Ted Nugent Just Ticked Off Every Islamic Terrorist In The World

Ted Nugent just delivered the worst possible news to Islamic terrorists, alerting them that they have all contaminated themselves with pork.

Rocker and conservative superstar Ted Nugent dropped a bomb on Islamic terrorists by pointing out that pork and pork products, which are strictly forbidden in the Muslim religion, are actually in many products – including bullets and bombs.

Ted Nugent pointed out that any Muslim who has handled TNT, nitro, bullets, high explosive bombs, or rocket launchers has been contaminated with their dreaded pork, as these items all contain gelatine or glycerine from pigs.

To make matters even worse for radical Islamic terrorists, pork products are also used in most stitches, antibiotics, and vitamin capsules, meaning that any Muslim who has been treated for an injury after their attack has also been contaminated with pork.

When a suicide bomber blows himself up, his body parts mix in with the gelatine and glycerine from the explosive. These products are also made from pig, meaning that under the laws of Islam these bombers will not be accepted by Allah.

Bad news for terrorists!

Pig bone gelatine is also used to help transport gunpowder or cordite into bullets. The fact that such a wide array of medical products use pig-based ingredients means it is almost impossible for a Muslim to avoid pig altogether. While this is a tragedy for nonviolent Muslims, Ted Nugent chose to focus on how it impacts terrorists, who could be in for a rude awakening when they reach the afterlife.


How funny is that? Nugent’s announcement came in the form of a Facebook post that reads:

Percy the pig makes for an extremely interesting read. I never knew pigs were in most products!! 

Every Muslim who has ever handled TNT, Nitro, Bullets, High Explosive Bombs, Rocket Launchers or been treated for cuts injury requiring stitches, or taken antibiotics, or Vitamin Capsules, has been contaminated with Pig Products. 

The ironical part is that when a Suicide Bomber blows himself up his body parts are impregnated with Gelatine and Glycerine from the explosive. Both Gelatine and Glycerine are manufactured from Pigs worldwide.. Ergo, they will never be accepted by Allah. 

Some makers of cigarettes use haemoglobin from pig’s blood in their filters. Apparently this element works as a sort of ‘artificial lung’ in the cigarette so, they claim, ‘harmful reactions take place before the chemicals reach the user’, (enter the Pig.) 

Pig bone gelatine is used to help transport gunpowder or cordite into the bullet. Insulin, the blood-thinning drug heparin and pig heart valves all vital. The complex workings of the global food and processing industry have ensured that it is impossible to avoid pig altogether. 

Pig product goes into liquorice and many other products. In this process, collagen is taken from the pig and is then converted into gelatine. This finds its way into numerous foodstuffs, where it acts as a gelling agent. 

A number of medicines also contain pig gelatine – everything from painkillers to multivitamins. Fatty acids extracted from the bone fat of pigs are used in shampoos and conditioners to give them their shiny, pearl-like appearance. These acids can also be found in a number of body lotions, foundations and anti-wrinkle creams. Glycerine made from pork fat is an ingredient in many types of toothpaste. 

There is no legal obligation for manufacturers to specify whether the gelatine they use is from a pig or another animal. When it is specified, it is often confusingly referred to as Suilline gelatine. 

So to all prospective Suicide Bombers, ISIS and innocent, good Muslims, I say, “Have a Nice Day” from “Percy” the wonderful Pig.

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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Baxter Dmitry
  • monica

    I love it – no virgins in heaven , just pieces of rotting shit strewn all over when they blow up

  • acceptJesusorperish

    All muslims should be sent back to their own shithole to the shitty life they left behind.. they worship allah.. allah is satan…. any religion that does not Glorify Jesus Christ….. is from satan…muslim hindu buhddist scientology and so on and so .. are all the worship of satan… Jesus said if you are not for me you are against me.. its as simple as that.. if you don’t accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour,,,, you are going to hell…its as simple as that…. so all the do gooders can go on with all their shit till the cows come home… If you do not accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour,,,, you are going to hell its as simple as that….. NOTHING ELSE MATTERS…… Nothing.. enough said

    • Guest

      You do realize your “my way or the highway” views are the same thing that Muslims preach and kill for. Religious extremism is a curse on the earth.

      • Charles Z

        Look at it as you may, he’s correct. But it isn’t; “my way or the highway” as you describe it. It’s God’s way. He created everything and decided that there was one way to eternal life (heaven) if you will. Any other way is man’s way, or what Satan is guiding you towards in your thinking. God’s way isn’t predicated on killing others for believing different. So please don’t confuse the two. God bless.

        • Dmactds

          When was your last ‘intimate’ conversation with God?? What all’d y’all talk about??
          Please don’t tell me it’s written in the Bible; part of the problem is that all sorts of people interpret the Bible in different ways and many quite differently than your own views.
          Why do you presume to know the mind of God??


    My diagnosis is dementia! lmao! I’m sorry you squirrel shit brained individuals but pork or pork grease or anything related to the pig will not make muslims or people of the Islam faith disintegrate or evaporate into nothing like holy water for a vampire like you see in the movies! lmao! Oh and for all of you good old god fearing christian folks refer to the old testament about the pig being forbidden for consumption! lmao! UN-FUCKING-BELIEVABLE

  • siaisjack

    so from now on weapon seller will have to start selling Halal bullets and explosives.

  • Sink Chicken

    those who practice the Jewish faith don’t eat pork either.

  • William Roach

    Dont trust a man who don’t eat smoked ribs.