Tens Of Thousands Protest New World Order In London – Media Blackout

Tens of thousands of British citizens rise up and protest against the New World Order in London

Tens of thousands of British citizens have taken to the streets of London to protest the New World Order and their attempts at purging the poor from society.

Protestors gathered in front of the BBC headquarters in London in response to the collusion between the elitist government and the media who both covered up the numbers of people who died as a result of the Grenfell Tower fire last month.

According to protestors, the British people have had enough of austerity and globalism, and are demanding that British Prime Minister Theresa May resign.

Presstv.com reports: They also held a minute’s silence in honor of the victims of Grenfell Tower fire, which killed at least 80 people.

More than 10,000 people started marching towards Parliament Squarein central London while holding signs that read “Wot A DisMay,” “Theresa May, Sashay Away.”

The rally was organized by the People’s Assembly Against Austerity, which earlier said in an online statement that they “need to make sure” the opposition to the government is felt.

“If we continue to mobilize in huge numbers we can deepen the crisis for the Conservatives and force big concessions on the NHS, education, housing and jobs,” the group wrote.

Leader of the opposition Labour Party, Jeremy Corby, also addressed the rally in Parliament Square. He once again criticized the government and told the rally that the London fire that burnt-out the 24-story on June 14, has “exposed the disastrous effect of austerity.”

“To the victims of Grenfell Tower we pledge now, we will stand with you and your families all the way through. We bring you sympathy but more importantly we bring you solidarity,” he added.

“We will not rest until every one of those families is properly housed within the community in which they want to live. Grenfell Tower symbolized for many everything that’s gone wrong in this country since austerity was imposed upon us,” he told the crowd.

  • Mollie Norris

    Who knows – maybe Katrina victims will catch on.

  • mary

    if EVERYONE came out and protested against these facists goverments ,we the people will win ,for example, if everyone stopped using their mobile phones for one week we can bankrupt many corporations

    • Laura Lee

      I’m with you all the Way Mary, I Totally Agree!

  • Devin Ens

    There’s a lot to protest here, but I’m wary of the crackpot buzzwords in this article. The enemy is clear and present, The Rich and their pawns in government. Same as it has always been. “New World Order” and “Globalist,” on the other hand, tend to imply some kind of secretive conclave standing even above the rich, and also tend to be used to undermine important international cooperation efforts. We live on a globe and without solidarity between the oppressed peoples of the world, “The Elite” will continue its exploitation. The problem is not global, the solution is global.

    • Pericles Son-of Spiro

      Are you even sure it’s a “globe” or is that just what we’ve been told and programmed to believe? Just sayin’! :-/

      • Time2Go

        Didn’t you see the earth while they were on the way to the moon?

      • Michael Dee

        Question everything

        • Sleeveheart


    • Michael Dee

      This was a anti austerity demo organised by The peoples Assembly

  • Unfettered Fire

    The $200 trillion global private debt is causing such a drag on the economy that they have to reconsider this horrific neoliberal economic policy that has the world trapped in neofeudalism.

    “There was an interesting article in the Financial Times on Monday (June 26, 2017) – Why US big business is listening to Bernie Sanders – which, despite the somewhat misleading and over-the-top headline, tells us a little of the way the full neo-liberal attack on workers is in regression. Not, I might add because of any philosophical or moral consideration. But, rather, the top-end-of-town is starting to work out that their headlong race-to-the-bottom approach over the last three decades is not actually in their best interests.

    The top-end-of-town is not that bright. More brutish than bright and it takes some time for them to work out what we have known all along. Globalisation mixed with neo-liberalism is poison. Globalisation mixed with social democracy is progress.”


  • Paula Brown

    It was 500 people that parished!!

    • Sleeveheart

      That’s a large church!