Top Scientist Confirms Aluminium Poisoning Via Chemtrails Is Real

Top scientists publishes paper confirming aluminium poisoning via chemtrails is real

A renowned nuclear scientist has published a paper confirming that humans are being poisoned by traces of aluminium via chemtrails. 

Dr. Marvin Herndon, PhD says that there is evidence of a secret government geoengineering program, injecting stratospheric particles/aerosoles into the atmosphere – endangering human health. reports:

Dr. Marvin Herndon, PhD., a nuclear chemist, geochemist, and cosmochemist – most noted for deducing the composition of the inner core of Earth as being nickel silicide, not partially crystallized nickel-iron metal – has published a groundbreaking paper in the peer-reviewed journal Current Science (Indian Academy of Sciences) titled “Aluminum poisoning of humanity and Earth’s biota by clandestine geoengineering activity: implications for India.”

The abstract reads as follows:

“In response to an urgent call through an article in Current Science for assistance to understand the geological association of high aluminum mobility with human health in the Ganga Alluvial Plain, I describe evidence of clandestine geoengineering activity that has occurred for at least 15 years, and which has escalated sharply in the last two years. The geoengineering activity via tanker-jet aircraft emplaces a non-natural, toxic substance in the Earth’s atmosphere which with rainwater liberates highly mobile aluminum. Further, I present evidence that the toxic substance is coal combustion fly ash. Clandestine dispersal of coal fly ash and the resulting liberation of highly mobile aluminum, I posit, is an underlying cause of the widespread and pronounced increase in neurological diseases and as well as the currently widespread and increasing debilitation of Earth’s biota. Recommendations are made for verifying whether the evidence presented here is applicable to the Ganga Alluvial Plain.” (source)(source)

The paper goes on to discuss and cite publications which have detected heavy metals like aluminum, barium, strontium, and more in rainwater, fly ash, and more. For example, during the period between July 2011 and November 2012, 73 rainwater samples were collected and analysed for aluminum and barium; 71 were collected from 60 different locations in Germany, 1 from France, and 1 from Austria.

Aluminum was detected in 77% of the rainwater samples, there was also a very high barium concentration and a very high Strontium concentration.

It also discusses how these concentrations of metals are not the result of natural phenomenon, like volcanic explosions, for example.

This isn’t the only recent groundbreaking publication that comes from the world of academia regarding this phenomenon. A few months ago, Dr. Rose Cairns, PhD., who belongs to the University of Leeds School of Earth and Environment, published a paper in the peer-reviewed Geophysical Journal titled “Climates of suspicion: ‘chemtrail’ conspiracy narratives and the international politics of geoengineering.” She is also currently undertaking research into the Governance of Geoengineering as part of a multi-disciplinary collaborative project between Sussex University, UCL, and Oxford University ( The project examines the social, ethical, and political implications of climate geoengineering proposals. (source)

In her paper, she describes developments in mainstream academic and political discourse regarding geoengineering, and how climate modification, also being discussed by the citizens of the world (who use the term “chemtrails”), is having devastating ecological and health effects worldwide. According to her paper:

“Understanding the emerging politics of geoengineering, and taking seriously claims regarding the importance of public participation, requires an understanding of the whole discursive landscape around ideas of global climate control – including marginal ideas such as those held by chemtrail activists. Ignoring or dismissing these discourses out of hand as pathological or paranoid is to ignore potentially revealing insights about the emerging politics of geoengineering.” (source)

She also mentions that:

“This analysis suggests a number of ways in which the chemtrail narrative may contain important insights and implications for the emerging politics of geoengineering that cannot be dismissed out of hand as ‘paranoid’ or ‘pathological’.” (source)

Although Dr. Rose is not a proponent of the “chemtrail conspiracy,” it’s great to see another published paper by an academic taking a neutral perspective, recognizing the importance of these claims rather than dismissing them outright.

The basic difference here is that geoengineering in the academic realm is strictly a proposal, and that these means of engineering Earth’s climate are still not operational. When it comes to the “chemtrail” advocates, they believe that they are operational, as does the academic described at the beginning of this article, along with many others.

Truth is, there seems to be a tremendous amount of information suggesting that these programs are indeed operational. Whether their intent is to modify the climate to combat the effects of global warming, or to further some other type of agenda, is still not clear.

Evidence Suggesting That These Programs Are Already Operational

“In recent years there has been a decline in the support for weather modification research, and a tendency to move directly into operational projects.” –  World Meteorological Association  (source)

“In addition to specific research programs sponsored by Federal agencies, there are other functions related to weather modification which are performed in several places in the executive branch. Various federal advisory panels and committees and their staffs – established to conduct in-depth studies and prepare reports, to provide advice or recommendations, or to coordinate weather modification programs – have been housed and supported within executive departments, agencies, or offices.” (source)

  • Djago

    Woke up yesterday to nice blue sky, but then they came arround, Qatar, Emirates, Etihad, Air Canada and so on and made the sun look like a blure ball in the sky with in few hours, thank you wery much you sick freeks.

    • John Adams

      Air Canada is a CROWN Corporation too. I was working outside yesterday and same thing happened. It was clear and about 8 Air Canada jets sprayed chemtrails and in 2 hours the whole sky was hazy.

      • kevin

        somethings going on—i laughed at all u nutz until i started to look at the sky

        • Bruce Oaks

          amen brother. pass the word along even if THEY think ur foolish. keep drivin it home.

  • Frances Leader

    I am getting sick to death of YourNewsWire
    articles which tend, by & large, to employ scaremongering headlines
    & which, upon careful research of the sources, are conclusions that
    have been reached by the editor without merit!
    Taking the headline apart –
    Scientist” – ?? J Marvin Herndon is a physicist who just happens to
    have PAID for his article to be printed in an Indian Science magazine.
    The article is not peer reviewed.
    conclusion he reaches does NOT confirm the rest of the misleading
    headline – I quote “Aluminium poisoning via chemtrails is real”.
    His ACTUAL conclusion is here:
    suggest that the primary source of highly mobile aluminum is
    aerosolized coal fly ash. This suggestion is relatively easy to verify
    by taking rainwater samples and analysing them for aluminum, barium and
    strontium. If aerosolized coal fly ash is indeed verified as the major
    source of highly mobile aluminum, then another more difficult question
    should be addressed: What proportion of the aerosolized coal fly ash
    derives from clandestine geoengineering activities and what proportion
    comes from industrial coal burning in India? One forensic approach that
    should be considered is direct sampling of the coal fly ash in the
    monsoon clouds and in the clouds before they enter the Indian airspace.
    These samples may then be compared with the Indian industrial coal fly
    ash samples. Although the above described forensic investigation may be
    difficult and expensive, the results might help India improve the health
    of its citizens.”
    I have been refusing to share
    YourNewsWire articles for some time, after having discovered that NOT
    ONE OF THEM holds up to scrutiny & judging by the number of shares,
    likes & comments that The People’s Voice is generating on facebook I
    am concerned that you are leaving yourselves wide open to being
    debunked as a disinformation, scaremongering organisation which
    deliberately pumps out rubbish.
    This behaviour is
    especially cynical bearing in mind that many of us are deeply concerned
    about the obvious geo-engineering activities that are going on & are
    seeking GENUINE scientific studies from GENUINE sources rather than
    sensationalised garbage that is no better than something we might find
    in the Sun or Daily Fail.
    Sort it out – or stfu.

    • DangerousMikeBenson
      Proof is in the pudding. Wake the fuck up please.

      • Jake Seilman

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          • Samuel Morrissey

            Actually the English phrase that gets confused here is;

            ‘The proof of the pudding is in the eating.’

            Not wanting to ‘correct’ anyone just some insight for anyone interested.

    • Gav

      You must be blind or cognitively challenged. When you are outside LOOK UP! There’s your damn evidence you ignorant cunt. Give me strength!!

    • Poindexter Mcpirate

      You are a fucking moron if you don’t have enough since to look up and see WTF is going on dude. So YOU need to STFU. JUST STOP trolling jack ass.

      • DJ SMOKE

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    • Poindexter Mcpirate

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      • Poindexter Mcpirate

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    • Peggy Fulkerson

      You need to read the articles about geoengineering by scientists.

    • BJ

      peer reviewed, from and by those indoctrinated at institutions. been there seen that. the fox guarding the chicken coop is a perfect analogy. use your own eyes and critical thinking, observe and connect the dots. I recently met an 88 yo lady who knew to the full extent what was not only going on in our skies but our so-called government–military industrial complex. she read and researched everyday. when asked how she figured out about the geoengineering her honest and blatant response was : “you can see it!” one of the most truly intelligent people I have ever met. sadly there are few like her. she had intelligence and heart.

    • riversideCA

      So…the lines in the sky are….natural, pretty , good for humanity?
      You soung to intelligent to be that stupid

      • bsroon

        Thanks for not going the vulgar, demeaning route.

    • tim deberry

      pipe down Frances, scare mongering? the only fear i have is idiots like you that cant see this crap, the people came out and told everyone recently, people have tested water, soil and air there is proof everywhere.
      so go deny something else you moron, you seem like the kind of person that thinks the world is flat

    • Tiamaria

      Francis, you must live in the land of Shangri-La where the skies are blue & the sun shines every day, because the rest of us can plainly see what is going on in the skies. And this is world wide. Just take your eyes off the cell phone for a bit & look up.

    • Chelsea

      No one who replied to this comment even took the time to read this persons entire comment lol. They clearly know chemtrails are real and are looking for more information that is shareable with doubters. He’s exactly correct, this article would be torn apart. Hope this comment was too long for the readers.

      • Frances Leader

        Thank you Chelsea! I must say that I laughed when I read such comments as “dumb fuck” below!! lol
        They all failed to fully read my comment so who, may I ask, is the dumb fuck?

      • bsroon

        i read it, but you could see my take on it if you choose to go back above your comment.

    • bsroon

      On the other hand, there ARE measurable amounts of the very chemicals you find in coal fly ash. We know the coal companies are NOT disposing of this by-product in toxic waste disposal sites. In fact MUCH INDUSTRIAL WASTE from (yes) nuke power plants, petro refineries, metal smelting plants, fertilizer factories, etc – gets dumped into “soil amendments” and “soil additives” for corporate, “conventional” Ag because it may have some boron, or selenium or zinc.

      Since this by-product is not buried safely – where does it go. Since measurements show that some comes in the sky – and the scrubbers would preclude the amounts shown according to what i have been told when i lived in coal country – West Virginia – where does that go?

      Are you stating that the sky is even remotely natural? That would mean you are very young, probably an urbanite who doesn’t know what real nature is, and is a poor observation. If you accept the evidence that some of this crapola is purposely put into the sky – (and monsanto has GMO plants which are aluminum resistant you know) then there are inevitable conclusions – regardless of the asininity of demanding “peer reviewed” studies.

      Peer Review. The process by which Galileo was attacked. The process by which Velikovsky was attacked. Cancer cures were removed, etc.

      The editors of the NEJM and Lancet (#2 &#1 medical journals in the world) in fact the HEAD editors – state that 50% of current published science is “WORTHLESS”.

    • Matt M Matthew

      Well first and foremost, this article is telling us nothing that is not already known. We all can see what is taking [place, you just have to look up maybe twice before you see it. What needs to be addressed is the WHY. The Explosive Wildfires are KILLING PEOPLE. Micro particles of Aluminum is what causes the pretty colors in Fireworks so that is proof of MURDER. What is the purpose. None of that is addressed. Now being educated, the why becomes way apparent. Aluminum and Barium nanoparticles are used in only one Industry, and that is the Nuclear Power Industry and it is used to scatter Radiation Particles so workers and equipment can work better in area’s of high Radiation Content. Strontium in nanoparticle size, is used to calm static in Industries that cause large amounts of dust so Explosions from the dust and a spark are less likely; Grain Elevators, and any Industry where Static is an issue.The Aluminum as well, is a sign they are trying to maybe make the Planet less Magnetic as there is a HUGE Magnet approaching and the massive increase in Lightning is alarming anyway. The UV A,B and now C that is now bombarding us, is causing the Core to heat, and is the Sinkhole, Volcano, and Earthquakes off scale of recent years.

      It has never been to shield the Planet to save us, rather to hide the affects until IT is upon us or we would of had the time to become aware and KICK their Fucking Lying Scumbag Ass’s! lol.

      • pookieamos

        I wonder how you could know these things? Could the large magnet be Planet X?

        • Matt M Matthew

          I have free thought and am educated?

    • Bruce Oaks

      no offense Frances but I HIGHLY SUGGEST that YOU do some serious research on this very issue before you go cutting people down for trying to save LIVES-YOURS included. have some decency and respect for the people who are putting THEIR necks on the line and spending copious amounts of time and energy researching this stuff for us and putting it out there for all to “RESEARCH”. there is more to this than meets the eye. it isn’t being done for the sake of the people-THAT’S for damn sure.

    • richardruscoe

      Hopefully your not suggesting breathing nano sized aluminum particles isn’t devastating to human health.

  • John Adams

    I was working outside yesterday
    and It was a clear sky and about 8 Air Canada jets
    sprayed chemtrails in about and hours and in 2 hours the whole sky was hazy. Air Canada is a CROWN Corporation too. Later that day I started coughing and have a feeling it was linked to the Chemtrails.

    • tamajam10

      It’s been called the ‘Chemtrail Flu’ or ‘Chemtrail Syndrome’. Seriously.

  • Peggy Fulkerson

    The new chemicals being sprayed are so bad that it’s reported the asshole pilots who are flying these planes have to wear gas masks. Our own government is poisoning it’s population in an attempt to control our weather.

  • Eileen Ruth

    The government is killing off all of the talent in the world. No more scientists, engineers, doctors, etc.

  • riversideCA

    Government hard at work here in the comments

    • Todd Warmbrodt

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      • riversideCA

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  • John Low

    So they want to give the population Alzheimer’s?

    • riversideCA

      Only after they served their purpose…or 4 million miles which ever comes first

    • richardruscoe

      Nano sized aluminum destroys the nerves, or synapse of the brain. Alzheimer’s, is one neurological disorder it can cause, autism is another. The list continues.

      • 11171917

        I heard alex jones got caught sucking off seeing eyes dogs

  • bsroon

    It is ALL done by rich people – the ones running corporations. Regarding coal fly ash – this disposes of it with the “govt” likely paying for it – and spreading it everywhere. As one wag put it about the fluoride – “the solution to pollution is dilution.” Make EVERYONE sick, EVERYWHERE, and you have a hard time pinpointing the source of the problem. Same thing with GMOs.

    When they spray in N Cal, the bright haze is visible against the little mountains (about 1,300 feet higher than our 1200 or so feet elevation) a half-mile away. The day becomes very hot, very fast from the reflected light i suspect, and your eyes hurt – sometimes your sinuses and bronchial tubes.

    There are geoengineering patents granted since the 1940s – one from 1946 is for a nozzle to spray aluminum particles into a jet exhaust….

    • tamajam10

      Meanwhile, the very wealthy perpetrating this slow-killing holocaust are building massive underground bunkers to hide and survive in when the final cataclysmic events begin and speed up the process.

    • Majestic12

      But aren’t rich people breathing the same air we poor people are?

  • ronsteward

    First off they are not called chemtrails they are contrails short for condensation trails. they are water vapor condensing on the hot exhaust gases from the jet engine. any other explanation is just plain stupid. we all breath the same air. it would be stupid to poison it. this is just more fear mongers at work.

    • richardruscoe

      It.s not coming through the engines. Separate spray nozzles. They admit to spraying aluminum. Where have you been?

      • ronsteward

        Get a life and quit these scare stories. Why would *they* have an uncontrolled poisoning of the atmosphere? Think about it. We all breath the same air. Besides that, have you got any idea of how many people would be involved in this if it were true? Do you really think that that many people would keep quiet? If you believe the manure you are spreading then you are a true idiot.

  • mycho saniac

    the vaunted peer-review process itself is anonymous, is it not? it shouldn’t be surprising that someone would have to fork out of their own pocket to “kick up” knowledge into with the establishment’s reality factory – at the same time, frances raises an excellent point about how the resistance can be misled from within, by straw men armies

    while a granted patent application in the u.s. does not require a working model and is in itself not actual evidence that the sky is being poisoned with barium, the application itself is unmistakable evidence of foul intent – for what purpose? here:

    mike brown of caltech recently confirmed niburu under a different name (‘planet 9’) and a less threatening plot course, but pp 343-4 from chptr 71 ‘Planet X and the Coming New World Order in anthony forwood’s brilliant and very thorough book ‘Tjhey Would Be Gods’ provides plenty of data on the approaching behemoth whose effects were already noticeable in the perturbations they caused in the orbits of neptune and uranus in the 70’s, reported by leading astronomers, mathematicians and astrophysicists, before nasa put the clamp-down into effect in the 80’s:

    “Due to otherwise unexplainable perturbations in the orbits of the outer planets of our solar system, such an object has been suspected to exist for some time by a number of leading astronomers and mathematicians, including Joseph L. Brady, G. Forbes, T. Gugril, Dr. Charles Moses, W. Peck, Dr. William H. Pickering, and J. J. See.
    In 1982, NASA announced that they had detected a mysterious object far out in our solar system, but little has been said about it since then. This object must have been very large for them to have even detected it from so far away, and it’s very probable that they have continued to keep track of it ever since they first spotted it. This would allow them to determine its speed and trajectory, which would allow them to calculate how near it might come to Earth and how much disruption it could be expected to cause on our planet depending on how close it comes.
    If this newly discovered object had not been any threat to us, we would surely have been told more about it since it was first discovered, but since we haven’t, we can only suspect what the people at NASA might know but aren’t telling us.
    There hasn’t been total silence about this matter, however. Various reports regarding such an object have been made over the years, including the following:
    • Astronomy magazine, December, 1981 – First revealed that astronomers were preparing to search the outer solar system for an elusive planet, which they thought may be two to five times the size of Earth, and which they presumed would have a plane of orbit around the Sun that is tilted in respect to those of the other planets in our solar system. What spurred them to look for such an object in the first place? Could they have been specifically looking for the planet Nibiru?

    • New York Times, June 9, 1982 (?)* – Announced the discovery of an unknown gravitational force that was causing perturbations in the orbits of the outermost planets Neptune and Uranus. The article stated that in 1982 (?) NASA officially recognized that a mysterious object was out there, and that they spotted it a year later using IRAS (Infrared Astronomical Satellite). • New York Times, June 19, 1982 – Announced that NASA’s Pioneer 10 and 11 spacecraft may help them to understand more about a mysterious object that is believed to be roaming on the outer edges of our solar system and causing perturbations in the orbits of Neptune and Uranus. • Newsweek magazine, June 28, 1982 – Revealed that a ‘dark companion’, either a brown dwarf, a neutron star, or a tenth planet, is thought to be causing the perturbations of Uranus and Neptune in their orbits. • New York Times, Jan. 30, 1983 – Again stated that something with a strong gravitational force seemed to be tugging at Neptune and Uranus, and suggested that it is a tenth planet. • Washington Post, 1983 – Announced that a celestial object that may be a part of our solar system had been found in the direction of the constellation Orion. The article stated that it was not known if it was a planet, giant comet, or a proto-star, and speculated that it may be moving towards Earth. • US News & World Report, Sept. 10, 1984 – Stated that IRAS detected heat from a celestial object about fifty billion miles away, and suggested that this is what’s tugging at Uranus and Neptune.
    After the Sept. 10, 1984 article, all further mention of this discovery ceased and an official wall of silence ensued, although several information leaks have since occurred (proving that the government can’t keep secrets). Dr. John Anderson, who worked with NASA’s Pioneer spacecraft project, made one such leak soon after. He confirmed to reporters that he believed a large celestial object was orbiting our Sun, and was probably traveling in an elongated ellipse, nearly at right angles to the other planet’s plane of orbit. Then, in the 1987 edition of New Science and Innovation Encyclopedia, a diagram was accidentally published that clearly showed both Pioneer 10 and 11 triangulating a fix on a tenth planet.”

  • Bruce Oaks

    i’m sick and tired of bein sick and tired from the fallout from chemtrails. for all u fools who say it aint true……I challenge you to stand outdoors under this chemtrail bullshit and look upwards for 20 minutes or so. tell me it doesn’t fuck with your eyes after awhile. sorry folks but this shit is real and its happening.i am an outdoor person all my life. the past several years , I am all fucked up the following day after being outside for an afternoon.allergy-like sysmptoms galore. never had allergies in 45 plus years so…you tell me its harmless…………i’m ready to take me a walk into the woods with my two buddies(smith) @ (Wesson) and be finished with it. its bullshit and NOBODY should have to feel this way. it really really sucks. brain fog city. memory problems.concentration problems….list goes on but yet docs say nothin out of ordinary is wrong with any of my bodily systems. I bet a toxicology report would reveal what is wrong with me altho id say its too late to fix the problem.

  • ronsteward

    Do you people have any idea as to how many people would have to be involved it this sort of scheme? Thousands, Tens of thousands. And please, pray tell, to what extent? What is *their* goal? Poison the very fit we all breath? The air that even *they* breath? Seriously, think about it, if it were a controlled poisoning of a certain population it might be believable. But an uncontrolled poisoning of the earths atmosphere? Come on, give me a brake. Even CNN would be all over this because it would be poisoning the people at CNN, and Fox and MSNBC. You see all these high ranking officials and world leaders, movie stars, billionaire, all out in the open breathing in this *poisoned air* and you expect me to believe this stupidity? Well I suppose if you do believe this manure you are spreading, there is only one thing you can do. Seek Jesus Christ and accept him as your personal savior. After all, he is our only hope. The fact is, none of us are getting out of this world alive. Someday we will all meet the Lord. You best be prepared.