Tom Cruise May Quit Scientology

Since the expose of Scientology on HBO’s Going Clear documentary public interest in the controversial organisation has been at an all time high. 

With various allegations of abuse being directed towards those involved in the upper echelon’s of the church, Tom Cruise is feeling pressure to quit.

His departure is not only due to the potential PR disaster of being associated with the organisation, but also in order for him to reestablish his relationship with nine-year-old daughter Suri. reports:

Suri is reportedly quite close to being labeled a “suppressive person” by the Church, meaning Cruise’s relationship with his daughter would suffer even greater strain in the years ahead.

According to esteemed literary journal Star, this reality has proven enough for Cruise to finally eject himself from the organization.

Losing Cruise could prove detrimental to the Church of Scientology, though John Travolta would likely be next in line for the controversial throne.

  • marlio

    He is making the greatest mistake in his life, if he chooses the, somewhat quacky scientology , over his own child. This church seems to cherish being able to yield control over him, to the extent, he feels guilty if he does anything they dont aprove of. He needs to grow up, decide who he is, and do what he thinks is morally right for himself , his daughter and the people who are most important to him. I think any church who penalizes one, from achieving the highest level of their church, by making threats, is no true Christian Church but an ideology akin to some cults. God gives us free will, and he needs to use his intelligence, common sense and faith in God to decide what to do. As long as he has a relationship with God, and is a Christian, that is all that matters. His church is never going to be strong competition on television, and I doubt we even last longer than 10 years because I think we are in End Times.