Tony Blair: Barack Obama Spied On Trump During Election

The stunning admission by Tony Blair will enable the DoJ to pursue criminal charges against Obama.

Tony Blair has ratted on former president Barack Obama, claiming he used British intelligence to spy on Trump during the 2016 campaign.

Tony Blair has ratted on former president Barack Obama, claiming he used British intelligence resources to spy on Trump during the 2016 campaign.

The world is focused on Michael Wolff’s claims about the Trump family, and especially his quoting of Steve Bannon, but buried in the detail is a serious scandal that threatens to blow up and pull in the UK.

Tony Blair is the former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and was George Bush’s closest ally in launching the War on Terror post 9/11. Treated as a national disgrace and a liar after the tearing to shreds of his “Dodgy Dossier”, used to falsely justify attacking Iraq in 2003, since he left office, Blair has become an international globalist fixer and greaser of the first order.

In February 2017 he went to see Trump. Rumour at the time was he was angling for some kind of job, perhaps a Middle East envoy (though why the Middle East would want him to visit, no-one seems to know).

Now Michael Wolff drops the bombshell that Blair, who its not hard to imagine trying to impress and ingratiate himself with Trump, confirmed to Trump that British Intelligence (GCHQ) spied on Trump during the campaign on behalf of then President Obama.

The story has broken in the UK with all UK papers carrying a report: a couple of examples;

Now Blair is furiously denying and mugging as fast as he can to try and get out of it. Here he is on BBC and those who take note of body language know how to assess the likelihood Blair is being honest in his denials, and not caught out like a proper weasel:

So, what does this mean?

Firstly, it means that Trumps political opponents and the serried ranks of progressive SJW’s, who are jumping on every word in Wolff’s book, are going to have to be careful, because if they give the book too much credibility, they will detonate a mine that Blair has managed to place directly under Obama’s feet.

Blair is not the source for Trump’s claim Obama “wiretapped” him: but having that confirmation from an Ex-UK Prime Minister that the British spied on him on the behalf of his opponents, trying any means possible to prevent his election, is a scandal beyond international imagining. Not just in the US but also the UK: because how does Tony Blair know classified information to flap his lips about?

Blair now has to refute Wolff, putting him swimming against the tide and the preferred Deep State narrative, that really doesn’t want blow-back against Obama. Wolff has talked of tapes to back up his claim re Bannon: what if there was a tape of Blair and it was leaked to Wolff? Even more alarming for the globalists, what if Trump allows Blair to make his protestations, the Fake News line up to back Blair up, and then Trump releases HIS Tape? Who wants to bet he hasn’t got one?

So, for those who aren’t enjoying the served-up diet of Bannon vs Trump scandal currently on offer, I suggest, point this finger at Blair. Because if Trump does have his own tape to destroy Blair’s denials, yet its Wolff and Blair who have put this issue on the media radar, no-one can say Trump is moving against Obama unjustily: only responding to media events outside his control. Proving the Ex-British Prime Minister did say what Wolff claims he said, could see Obama end up in court.

John White

John White

John White is a truthseeker with years of experience, a veteran of 9/11, Brexit and Trump. Follow his Facebook page
John White
  • John White

    Wolff is doubling down on his Blair Claim! Clearly he realises, he cannot let the credibility of his book be damaged. This threatens to bring this issue forward now the media has gorged itself on the Bannon allegations. ‘Blair DID hint at MI6 leaks – and Donald was the source’: Wolff scoffs at former PM’s denial that he told Trump UK spies may have leaked details of his team’s contacts with the Russians

  • Colderthananice

    Why are they still trying to crush Obama as they got rid of the black man from the White House? The Americans got who they wanted there now, a good white man representing the good old US ideology so why are they still hunting Obama?

    • John White

      I rather think, that if Obama spied on Trump, that’s a big deal, that’s corruption of the worst kind. Nothing to do with his melanin levels: everything to do with his integrity levels!

      • Mash

        Trump was elected to bring back Law and Order, it isn’t about race, it is about the corruption went on in the last administration and how our DOJ and FBI were covering for the corruption, so who was watching the watchdogs is the point. No one was for the last 8 yrs, and they all thought they were above the Law, and still do with all the Mueller team. If they would have went after the last administration with half the effort they are going after Trump/Russia investigation, they would all already be in jail, and there wouldn’t be a Mueller investigation, he would be in jail too for the corrupt Uranium deal.

    • Marjorie Roberts

      cOLDERTHANANICE: Because Obama (& others) need to be held accountable for his treason and crimes against our beloved Country. End of story!

      • ghh

        what a joke, nonsense …

    • jdamsforall

      Obama is a black supremacist a muslim terrorist who wants nothing more than to murder white people wholesale this is why he and the media portrayed violent black supremacists in Baltimore and Ferguson as freedom fighters….civil rights came from Stalin at the world communist convention in 1928…civil rights is violent racism…the communist media and democratic terrorist party have state sponsored genocide planned for white people…of the 2 million slaves in the south both before and during the civil war 13,000 were owned by wealthy blacks,wealthy Indians owned slaves as well, whites were the first slaves brought to this country not blacks, half a million Irish were brought here as slaves by the British, whites were enslaved in the south in far higher numbers than people have any idea, there is compelling evidence the civil war was fought more over white slavery than black or brown slavery, the underground railroad was established by whites to help not just blacks but whites and browns escape slavery…civil rights is based upon a complete lie slavery in all of history was never ever race specific it has always been caste specific… couls always purchase labor…Arab muslims have been the premier middle-men in the slave trade for well over a thousand years…Obama is pro-slavery…the British and the US are the only nations in history toever fight wars to eradicate slavery…Blacks have enslaved and killed more people throughout history than was ever so done by browns and white combined

      • ghh

        What a joke, nonsense. What a distortion of history !!

        • jdamsforall

          You will regret your complete ignorance of history, Obama has financed genocide lots of it he is a monster just like Hitler and Stalin…Michael Robinson his transsexual “wife” is a diseased hoe her mother was a hooker and her miscreant father was a drug dealer for Daly who was a mafia Democrat Chicago is completely evil …you cannot get elected in that town unless you are a rent boy for that tribe of mass murderers

        • jdamsforall

          Chicago has been controlled by democrats for decades that’s why blacks slaughter each other and call each other nigger constantly….they are the most hypocritical racists in existence

    • godblessUSA

      umm .. because he and his minions if these stories are true committed the worst political crime in U.S history and are actively trying to get trump removed from office …. don’t your read??????

    • artie help

      Don’t let color cloud Facts for you….Benny Rhodes loves you….

    • limitedlogic

      The constitution, something Nobama thumbed his nose at, removed him,from the Whitehouse. Two terms is all one is allowed.

  • kathy kalb

    Obama is afraid of all the evil wrong doing they will uncover on his criminal stinking gay ass!

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  • Ron Hussey

    I am sure Obama did, now It’s time to arrest the lawless moron

  • jdamsforall

    Obama is guilty of war crimes in many third world countries that the communist propaganda machine has covered up, Obama jailed Christian refugees fleeing Syria financed the slaughter of Christians in the Middle East and funded the “Muslim Refugee”inundation of Europe and the US, he was behind the murder of Michael Hastings, Tom Clancy, and Andrew Breitbart , Obama was aided and abetted by the Saudi government to bring muslim terrorist policies into the US “government” and begin overthrowing this country under a fascist sharia regime of religious genocide…the bombings in Boston, the alleged massacre at Sandy Hook, the murder of over 100 Mexican citizens by providing weaponry to the Mexican Cartel, The violent black supremacist riots in Baltimore and Ferguson, the will murder of a US Ambassador in Benghazi, the murder of Egyptian citizens through Obama’s “Arab Spring” gangs of muslim mercenaries, the wanton bombing of Libya done far outside the bounds of law,which led to the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Libyans…There is a long trail of blood by funding muslim terrorists from Carter in the 70’s in Lebanon, Clinton militarily supported Muslim terrorists in Bosnia and Serbia in the 90’s, and Obama funding bloodshed of non-muslims all across Africa, Iran, Iraq and Syria….the massacre in Las Vegas, the attempted assassination of republican congressmen and senators at the baseball diamond…all of this train of bloodshed has a common source…the DNC which is communist….and last but not least the genocide of 60 million unborn infants in under 40 years…Obama is a homosexual and his wife is a transsexual all devotees of communist civil rights

  • Rich Lang

    Tony Blair ended his tenure as UK Prime Minister in 2007. Is it even credible to think he would be plugged in to what the Obama administration was doing nine years later? I don’t think so. Doesn’t mean I don’t think Obama was (and is) a total scumbag, just means that Blair has no credibility here.

    • John White

      Well Blair is a known liar! Which lies are closest to the Truth?

  • artie help

    Barack Obama is accused of these nefarious deeds….Perhaps it was Barry Sotoero……

  • Frank Byrne

    knowing the characters this “sounds” plausible, but relies on a pretty extensive list of ifs and what ifs.

    • John White

      It does mean anti-Trumpers have to choose to believe some things Wolff says and not others…