Texas ‘Cube’ UFO Witnessed By Multiple People

A UFO in the shape of a cube was seen by multiple people in Texas on June 29th 2015.

As can be seen on the video below, released by YouTube user secureteam10, you can see a clear cube shaped object hovering in the sky.


In5d.com reports:

Walter C. Lance of El Paso, Texas was the first person to submit the photographs to secureteam10. Lance stated he took the photographs on June 29th, 2015 around 1PM central time during his lunch break.

According to secureteam10, Lance stated that it began to get very windy outside when a portion of the clouds began to “swirl and circle in on one another forming this portal shape”. The area within this circular vortex turned “jet black” which is when Lance took out his cellphone to take the following pictures:



This is what the UFO cube looks like when zoomed in on the image:



  • Occult Truth

    Cube of Saturn.

  • trevor

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    • John James

      Still a better alternative than anything on offer from the GOP.

  • trevor

    so why no live video only still pics ??

    • SSXV

      cause its a lot harder to make believable looking video than photoshop some images. You can see the smudge tool work in some of those, and then there are even at least 2 different “cube” images used between pictures, they aren’t even the same….?

    • Otowner5

      Maybe low on memory.

      • trevor

        in more ways than one

  • TheDaleks

    Is it The Doctor?? EXTERMINATE!!!

  • Robert Salmond

    Why can’t this happen when someone with a big zoom lens is in the area. LOL

  • Herbert Popolow, PhD


  • jgarza00

    It’s the Lament Configuration from Clive Barker’s Hellraiser. /smh

    • Black_Cat

      It sure is!

  • dmpete

    It’s them from there

    • BryanCooper

      no. It is not them. its THEM. THEM!!!!

  • Wadevon

    Weird that both of the sources first thought to contact this obscure website with their sightings.

  • paul

    “shooting out at a pretty fair rate of speed” ? What are you using to measure that? There is nothing to judge its size by,nothing to measure any speed against ?

  • steve

    these things have been around a long time. I’m 56 years old, and I have a vivid memory of seeing this type of “cube” when I was 5 or 6. It was a perfectly clear summer day, I was playing in the yard of my house, and for some reason looked straight up into the blue sky over my head. I saw this dark rectangular shape moving slowly upward, no left or right as it was getting smaller and smaller as I watched. No clouds, no glowing, just a darkish black shape. Never forgot it.

    • Dennis Armstrong

      and you’re posting from which asylem???????

  • Dean Cameron

    It’s the spaceship from Hellraiser 4! Aliens are Ceneobites

  • Jimbo

    No way it could have been 1:00pm in the afternoon as the witness claimed.

  • Steve Hathaway

    Resistance is futile…….

  • Elle Campbell

    Why does the one pic show the object , not as a cube, but as a rectangular shape?

  • Andrew Von Pelt III

    if the guy has an iPhone, why not capture video!?

  • Dennis Armstrong

    ts a feckin chicken oxo cube

  • https://MindSpaceApocalypse.wordpress.com OverkillMSA
  • April Laxton

    It is the Wisdom Cube! He is all knowing!
    “Honk of you’re horny” -Wisdom Cube-

    • SouthernChick15

      Love it! HONK!!!

  • SSXV

    zzzzz at least try to make your photoshop sky cubes believable and consistent between images….. LOL

  • Otowner5

    Interesting! I and a number of other people witnessed a football field sized craft that hovered over an abandoned parking lot in Ohio back in 1987. It had a very similar surface, but was proportioned more like a box of cigarettes than a cube. It was perfectly silent and still for about 10 minutes, then shot up into the sky at an incredible speed. The thing that has always baffled me is that there were no sonic booms. I lived close to NASA for years, so I’ve seen the space shuttle coming home many times and have heard the twin sonic booms each time. This thing moved MUCH faster than the shuttle, but there were no booms, or any sound for that matter. Maybe a portal was the reason why?

  • http://ufotheater.com UFO Theater

    Created by professional hoaxer Secureteam 10, aka Tyler Glockner. The
    “witness” is likely Tyler’s voice with a pitch filter, as he’s done in
    the past. Some background:


  • Doug Gerard

    …anyone for cube-steak?

  • SouthernChick15

    Please explain this same object appears square in all but one picture, which is a retangle.