Top Psychic Predicts Independence Day ISIS Attacks In New York

Celebrity psychic predicts ISIS attack in New York on independence day

Top celebrity psychic Michelle Whitedove has made a chilling prediction for Independence Day, warning New York residents that ISIS are about to commit a deadly attack. 

Whitedove told readers of her website that she envisions ISIS bombers targeting NYC via a bombing campaign designed to instil terror in Americans. reports:

As I was in prayer this afternoon, with Psychic Insights I heard that New York City is being targeted this July 4th Independence weekend.

This is not a false flag event.

I’m being given more than one explosion. I see visions of the Statue of Liberty. New Yorkers take heed, lay low.

This plan is in action to be executed, the hits are from the Middle East, ISIS, or ISIL via bombers that will be happy to lay down their lives.

I am in prayer this weekend – join me in prayer. Pray for Peace. Hopefully an intervention will stop them in their tracks.

~ Michelle Whitedove Author, Celebrity Psychic, Spiritual Medium

  • commonlaw

    any attacks will. Come from the dc corporate criminals.. Someone needs to tell Isis their money is no good.. ask McCain Frankenstein Clinton Romney Giuliani or Bloomberg where they will be?