The Annual Bohemian Grove Has Begun

Bohemian Grove

The yearly Bohemian Grove has begun.  For those of you not familiar with Bohemian Grove, it is an extremely secretive “summer camp” held in the Redwood Forest in Northern California, outside of San Francisco where the worlds most elite (and wealthiest) men – between 2,000 and 3,000 – gather to do all sorts on secretive things, like worship a massive owl statue.

According to Dissident Voice [1]:

Speakers this year giving “Lakeside Chats” include past Secretary of Defense and the CIA Leon Panetta, Paul Volcker Jr. former Federal Reserve Chairman, retired Admiral Mike Mullen former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, NYU Law Professor Bryan Stevenson, producer Norman Lear, the founder of AOL Steve Case, and Christopher Hill former US Ambassador to Iraq.

The Bohemian Grove summer encampments have become one of the most famous private men’s retreats in the world. Club members and several hundred world-class guests gather annually in the last weeks of July to recreate what has been called “the greatest men’s party on earth.” Spanning three weekends, the outdoors event includes lectures, rituals, theater, camp parties, golf, swimming, skeet shooting, politics, sideline business meetings and feasts of food and alcohol.

One might imagine modern-day aristocrats like Henry Kissinger, the Koch brothers, and Donald Rumsfeld amid a circle of friends sipping cognac and discussing how the “unqualified” masses cannot be trusted to carry out policy, and how elites must set values that can be translated into “standards of authority.”

Private men’s clubs, like the San Francisco Bohemian Club, have historically represented institutionalized race, gender and class inequality. English gentlemen’s clubs emerged during Great Britain’s empire building period as an exclusive place free of troublesome women, under-classes, and non-whites. Copied in the United States, elite private men’s clubs served the same self-celebration purposes as their English counterparts.

The San Francisco Bohemian Club was formed in 1872 as a gathering place for newspaper reporters and men of the arts and literature. By the 1880s local businessmen joined the Club in large numbers, quickly making business elites the dominant group. More than 2,500 men are members today. Most are from California, while several hundred originate from some 35 states and a dozen foreign countries. About one-fifth of the members are either directors of one or more of the Fortune 1000 companies, corporate CEOs, top governmental officials (current and former) and/or members of important policy councils or major foundations. The remaining members are mostly regional business/legal elites with a small mix of academics, military officers, artists, or medical doctors.

Foremost at the Bohemian Grove is an atmosphere of social interaction and networking. You can sit around a campfire with directors of PG&E, or Bank of America. You can shoot skeet with the former secretaries of state and defense, or you can enjoy a sing-along with a Council of Foreign Relations director or a Business Roundtable executive. All of this makes for ample time to develop personal long-lasting connections with powerful influential men.

On the surface, the Bohemian Grove is a private place where global and regional elites meet for fun and enjoyment. Behind the scene, however, the Bohemian Grove is an American version of building insider ties, consensual understandings, and lasting connections in the service of class solidarity. Ties reinforced at the Grove manifest themselves in global trade meetings, party politics, campaign financing, and top-down corporatism.




  • stuart

    So you’re just speculating at what goes on here?

    • Jackie Bourg

      Pls STOP accusing the girl of speculation.
      Go on YT and see for yourself as some have entered and seen what`s going on.

      • Debbie Jones

        Please don’t quote ‘scripture’ as a reason to condemn/believe in something. It just makes you look like a pathetic sheep! IF it is true, what you say is happening at Bohemian Grove, then they should be arrested, charged and imprisoned. Religion does not come into it at all.

        • Yeshua’s Disciple

          People like you should really shut up before you lash out and get educated. It has nothin, to do with religion eh??? The Babylonian owl god molok that they worship at this pagan festival is mentioned several times in the Bible as being one of the spiritual enemies of Yehuwah. Obviously it does have something to do with religion since their are daily pagan rituals held.

          And considering the Bible has prophesied many of these things happening today, including this ritual, he had every right to qoute whatever he wanted to.

          Who are you to tell someone what they can write?!?!? You’re so full of contempt for God that you took his qoute as being “religious”.

          The scriptural verse WHATEVER IS DONE IN DARKNESS WILL COME TO LIGHT” was perfectly applied here. The wicked practices of the elite are being exposed daily as GOD promises in His word.

          I bet you’re one of those fakes screaming “tolerance” yet you and your anti-Christ spirit couldnt stand one qoute from the Bible Get over yourself

          • dmmct99

            Exactly. I fear that people in our country still do not realize who their enemy truly is, when they cannot recognize the esoteric from the exoteric, the spiritual from the material. Their interpretation seeing the owl is merely a hunk of wood, when it is actually a mystery occult very old and dangerous; the burning of human sacrifices real or in effigy, before the idols of devilry.

          • Debbie Jones

            FFS, My point is that IF they are sexually abusing children then THAT is, in and of itself, wrong. Nothing to do with religion. It is against the law of the land and they should be charged. To justify this by qupting the bible is ‘gilding the lily’ and not helpful. It just makes you sound like a religious nutjob. Not everything comes down to religion. Religion has no effect on my life AT ALL, and when dealing with matters of LAW it should affect nobody!!”

  • Joe Eigo

    I pray a heavy duty force of nature strikes those evil forces at bohemian grove. May a mega earthquake swallow them up and destroy their underground bases!

  • Seema Sophia Kapoor

    That’s not the only thing that goes on there? That place if filled with pedophile. Tell the whole truth..Im surprised the place has not been burned down.

  • Michael Alex Quill II

    a perfect time to bomb the grove

  • Moral Max

    Obviously it does have something to do with religion since their are daily pagan rituals held.Casquette NY