Starbucks CEO: White Men Are Root Of All Evil

Starbucks CEO says white men are evil

Starbucks newly appointed CEO Rosalind Brewer has shocked shareholders after it was revealed she believes white men are the root of all evil.  

According to a recently surfaced 2015 CNN interview, Brewer says she is extremely “triggered” by the sight of white men in business. reports: The Washington Post reported on a particular exchange in the interview. CNN’s Poppy Harlow asked Rosalind Brewer about what it would take to see more women at the top of corporate America. Brewer answered.

“My executive team is very diverse, and I make that a priority,” she told Harlow. “I demand it of my team and within the structure. And then, every now and then, you have to nudge your partners, and you have to speak up and speak out. And I try to use my platform for that. … I try to set an example. I try to mentor many women inside my company and outside the company because I think it’s important.

“And I talk to my suppliers about it. Just today we met with a supplier, and the entire other side of the table was all Caucasian males. That was interesting. I decided not to talk about it directly with [the supplier’s] folks in the room because there were actually no females, like, levels down. So I’m going to place a call to him.”

That set off a firestorm, as many wondered why she would get so upset over the sight of a lot of white guys. Her defenders said her critics, in turn, were either racist or sexist.

Here’s the real problem: Brewer called out one of her own suppliers in a national interview with CNN, accusing them of discriminating against minorities and women because all of the higher-ups were white guys.

No one should have a problem with wanting a more diverse corporate leadership. Opening up opportunities to women and minorities is important, if not essential, to long-term success. Brewer herself, however, should know that the issue is far more complicated, and the lack of minorities and women in leadership of a business is not indicative of bias. A meeting room full of white guys is not proof of white patriarchy.

Starbucks can afford to be more diverse, because as a high-profile corporation, they have access to the best and the brightest candidates in business. They are more likely to find the diversity they want.

Her supplier, on the other hand, could be far smaller, and if it is in a labor-intensive industry like printing coffee cups or manufacturing restaurant tables, it only makes sense that men would dominate the leadership. If it is a regional company, they may be limited in their workforce, so geographically, they may be pulling 90% white guys as potential employees.

In that context, complaining about the makeup of a company’s leadership is unwarranted. Had she discovered that her supplier had a reputation of discrimination, however, then she should have used her power as CEO to affect change. The way she described the situation, she seemed like someone prone to knee-jerk, politically-correct overreactions.

So she fits right in at Starbucks.

  • Black Swan

    ” Political Correctness is a political stand point that does not allow political opposition, this is actually the definition of Dictatorship.” Gilad Atzmon

    • Andy C

      Aka ‘correctness of politics’, which means all else is incorrect politics and should feel the force of social, legal and physical force to ‘correct’ it.

    • P Smith

      demanding diversity within positions of power is actually the opposite of a dictatorship…..but ok.

    • mike1962walsh

      Political Correctness went out with the former Racist President BARAK HUSSAIN OBAMA!

      • Black Swan

        But not money credit and debt dictatorship?

  • Fingal Carson

    More liberal racism. While I agree there is a lot of patheticness involved collectively in the white man’s decisions and existence, things DON’T get much better when you examine the situation of the other races, mixed people, and all sorts of demographics. So, as usual, I say: cut the divisive bullshit and once again let’s focus on real issues.

    • Miranda

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  • Katos

    You make THE changes in your business that suit you and your vision! You have no right to DETERMINE for other companies, what racial or gender profiles they prefer! I’m getting sick and tired of all these entitled ASSHOLES trying to force THIER gender, AND sexist issues on EVERYONE else??

  • Beef McWin

    So she is the ‘CEO’? Really? Not very astute if that is true.
    Or perhaps in her case CEO stands for ‘Chief Embarrassment Officer’.

  • Peter Lemonjello

    I’m pretty sure what she’s doing is considered racism.

    • JdHawg

      Its only racist if your white.

      • mike1962walsh

        It’s only racist if your the racist CEO of “Starbutts”

      • Bos95

        Blacks can be racist as well and she is a racist.

  • Andy C

    “No one should have a problem with wanting a more diverse corporate leadership.” they should have a problem with the moral relativism in that statement. Merit is fine, forcing diversity or a lack of it is not. You come into my home and we are a family of colour X. Why should I listen to someone who says ‘you are not diverse enough, you must have children with Y’?

    Societies and nations, and thus, businesses are based on families. Forced Diversity has been thrust upon us, and when you strip the BS moral relativism, the message is ultimately families in the west are too white.

    • rockhitsciuntest

      We’ve had 40 plus years of diversity at a huge cost to success and the first “picks” walking in getting hired leaving a major flaw in hiring strictly for color, sex or other self identifying marks.

      • Andy C

        I’m not sure I’m following you, or grasping quite the point you are aiming to make.
        There is presently a ‘political correctness’ ‘affirmative action’ and ‘quotas’ drive that permits excluding, well more to the point, not excluding, being selective about who can be included, to create ‘inclusiveness’ and ‘diversity’. That is prevalent in a lot of countries in the west.

        • Bos95

          That’s the problem with socialism not everyone is qualified for a certain job but we should hire them because to do so would make that company more diverse. That is wrong.

  • Hates Liberals

    Precisely why I hate ni_ _ers.

  • Trust no1

    fellow white people stop buying goods from Starbucks.
    Don’t feed the enemy.

    • Ken Underwood

      I agree this black woman should be replaced , too many blacks are in McDonald’s , churches chicken , most of the time they are helpful and polite , same with high- spanics but they know how to squeeze more welfare out of the taxpayers and keep an easy low paying jobs and steal from their employer . They are always giving free food to friends and family .thats how they make it on lower paying jobs

      • Deanna Pasha

        Who works in the restaurant depends on were you live. Also who wants low a paying jobs?? These companies make millions if not billions. …and are so wasteful.

        • mike1962walsh

          These simple low life twits would rather skip school, act like punks than find a job. They love living off the government. Since BARAK HUSSAIN OBAMA, it’s finally getting harder for these lazy low lives to get welfare, good stamps and Medicaid.

      • P Smith

        more white people are on welfare than anyone else….but ok.

        • Truthseeker

          Not percentage-wise. This is how dishonest people use statistics to mislead others.

        • Bos95

          You’re wrong. Check your facts. Because Blacks make up only 13% of the population.

        • Native jo

          You didn’t understand the results on what the percentages of racial group are in welfare.

      • Keifus~

        You actually believe what you just wrote? Guess the Black lady has a point

        • Bos95

          I have seen it first hand. Employees stealing from McDonalds.

          • Keifus~

            I’m sure it happens it just part of that lifestyle, kids taking care of there friends, Don’t act like you never gotten anything for free from someone. It’s not right but it happens on the daily. I’m more disgusted by Ken Underwood mental, too many blacks, racist is as racist does, it would be easy to say Too many white kids killing and shooting up schools, some people have no soul and we can only hope if there is a such thing as reincarnation his dumb ass doesn’t make it thru again

          • Bos95

            If you truly believed in reincarnation you would not say things about another human being like that. Karma would come back to you.

          • Sam Beau

            The out of africa crap has been proven to be just a liberal wet dream.

          • Helen Steele

            The Garden of Eden was in the vicinity of present day Iraq.

        • mike1962walsh

          Black racist bitch is why we will never come together until “Political Whores” are exposed for what they are. I stopped going to her racist coffee business

          • Keifus~

            Start with Trump White boy! Only because you said Black racist bitch and what your comments ain’t racist?Eat a bag of Di*ks!

          • mike1962walsh

            Sleaze political slut. Mommy know you eat wth that filthy mouth. This is what happends when Kefis is gay. YOU DIDN’T HAVE TO TELL ME THAT, I ALREADY KNEW. BACK UNDER YOUR ROCK PIN HEAD.

          • Keifus~

            Hope you and your mom die from cancer bitch boy, Karma will come calling for people like you

          • mike1962walsh


          • Keifus~

            Internet warrior go wash your hood..haha fucking joke

          • mike1962walsh

            Man, mommy’s good pussy

        • Oren Wysocki

          Racism is when you choose to discriminate against one race for reasons you don’t agree to discriminate against other races for. Black people demand A right to own property in non black nations and to the money they made in non black countries, but they rob every race that tries to make money and buy property in Africa. Latino nations and arab muslim nations discriminate against black African migrants and oppose open borders unanimously, and leftist only attack white gentile nations and the Jewish nation, making them the real racists who discriminate specifically against whites and Jews.

      • southern belle

        Whites are on more welfare than any other “minorities”

        • Ksetay

          That’s because whites are not a minority. More white people=more white people on welfare. See how that works, or are you really that ignorant?

          • mike1962walsh
          • Keifus~

            And here you are posting on the internet like a little bitch, get out there and do something to change things ass wipe

          • mike1962walsh

            Poor queer mommy fucker

          • Camelot Daily

            Baltimore More Murderous Than Chicago. 90% of Black Boys Can’t Read. 14 out of 3,804 Proficient In Math

          • Camelot Daily

            CALIFORNIA: 75% of Black Boys Can’t Read

          • Camelot Daily

            Zambia Africa News Paper: ‘60% of Population Live In Poverty, 42% Extremely Impoverished, 80% Geniuses’

          • Camelot Daily

            Technological advancements in the 15th century by Japheth offspring (White People): Architecture. (b) Navigational instruments, e.g., Stern-post Rudder, The Astrolabe, The Quadrant, (c) Advancements in ship designs. (d) Invention of the printing press. Information about geography, science, literature and news could be copied and passed on easily in the form of books, charts and maps. (e) Weapons, etc. Technological Advancements by black Africans in the 15th century? ‘Great Zimbabwe’ which is a 36ft. tall enclosure that took black Africans 300 years to build. Contributions by Black Africans over the past 3000 years? (1) Voodoo. (2) Cannibalism. (3) Arab slave trade.

          • Terri

            The white people received this knowledge from the Muslim Moors (moor means black) who ruled Southern Europe for 700 years until 1492… look it up before spewing ignorance!

          • Camelot Daily

            Wow! Talk about ‘ignorance’. In every European account it reads that the moors were Arabs, they were not black like revisionist Afrocentric apologists claim,… look at these people. They don’t look black at all. The description ‘Moors’ has referred to several historic and modern populations of Muslim (and earlier non-Muslim) people of Berber and Arab descent from North Africa, some of whom came to conquer and occupy the Iberian Peninsula for nearly 800 years. The North Africans termed it Al Andalus, comprising most of what is now Spain and Portugal. Moors are not distinct or self-defined people, but the appellation was applied by medieval and early modern Europeans primarily to Berbers, but also Arabs, and Muslim Iberians. Only uneducated Afrocentric apologists claim the moors were black. Here’s a traditional Moorish family,… Plenty of
            pictures of Medival Moorish princes, they also don’t look black. Continue to stumble around blindly in your ‘Black Panther’ CGI fantasy land. Meanwhile, in reality black Africans have never had a civilization more advanced than campfires and spears.

          • Camelot Daily

            With the subsequent information in mind. You obviously have zero understanding of ‘The Table of Nations’. For this reason you’re blind to logic and simple truths. After the world was destroyed by a flood, Noah’s sons Japheth (white/Asian people), Shem (Middle Eastern people) and Ham (African people) colonized the four quarters of the earth. “God shall enlarge Japheth, and he shall dwell in the tents of Shem; and Canaan shall be his servant.” – Genesis 9:27. Canaan is the offspring of Ham and Africans have always been the ‘servants’ of the world. White European American’s sent British America’s Muslim captured and Jewish shipped African slaves back to ‘Monrovia’ with everything necessary to built a nation for themselves. After White European left, it turned into the living hell of Liberia. White Europeans purchased Rhodesia after discovering diamond there. Black Africans were completely ignorant about what diamonds were or what they were worth. White Europeans handed over control and it turned into Zimbabwe. Zimbabwian dictator Mugabe pushed White farmers out and what happened? All the Blacks began starving. Your pride is your weakness. Contrary to what you may believe. I don’t hate any people based on color. However, I’m not going to be told that I’m ‘evil’ because I’m white. Fact of the matter is, White Europeans ended British American slavery. Islam created industrial level slavery and Jew owned all the ships that transported blacks around the world. You need to focus your energy and efforts on the real enemy.

          • jimvancise

            Right off the bat you are inaccurate. It wasn’t until Europeans returned from the Crusades that Europe was able to build stone buildings taller than 2-3 “stories” because of the Geometry that they learned (actually re-learned) from the Arabs; the same is true of just about everything else that you list.

          • Helen Steele

            But then we read about, “Hidden Figures.”

        • Native jo

          The reason is because there are more whites. But the percentages prove that blacks use the most and Hispanics come next.

          • southern belle

            Truly, I don’t think it matters who uses it, it doesn’t affect a got damn human being in this system, I’m tired of people using ignorant ass logic and excuses because of someone’s well being, all different types of poor people, there is no special labels for being broke, the government uses shit like this to fight amongst each other, when at any moment they will kill any of us for their OWN preservation or survival so fuck the statistics and politic crap

          • Andy C

            You didn’t bother to refute the claim, you just long winded call ksetay stupid. Then you attribute those claims, as made, which you describe as stupid to being “I do not give a fuck what race you are, your color still stands out bright” Wonder what that means, eh?
            When laying claims, take the dirt from own eye. Fallacious logic of ad hominem and false equivalence, well doesn’t exactly put your words very high up there. In fact your last one just looks hypocritical.

          • southern belle

            Fake news.

          • Andy C


          • southern belle

            Just as much as your statement was

          • Andy C

            You tell your self that. If all you have are fallacies, and then to cover for them in that pathetic way, that is weak as hell. There’s no point responding to you further, you are patently incapable of measured responses, or engaging in adult conversations.
            I’d suggest you look up the infamous 42 logical fallacies, or consider discovering critical thinking, but those subjects are probably too old for you.

        • John

          Not per capita, they aren’t.

          • southern belle

            Percentages, capita, numbers period Transition or change on a daily basis, there are all type of poverty-stricken people, poverty or being broke has no color, how do ANYONE validate that?

        • Tamra Fletcher
          • southern belle

            Now what?

      • Pell

        So who is going to serve you your McDonalds??? I mean really, you want the ease of indulging in fast food but yet you resent the people who decided to take the job??

    • that side down

      I remember when white people last boycott Starbucks. they still spent money there.

  • sandy daniels

    How very typical from a rabid liberal CEO

    • Tony Story

      Liberalism = Lawless, soulless, morally bankrupt individuals… the lot of them.

  • Mary Stevens

    Hey CEO: Please stop using all of these items produced or created by white men: automobile, electricity, lightbulb, refrigeration, heating, air-conditioning, telephone, cell phone, computer, fax machine, eyeglasses (thanx Ben Franklin), many vaccines, (Thanks, Jonas Salk), penicillin, lots of medical equipment, microphone, musical equipment, airplane, steam engine, microwave, hot air balloons, rockets, space capsule, microphone, telescope, magnifying glass, hearing aids, tape recorder, CD, PC software, radio, CD player, vacuum cleaner, and much, much more.

    • john widmer

      Don’t worry, 18 year old college students who are women are talking about how dangerous and evil whites and males are. So 1+1 = instant death.

      • rockhitsciuntest

        There is no worry but for how these people will adjust to actually working for a living.

        • shirley doughty


    • Deb Thompson
    • Ken Underwood

      Please stop bragging about what white men accomplished you’ll hurt their feeling , after all a black man invented peanut butter , and a Mexican invented the color TV so I’ve heard

      • awarrior

        Don’t forget the other 104 products that came from that peanut, to include plastics, rubber, paint, fuel and other products. I’m sure, non of which you use. Smart @$$ white boy.

        • mike1962walsh

          And Jimmy Carter!

      • mike1962walsh

        Uneducated blacks think that Democrats freed the slaves. Ignorant blacks need need to know that Lincoln.freed the slaves and he was a Republican and blacks have been getting screwed and lies to by Democrats since the Civil War!

      • Native jo

        I thought Muslim invented everything. I am confused now.

    • Lawee Zodok Shamu-El

      White men don’t do this he steals this lol

    • awarrior

      Are you and your 13 supporters really that stupid or have you only researched white inventors?

    • Jo Council

      Stop showing your ignorance…Black people invented a lot of that stuff including the automobile…You probably think Ford did..You would be wrong…His part was the assembly line…look it up…no excuse to be so ignorant in this day and age…

      • Deanna Pasha

        Thank you I was going to say… culture vultures

      • Michel Boudreau
      • mike1962walsh

        Some black people invented whining, gun deaths, welfare fraud, plumbers crack ugly pants, sperm donors with no responsibility! If you doubt it, watch Maury and the black tramp that brought the 5th punk on for DNA test.He wasn’t the father either. JUST SAYIN!

      • Native jo

        Germans built the first car. Please stop ending your bad information with insults that can be applied to you.

  • BRush

    have not entered a Scumbucks shop in 3 years.

    • P Smith


  • Don Davidson

    Boycott Starbucks and their anti-white agenda!

    • P Smith

      anti white lmfaooooooooooooooo

  • Tantalus XVI

    White guy at the local Starbucks, do you know your bosses bosses bosses bosses boss, is a racist? No? You just collecting that check and paying those union dues? Well fair enough, carry on.

    Beware of these people. Patriots should start shrinking their circle of friends in this day and age. The Red Scare is back in full effect. Not even your wife or gf is immune to ruining your life.

  • Steven Rettig

    This bitch is by definition, racist.

    Hell will freeze over before i ever buy anything from starbuck’s

    • Deb Thompson

      triggered !! STFU You UGLY MONGREL

  • Jandre Kroeze

    If her brainfarts are true, she wouldnt have to try and campaign, to promote anti -white race-hatred.

  • Tony Story

    This lady is a RACIST straight up. What the hell difference should it make on the color of their friggin skin? Are you joking me right now? Liberalism = Brain Disorder

    • Lawee Zodok Shamu-El

      No see tired of you white supremacist lol

      • Steve Johnson

        “What the hell difference should it make on the color of their friggin skin?”

        Tony’s statement matches up very well with the following quote by a famous ‘white supremacist’:

        “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.”

        Lawee, please try to think, not hate. your comment is simply hate-derived.

        • Bos95

          “White Supremacist”? That quote was by Martin Luther King Jr.

          • Steve Johnson

            Correct. But according to Mrs Lawee, such sentiments of colorblind equality are reflective of White Supremacy. Hence the ‘quotes’

    • Jo Council

      It shouldn”t make a difference but it does. Most white talk that crap when they think a Black person might get a job…
      Straightup ignorant bigotry…The very ones spouting this nonsense would not qualify for the job anyway…lack of skills and/or education…

      • mike1962walsh

        Blacks can succeed if they are not dragged down by RACISTS as their roll models!

        • southern belle

          Newsflash! We over succeed!

        • Native jo

          Blacks can succeed when they behave professionally. Just like everyine. I know plenty of successful black people.

      • Native jo

        You didn’t notice she said she hires based on diversity, it’s not merit based hiring.

  • Rapaz Ainda

    Where do these feminazi apes are coming from?

  • Rapaz Ainda

    ItsI time to prepare my own coffee

    • Bos95

      Duncan Donuts has better coffee.

  • Nadine Burgtorf

    Wow, some times you should just keep your opinion to your self so you don’t look like an ass. Unbelievable!!!!

    • awarrior

      If you took your own advice, you wouldn’t be looking like an @$$ right now.

  • Auggie56

    I don’t like coffee or their politics

  • Passenger_Zero

    I would pay attention to Starbucks stock for the next six months.

  • John Roelof

    If I was a shareholder I would demand her firing, she is a racist and I bought my last cup of coffee there.

  • The Pigman

    Take your misleading title and shove it. Blacklisting this site for wasting my time with lies.

  • Dennis Nabak

    Just another reason need to buy over price coffee!!!!!!

  • John Fitzgerald

    Ever met a black who doesn’t hate white people?

  • Michael Steane

    She sits in an office built by men using technology developed by men, typing on a computer developed and designed by men. When she has finished she gets home using powered transport designed, built and developed by men.

    Every aspect of her life is made easy by MAN made technology created with men’s effort to the benefit of women. Does she say “Thank you to all men”? No, she just whines about men holding positions of power in the world they have built.

    • jollyjoker1

      white men.

    • Deb Thompson


  • 4thJohn

    Your headline made it seem she actually said the words. The thoughts are bad as well, just sell the story on actual facts.

  • Ron Schreiber

    Is this Editorial?
    (My comment is op-ed)
    If so why not label that at the top.
    I felt used and manipulated reading this.
    I thought it was a news article.
    I think sitting at a meeting with a group of all males on one side of the table is cause for asking a few questions. Doesn’t mean the company is a misogyny factory. The question she asks is valid. Why the all male Caucasian team?
    If that offends someone…..
    Well that is what women and minorities have felt since …. forever.
    It is about time diversity calls out WASPy tendencies

  • Guy Smith

    LOL!!!!! WTF?!…. I think that my local “StarSCHMUCKS” must’ve just gone out of business!!! After their “ANTI-GUN” stance, I vowed to NEVER BUY ANYTHING From them, anywhere, EVER!!! NOW, if they’re ANTI-White MEN, then THAT’S A DOUBLE LOCK!!!!!!!! HOUDINI Couldn’t get out of their predicament,now!!! IDIOT, BASTARD, “LIBTARD” SCUM!!!!

    • Deb Thompson

      TRIGGERED !!! lol go have a wank , you ugly useless male

  • Msgard

    How did she get that job as a CEO if she was a White person they would be kicked out on their RUMP. Who has the privilege ?

    • Deb Thompson

      STFU You dog

  • David Monette

    Racist and sexist. Boycoo

  • Maukwa

    So, now you are combating racism with sexism….smh “if it is in a labor-intensive industry like printing coffee cups or manufacturing restaurant tables, it only makes sense that men would dominate the leadership.” And yes, she is a racist

  • jollyjoker1

    I wouldn’t buy a starbucks again if you paid me. Sick woman needs a kick in the face.

  • honest glenn

    I knew B.O. had a retarded sister but I didn’t know she worked for Starbuckaroos! What moron would say such a stupid message to people who frequent their business? Does the “Racist” think that starting a Civil War will help her sales? They should do a drug test & DNA on this woman because I know she must be high on hard drugs & related to Hitlery & brother BO! Typical Camel Jockey, too!!

  • Ed Joned

    Starbucks coffee is the worst. I tried it twice and didn’t care for the coffee or attitude of the coffee pourers.

  • Billy S DuBose

    We commit less crimes than any other group of men ……and we outnumber them 6 to 1!

    • Deb Thompson

      Stop your fucken whingin DuBose get back in your box you misogynist pig. .

    • Lawee Zodok Shamu-El

      see you the only one on here who gone be real like do we have to pull out the secret society evidence of the great white brotherhood and throne! Lets see who the real racist are lol

  • Kingsmen

    She is mentally ill. At one time expressing opinions along these lines would have landed you in a psychiatric hospital. Now, it’s almost mandatory to express such deranged thoughts.

  • Joe Yeti

    What a racist SLUT

  • Eric Andre

    Actually she should sue the USA Today paper for putting words in her mouth because she never made that statement even though world history would make a very credible argument about white men being very evil and being the cause of the most evilness in the world!!! I have no doubt there is some white person that is ready to defend the idea that white men have not caused most of the evil in the world even with all the facts from world history!!! Please save your breath because I will only patronize or ignore any comments based on opinion as opposed to facts!!!

  • harry rubeniwitz

    I don’t go to Starbucks often, but when I do I wear a Trump Tee and my MAGA hat.

  • Anti-Fur

    Professionalism has NO color or race. She needs to be told that racism is not one color sided, it includes all colors and white is not excluded. Their food is expensive and their coffee tastes terrible unless one drinks their crappy “candy” coffee saturated with sweets and other stuff which a health conscious person will avoid. I hope Starbucks goes down to hell where they belong.

  • krejaton

    Because quotas are always the best decision for every business…

  • Lawee Zodok Shamu-El

    all I like how yawl white supremecist trying to save yawl asses lol

  • Greg Huege

    Well that is your opinion and you know what they say about opinions their like assholes everybody’s got one unfortunately for you in your position a racist sexist opinion probably isn’t something you should talk openly about it might cost you your job hopefully.

  • Tonya M Duquense

    The truth shall set you free,then it will piss you off!

  • Delano Thomasson

    seems what she is after is color and sex in balance maybe yellow,browm ,red, obama and lbgt is what she wants muttato even a little GREEN

  • Dan Nowotarski

    Starbucks CEO Rosiland Brewer may want to take some time to self reflect because oftentimes it’s the one accusing others of being racist that are racist themselves.

  • kullmack mackull

    She never made any such comment. None of you read the article. This is Racist White Supremacist Click Bait. And it is absolutely deplorable. Only The Most High can help such demons.

  • awarrior

    Whites quickly jump at every opportunity to criticize and degrade black women and black men who doesn’t fit in the box they’ve created for them.

  • eneils bailey

    Never been in a Starbucks, and she is a good reason for me to continue my absence.

  • Bob Epstein

    Remember, always remember: “garbage in trash out.” Why buy starbucks because its expensive and you have to wait on line? There are so many other great coffee spots. Heck with dealing with the heads of a company that wants your patronage but hates you too?

  • Dawn Rivera

    Fuck Starbucks & their new executive

  • HurryUpAndBuildThatWall

    I couldn’t care less what the makeup of a company is, as long as it is organic and not forced. In other words, as long as it is because it mirrors the ratio of the population from which it’s employees come, or because it is due to having the most qualified people in each position. Anything else is either Affirmative Action or downright discrimination, which are just two sides of the same coin. I hope Starbucks loses a lot of money as a result of this.

  • Jujubees

    Oh great… another tide pod eater in the seat of authority….lovely!! Ugg

  • Lockadoodledoo

    But she’s right…white men are…

  • Jeff McBride

    She needs to put her attitude where the sun don’t shine – Then retire.!! F I R E – H E R – A S S !!!


    Explain the complexity of diversity. The main excuse continues to be ” we cannot find qualified people”
    I am sorry… nepotism and Cronyism runs deep in white male culture , especially in business. I would suggest to you that, I am not a professional head Hunter and in approximately 7 days I could find you a DOZEN EMINENTLY QUALIFIED black and/or female thoracic surgeons, aerospace engineers, astrophysicists and any other specialized professional you may need.
    Decision making (white make) executives do not take DIVERSITY seriously, continue to perpetuat the old boys network AND their recruiting contacts are white like themselves.

  • Tumbleweed

    And by extension, white women! So why do you continue to buy their coffee?

  • Bos95

    I haven’t bought anything from Starbucks in years because of their bias. Duncan Donuts has far better coffee.

  • southern belle

    She is right! How can people condemn her for what she sees and feel. We as black people cannot do or have anything without corporate and or government slaveholders, only difference between AMERICA then and now are the chains removed. Nothing was freed, just a transfer of power, no individual masters, now corporate and government masters. Only racist bigots get mad at the fact that some of us are smart enough to notice and acknowledge. I guess it would be relaxing if we continue to dumb down, one of the things that holds us back is not fully comprehending English definition and law that refers to English immigrants only. A law and government that doesn’t work for us unless we sellout. We are condemned on our own native land, and are condemned for acknowledging truth. Can’t win when rules are changed at ones discretion and changes made everytime we get a little farther ahead. Some 100 year plan huh….


    No irony there then? She is in a White business, wearing White clothes, using White tec, enjoying White infrastructure, health care etc, and gets “triggered”?

    Triggered…. hmnn.

    • southern belle

      I don’t think she was seeing color barriers to live comfortable or have a better life style…..but corporate America does, so there’s the “trigger”, absolute power corrupts absolutely…

  • Michel Boudreau

    Tell her that, specifically, it’s disproportionately jewish men, not white men, and suddenly I’m sure she wouldn’t mind the lack of diversity. It’s only ever a diversity problem when there are Whites

  • HeliRidesForHeebz

    Yeah, we do… you and your ilk would do best to remember that. #DontMakeTheWhiteKidsAngry

    • southern belle

      Easy talking tough behind a computer screen, I can’t make white kids do shit, kids are completely innocent no matter the race, fuck all the white racist grown people still making excuses to talk and act ignorant, I AM NOT MY ANCESTORS, no riots or camp fire songs here!

  • Ksetay

    I didn’t call any names. Ignorance is bliss, another history proven fact. And just to set the record straight with you, I am not white.

    • southern belle

      Sound like em…..close enough

  • Ksetay

    Because your own people sold you. And they’re still doing it. You do know that the first slave owner was black, don’t you?

  • Common Sense

    A real good practice in any business from the smallest to the largest is to totally look past color, race, sex and religion and fill positions with the most qualified individuals that are out there. Many times this requires seeking out the best by actively recruiting or just downright stealing an individual from another company or organization. One will be surprised how quickly one ‘s company becomes diverse. The worst mistake a company can make is to hire to fill a quota of diversity.

  • Shelter Somerset

    I’m triggered by mindless leftists.

  • mike1962walsh

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    • Keifus~

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  • mike1962walsh

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  • mike1962walsh

    What did you do ” Rufus” steal a Irishmans name?

  • Camelot Daily

    There’s a pretty simple solution here. I personally don’t drink coffee or in the case of Starbucks liquid desserts. If you do, make it at home. Stop the coffee drinking, stop Starbucks. I learned that by watching Tommy Boy:-)

  • Johnny Jennings

    All of these racist comments should show just how racist white amerikkka really is!!! The hate for everybody else is so evident on here an in society as a whole. We won’t ever have to kiss the arse of these crakkkas, phuck em all. Here is the proof in this pudding!!! LMAO!!! No Justice, No Peace. 2018

  • Grip

    The author is clearly a recipient of white supremacy masked as white inferiority

  • Bos95

    We were talking about the black population of the U.S. not Austraila.

    • southern belle


    • southern belle

      So again, theres only 13% savages or lamanites?

  • Wanda Wyatt

    I am so glad that I boycotted this racist organization!

  • Oren Wysocki

    starbucks can find the diversity it wants? Not according to IQ score disparities, educational achievement disparities in the united states whos resentment at not being honestly discussed causes old white billionaire males, usually Jewish as well to hire stupid racists like this woman to flaunt her racism and ignorance in the hopes of provoking the millions of leftists and non whites to have A shred of morality, honesty and decency and support justice for all americans even though they aren’t equal and never are going to be. Most will fail the test of being worthy of inclusion in A first world country where business can be done, only to realize too late that they weren’t taking over anything, the old white men in charge have been choosing tv depictions of white male weakness as A mercy and A deception, and now that to many people have woken up to ignore, its time to move on and let people live with the choices they made. There may be A fake president fighting racism to get rid of freedoms or maybe we skipped that part. But I will be glad when this is over, because statements of this woman and obvious discrimination against Israel and Jews is enraging. In G-d I trust.

  • rams375

    I find her extremely racist and I am of the crap they sell/

  • Native jo

    I guess white men are a necessary evil then. They are still better than Muslim men, black men, Hispanic men, and African men. Wait, and Jamaican men.

  • Native jo

    Funny, statistics are that your mom was a whore.

  • Native jo

    What are you babbling on about?

    • southern belle


  • Asillem4

    When you only see the world through racist eyes, you see racism. She champions herself for bringing in diversity but what she also does is discourage white men from aspiring to management positions.
    Fine. Let her be a racist, sexist CEO. Starbucks won’t miss the white men who no longer buy their coffee from them because of her, right?

  • Dan Borden

    Which is why intelligent people avoid Starbucks like Ebola.

  • Tamra Fletcher

    You missed something, Southern belle; twits who shoot up schools and overdose on lab invented drugs are overwhelmingly Liberals. You know, the ANTIFA type.

  • Robert Ferguson

    Friends frown at friends who go to Starbucks.

  • Tamra Fletcher

    southern belle When you state that more white people receive welfare benefits, this is true, but not an accurate picture. Due to the White population being much larger, by percent of people receiving benefits, in actuality it is smaller

  • Ray Gibb

    I guess I will rethink going to Starbucks. Talk about a Racist piece of trash. Were I the CEO of that company, I do not care what volume of product Starbucks might purchase, I would close my doors to them, just as hundreds of companies have done against white business owners because they do not have Minorities in their leadership.

    I wonder if she has ever thought that it is Racist jerks like her that create such a divide in America.

  • GataMala

    Dude, not only would I say it a black man to his face, again, but I would smack his ass if he gave me any lip. Black bleeds the same as white, yellow or brown. You don’t have the mental stamina to survive what I would do to you punk. Not every white guy is a push over for this shit, Keep that in mind when you type your electronic threats.

    • southern belle

      He was talking to ONE white guy, why would you willingly place yourself in that convo when it wasn’t directed to YOU, and place other NIGGERS in the same sentence?!

  • Michael Costa

    I hate Starbucks and am not a fan of this woman…but I find it funnier that all the idiots on here didn’t bother to do a basic Google search. This woman isn’t even the CEO, she is the COO and she answers to…yep a white guy.

  • Dave Mason

    I am so sick of these anti-white racists getting away with this sh@t!! Fire her, and screw Starcraps!

  • Dave Mason

    I guess it’s okay to say that black women are loud mouth, fahterless baby breeders who produce >80% of the murderers in America, and should be banned from any job higher than a fast food window!

  • barry william

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  • that side down

    I call bullshit until her actual CNN interview is attached to your article, ’cause this is what I see:

    1st paragraph

    2nd paragraph

    1st actual quote (regarding diversity in her job)

    2nd actual quote (observing there were only white guys across the table and that she would call the other party to discuss it)

    3rd paragraph

    from the 4th paragraph on is the problem. you say she accused the supplier of discrimination in a national interview, WITHOUT THE ACTUAL INTERVIEW. you could’ve quoted her even further, but instead you choose to describe it in YOUR WORDS. combine that with an article title that’s nothing but hyperbole, and you’re an asshole just looking to stir the pot.

    if it quacks, I’ll call it a duck. but you can’t say someone said something and not even quote them on it. that’s just poor writing.

  • texray

    White people should boycott all black owned and black operated businesses. Since I don’t hear the kind of outrage such a statement about black men would elicit, I’m assuming all black people feel the same way.

  • bryan denny

    i would

  • Sam Beau

    I have never seen the kkk, SO?

  • Sam Beau

    The “we came from africa” Bullshit has been proven wrong.

  • Janice Perrino

    White men come out of white women. I think we know who the real root of this evil problem is.