S T U P I D that you don’t know that someone has to be elected to a government office to be impeached. You must be one of those poorly educated Trumpanzees Twit ler loves so much. Twit ler loves you because you’re so easy to con. DERP!

          • Jim Allen

            You are the stupid one, Rob. Howie is responding to the comment by one of your asshole pals Nora Sheffield.
            You had trouble with reading comprehension in school, didn’t you, punk?

      • Sylvia Sweet

        Soros has more money than you can imagine Nora, he owns a ball team,and his son is a politican.

        • https://www.facebook.com/LNoraSheffield Nora Sheffield

          Money is a finite resource that is generally capable of being spent much faster than it is acquired. Multiply $300 by just 300,000, the estimated number of Marchers just in DC. Do it. THEN, continue to do that times the MILLIONS he has “paid off” times the times he has “paid them off”, times the “events he has paid them off at”, time the YEARS he has “paid them off”. The Rothschilds are worth an estimated $500 Trillion dollars. If they were paying people off at the rate you claim Soros is paying people, THEY would spend over 400 years of wealth acquisition within a scant few years. This falsehood is simply ludicrous and simply can not hold up to anyone who understands simple mathematics.

          • Keith Winter

            Imagine how much a trillion is…..if you spent a dollar a second it would take 31709.7919837646 years to spend it

          • https://www.facebook.com/LNoraSheffield Nora Sheffield

            Of which Soros is nowhere NEAR. Of course, in our sphere of existence it is unfathomable that such an amount could EVER be spent, but spent it is. When simply purchasing a couple of homes, four or five cars, a plane or two, and maybe a couple of really snazzy yachts and for laughs, a helio just for quick jaunts, and one could unload several hundred billion without so much as an afterthought. We haven’t thrown in any luxury items, travel, clothing or the “jet setting” lifestyle in general, or even furnished these homes, yachts, etc, ad nauseum. These people pour through MILLIONS of dollars a month like our children spending their allowance at GameStop. Of course, there is our government, in which a Trillion is such a PALTRY sum………..sadly. 🙂

        • Screw_Globalism

          And backed by FAR bigger Rothschild funding !!

      • Smoltzfan

        George Soros is behind the Women’s movement, Black Lives Matter, Antifa. Media Matters,& many more. You need to wake up. He is ruining our country

    • Erik Matthews

      THANK you!!!! someone with sense FINALLY read the fine print – must be a Philly thing……..

    • Pat Finley

      Exactly what I was thinking!!!

  • Steve S

    Still talking about another false flag attack? Most grown ups figured out these shootings are all staged events by the govt which I guess is why they pick on the naive kids. Good news though, fake shootings make snowflakes look up from their phones and millennial stop playing video games…for a brief moment.

    • noscams

      wake up:
      “The state must declare the child to be the most precious treasure of
      the people. As long as the government is perceived as working for the
      benefit of the children, the people will happily endure almost any
      curtailment of liberty and almost any

      deprivation. ”
      Hitler, Mein Kampf

    • Rob Thomson


  • Sean TaTa BYEBYE….

    These ads are for employment opportunitys..not for paid marchers/..cmon YNW…LIFT YOUR GAME
    Of course ..look who wrote this.. Sean TaTa bye byes….. hes on pills again….. stop taking the pills Sean.. you dickhead
    HERE IS WHAT THE AD SAID…. Its for a job not to be paid to march….
    Now hiring 20-25 outgoing salespeople to sell merchandise at the gun March for Our Lives gun control protest.

    • Me Again

      you are a total moron

  • Franco Brocardo

    Soros is really a shame.

    • Screw_Globalism

      you are too polite !!

  • BC

    What I’m reading in these ad’s is for people to sell shirts and button’s, not protesters..

    • Sandy Nida

      Excuse me….says they sell merchandise AT THE GUN MARCH FOR OUR LIVES GUN CONTROL PROTEST. I would imagine that would put them there, and if they are selling merchandise, they must agree with what they say…I would imagine them to be protesters as well.

      • Me Again


      • Rob Thomson

        Sandy Nida, I don’t even have to imagine. It’s clear as day that you’re an ID10T.

        • Can you comprehend?


    • Me Again


  • Katos

    AND isn’t it interesting that the failure of the FBI, the failure of the local police, the failure of the 3 first repsonxsd WHO were told to “STAND DOWN ” AND followed orders rather than saving children?? ALL has been SWEPT UNDER THE RUG??

    • bonniebluejeanne

      And so far, no lawsuits against the school, the school board, or the Sheriff’s deputies who stayed outside!!

    • Jim Allen

      True Story!

  • Steveng

    How does one know if creating a money-making scheme a Soros strategy NOT to implicate him?

    • Me Again


  • Christian Christian

    The ad in question asked for 20 to 25 people to sell merchandize at the protests and to earn up to $300 each in commission. There is no connection with Soros.

    • Me Again

      they are funneling that money to Democrats. DO YOU HAVE A CONNECTION TO morons, OR YOU JUST REALLY DONT UNDERSTAND?

      • Screw_Globalism

        And it all ultimately goes back to the Rothschild Cartel , using their ” useful idiots ” to do their dirty work !!

    • Michelle Cater

      Wow.. get your head out of the sand

  • Sandy Nida

    Someone like this, who hates America and what we stand for needs to be deported asap, but, no such thing will happen…what a shame that we have to put up with the likes of this evil man until he dies…..and then his son, no doubt will carry on for him…..sad, sad.

    • Me Again

      the real shame is that ythe 1200+ media sites of Soros’ are TAX-EXEMPT check out “Discover the Networks” Soros media sites he also prints Pearson books, EBSCO search websites=ALL BRAINWASHING MATERIALS

      • chantal

        And he gets grants feom the taxpayers for his foundations


    This is weak as shit. False flag fake “evidence” is used to throw the scent off the real lies. Anyone can post a Craigslist post and take a screenshot of it, yet not one of these “Soros Exposed!” fucks ever think to respond to the article, sign up as a protester, and get proof of it. No addresses, no emails, no point of contacts, no actually getting a paycheck to see who’s paying the bills. Because there is none. These are fakes. Troll posts. Counterintel.

    There are real paid protesters; we have ample proof of that, but they’re not gathered using such public recruitment methods. We have undeniable paper trails that Soros funnels large amounts of money into their campaign slogans and propaganda merchandising. But slimy two-faced lying kikes make up fake evidence like this as a dog-whistle. They know the good shabbos goy running their controlled opposition “right-wing media blogs” will repost it like wildfire and spread their false evidence to pollute the debate. That way they can later snivel and rub their hands while cooing “see, goyim… muhspiracy theories like these are all fake!”

    • Me Again

      I went but I protested they do pay, I talked to a guy in colorado he said they would pay 1500+ for overtime which was violence

      • GTKRWN

        And I talked with the Pope last week. He said traps are gay.

        Again, you lack evidence. You have no paystubs. You have no contact information. You have “a guy.” Who totally admitted to a criminal conspiracy.

        You’re not even trying. This deep fake conspiracy about the jew hiring people on Craigslist has gone on for years without a single shred of evidence. Meanwhile the actual evidence we do have, including financial statements from slimy globalist jews like George Soros and MoveOn actually paying money for these fake protests gets ignored while the controlled opposition keeps spreading fake “evidence” of things we already have proven real.

        • Screw_Globalism

          The ” Chosen Ones ” tend to keep everything ” in house ” , within their own tribal group …no goys allowed ….apart from ” useful idiots ” and these are kept on a leash !!

          • Sylvia Sweet

            Screw, what the hell is a goys ?

          • Screw_Globalism

            The Goyim / Goy / Goys are what the ” Chosen Ones ” refer to non Jews as…it’s Hebrew for ” below cattle ” , they are Talmudic supremacists …and they hate Europeans the most out of all the ” goyim “

    • Brent Naish

      well said

    • Screw_Globalism

      Also , remember that Soros is also fully backed by HIS masters and fellow ” Chosen Ones ” , the House of Rothschild. Soros is a top table Rothschild Cartel , Zionist mafioso !!

  • https://www.facebook.com/groups/ca4trump.SanLuisObispoCounty/ Sandi4TRUMP


  • kathleen dungan

    I don’t care what some of these people are saying, George Soros is behind all this insanity. He’s behind Antifa, Police Protests & he’s behind that Gun Violence March. Soros is a POS globalist who’s trying to make it a One World Order. If he’s wanted in other countries why doesn’t Sessions get him in custody & hand him over to them? We need to get that Scumbag out of the USA! He’s evil & has sold his soul to Satan. He donates millions to Democrat Party candidates, he donated huge amount of money to Obama’s campaign (SHOCKING), that’s why Democrat party didn’t go after him! Soros will see this anti-gun March as a way to swing voters against any Republican candidates who take money from NRA. NRA is NOT the problem, they support hard working Americans & the 2nd Amendment to use & protect yourself with guns. Criminals do not belong to NRA, we can make as many gun laws as we want but guess what, criminals will still have guns. Perfect example: Chicago, has strictest gun laws in the country but have most gun related crimes? Hows that happen? Criminals don’t follow the Laws & Democrats are running Chicago. Look at every major city that is run by Democrats, they’re all ghettos– Miami, Baltimore, LA, NY City, San Fran, Ferguson, Phila, Camden, you get what you elect!

    • Jane St. Clair

      Yes. Let’s educate others.
      But the Liberals won’t listen.Even.
      If he’s kicked out he can still
      Appoint someone here and send
      Money here.

    • RRyan

      Maybe he IS Satan….


        No, got that wrong…trump is satan.

        • Dave Allsopp

          Riiight…and good is really evil, black is white, up is down. More Kool-aid for you! You’re bought and paid for and not very bright!

      • Guy Morin

        nope can’t be – satan is still coming. he is definately an anti christ figure though (there are many now a days)

    • Can you comprehend?

      Yes! He is so despicable, so anti-American, so awful, virtually treasonous. He probably even pals around with that heartless, nuke-building dictator, Vladimir Putin.

      • perdue1111

        Putin ALSO has a warrant for his arrest for the havoc he has caused them! Now Hungary is having a problem with illegal immigrants and guess who is Hungarian and behind the illegal invasions? That rat bastard, that’s who!

    • Mariel Castaneda

      Jeff Sessions is USELESS!
      A weasel and a mole from the swamp!
      He has done NOTHING ti bring Hillary and her CORRUPT partners to accountability and JUSTICE!

      • Ron Stanley

        Q says to trust Sessions

        • Shirley


  • C*HarrisTHEboss

    George Soros is the Rothschild front man – he is the most evil satanist in public view.

  • Niteowl Brown

    Soros is doing the exact same thing here as he did in Germany and Poland in WWII. He checked them in to send them to the gas chambers. Hitlers people scavagged everything the Jews owned and gassed them in the chambers. He want a NWO with him the Supreme being. He is capable of anything.

  • Johnny Bear

    Damn, I was hoping to have been reading a story with actual proof Soros paid the marchers to be there.
    Instead I see wholehearted proof that some opportunistic entrepreneur was looking for people to sell t-shirts and wristbands.
    Shit, don’t people know the truth from the bullshit anymore.

  • Valkyrie14

    Him and his henchmen need to be eliminated.

  • ChrissyOne

    Dear readers,
    You’re fucking stupid if you believe this.


  • Patriotic American
    • Screw_Globalism

      Funded and led by their Rothschild fellow tribe members !! Because THEY control the ” media ” , they have peddled their lies to the masses for too long …people are waking up..but too slowly !!

  • Being bad is way more fun

    Only a GOP person would be dumb enough to put an ad in craig list to be so easily found so you already know this is hella fake !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Don De

    I totally 100% believe Soros funded the marches. I just wonder why nobody, especially a conservative, secretly videoed and posted any of these transactions. Just a thought.

  • Steve C. Decker

    Everything that happened in this sordid unreal episode…from the meeting between Killery and Sheriff Israel through the fatal mass shooting, CNN town hall meeting, student walkout, demonstrations, TV appearances, and right up to the zombie march in Washington…was STAGED by the fascist ultra-socialist Democratic Party to push a frivolous gun control agenda, and paid for by globalist maniac George Soros. EVERYTHING!!!

  • bhrush

    cheap whores

  • Dawn Nakagawa

    The ad is for selling shirts and indicates that are looking for 20-25 people. about 2 million people marched coast to coast. Nothing you publish is grounded in evidence or based on any research. Its based on random assertion meant to manipulate people and sow further discontent in a country already divided. Your News Wire is a pawn for the Russian misinformation machine.

  • Diane

    Did anyone look at the ad? It’s for people to sell merchandise. Seriously, you people will believe anything.

  • Elijah Varga

    Just to inform all, that this man or devil in human form is not Hungarian. He hates mankind and is rejoicing in setting up one group against the other, watching how they destroying each other. He is not a Hungarian but Khazar.He was collaborating with Nazis in ww2,against the Jews.A traitor to humanity, esp Christianity.

  • Suzanne Holmes

    You gullible people do know that those Craigslist ads are not proof of anything, right? Anyone can post an ad on Craigslist just like that. People do it just to see how easy it is to fool alt right ding-a-lings. Don’t believe me? Go to Craigslist and try yourself. Stop believing and spreading so much nonsense.

  • Joyce Childers Wallace

    I wonder if they get W2s for the work they do for him??? Are they reporting that income or hiding it?

  • Ken

    So, what’s the point? Who cares? And what about Jesus?

  • Steve DeRepentigny

    Can you read? They are hiring SALESPEOPLE to sell merchandise during the march, not PROTESTERS. Also, they are not paying 300$, they are paying 20% commission.
    All this proves is that Soros is profiting from the tragedy, not that he is paying participants.

    • perdue1111

      Steve….Don’t be so naive about that international agitator.He pays by debit card from what I have read.Drops his funds in and folks get paid that method. I read an article that said he didn’t pay some protestors…think it was Baltimore protest Black Lives Matter. The protestors picketed ACORN…Obama’s old buddies…and had a hashtag that was #cutthecheck….so the story goes.

  • Norm Ash

    This is fake news or misleading news at best. The CL ad was looking for sales people who could work the crowds of the Right to Life marchers selling Right to Life merchandise–not the marchers themselves.

  • mcraig2

    I don’t doubt for an instant that Soros is deeply involved in all the unrest, but these “ads” are merely asking for people to man concession booths, not protest. Give us some REAL proof, please.

  • Hal West

    This ad is for merch sales at the rally. Companies do the same thing at Trump rallies. Let’s be fair or be as bad as the fake news people. Nothing there about hiring demonstrators. They may have been paid but don’t offer this as proof – it isn’t!

  • Rob Thomson

    “FAKE NEWS”!

  • jeff kosinski

    Wohl is a Criminal up on 14 counts of fraud

  • Dan Roberts

    What’s wrong with that, trump pic people o attend his rallies


    This ass hole Soros is promoting treason towards America. Why is he not in jail or deported?

    • Screw_Globalism

      He is among those that REALLY control the USA , and not just the USA too …

  • aubonpain

    This is looking for 25 people to sell merchandise. i don’t appreciate you attempting to hoodwink us with untrue stories.

  • Can you comprehend?

    Did anyone here pass the fourth-grade “read and comprehend” exercises? This allegation states absolutely nothing about marchers/participants in this event being paid. It is advertising for SALES PEOPLE to sell merchandise for several hours, and, yes, they would be paid for their time and work. The guys selling you hot dogs and beer at the ball game are not paid to beef up attendance figures, they are paid to make some money and help the home team owners make more money. Does everyone on this site believe that Mexico actually is going to pay every peso to build that big, beautiful wall across our southern border? And that the president never met Stormy?

  • Ward Damon Hubbard

    …as Russia collusion fades into obscurity because of it’s valued lie revealed for liberal/socialist agenda it certainly is. The ‘real’ foreign enemy, who’s continual attack upon our Republic. Is in fact perpetuated by this treasonous Polish Jew, that had no problem turning in his own people to the Nazi for extermination, called ‘ethnic cleansing’.
    Yet when we actually look closer we see this evil man’s full intent to compromise this nation, our citizens, those three documents we hold dear. Any way, shape, or at any cost necessary. And every single politician, no matter the party affiliation, who has taken his money. Are no better then this treasonous Nazi POS..

  • uncldom

    Freeze His Assets…

  • TheDaleks

    Right, because every ad place on Craigslist — which doesn’t even require a user login — is legitimate. Right wingers are amazingly stupid.

  • Barry Schelling

    I am all for fighting for liberties and protecting our constitution. President Trump, is putting the country back to the American people. There will be a little pain in getting our country back on solid ground. Get rid of those deep state agents inside of DC. The media does not want to even report on the 25,000 indictments, that will be soon opened when these treasonist people are brought forward and face the military tribunal.
    With the 47 trillion dollar budgetover the next10 yrs. 7 trillion is to be used for the military and rebuilding, that is awesome and needed. The military will sacrifice 25 billion out of the 7 trillion and President Trump has just gave the libtards the biggest BITCH slap and a statement, dont mess with me and my administration and the AMERICAN PEOPLE. WE WILL USE THE 25 BILLION YOU WOULD NOT GIVE TO BUILD THE WALL. PRISON TIME IS COMING FOR SO MANY, INCLUDING HILARY AND OBAMA. These people tried to with Hilary sale our republic and shaft the American people. Nice try, you have been had. Thank you, Mr President Trump

  • Greg Dent

    BUSTED: All it says is he’s hiring a couple dozen commission merchandise sellers. $7,500 tops. For all of them. Bunch of non-readers here, apparently.

  • Joan Lutz

    ⚠️ I am waiting for karma to kick in & knock down Soros & everyone who are committed to him & his beliefs. They are leading us to a NWO even if they have to corral us into submission !!! It’s simple, do-or-die.
    ⚠️ We are in the middle of a Cold War within our own borders where Americans have been strategically pitted against each other.
    ⚠️ George Soros is the Master Puppeteer here (& abroad). Obama & Clinton are his official enforcers & their loyalists are the Left/Libs. We have seen their foot soldiers in the streets !!!
    ⚠️ In their spirit of identity politics, many of us view their actions & beliefs as FASCISM. Their way or no way is their motto !!!

  • T_W_S

    I see the adds and the comments by Sheriff Clark, but I don’t see any evidence for connecting any of this to George Soros. If I had to bet, I’d bet Soros, or someone like him, is behind it all, but along with assertions and allegations I would really like to see hard evidence that he/they are behind it.

  • Greg Dent

    Did anybody here happen to read the ad? It’s hiring salespeople, not protesters.


    Well damn, I didn’t get paid! Oh that’s right because this article is a pos. Boy, by the time you add up everything Soros is credited with paying the man would be broke! And he’s a nazi; the guy was nine years old. I’m not defending him, but I certainly an defending that people have their own minds and the freedom to protest – no one paid them; they wanted to be there! I cannot believe the things that have you all sucked into and having hissy fits over….you all need to stop listening to Trump and his ilk. They are taking you all for a ride and because of the tax cuts they are now a hellava lot richer.

  • IWouldntTakeMeSeriousEither

    Seek counseling. That is an ad hiring people to sell merchandise. You know in America we have this thing called capitalism, supply and demand that kinda thing. Lol.

  • Bradley Chapman

    The day he dies he is going to answer to god for what he did in his life time… And also he needs to be put in jail… For founding of all events

  • pFeather

    Did anybody actually think a bunch of high school kids could organize such protests? The slimy Nazi has his scumy fingers in all areas of the undermining of America and disrupting American justice and freedom. Soros uses these moronic fools and they don’t know it. Soros should be arrested and charged with sedition.

  • Jim Cain

    This article is a total fabrication. This is Fake News! It never happened.