The Bush Family Helped Hitler Rise To Power (Video)

Did The Bush Family Help Hitler Into Power?

The family that produced two Presidents made its fortune and established its power in the era when Hitler and the Nazis rose to power in Europe, and changed the world forever.

However, worrying connections were found between Prescott Bush, grandfather of George W., and the finances behind the Nazi Party.

Did Prescott Bush help Hitler get power in Germany? Comment below the video to let us know what you think.

  • Bruce

    Apparently so, since he lost several of his companies under The Trading With The Enemy Act.
    At least he was a Muslim smile emoticon I have been trying to get the media to catch on to this ever since some folks on the right started making Mr. Obama’s father such a big issue. Not only was Prescott Bush responsible for maintaining Hitlers banking system for him while Americans were fighting and dying in Europe to defeat that fascist leader, Prescott Bush was also one of the ringleaders in a failed coup d’etet, to by force of arms, overthrow the united sates government – that is a pretty dad-gum BIG deal – so that they could put the fascist policies of Hitler, that they loved so much, in place here in america. Does the fascist owned media ever say anything about that? NOPE. As a matter of fact, any of the crimes of that family seem to be radioactive and off limits.

    • Gflores007

      Google George Scherff.