Texas Parents Are Refusing To Vaccinate Their Kids En Masse

Parents in Texas are refusing to have their children vaccinated en masse

Parents in Texas are protesting in huge numbers against the vaccination industry, and refusing to have to vaccinate their children en masse. 

Denton County vaccine exemption rates have soared to 78%, according to data from The Immunization Partnership.

Truthkings.com reports:

In neighboring Tarrant County, they’ve had more than 4,000 exemptions filed in the past year and a half. According to Dallas / Fort Worth affiliate Fox4, an emergency meeting was called by The Immunization Partnership in hopes of preventing the vaccination rates from going sub-90%.

“By empowering immunization stakeholders in Fort Worth and across the state to speak up, we can better understand what is contributing to these low vaccination rates and high exemption rates,” said Anna Dragsbaek, President of The Immunization Partnership. “And in turn, we can effectively advocate on behalf of positive policy change and education efforts here in Texas.”

The “contribution,” as they so eloquently term it, is likely intelligent people realizing they have an option. This is a heavy hit for the vaccine industry. The counties are both prominent regions of the greater Dallas / Fort Worth area and represent a combined 2.5 million in population, as well as 27 school districts. They vote reliably for Republican candidates and are considered to hold family values high.

As this situation continues to develop, the media will likely paint these citizens who refuse to fall in line as impoverished and uneducated. This is, however, far from what reality is. These people are intelligent people who aren’t afraid of media and government intimidation acts. This also offers proof that more and more communities around the nation are rising up against forced medical procedures of every sort.

Texas has a history of not being pushed around when it comes to vaccination legislation. Here is Texas (R) Senator Donna Campbell, MD., speaking at a Senate Committee meeting fighting against forced vaccination. Don’t mess with Texas, folks.

  • Dan Jones

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    • Rochelle

      Native Americans didn’t invite you here.. so you know what that means? YOU are the illegal. (ghasp!)

      • Dan Jones

        They were not here first either, they came from Asia…

        • Rochelle

          Don’t offer that as an excuse. They didn’t steal the land from anyone and commit mass genocide.

  • rick lonzy

    Big Pharma = Vaccine Cartel, which means big $$$ for them as they force the population to take the needle against their own will. Finally people are waking up to this scam and refusing to let their children take toxic substances into their bodies. I’m a healthcare worker here in the US and played the system when my employer tried to force their annual flu vaccine upon me.