The Titanic Never Sank, It Was Switched, Author Claims


For over a hundred years, the mystery of the Titanic has captivated people worldwide.

Yet, persistent conspiracy theories have also surrounded the ship that says it never sank – but that it’s sister ship, The Olympic, did .  It’s a mind-boggling mystery that Oxford author Robin Gardiner says isn’t so crazy in his book “The Great Titanic Conspiracy”.  Gardiner says he can “prove” the Titanic never sank.

According to a 2012 report from The Oxford Mail [1]:

The biggest ship of its kind, Titanic was billed ‘unsinkable’ by its owners White Star Line. But on April 15, 1912, it hit an iceberg and sank in the icy waters of the North Atlantic, with the loss of 1,517 lives However, according to Mr Gardiner, 64, the ship that sank was not Titanic at all – it was Olympic, her sister ship, in what was planned as one of the world’s greatest insurance frauds.

Mr Gardiner, 64, a plasterer and father-of-one from Barton, said: “My new book, The Great Titanic Conspiracy, has new, conclusive photographic and documentary evidence of the swap of Olympic and Titanic.

“This was collusion, conspiracy and cover-up on an unprecedented scale.


“The evidence is overwhelming; eyewitnesses themselves describe running along Titanic’s decks, but where they said there were promenades, there should have been cabins.

“And while survivors on B Deck described seeing lifeboats being lowered from above, there’s no way they would have seen that on Titanic – only on the ship Olympic.


According to Mr Gardiner, the ‘real’ story starts with financier J P Morgan’s takeover of White Star and the Royal Navy’s investment in the company’s new liners as potential troop carriers.


He said: “Following the Agadir crisis in 1911, Morgan began to ship gold and other treasures back to the safe haven of the US.

“There was also pressure on White Star to make up the cost of the damage to Olympic, which had been damaged in a collision with HMS Hawke, but which the insurance company would not cover.


“Swapping the identities of Olympic and Titanic was also the opportunity for Morgan, with the collusion of the British government, to quietly ship £8m of gold to the US.

“But unbeknown to the government, the gold was spirited away.

“To the present day, the most common maritime insurance fraud involves changing identities of ships.

“But tragically the planned staging of the sinking of Titanic, whereby other ships from the company would be on hand to rescue all the passengers and crew, went disastrously wrong and more than 1,500 souls perished.”


Mr Gardiner even refutes that the ship hit an iceberg; “The passengers described feeling a ‘shudder’. But if that size ship, travelling at that speed had hit an iceberg of that size, the noise would have been huge and the impact would have hit everyone off their feet,” he said.

“I think White Star planned a small collision of some sort and then a straightforward ‘rescue’ of the passengers by ships waiting nearby. Unfortunately, the ship was steered hard left, instead of right and turned away from the rescue ships.

“It may also have hit a wreck or another ship. And most of the passengers didn’t stand a chance.”

Asked how people react to his views on Titanic, Mr Gardiner said: “I give regular talks and most people are fascinated, especially engineers who know how ships work.

“But this isn’t hidden information I am unearthing.

“You only have to read the inquiry notes – see how many people’s testimony was strangely ‘stopped’ and look at all the official paperwork – to see the ships were swapped.”

Mr Gardiner said the real Titanic sailed on as Olympic for the rest of her career, before being sent to the breaker’s yard in 1937.

He said: “I think all this celebration of the Titanic is a bit sick. I don’t think White Star planned to kill all those people.

“But they did die and Olympic should be left in peace, a the bottom of the North Atlantic as a grave.

“I am now working on an American-made documentary, which will completely lift the lid on what happened with Titanic, once and for all.

“I will prove the ships were swapped and this terrible accident was completely avoidable.”



  • Michael

    If you want the truth, don’t read the book about the conspiracy theory. Everyone knows the Titanic sank. It’s nuts to even think that it could have been “switched” after the sinking of the Titanic.

    • Leonard Washington

      Who is everyone? Was you there?.you only know what they told you just like they told you a craft didn’t crash in roswell

      • StEwPiD_MoNkEy

        Were you there, not was you. Learn to write properly. Then perhaps we can take you seriously

    • Heretic2011

      Switched after it sank? You CAN read, can’t you.

    • Ni7kk3i

      Oh dear. You really should learn to read, or at the very least acquire some basic intelligence.

    • Hypersapien

      He’s saying that they were switched before the ship was launched. He’s saying that the ship that everyone originally got on in England was the Olympic. They just changed the name everywhere.


      I think you are missing the point: I think the author is claiming the ships’ identities were switched PRIOR to the sinking, not after. ”Everyone knows” a ship CALLED the Titanic sank. Please try to keep-up.

  • Michael

    There are too many books about the conspiracy theory that I don’t trust any of them. The only ones I trust are the ones by Ballard and other well-renowned writers.

    • Miss.Anne Thropee

      I would love to see what J.G Ballard has to say about this!

  • Just Straight Shooting

    This guy is a dumbass trying to make a buck off of a tragedy that happened over a 100 years ago. He’s trying to create a conspiracy theory to get attention to himself, in much the same vein as the fake vietnam vets and others who steal the valor of true heroes. They just want to appear to be “experts” to the feeble minded fools who would follow them and regurgitate their lunatic theory. This guy is exhibiting a severe affliction of narcissistic sociopathic behavioral disorder.

    • Ni7kk3i

      This is not new, this theory has been around for years.

  • Geezum

    Everybody knows
    the official story
    everybody knows
    it’s always true
    everybody knows
    buildings fall at freefall
    everybody knows
    you’re sniffing glue
    insurance fraud
    it never happens
    no one lies
    to save a buck
    so just forget
    you ever heard this
    you will be safe
    if you’re a duck!

  • Miss.Anne Thropee

    Futility, or the Wreck of the Titan, written in 1898 by American author Morgan Robertson was one of four ‘fictional’ stories (The Sinking of a Modern Liner, written in 1886 by English journalist W.T. Stead.The Ship’s Run, written in 1908 by detective scribe M. McDonnell Bodkin actually cites the exact speed and the ill-fated ship also named Titanic) written over a decade or so before the vessel that we know as the Titanic was even afloat. I always found the synchronicities to the actual event, as opposed to the preceding accounts in the form of fiction to sound off alarm bells to anything behind many of the mysteries surrounding the actual sinking of the largest affluent ‘unsinkable’ ship that struck an iceberg in 1912, leaving most of the crew and passengers dead, and does just that, sinking off the coast of Newfoundland, much akin to the fictional stories.
    Described as having almost the same dimensions as the Titanic and also
    carries too few lifeboats — a running theme in nautical literature of
    the time, it begs to be a mystery that has too many synchronicities to be anything but related in some way. Personally, my interest in this one is limited, as it is quite unlimited in interest, even a century plus later, articles such as this just brings too many factors into play, and I found it akin to hitting a wall of info, but no direct facts…only speculation.
    However, now that this has resurfaced–pun utterly intended–I hope to see someone with a passion for the truth, as opposed to financial entertainment gain, and being ‘King of The World’ with a cgi laden account based on a love affair, and a huge diamond. I am hoping the new details of the countless queries discussed above and the fictional stories that are almost too eerie to be true will be more thoroughly dissected, as with anything that has too many stories and theories needs to be.

  • Jack Burgin Jr

    the author is a MORON, and a very good liar. The guy is ONLY trying to make a buck, no the ships were not switched, and anyone who believe sthat is a MORON like the author

  • Harry Abrams
  • Cassie Keichline Slossar

    You say “accident could have been avoided”… what accident?… if, as you say this ship never sank… there were survivors… my husband’s great grandmother was one… if you are going to be so friggin asinine to say this at least wait till there is NO ONE LEFT that remembers!!!