Texas School Teacher Arrested For Slapping And Mocking Pupil


A 63-year-old high school math teacher from east Texas was arrested for assault after a video showed her repeatedly slapping a student around the head in class.

KGW reports:

The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office confirmed that Mary Hastings, a teacher at Ozen High School near Beaumont, was arrested Friday on an assault charge.

According to a statement from the Beaumont Independent School District obtained by KHOU sister station KBMT, the conduct was substantiated by video viewed by BISD police and administrators.

A video posted to Twitter Friday shows Hastings slapping a student repeatedly in the back of the head and then mocking him. She calls the student an “idiot ass” in the video.Texas

Hastings was immediately removed from the classroom and placed on administrative leave pending action on her contract, according to the statement from the district.

The statement also said the district is committed to providing a safe and secure environment for students and that BISD does not condone employees abusing any child and will not tolerate such conduct.Texas

Beaumont ISD is aware of and in the process of evaluating the situation, according to Nakisha Myles Burns, special assistant to the superintendent.


Edmondo Burr

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  • George

    In other words she signed up to be a teacher not a zookeeper.

  • HappyGilbert

    What drove her to lose her shit i wonder…….and get off your damn cellphones in class you smart ass little shites, thats just ridiculous right there!

  • Jessica Coco

    I don’t believe in striking children, but I can see situations where one could lose control. If you ever have been to a classroom today, you can see why a teacher could lose control. Kids misbehave, are rude, and won’t get of their iPhones. I don’t know if this is the situation in this case, but it is in others.