The History Of The Illuminati In 7 Minutes

The history of the illuminati summed up in just 7 minutes

Kristan T. Harris of The Rundown Live show discusses the history of the Bavarian Illuminati, giving the listener all they need to know in just 7 minutes. 

He includes references to the Rothschilds, Albert Pike, Adam Weishaupt, Giuseppe Mazzini, Myron C Fagan and more.

As we previously wrote, a supposed ex-illuminati member came forward recently discussing what their plans are for the world.

According to the anonymous insider, after spending 47 years as an illuminati member, they wanted to come forward and reveal what the real plan was for the human race.

What do you think about the illuminati? Are they real, or the make believe fantasies of conspiracy theorists? Comment below the article and let us know!

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  • Marshall O’Donovan

    You can’t call this video a History without mentioning the Templar’s.

  • Bob McDonald

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