New Study Links Pet Deaths And Cancer To ‘Over-Vaccinating’

Vaccinating cats and dogs can cause a range of diseases and veterinarians are often guilty of "over-prescribing to maximize profits."

Vaccinating cats and dogs can cause a range of diseases and disorders – including autism – and veterinarians are often guilty of “over-prescribing vaccines to maximize profits“, according to a new study published by a U.S. Veterinary journal. 

Annual vaccinations have been a cash cow, for vaccine companies and Vets, for many years now. However, according to a group of vets, this revenue is created under false and misleading science and the unnecessary vaccinations are seriously detrimental to the health of our pets.

A group of Vets has also issued a Health Warning, advising pet owners to stop lining the pockets of vaccine companies:

The present practice of marketing vaccinations for companion animals may constitute fraud by misrepresentation, fraud by silence and theft by deception.

As far as Big Pharma are concerned, a fool and his money are easily parted, and pet owners are proving as easy to swindle as young parents.

Just like vaccinations for humans, the number of scheduled vaccinations cats and dogs now receive has gone through the roof compared to previous generations.

Unsurprisingly, domestic cats and dogs have never suffered as many health problems as they do now.

22,000 cats develop cancer at the site of vaccination every year in the USA. American cats are now being vaccinated in the tail or leg so that they can cut it off when it becomes cancerous,” says

Cancer in domestic cats has now reached epidemic proportions. The vaccine industry claims “correlation does not imply causation”, but a degree of common sense is needed here. How many tails and legs must be amputated before Vets will begin to admit the vaccinations they are pushing are high-risk?

If these figures aren’t telling enough, a further study claims that “Sixty-six per cent of all sick dogs start being sick within three months of vaccination.”

And compromised immune systems are just the start. Vaccines are also responsible for causing a range of chronic diseases to take hold, among them autoimmune haemolytic anaemia, thyroid disease, arthritis and parvovirus. Vaccines can even make your dog autistic.

Vets, pressured by vaccine companies to continually increase profits, are over-vaccinating our pets. Annual vaccines have become normalized in the U.S., when most vaccines are actually designed to last for seven years.

The vaccine industry is now so powerful that Vets are being punished for daring to treat animals on a case-by-case basis.

Dr John Robb, a leading U.S. Veterinarian, was put on probation in 2015 by the State Board of Veterinary Medicine in Connecticut, for reducing the dosage in rabies vaccinations for small dogs.

You’re telling me that if there’s a law that would force me to kill my patient, I would have to do it?” he raged.

However he received scant support from fellow Vets in an industry increasingly geared towards maximizing profit – at the expense of the health of our cats and dogs.

‘I’m Hurting My Patients With These Vaccines’

Like all veterinary students, Dr. Robb was taught in vet school that vaccines are good and prevent disease. But once he was a practicing DVM, he began to see vaccine side effects such as life-threatening anaphylaxis, as well as longer term vaccine-related disorders.

I began to read the veterinary literature like JAVMA, the Journal of the Veterinary Medical Association,” says Dr. Robb. “I started to research on my own. I came across veterinarians who had been showing that vaccines caused a lot of serious side effects, including hemolytic anemia and cancer at the injection sites.

“I had a problem now. I’m a veterinarian, and I’m hurting my patients with these vaccines.”

Dr. Robb began changing the way he did things in his practice. For example, he lengthened the intervals between vaccines, and lowered the dose because it was very clear to him that small pets couldn’t handle the same amount of vaccine as larger animals.

Unfortunately Dr. Robb, with his singular focus on the health of his patients, is a rarity in the Veterinary world.

New vets are required to swear a solemn oath when they finish their degree, “primum non nocere” or “first do no harm”. However in the race for cash, not all of them are following that creed.

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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Baxter Dmitry
  • John Sarsfield

    I see a lot of opinion and no scientific studies to back up the serious claims made in this article.

    • Mary Beth Konesky

      above is all true……Titer your dogs before vaccinating you will be glad you did….check out Jean Dodds dmv

      • parkslopedog

        Also check out Martin Goldstein DMV who wrote a book on animal health in which there’s a chapter on vaccinations. I had a pit-mix who had been born at home and nursed by her mother for 8 weeks. Never gave her one shot. She was titerchecked at age 5, and she had full immunity. She was a big dog; her only health issue was hypothyroidism for which she took a supplement from age 2. She suddenly developed thyroid cancer at age 14 still looking like a youngster with no arthritis and no other health issue. Another pit-mix of mine died at age 18–no shots, ever. On the other hand, a rescue from a NYC kill-shelter, died within 15 months of adoption at age 3 of total kidney failure. I don’t try to convince anyone of anything they don’t want to know, so I just say I wish your pet good health and let it go.

    • parkslopedog

      In the article, studies were mentioned, including JAVMA, and Dr. Robb’s decades of veterinary experience. Pro or con, don’t you think his tailoring the dosage according to size of the animal is good common sense? Why administer the same dosage to a Dachshund and a Great Dane?

  • Suki49

    Well, it’s good to see Dr. Robb making baby steps toward the truth, but he’s not all the way there. The truth is, ALL vaccines are ALL poison, ALL the time, in ALL doses. There are ways of producing a healthy, disease resistant, immune system. Injecting with known poisons, foreign animal RNA and DNA, heavy metals (all of which damage the body) is NOT IT. Many dogs and cats, puppies and kittens have died from those first “core” shots, so all vaccination is over-vaccination.

    Pat McKay Natural Immunity E-book | Nature’s Way Pets

    Feline postvaccinal sarcoma: 20 years later

    The Purdue Vaccination Studies and Auto-antibodies – Dogs …

    Tumor Related to Vaccinations in Dogs | petMD

    “Vaccines are responsible for autoimmune, cancer, Type I-IV reactions, allergies, asthma, atopy anaphylaxis, eczema, organ failure, neurological, behavioral disease and death.”.
    Vaccine Induced Disease & Compromised Immune Systems

    Vaccination And Allergies – 2017 Home Page – Dogs …


    Parvo Vaccinations – What The Vet Won’t Tell You!

  • Misst

    “Vaccines can even make your dog autistic.” Even the article that the author has linked to says vaccines do not cause autism and the the 1998 study that said vaccines cause autism was fraudulent and the doctor who published it was striped of his right to practice medicine in the UK.

    • sabelmouse

      what ”study”?

      • JoeFarmer

        Do you laugh at animals that die from vaccine preventable diseases like you laugh at children?

        • parkslopedog

          Huh? Without taking sides, when did sabelmouse laugh at anyone, much less laugh at children?

          • AutismDadd

            Pharmer is a troll

          • sabelmouse

            for some reason pros pretend to/think laughing at something silly that they say means laughing at the plight of children.
            anything to mess with logic and rational discussion.

        • AutismDadd

          What about you pharmer? Laugh when you read decisions from the NVICP?

      • Mike Stevens

        Don’t be coy, Saba.
        Wakefield’s study. You know, the fraudulent one.

        • AutismDadd

          Mike is foaming at the mouth….more Wakefield hate

    • AutismDadd

      WAKEFIELD NEVER did a vaccine study EVER!!!! He did medical intervention and research on 12 very sick children, then published his report.

    • Suki49

      Time for you to do some research and read the actual papers, instead of regurgitating the pharma mainstream propaganda.

  • Marge Grossi Scanlon

    I figured this out quite a while ago. I do not vaccinate every year with the booster shots. Usually extend those out to two to 2 1/2 years and I purchase them from Tractor Supply and administer them myself. I read an article that there is no such thing as a three year rabies vaccine even though we pay for that. I even give my cat her shots. They are all extremely healthy and happy pets.

    • Mikayla Placke

      So you claim you don’t want to harm your pets but then admit to getting them from a crappy store? You have no idea how that store receives or stores their vaccines. If they arnt shipped or stored properly they will do more harm than good. You really are better off listening to someone who had an education on the subject then a news article who still claims vaccines cause autism.. (they don’t) and There is such a thing as a 3 year rabies

  • Marion Friedl

    My friend Sandra lost two of her Maine Coon Cats (tomcats, Bär and Rocky) within 2 years due to vaccination tumors, both´ve only been about 6 years old, this is why I don´t let Gizzy and Thori vaccinate anymore and also didn´t let Angel Sisi vaccinate anymore, as pure indoor cats with a mummy who takes of her shoes in front of the appartment, who never has any contact to other (eventually feral/semi-feral) cats and who washes her hands well whenever she comes back inside, and if she´s only been at the garbage container or at the mailbox, the risk of them getting cancer from vaccinations´s much higher than the risk of getting any disease!!! By the way, what´s often said about humans, that vaccinations can cause autism in children, is absolute nonsense, there ain´t a single proof for this, but this is spread by people who´re absolutely against vaccinations for their kids and who send them to “meezles parties” etc. instead, which can end deadly…. Children, and also adult humans, need some obligatory vaccinations, like against tetanus, typhus, pertussis and – here in Germany – eventually also against “early summer meningo-encephalitis” that´s transmitted by ticks in some federal states…

    • AutismDadd

      You whine about cat deaths due to vaccines then support children’s vaccines?

      • sabelmouse

        yeah, what is that?

        • AutismDadd

          A confused individual

          • sabelmouse


          • Suki49

            Confused, or a plant

  • KV

    And who the fu** is Dr Robb ? Credentials please ! Also, please, links to all this so called studies and where they were all published in the 1st place ? Gee ! The same crap that goes around with the kids vaccines ! Unbelievable. I really feel sorry for all the people who are gullible enough to even believe this crap.

    • parkslopedog

      Why be so offended? Nobody has insulted you. You may have contempt for those who believe and do otherwise, but they have a right to their gullibility. Live and let live. Crap comes and crap goes.

      • KV

        Offended ? No hon, you got me all wrong. I think the only one offended here is you otherwise why would you even reply to me ? Don’t like my comment ? Ignore it. Like you said, live and let live.

    • SamanthaF

      This is not new or false news

      • Metal Barbie

        A hearing that’s your “evidence” ? LMAO ! I guess you don’t vaccinate your children either. You believe what you want I believe what I want. I’m done with this. Have a nice life !

        • SamanthaF

          FYI, I’m not an anti-VAXer. My child was fully vaccinated including with the HPV vaccine. I just have a long history with the veterinary field and know that there is truth to over vaccinating with Rabies vaccine. I have never once said that dogs shouldn’t get a rabies vaccine, I am just stating that it is misused. You seem to read a lot more into posts than is there. Have a nice day.

        • Neo

          Go take a walk at a children’s hospital and look at all the sick children with cancers and auto immune disorders, not to mention all the children that have died!
          Oh same thing at a Vets.
          Go to a Vet and all the animals there have chronic skin conditions, allergies , cancers and auto immune disorders, I know , I have a rescued dog suffering from Vaccinosis.
          Been dumping money left and right on shit that doesn’t work ,and if it does temporarily, the side effects will kill him all brought on by Vaccines!
          Great business Pharma runs eh!

          • Metal Barbie

            Gee ! Are you for real ? Do you have any idea how many more children would be in a hospital if there is a polio outbreak or any other preventable outbreak ? The same goes for animals. I have 3 children, 4 dogs and 2 cats. No issues with vaccines here. Had pets all my life and never had an issue. Keep blaming pharma companies, yes they are bad, but not guilty for everything. You are really brainwashed and still have failed. showing me some independent scientific evidence to your claims. Do some critical thinking for once in your life ! You wanna put your loved ones at risk be my guest. I’m done with this stupidity.

          • sabelmouse

            try homeopathy. i was lucky in that 1 of the vets in the practise i go to took it up and it saved our nearly dead cat who is now very well.

    • Neo

      You have to be really braindead to believe Pharma has their best interests for anyone
      Vaccines are the destruction of our children and pets!

      • Metal Barbie

        LMAO ! Really ? Braindead ? LMAO ! Coming from someone like you that’s hilarious. Btw, I’ve mentioned pharmas my problem is with an article who was not a shred of evidence posted. Destruction of children and pets ? Overreacting much or just love to troll ? Really hilarious. Have a nice life hon !

  • parkslopedog

    I don’t understand why people get so fiercely defensive about giving their pets shots. If that’s what you want to do, then just do it and ignore articles to the contrary. Your pets are at your mercy to do whatever you want with them. Live and let live. I wish you all good health.

  • Tim Hammond

    The person that wrote this it s blithering idiot if he thinks vaccination is a ‘cash cow’ for veterinarians. We have no ‘cash cows’ in veterinary practice. Dr. Robb is a goofball quack that obviously didn’t pay attention in immunology class, if he ever had an immunology class. The number one side effect of vaccination in companion animals is old age….

    • Neo

      Please….vaccinations cause cancers, allergies , chronic skin and ear infections, Auto immune disorders.
      There is your cash cow.
      Why would it be any different than vaccines for children.

  • AutismDadd

    Are we shocked? NOPE

  • Itsafuckigshitshow

    Can we put this on hold and look at all the shit we feed our pets first. How is it that the company owning meowmix and it’s affiliated brands hasn’t issued a single recall even though it’s pet food has been found to contain multiple deadly toxins on several occasions. Also, second hand smoke can cause issues. This article has 2 sources that haven’t provided enough solid scientific data that we can see publicly to be absolutely true. Was it the vacinne? The pet food or simply the fact that many domestic breeds are so inbred that their gene pool is fighting back, enviornmental issues or any other reason. Until someone shows us charts with solid broken down data, experiments and documentation. One paper isn’t enough. We’re these animals the same breed? Without any heath issues prior? Where there multiple batches of trials with different lots of the vaccines?

    • Suki49

      All vaccines are made from known poisons. There isn’t anything in them that produces health. You seem very willing to accept the “pet food is shit” hypothesis, and that is very true, too. But vaccines are the most ingrained propaganda pile of crap I have ever researched and written about. The true history of epidemics and vaccines are contained in books that the “medical mafia” has gone to great lengths to keep away from public awareness. One of those is actually titled “The Medical Mafia,” by Dr. G. Lanctot, who also wrote “Vaccination, The Silent Genocide.”

      What is amazing is that the brainwashing is so successful that people actually believe injections of pus from cows is what stopped smallpox. “The 1806 recipe for a rabies vaccine, for which a Mr. Kraus was awarded $1000, by the then rulers of New York territory, was alleged to have kept rabies out of New York for over twenty years. His formula is a matter of record and consisted of the ground-up jaw bone of an ass or dog, a piece of colt’s tongue and the green rust off a penny of George the First reign.” (The Poisoned Needle -1957)

      Now, in contrast to the 1806 recipe, the new, “modern” version contains mouse brains instead of the ground up jaw bone of an ass or a dog, and embryonic chickens instead of a piece of colt’s tongue. The green rust off a penny of George the First reign is replaced with aluminum, mercury, cadmium, and/or lead. But to make it sound more sophisticated, the mouse brains are called “IMB,” the chicken embryos are called GAD65, and the neurotoxic metals are identified as themselves by various names, like “thimerosal” “aluminum hydroxide.”

      Vaccine-Induced Disease Epidemic Outbreaks

    • AutismDadd

      There is a lawsuit suing dog food maker Purina for Beneful. It killed dogs. How a company could produce a food product that kills is strange.

  • Itsafuckigshitshow

    This is just a fake news site

  • Karen Jorgensen Reynolds

    This is extremely alarming to a pet owner. Pets are our family, our children. How do we know who to trust anymore? This to me is devastating news because we want to take the best care of our pets and trust the Drama we choose for them