Switzerland To Guarantee All Citizens $2,600 Monthly Income

Switzerland guarantee citizens a $2,600 monthly income

Citizens in Switzerland are to vote on whether the country will become the first to guarantee a basic monthly income next month. 

Swiss voters will decide whether every citizen and legal resident will earn $2,600 tax-free per month, on the June 5 elections.

Sputniknews.com reports:

“This is a great idea,” Chloe Hubert, a student at the University of Geneva, told USA Today. “I only work on weekends, so this income would really help.”

Switzerland allows any proposal to be placed on the ballot, so long as a minimum of 100,000 signatures are obtained. This particular initiative was put together by a group of intellectuals.

Given that it’s one of the wealthiest countries on Earth, Switzerland is in a unique position to enact proposals that have only been vaguely discussed in other countries. Proponents argue that a basic income motivates workforces and stabilizes economies.

The full amount would not be given to every citizen. If an individual makes $2,000 per month, for instance, they would be given $600 more by the government to ensure that basic income needs are met. Those who earn more than the basic sum would not receive a government stipend, but $2,600 of their salary would not be taxed.

The proposal has its critics.

“[This would] put at risk a system that motivates people to work and get training,” parliamentarian Raymond Clottu told the Swiss Broadcasting Corporation. “So we should try to improve it, not bring in basic income which would destroy the motivation to work.”

The Swiss government has warned of tax increases necessary to implemented to cover the $200 billion a year program.

“Considerable cutbacks or tax rises would be necessary to finance this basic income, which could not replace today’s social security system entirely,” the government said on its website.

The proposal is viewed as having little chance of success. Early polls show that most Swiss voters do not support the move, and, with the government campaigning against it, it seems unlikely that proponents will be able to garner enough support in the single month remaining.

Still, even it fails this time, the conversation surrounding a basic income for all citizens is gaining traction, and this proposal could be the first of many to come.

  • http://niot.org JIMSIT01

    Very interesting indeed! I believe with automation taking over human jobs that wealth generated by that technology should be shared with the citizenry.

    • Vicki Grover Trinity

      absolutely! <3

  • Peggy James

    Are you registered and ready to vote? Senator Sanders has all the qualities of a true leader including fairness, kindness, honesty, humility, intelligence, experience, authenticity, energy, empathy, compassion, and he is passionate about helping every child in this country succeed, thus building a brighter and stronger USA for future generations! Over 2,000 medical practitioners and nurse’s union have praised his medicare for all plan which will save the middle class approx 5,000 a year in medical cost including savings from high deductible insurance premiums, pharmaceutical needs, etc 170 leading economists agree Bernie’s plan will grow the economy. Check out Bernie’s record on you tube. He received 86% of the vote in his home state due to his character. Vote smart! Vote Bernie!

  • Scott L.

    the title doesn`t match the article. no guarantees not even support.

  • Kinsey6

    I think this is a GREAT idea! We should have it here in the U.S.

  • LIBIntOrg

    #Libertarians created the concept and the correct approach to #BIG / basic income is funding through voluntary endowments and trusts, not coercive taxes. For more see http://www.libertarianinternational.org

    • Albert

      Please, go away with your Ideology-shit, these “Libertarians” are the same who support the actual System; Freedom for Everyone but not for All, the Richest first – the original U.S-Style.

      Don’t try to impute these Idea to your “Religion”. It simply say; “Share the Stuff that we produce, there is enough for all.” It is not a libertarian or communistic or another bullshit group idea, it is simply the Idea of fairness.


  • Keith Ciaccio

    I wonder if they understand how inflation works?

  • Vicki Grover Trinity

    why on earth wouldn’t people support such a system? when we’re honest with ourselves, we all know the truth – and that is when people have their basic needs provided for them (at least the $$ means to provide for them) stress and crime go way down, happiness and well-being goes up. PERIOD. we’re all better off for it. it is long due to get past this notion of “we OWE the system” (when the system does very little to ensure we have the means to provide for this “owing”). LONG past and grateful there are many many others who feel/believe the same. think about who is against such a concept and ask yourselves why.

    • Basalat Raja

      Also innovation. Entrepreneurs are not always born rich. What prevents really smart and energetic people from striking out is fear of starvation, lack of shelter, lack of healthcare, etc. Give these people a basic income and they will happily do their own thing, to the benefit of everyone. If this passes, 10 years from now, expect to see an amazing surge in innovation, new technology, art and other creative fields from Switzerland. And they will become even wealthier.

      • Vicki Grover Trinity

        absolutely true – very good point.

  • jerry bouchet

    This will be the place to live until they run out of other peoples money then it will be hell to pay.