Sweden: White Helmets Slaughtered Kids In Fake Gas Attack

Sweden accuse White Helmets of slaughtering Syrian civilians in fake gas attack footage

Swedish Doctors for Human Rights say they have found evidence that the chemical attack on Syrian civilians on Tuesday was a ‘false flag’ carried out by the White Helmets.

The doctors say that videos purporting to show an alleged attack by Syrian government forces are counterfeit, and that the subsequent “rescue” by the Al-Qaeda affiliated White Helmets was actually a covert slaughter of civilians.

Alahednews.com.lb reports:

On first analysis, it looked as though the doctors working on the child assumed he was already dead.

However, after broader investigation, our team ascertained that the boy was unconscious from an overdose of opiates. The video shows the child receiving injections in his chest, perhaps in the area of the heart and was eventually killed while a clearly fake adrenaline injection was administered.

This was a murder.

The doctors determined in its analysis:

• The video should be life-saving measures after a chemical attack with chlorine gas [now claimed to be Sarin-not possible], including injection of adrenaline via syringe with a long needle into the heart of an infant. In no way were treatments correctly given for any potential chemical agent.

• The handling and treatment of the child was done in a manner that was careless, dangerous and likely to cause serious harm.

• Most telling is the fake repeated shots of adrenalin, supposedly into the heart. The medical personnel, and I think we can safely call them actors at this point, failed to push the plunger on the needle. Thus, the contents of the syringe were never injected as is clearly visible in the video itself.

• The visible diagnosis by a team of actual medical experts, based on what is observed in the video, indicates that the child was suffering from an injection of opiates and was likely dying of an overdose. There is no evidence of any other agent, chemical or otherwise.

• None of the children in the videos showed any sign of being a victim of a chemical attack. From an earlier video by the White Helmets:

• It was clear that the faked injection with the long needle administered through the stitches murdered the child in the video. This was a purposeful killing staged to appear as medical treatment.

• Behind the fake translation of the videos, the actual Arabic included stage directions for positioning the child for the video, not for medical treatment.

This was followed by more macabre discoveries in the videos not seen initially in the article White Helmets Movie: Updated Evidence from Swedish Doctors Confirm Fake Life Saving Practices Injure Children.

The collective findings of the Swedish doctors [swedhr] with regard to the propaganda and fakery by al-Qaeda in Syria: (Al Nusra) are in line with the findings of leading German and International Scientists for Syria War.

  • Nr Bn

    These poor defenseless Syrian children were probably mass slaughtered for the real motif: organ smuggling for IS-ra*l/Western world; that is after being RAP*D!!

    Just look at the photo of these evil Luciferian Cannibal/Necrophilia ZNWO terrorists; did not even have their gloves or real safety clothing on despite this being labelled as “WMD”chemical attack!! Where is that pathetic UNZioNazi?!!

  • HolyDiver

    The children of the world are crying out for our help. ………..These are child sacrifices and it is going on all over the planet. And very heavily in the UK and the U.S.

    • Lamprey Impressions

      It’s staged and you’re falling for it. Suits and no gloves handling a chemical attack?… only the blind would fall for it.

      • Jack Washburn

        If it was a gas then there wouldn’t be any residue would there?

  • Amaris

    how can the world be so blinded to the SICK activities of the white helmets? They have 204 K followers on twitter, many of them supportive of these barbarians. The white helmets are a front for Al Nusra and the terrorists, and receive massive levels of funding from all over the world for their terrorist activities. We live in a very SICK world.

  • Marcalene Wilson

    I don’t believe a word of this …. for 1 CNN is a bunch of liers, they make up anything they think will make President Trump seen in a bad light…… lies lies lies that’s all this is.they were gassed you could see them foaming at the mouth and throwing up blood in the video is I saw Friday and saturday…. that’s the result of poisonous gas…

    • Dana Lo

      dust in your mouth , ‘”foam” . blood/ coughing up…. all OD’in signs…… fact……..
      lack of skin burns from a chemical, others uncovered in the area after said attack “helping”(i noticed)..the amount of camera angles , cut scenes, editing of bits……………..thats setup. compare to ANY OTHER KNOWN FACT FOOTAGE OF DISASTER AREAS!!!!!!!!!!!!! and compare to “this chemical attack” footage…….. fake ..for sure..
      im 200% pro trump , dont take it wrong……but as you said, they out to get him. i wouldn’t doubt the intelligence agencies(obummer cronies, they all in it, with other countries also, so there’s more “tripping up trump” info) lying to trump to have him pull “that trigger”, as any, ANY standing pres. at the time would have to do in the situation as “told”…….

      • Lamprey Impressions

        put a partial tab of Alka-Seltzer in a child’s mouth and watch the foaming begin. This is all staged for effect,… a tactic of ISIS to prey on media outlets and the sympathetic ear. Don’t believe everything you read,… ESPECIALLY COMING FROM CNN.

  • Lamprey Impressions

    CNN is the source, a Muslim is likely the writer,… I call BS.

  • Deborah Ann Phillips

    This is false and the story is ridiculous.

  • Jeff Brodhead

    Just received this (sorry, not via link)


    The US military and intelligence community
    has intercepted communications featuring Syrian military and chemical
    experts talking about preparations for the sarin attack in Idlib last
    week, a senior US official tells CNN.

    The intercepts were part of
    an immediate review of all intelligence in the hours after the attack
    to confirm responsibility for the use of chemical weapons in an attack
    in northwestern Syria, which killed at least 70 people. US officials have said that there is “no doubt” that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad is responsible for the attack.

    The US did not know prior to the attack it was going to happen, the
    official emphasized. The US scoops up such a large volume of
    communications intercepts in areas like Syria and Iraq, the material
    often is not processed unless there is a particular event that requires
    analysts to go back and look for supporting intelligence material.

  • Lamprey Impressions

    I have to laugh when I see that you only saw that.

  • Josef Baal-Moloch Haddad

    white helmets black conscience

  • Red Viking

    Where do Swedish Doctors for Human Rights say this?