Top Scientist Resigns Admitting Global Warming Is A Big Scam

Global warming scientist resigns after admitting global warming is a big scam

Top US scientist Hal Lewis resigned from his post at the University of California after admitting that global warming was a big scam, in a shocking resignation letter.

From the Telegraph

The following is a letter to the American Physical Society released to the public by Professor Emeritus of physics Hal Lewis of the University of California at Santa Barbara

Sent: Friday, 08 October 2010 17:19 Hal Lewis
From: Hal Lewis, University of California, Santa Barbara
To: Curtis G. Callan, Jr., Princeton University, President of the American Physical Society
6 October 2010

Dear Curt:

When I first joined the American Physical Society sixty-seven years ago it was much smaller, much gentler, and as yet uncorrupted by the money flood (a threat against which Dwight Eisenhower warned a half-century ago).

Indeed, the choice of physics as a profession was then a guarantor of a life of poverty and abstinence – it was World War II that changed all that. The prospect of worldly gain drove few physicists. As recently as thirty-five years ago, when I chaired the first APS study of a contentious social/scientific issue, The Reactor Safety Study, though there were zealots aplenty on the outside there was no hint of inordinate pressure on us as physicists. We were therefore able to produce what I believe was and is an honest appraisal of the situation at that time. We were further enabled by the presence of an oversight committee consisting of Pief Panofsky, Vicki Weisskopf, and Hans Bethe, all towering physicists beyond reproach. I was proud of what we did in a charged atmosphere. In the end the oversight committee, in its report to the APS President, noted the complete independence in which we did the job, and predicted that the report would be attacked from both sides. What greater tribute could there be?

How different it is now. The giants no longer walk the earth, and the money flood has become the raison d’être of much physics research, the vital sustenance of much more, and it provides the support for untold numbers of professional jobs. For reasons that will soon become clear my former pride at being an APS Fellow all these years has been turned into shame, and I am forced, with no pleasure at all, to offer you my resignation from the Society.

It is of course, the global warming scam, with the (literally) trillions of dollars driving it, that has corrupted so many scientists, and has carried APS before it like a rogue wave. It is the greatest and most successful pseudoscientific fraud I have seen in my long life as a physicist. Anyone who has the faintest doubt that this is so should force himself to read the ClimateGate documents, which lay it bare. (Montford’s book organizes the facts very well.) I don’t believe that any real physicist, nay scientist, can read that stuff without revulsion. I would almost make that revulsion a definition of the word scientist.

So what has the APS, as an organization, done in the face of this challenge? It has accepted the corruption as the norm, and gone along with it…

I do feel the need to add one note, and this is conjecture, since it is always risky to discuss other people’s motives. This scheming at APS HQ is so bizarre that there cannot be a simple explanation for it. Some have held that the physicists of today are not as smart as they used to be, but I don’t think that is an issue. I think it is the money, exactly what Eisenhower warned about a half-century ago. There are indeed trillions of dollars involved, to say nothing of the fame and glory (and frequent trips to exotic islands) that go with being a member of the club.

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  • Ric Werme

    Wow, how can one short story have so many mistakes?

    Lewis did not resign from UCSB as far as I know, I think he was long retired (note he was professor emeritus…). He did resign from the APS – in 2010. Then he died the next year in 2011.

    Presenting this as a new event is very poor journalism and fact checking.

    • Duddioman

      Right. The letter was dated 2010. When he resigned APS. Seems your facts corroborate the narrative above….

      • Somchai

        I consider myself well read and I did not know about his resignation until I saw this. The MSM has apparently kept it under wraps for the most part. Thank God for social media, even with warts and all.With the MSM you only get the information that drives the NARRATIVE. Any facts that undermine the NARRATIVE are omitted.

    • PghGuy

      No, Ric Werme. Considering the seriousness of all the trillions of dollars going toward climate change science and development of alternative sources of energy, all of the regulations promulgated in the coal and petrochemical industry, and the ideological shift being forced upon us, that is, the political correctness of accepting and believing in man-made climate change, and having it forced upon our children’s minds, demands that this resignation letter be brought to light even if it is 5 years after the fact. You do not get away with calling it poor journalism! Your comment is a poor critique of this article.

  • Jack Listerio

    …………..Professor Woodcock told the Yorkshire Evening Post:.

    “The term ‘climate change’ is meaningless. The Earth’s climate has been changing since time immemorial, that is since the Earth was formed 1,000 million years ago. The theory of ‘man-made climate change’ is an unsubstantiated hypothesis [about] our climate [which says it] has been adversely affected by the burning of fossil fuels in the last 100 years, causing the average temperature on the earth’s surface to increase very slightly but with disastrous environmental consequences.

    “The theory is that the CO2 emitted by burning fossil fuel is the ‘greenhouse gas’ causes ‘global warming’ – in fact, water is a much more powerful greenhouse gas and there is 20 time more of it in our atmosphere (around one per cent of the atmosphere) whereas CO2 is only 0.04 per cent.

    “There is no reproducible scientific evidence CO2 has significantly increased in the last 100 years.”

    He also said:

    “Even the term ‘global warming’ does not mean anything unless you give it a time scale. The temperature of the earth has been going up and down for millions of years, if there are extremes, it’s nothing to do with carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, it’s not permanent and it’s not caused by us. Global warming is nonsense.”

    Professor Woodcock dismissed evidence for global warming, such as the floods that deluged large parts of Britain this winter, as “anecdotal” and therefore meaningless in science.

    “Events can happen with frequencies on all time scales in the physics of a chaotic system such as the weather. Any point on lowland can flood up to a certain level on all time scales from one month to millions of years and it’s completely unpredictable beyond around five days.”

    Also, the only reason we regularly hear that we have had the most extreme weather “since records began” is that records only began about 100 years ago.

    “The reason records seem to be being frequently broken is simply because we only started keeping them about 100 years ago. There will always be some record broken somewhere when we have another natural fluctuation in weather.

    “It’s absolutely stupid to blame floods on climate change, as I read the Prime Minister did recently. I don’t blame the politicians in this case, however, I blame his so-called scientific advisors.”

    When asked how can say this when most of the world’s scientists, political leaders and people in general are committed to the theory of global warming, Prof Woodcock answered bluntly:

    “This is not the way science works. If you tell me that you have a theory there is a teapot in orbit between the earth and the moon, it’s not up to me to prove it does not exist, it’s up to you to provide the reproducible scientific evidence for your theory.

    “Such evidence for the man-made climate change theory has not been forthcoming.”

    This lack of evidence has not stopped a whole green industry building up, however. At the behest of that industry, governments have been passing ever more regulations that make life more difficult and expensive.

    “…the damage to our economy the climate change lobby is now costing us is infinitely more destructive to the livelihoods of our grand-children. Indeed, we grand-parents are finding it increasingly expensive just to keep warm as a consequence of the idiotic decisions our politicians have taken in recent years about the green production of electricity.”

    Professor Woodcock is the latest scientist to come out against the theory of man-made global warming. James Lovelock, once described as a “green guru”, earlier this month said that climate scientists “just guess”, and that no one really knows what’s happening.

    Judith Curry, chair of the School of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences at the Georgia Institute of Technology, also said that she was “duped into supporting the IPCC” and added “If the IPCC is dogma, then count me in as a heretic

    • Lunarcat

      I am no scientist but in grade school natural science classes we learned about tree rings. They are the truest indicators of “climate change”, long before mankind showed up the earth’s atmosphere/climate/land masses/ specious etc have all been changing. And for every article that disproves climate change there is a corresponding article that proves it is happening with photos of emaciated polar bears, dead seals on the California coast, the warm “blob” in the Pacific & everybody has a Phd.! My forte is Nutrition/Food Safety/HACCAP etc. So trust me with your nutrition needs & I have to trust someone else’s knowledge on climate change. And somebody is lying. And for the record I agree with Professor Woodcock.

      • pappy51

        Just wondering. How does a photo of an emancipated polar bear prove global warming?

        • Jack Listerio

          polar bears was just another BS stunt puled by the leftiss just like the seals. Its all BS to turn emotional based heart felt feelings into political action so they hoped for but failed miserably,meanwhile as the titanic goes under the waves Obama played on!

          • margey

            Wtf does Obama have to do with this and no asshole conspiracy theories allowed in your answer?

          • Jack Listerio

            Owebamas the queen of the enviromental Nazis or didn’t you know that…………everything he touched with his green agenda sank……….just as quick as axpayer funding stopped. Especially the windmills…….abandoned all over the country to expensive o operate or maintain. The to expensive to tear down,so they sit like ugly ducklings across the nation.

          • margey

            What are you even talking about? I just googled your accusation, these articles started making the rounds in 2008. But “owebama is the queen of the environmental Nazis”? Good trick. People like you just love to blame any fucking thing on Obama. Great your head out of your ass. Someone told me Iraq and Afghanistan were Obama’s wars the other day. ???? Huh? Really???

          • Jack Listerio

            IPCC Researchers Admit Global Warming Fraud
            SimilarMonday, 23 November 2009 … Global warming alarmists are scrambling to save face after hackers stole hundreds of incriminating … e-mail to one of his collaborators: “Mike, Can you delete any e-mails you may have had with Keith re AR4?

          • Mark Giovanni Sandore

            Obama is blameless.

          • Tom

            So I guess you’re going to tell me Obama is not trying to regulate the coal industry out of existence?

          • Paul Odenwelder

            Who was it that promised to bankrupt the coal industry while subsidizing companies like Solyndra and ener1? I also recall him making a comment that energy costs would necessarily skyrocket under his energy policies.
            He has turned the EPA into the most powerful, least accountable agency in the US gov’t.

            Maybe you should lay off the Kool aide….

          • margey

            I’m so sick of hearing about koolaid. What a stupid trope.

          • 97E

            Maybe if you retarded cunts didn’t keep proving the trope so incredibly accurate, people would stop using it?

            You really need to take your PEBKAC somewhere else, girl.

          • margey

            Fuck yourself.

          • margey

            Why? Am I bothering you?

          • Bill

            Head in the sand

          • Steve

            I’m so sick of hearing about koolaid. What a stupid trope.

            About as sick of hearing it as you are of drinking it.

          • jackrussell

            margay, you JUST googled his ‘accusation’? You’re a raving lunatic. If you had any interest at all in how destructive Obama is and has been since he scammed his way onto the scene you wouldn’t ‘just’ now be googling his destruction, you would be so awash in information about it you wouldn’t NEED to challenge another person to do your work for you.

          • margey

            Sorry. Don’t see it. You’re raving a little yourself there, my dear. Apparently you enjoyed the bush years- wars, economic collapse and all.

          • Trbig

            You mean the economic collapse caused bu the dems that forced banks to loan money to people to buy a home they KNEW wouldn’t be able to pay it back? The housing crash caused the Wall Street crash and the housing crash is all the dems’ baby. Bush tried 14 times to reign in Sally Mae/Freddie Mac and was shot down every time, being told nothing was wrong with these programs and was even called a racist. Now low-informed voters like you blame him for it. Baffling.

          • margey

            You have to be kidding. Bush pushed for Fredie Mac and Fanny Mae to meet new goals for low income lending, and for first time buyers to be able to qualify for no down payment loans. Talk about low informed voters. I’m not surprised you’re baffled.

          • Jbaker

            That’s a lie and you know it.

          • margey

            Right, and it took 30 years for it to blow up the housing market.

          • porclain

            Sorry but thats how it works in the real world. Look how long it took detroit to implode under Democratic Rule. Now look at flint, Dems created that mess but they then allow a Republican in to fix their mess and blame him for what they created. This shit doesn’t happen overnight. Its called unintended consequences. Just look at Obamacare. Why do you think he gave so many exemptions, so that the full impact of its failure would not be realized until he was out of office. But hey he got the job done, ruined our healthcare even for those that didn’t have healthcare but were always serviced by hospitals it was illegal to turn them away. Now what have they go. They can’t afford a home to live in and they can’t afford premiums but hey if they get any money at all they get to pay the fine. Insanity.

          • TAMPABAY53

            I knew about Clinton, bush, and Obama. didn’t know about carter. I just checked. thank you for the heads up.

          • Mickey Emerson

            Seems to me it was Clinton that repealed Glass Steagall,FM and FM kinda suckered into that. Of course they dumped that junk after.
            In fact Clinton threatened the loan companies and banks if they didn’t make the loans to people that were not qualified.
            Why argue with people that cherry pick and twist stuff around.
            Then never mind they changed the tax laws pertaining to real estate as well.
            These people are desperate to blame everything on one person, namely Bush, so ridiculous.

          • TAMPABAY53

            it was clinton that signed the bill to force banks to loan to people that could not afford a loan (CRA 1995) and bush did nothing to stop it. bush did help with it after he took office

          • Miguel526

            It’s you who are baffled. So easy to see your emo-grasping, as I was once idiot enough to believe my former party operatives’ academia-orchestrated lies, omissions, deceptions & diversions, (all of them in it “For The Cash, Man”)!

          • porclain

            No honey that was Clinton with Glass steigal. You truly are uninformed

          • margey

            Check it out. Google is your friend.

          • margey


          • kim

            omg. You ARE kidding, right? It is all right there, on youtube. The congressional hearings…Cuomo telling the press that they (clinton) were pushing for low income home ownership that there would be problems…EVERY BIT of it is on youtube on video. Even Barney Frank saying there was nothing wrong with Fannie and Freddie after the republicans were pushing for regulating them.
            Good grief, even Bill Clinton took responsibility for it. HELLO?

          • margey
          • kim

            I read the opinion piece you posted. You might read thru the comments below it. You might also read these:

            If, however, you choose not to read any of these, at least read the comments on the guy who “changed his mind”(his words) about who he THINKS is responsible for the housing crisis.

            oh, yeah…Read it.

          • kim

            shoot, forgot one. Pay particular attention to the comments below the video and links included:

          • mcjenny

            Bush called for more regulation for F&F something like 30+ times. Talk about low info voters

          • jackrussell

            Your use of ‘apparently’ explains your leaps in assumption. I’m not a Bush fan. Would you care to elaborate on what gave you that conclusion?

          • Steve

            Obama deserted Iraq and left. Obama has taken us back into war in Iraq. Obama took us to war in Libya. Obama has given us as of this moment, the lowest labor Participation rates since Carter’s Great Inflation/Recession in 1977. Obama has brought us the worst of racial relations since the early 1960″s ( I was there). Apparently you are enjoying all Obama has given us.

          • margey

            Yup. Thanks Obama. You’ve ruined everything.

          • Letthemeatcake

            Yes, Obama has ruined much for his multinational corporate masters. Obama has also orchestrated more ruination with the international trade deals like the TPP that Obama has brokered for his multinational corporate masters like Monsanto and GE thank Obama by liberally greasing Obama’s palms. Obama will leave the Oval Office a multi-millionaire with a mansion waiting for him. Al Gore has many mansions and thinks he can globally play God.

          • Glenn Griffith

            Ohhhh. She Googled it….we are dealing with a pro on the matter. Rofl

          • Bill

            Obama has said that climate change is the most pressing problem of our times – more important than Jihad is terrorism. He is indeed influencing this whole green movement crap

          • Mychele Hillary

            What about abandoned nuclear facilities that sit there, too expensive to tear down? What do they prove?

          • porclain

            They prove that once they were consider too dangerous we stopped building them. Same should happen to the green freaks. If it is failing stop producing it, it costs too much for what little it produces.

          • ScorpioMommy68

            WOW! For whatever reason this story finally made it to my desktop this much later, “margey”, you’re hilarious! You start on the board trolling and end up demanding people give YOU answers and you add your own private caveat? You’re pathetic and I hope you’re doing better at this time. *RME*

          • margey

            Thank you for your considered response. Is disagreeing now considered trolling?

          • ScorpioMommy68

            You’re quite welcome. There’s disagreeing and there’s what YOU do. You TROLL.

          • margey


          • Steve Amolsch

            He spoke at IPCC. He said the greatest threat facing America is man made global warming. That was easy….lol

          • Susan P
          • Mac Sterling

            The whole Polar Bear lie was started when someone found a picture of a bear sitting on a small piece of ice that was floating by. Polar Bears are cute and we all like Coke, so Algore said that my 4X4 was killing this poor sad creature. With the education system in this country, there is little wonder America fell for it.

        • Yvette Nelson


          • KEM2

            Thank you for that correction. I thought I had missed some Polar Bear Freedom movement.

        • Mark Giovanni Sandore

          you need to ask Al Gore. You’ll be able to talk to him on visiting days at the prison he’ll be serving time at … stay tuned.

        • margey

          emancipated? Look it up for chrissakes.

          • pappy51

            Sorry. I forgot this was an article about spelling.

          • margey

            It’s not. It helps to know the meaning of words you use though

          • pappy51

            Yes. Thank you so much. My mistake. A ill placed n and spellcheck got me. All my fault. Are you good? Anyway. How does a photo of an “emaciated” polar bear prove global warming?

          • kim

            “Great your head out of your ass” Since you are the spelling master here, and so perfect, can you explain this comment from your previous post? I am thinking glass houses and stones, how about you?

        • phoenixinoz

          polar bears die of starvation for the ice plate floats on which they hunt seals have melted. This makes it extremely hard for they have to swim arduously long distances to hunt for seals in unfamiliar locale. They use up huge quantities of their stored fat on long swims and unsuccessful hunts. Polar ice is melting and blind Freddo knows it.

        • Alex Peshansky

          Especially as polar bear, being the top (animal) predator in the Arctic, does not have any natural enemies, and so its natural death is the death from starvation.

          • Story

            Or age or illness. These nuts act like no polar bear in polar bear history has ever died of anything other than AGW. How convenient to find one so old he literally wanders off and starves to death because he mentally and / or physically is no longer able to hunt.

      • Jack Listerio

        If you read about tree rings youd note that rings increase in size when more rain occurs and lessens during times of drought,other than that there is nothing to learn from rings of trees except how old it is……..climate cange via man made cause is nothing more than political BS for the UN and its New world order they are so frantically trying to get in place before owebamas time in office is gone and with it all hope for the socialists of a world run by them.

        • margey

          Wait, I thought he was going to suspend elections and declare himself master of the world? And take away our guns! And, and….

          • Ddtgwt

            Margery, head back to Grubervill, Obama and the self declared “other half of his brain” Valerie Jarrett have new talking points for for you to memorize.

        • MrScorpio

          When you read the emails where they suggest that you use particular tree rings and not others because one lot confirms AGW and the others do not it says a lot about the commitment to AGW.

      • Bucks

        I just read were there is more ice in the artic then ever.god will Change the earth no man .al gore is the biggest idiot that ever lived he is scientists he is nothing but a pissed off man thar loss a election. .let me put it simple he is a fucking idiot .and it’s about money .and about your science class and trees u must of had a idiot for a teacher .

    • Bob

      Here is a real scientific research paper of observation and experimentation of climate change in NW Alaska. This is the gold standard. It is real research done over time with calculations and causal effects. The conclusion are based completely on the data with no political, social, or decision science. It isn’t a speech or an opinion or anecdotal evidence (as Prof Woodcock has given you). Search out this type of research and you will never be misled by media, politicians, and groups that have financial interests.

      • Jack Listerio

        Its all BS………………..Everyones laughed the climate BS out the window now or haven’t you figured it out yet.

        • Bob

          Everyone hasn’t laughed climate change out the window. Scientists haven’t laughed it out the window. I stand by my encouragement to seek out real scientific studies like the one linked above.

          • jackrussell

            Of course no one has laughed ‘climate change’ out the window, ‘Bob’. Do you have any comprehension of what ‘climate’ consists of? Are you at all aware of the scale of climate from ‘static to dynamic’? Please, Bob, tell me any time in the entire scope of the exploration of our planet when there was ANY form of ‘static climate state’. Seeking out ‘real scientific studies’ is what has caused the backlash against the fallacious ‘97% of scientists’ BS that is shouted each time a genuine scientist offers up his reputation and career to point out the jury rigging that has occurred in climate science over the last 45 years. And, honestly, Bob, trotting out Yale as some sort of neutral arbiter of information is simply almost too comical to even wade through. It can be done, but it sure takes a firm grip on the old nose to tolerate the socialist/New Age ‘progressivism’ that Yale has come to represent trying to remain viable outside the hallowed myopic world of academia.

          • Bob

            Here something else from another socialist/ New Age university: Purdue: How to Use Quotation Marks.
            That research report from Yale is real scientific research. There are no references to politics just facts, experimentation, and results. You are saying that Yale scientists aren’t “real” scientists. Then you trot out, with no research or reference, the dumbest questions on dynamic and static climate change. Who is saying that climates are static? Yale scientists? Al Gore? The term, Static, in Physics, means that scientists are concerned with bodies at rest or forces in equilibrium.
            Jack if you want to get your science information interpreted for you, carry on with the way you are going. If you can’t read a research report, go back to college. However, since all colleges are Communist/Socialist/New Age hallowed myopic academic think tanks, in your opinion, you may have to learn on your own.
            Facts are neutral. Jump off a building and you will fall straight to the ground. That is the law of gravity. It’s not socialist propaganda or politically driven. I stand by not being intellectually lazy and not using the excuse of 97% of the world’s scientists are socialist/New Age.
            Here is another research report from Northeastern University that addresses using pressure dipoles are a better way of understanding and predicting climate changes. It can make better use of static (see definition above) snapshots of climate data by using pressure dipoles to extrapolate more accurate date. It’s up-to-date research. Because, as you know, climate always changes.

          • jackrussell

            Bob, you did it. You fell into your own gravitational pull. I don’t care how ‘quotation marks’ should be used when I’m making a rapid response to stupidity by sheeple like you. Liberals are ubiquitous in their eagerness to try to pretend that simple grammatical missteps detract from truth. You are an idiot and you proved it right there.

          • Bob

            That makes no sense, Jack. Maybe your “rapid response” should based in facts. You should change your name from jackrussell to jackass because you like to “win” your arguments with stupid and unclear references and name-calling.
            Vaya con Dios, Jackass.

          • jackrussell

            A simple mind cannot comprehend even the explanation.

          • Bob

            Where are your “jury rigging” facts? Where are your climate facts? Peer reviewed scientific research has other scientists checking the voracity of the facts. I would like to let your simpleton accusations go, but I’m truly interested in science behind your claims. Just post some links or your scientific credentials and research to put this to rest.
            Debate like a gentleman and lets get to the truth.

          • Cynthia Cook

            The fact is historical climate change data is ignored by climate change proponents. In the last 2600 years, there have been four major climate changes, the Roman Warm period, the Dark Ages cold spell, the Medieval Warm period, and the Little Ice Age. If you bring any of these up, you re either ignored, excuses made or called names or a climate change denier. Look any of these up. The Little Ice Age is the main reason Viking settlements in Greenland collapsed. They arrived toward the end of the Medieval Warm period.

      • KrakenFartz

        The paper you posted simply assumes anthropogenic climate change as a starting point. It doesn’t argue for it or offer proof. Most of the papers that are cited as proof of the 97% ‘scientific consensus’ are just like this one. Circular reasoning.

        • Bob

          Exactly, KrakenFartz! It is research based on observation and testing. It has no political content, only facts. The problem is that the general public trusts the spin doctors that claim this and that is the future.
          The anthropogenic findings are facts based on man’s effect in NW Alaska. Plus, it is only one study. Science moves forward by using projects like this and creates a worthy hypothesis to continue new research.
          My simple point is: If you are truly interested in climate science, learn to read research reports. And, don’t trust people that twist facts to suit a purpose.

          • Pappa Bear

            People who are turning science into a fear based religion.

          • Mychele Hillary

            Do you think the same of cancer research?

          • Mychele Hillary

            Hear, hear!

      • Pappa Bear

        Not only financial interests, but world domination interests after economies have been collapsed. One world government with one currency.

      • phoenixinoz

        Wasting your Time Bob, dumb clucks love being dumbass, their ability to reason is nonexistent. It is a mental ailment with no cure.

  • Jack Listerio

    ……..OSHA also took on the passive smoking fraud and this is what came of it:

    Reference Manual on Scientific Evidence: Third Edition

    This sorta says it all

    These limits generally are based on assessments of health risk and calculations of concentrations that are associated with what the regulators believe to be negligibly small risks. The calculations are made after first identifying the total dose of a chemical that is safe (poses a negligible risk) and then determining the concentration of that chemical in the medium of concern that should not be exceeded if exposed individuals (typically those at the high end of media contact) are not to incur a dose greater than the safe one.

    So OSHA standards are what is the guideline for what is acceptable ”SAFE LEVELS”


    All this is in a small sealed room 9×20 and must occur in ONE HOUR.

    For Benzo[a]pyrene, 222,000 cigarettes.

    “For Acetone, 118,000 cigarettes.

    “Toluene would require 50,000 packs of simultaneously smoldering cigarettes.

    Acetaldehyde or Hydrazine, more than 14,000 smokers would need to light up.

    “For Hydroquinone, “only” 1250 cigarettes.

    For arsenic 2 million 500,000 smokers at one time.

    The same number of cigarettes required for the other so called chemicals in shs/ets will have the same outcomes.

    So, OSHA finally makes a statement on shs/ets :

    Field studies of environmental tobacco smoke indicate that under normal conditions, the components in tobacco smoke are diluted below existing Permissible Exposure Levels (PELS.) as referenced in the Air Contaminant Standard (29 CFR 1910.1000)…It would be very rare to find a workplace with so much smoking that any individual PEL would be exceeded.” -Letter From Greg Watchman, Acting Sec’y, OSHA.

    Why are their any smoking bans at all they have absolutely no validity to the courts or to science!

  • Dr Tim Ball-@pplonia

    I would like to tell you of my latest book and documentary.

    ‘The Deliberate Corruption of Climate Science’.
    My latest documentary and video of my presentation.
    My website is
    Thank you.

    Debate between Dr Tim Ball and Elizabeth May
    Scroll down to Ian Jessop part 1

    • suelogratis

      Dr Tim Ball has already been proven to not tell the truth. Amazing how all who deny human responsibility for our own actions are lackeys to big fuel industry. Common sense tells us there is immensely more monetary incentive for denying human responsibility for our actions than there is in facing our own actions. Even a non-scientist, who simply looks out the window and sees how poisoned our environment is from big industry and greed, understands.

      • tps

        So no substantive discussion, no rational discussion of the facts or analysis, just more name calling. You are right! You convinced me! Now, who do I vote for to give up more of my liberty, more of my tax dollars, and increase regulations on how I live so the elite can continue flying on their jets laughing all the way to the bank.

        So when has the climate not been changing? What a drone.

        • Benjamin

          To be fair, I am not seeing much name calling… except for calling someone a drone… It isn’t unreasonable to bring to light someone with a history of questionable integrity, so from where I am standing there is more value in what Sue said than in your response, as yours was also lacking “substantive discussion”. I would love to see that, of course, so I, as a current fence-sitter, would love to hear your thoughts and reasoning on the subject.

          • tps

            Sure. Help me out with these:

            When was the climate not changing?

            What is the optimal temperature, and where? When did we have that in history? Since it is different all over the earth, how do you regulate the differences?

            The entire “anthropomorphic” cause of “Global Cooling” was the “settled science” of the 1970s that wanted us to turn our lives upside down by growing the government and reducing our lifestyles and individual liberty. If we did not pour 1,000s of tons of soot on the pools, a billion would freeze to death by the 1990s. See the NY Times, Newsweek, etc. (I always get called a liar on this until the ignorant do their own research and think deeper than a bumper sticker.)

            “Global Warming” was the “settled science” of the the 1990s and 2000s that wanted us to turn our lives upside down by growing the government and reducing our lifestyles and individual liberty. Different problem, same solution. Hmm. Then we find they were manipulating the data (“Hide the decline”), the hockey stick bullshit was demonstrated to be just that, and our NASA and govt. satelitte data show NO warming for the past 20 years now.

            So the true believers (red is now the new green) changed to “Climate Change” (so you can blame any event on humans, and now THAT is “settled science” and the answer: turn our lives upside down by growing the government and reducing our lifestyles and individual liberty.

            Huh, funny how that happens. Regardless of the problem, the solution is . . . always the same, isn’t it?

            There is a ball of burning gas in the sky called the sun. It has hot and cool spots that migrate inwards and outwards. It has brought about ice ages . . . and warming periods since the dawn of time. And the climate has never, ever, been constant anywhere on the planet, and science, for anyone who has graduated the 6th grade (even Jethro) is never, ever “settled.” Ask Galileo.

            When they figure out how to regulate the sun, let me know. In the meantime, until those screaming “Crisis! Crisis!” start acting like there is one and adjust their own lifestyles accordingly, they can keep their hands off my liberty and out of my pockets.

          • Benjamin

            That was great, thanks! I agree that the passed “certainty” the experts have expressed and their constant failure at prediction does speak against the current climate change movement. I certainly believe that humans can, and do, poison the environments around them in a manner and to a degree that is harmful to us. I think that we should be conscientious of how we impact the world in the long term. It isn’t just the healthiness of the environment and the earth, but I don’t want to live in a world where a forest is a rarity and (naturally) blue waters are a thing of the past.

            As for the idea that we will bring about a massive disaster through gasses released into the atmosphere and such… While the scientific community seems to all but agree, as you said they have come up short when it came down to it in the past. I appreciate all that science is achieving, and all we continue to learn, but we still know next to nothing, and our vision of reality is still very limited.

            For now I am on neither side, and am taking the wait-and-see approach. I am open to whatever information is discovered on the subject, and will consider any reasonable position presented from either side.

            Thanks again for your input!

          • tps

            Sure. On that “most scientists agree” thing–it’s a lie. Perpetuated over and over.

          • Tommy Jones

            No … It’s not a lie … The WSJ is not a scientific journal … You won’t find a single scientific association of any repute or note that denies warming …

          • kim

            He is referring to the “97%” myth which is a lie and has been perpetuated over and over. There are several noteable physicists that deny global warming.

          • Rick Freeland

            I too am a fence sitter where climate change is concerned, leaning more towards the naysayer’s side. I do believe, however, that humans have screwed up royally in the past when trying to manage ecosystems, or just through ignorance of how the Earth and its systems work. Poor farming practices coupled with natural drought caused the dust bowl; wiping out predators out west resulted in burgeoning numbers of prey animals that then suffered from starvation and disease. Our irresponsible manufacture and use of plastics keep feeding the great Pacific and Atlantic garbage patches. And mismanagement of timber resources have resulted in denuded landscapes and the encroachment of deserts. Hopefully one day humanity will understand and respect Earth’s systems and and learn how to work with them. But as population densities continue to increase across the planet (the main cause, in my opinion, for all of our sorrows), I’m not holding my breath.

          • Benjamin

            Essentially my exact feelings on the matter. And it is strange how it seems like so many of the problems we cause and deal with would at least be lessened by managing our population better. I don’t expect people to make much movement toward truly being responsible for the resources and environment around us unless something disastrous happens and we are directly hurt as a result.

          • jackrussell

            You’ve never been in any danger of such a world, though, Benjamin. And, certainly, I know that man CAN impact our planet in distinct ways. But, buying into the massive exaggerations that have been proven again and again to have agendas designed in jealousy of prospering societies and not in an altruistic pursuit of ‘earth healing’ is revealed by your commentary. Its nice that you are openminded enough to give tps credit for being exactly correct, even though you didn’t say those very words. But, your dogged clinging to unfounded fears and your tendency to accept a blame scenario that is absolutely baseless is contributory to the problem, not the answers to the actual questions.

          • Benjamin

            I admit that I have not dismissed the possibility of catastrophic consequences due to our impact on the planet. Do I believe that we will? No. Do I believe that we may? Yes. Does a single well stated argument on the internet completely swing my entire view? That would be dangerous. It factors into my opinion on the matter, but there have been plenty of equally convincing cases made to me from the other side. I honestly do not have any fear of some “ice age” coming upon us. My concern is more rested in the possibility of our harming our ability to sustain ourselves. Did I give TPS credit for being “exactly correct”? You must have a much greater perspective of reality to see precisely which studies, essays and arguments are objectively perfect. I lack this, as well as the arrogance to say which side is “exactly correct”. I am acutely aware of how small our view is of the universe and how we can impact it, so certainty is something I have little of, and caution I have plenty of. You did well seeing I did not wholeheartedly agree and find myself swayed to your side, but I think you missed the mark with “your dogged clinging to unfounded fears” and “buying into the massive exaggerations”. My concerns are more closely related to food shortages and droughts than to cheesy blockbuster propaganda like The Day After Tomorrow.

            Would you mind explaining the Jealousy aspect? That is interesting to me. Who are the jealous and of whom are they jealous? I know “Climate Change” has been a point of contention due to how trying to “prevent it” would hinder the economy. Is it related to that? Thanks!

          • Pappa Bear

            Some ice age coming upon us? We are in an ice age currently. Another glacial period coming upon us. Personally I would worry more about Yellowstone erupting which would end us in relatively short order.

          • Tommy Jones

            Newsweek & Time are not scientific journals … The American Meteorological Society records “7” peer reviewed papers on the “global cooling” from 65 to 79 … The same period records “45” papers on warming … While you may not be lying , you are woefully misinformed … It’s best to get your science from actual scientists & scientific journals , not super market rags …

          • toongoon

            “…It’s best to get your science from actual scientists & scientific journals…”

            Like Al Gore, Obama, the UN?
            John Coleman was excoriated for denying climate change. Should we ignore scientists who deny climate change and believe only those that believe in it like the discredited Michael Mann?

            People get their information from those rags because at least some of them have traditionally been able to reduce the jargon down to easy to understand terms.
            To only get information from confusing science journals that you need a science degree to understand is disingenuous.
            If there is true climate change happening there is no reason that the truth and evidence couldn’t be reduced to understandable terms. Lies and fear tactics about polar bears and hockey stick graphs should never have been used.

            The letter above makes the case that there is way too much money pumped into the climate issue which means there is too much political interest in forcing this belief on people. Politicians are the biggest pushers of climate change on us and they use one basic piece of evidence:
            A consensus among climate scientists.
            Politicians think in terms of elections but since when is science voted on?

          • suelogratis

            I’m trying to grasp which are the “rags” that we should not get our scientific information from?

            “To only get information from confusing science journals that you need a science degree to understand is disingenuous.”

            I’m trying to grasp why getting information from scientific, peer-reviewed research, which happens to be virtually consensus, is disingenuous. Where else should we turn?

            And I am trying to grasp what the “agenda” is that is motivating the climate-change advocates, and why people say those who do actual peer-reviewed research are elitists. I do know that elitists are motivated by big money and corporations. If you can point out this motivation, I’d be much obliged.

            I am open to climate change being challenged and even disproven. No scientist is a true scientist who can’t submit to peer review, to challenge. But I am still waiting to see a good challenge.

          • jackrussell

            Try doing a little research on the political agendas, sue. If you are brilliant enough to winnow out a conclusion that mankind is driving change in our climate you should surely be able to use viable sources to discern WHY brilliant scientists with a lifetime of personal achievement and reputation are willing to pen letters to organizations castigating them for fabricating a ruse.

          • Mud

            Technocracy movement to create global governance under the control of the UN. Money would be eliminated as a means of trade. You will be given a amount of energy you can use monthly, you can not trade it, if you do not use it you lose it. You pay for everything based on how much energy it took to make that “thing” no profit, no taxes.. Everyone works for the good of society. They have determined money is not the only driving force to get things done, example Linux. You hear the terms in writing on the UN website that everyone in the world will be economically equal as one of the primary goals of the 2030 Agenda. The political class must convince the world population that they and the only source Nobel enough to set the rations of energy. Oh the authorities to decide how you live and what you deserve are Acedemics that vote each other into supreme power over the world population by how much acedemic merit they have contributed. Carter, bush’s, Clinton’s are part of the organization that initiated this fundamental transformation of the world. Obama was hired and got his Nobel peace prize before he started because of his plan to get global warming back on track. If you read the TPP on wiki leaks most of it is turning over US sovergity to a world tribunal court on climate change. Corker act passed three months before the deal was solely for the purpose to give the republicans plausible deniability to vote against the TPP but gave the president the power to veto their no vote. The pope was flown to the US to announce the 2030 agenda world governance to try to get more support. The movement has to disarm the US citizens before the rest of the world will commit. It is the last step. Patrick Woods has been exposing this since the 70’s only thing I can not tie in is logically is the Muslim invasions, except causing unrest.

          • kim

            Then I assume you are alarmed by the threats to sue anyone who challenges the official stance on climate change right? I assume that you saw some big giant red flags go up when that news came out, correct? Follow the money.

          • kim

            all the hyperlinks are there, You might note the “documentary” by the same guy that was advising Gore on Global warming years later (He was touting global cooling then)
            The problem is not the science but the politics. Any scientist worth his salt knows that you cannot state something as fact that you cannot reproduce. It is a joke to make a scientific “prediction” and call it a fact. Remember when eggs caused high cholesterol? Now they don’t do they?

          • kim

            I have often cited this compilation (with hyperlinks and references) for those who do not remember the “global freezing” of the 70’s. It’s pretty thorough.

          • jackrussell

            Benjamin, its absolutely biased to find any fault with one man who has less character flaws than any number of the ‘man-made climate change’ brigade.

          • KrakenFartz

            Anyone’s integrity can be ‘questioned’ and anybody can be smeared. It is a standard activist tactic. As far as I can see, Dr. Tim Ball is honest, and the accusations thrown at him are pure casuistry. My only reservation against him is his association with the ‘Friends of Science’ cranks.

      • MaynardGKrebbs

        Please explain how Greenland was once GREEN ? The little ice age, which caused mass migration of legal immigration to America ? Anyone with a brain, and some history can tell it is cyclical . Explain no increase in surface temperature in over 18 years.

        • toongoon

          It was another scam:
          Greenland was called Greenland by Erik the Red (was he red?), who was in exile and wanted to attract people to a new colony. He thought you should give a land a good name so people would want to go there!

          • jackrussell

            Proven to be a wive’s tale with zero historical basis.

      • jackrussell

        Surely, sue, you’re not going to compare Dr. Ball’s credibility along side the PROVEN deception of the bought-and-paid for loopy ‘science'(fiction) creators in this ridiculously discredited cabal.

      • Cynthia Cook

        In the late 70’s and the 80’s, we were told that the air was getting cleaner as was our water. That we were doing a better job on the environment. Now its just the other way. As to carbon dioxide, just what is the proper amount? Plants need it to grow, etc. All life on this planet depends on plant life, which, again, depends on carbon dioxide. Every time we turn around and a new bad guy is needed, they bring up nww boogey man. I am not saying that man can not influence his environment, but these new scare tactics are going way overboard.

    • Mobius Loop

      One example of this man’s standards and something pretty funny is this video of Ball pretending to be in hiding.

      Strange how happily and how often he jumps out of the shadows when he needs to peddle a little more propaganda.

      His part in the video kicks in at 7:50min.

      Can anyone hand on heart watch this then look at his shameless use of this site for self-publication and state that he has any credibility?

  • Dale

    This becomes much more valuable when the information is current. Once the information has been on the Internet for several years, it simply becomes “Ho-Hum” and is of limited additional use.
    However, we (or most of us) are always interested in “new” and “up-to-date” relevant information as it is made available.
    Just my POV.

    • PghGuy

      No, Dale. what matters and what is relevant is accurate reporting and scientific studies that are open to public analysis. You are a typical liberal. You seem to only want to believe reporting that excites you, that is, articles that support your assumed position, than focusing on studying both sides of the subject in order to arrive at an honest, well researched opinion. An honest person who subjects himself to rigorous accountability and study would not make the claim that you made in your comment.

      • Dale

        To whom are you directing your comment? As your ramblings have absolutely nothing to do with anything in my statement and as you know absolutely nothing about me or my fields of study, I have no idea whatsoever where you are trying to go with this.

        • jackrussell

          I think he based it on the drivel in your commentary.

          • Dale


  • MarvLS1

    I knew it was a scam back in 1993 when Al Gore went on a PBS kids show (my kids were little then) pushing the idea.

    It’s satisfying to know that a top scientist confirms the conclusion I came up with 22 years ago based on one simple axiom: If Al Gore says it, it’s wrong.

    • Syd Schultz

      Al Gore is now a rich man. Invested in GREEN tech.

      • Mike Heuer

        Al Gore always has been rich. He inherited an oil fortune. While I have little doubt he invested in green tech, it’s the carbon credit scam currently lining his pockets via his privately owned company.

        • Mark Giovanni Sandore

          So between Syd Schultz and Mike Heuer I think we have enough to make an arrest for fraud. Forward me Gore’s address and well get the wheels in motion to get this felon off the streets.

          • Mike Heuer

            Were you born that stupid, or did you hit your head or something?

          • dino digger

            Rent a van, I’ve got a few more that belong behind bars!!!

          • Kelvinator

            I’ll join you. I’ll bring the pitchforks.

      • watchman48

        For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? Mark 8:36

        • dino digger


        • Lorraine F McCarthy


        • khansgod01

          And now enter religion………

          • watchman48

            No, it is faith in the truth of God’s WORD! Religion is man made doctrines most always filled with lies as to how good or righteous he can be…. The truth is that there are none that are good in God’s eyes, all have sinned and fallen short of His desires for our lives, thus we all deserve death.. BUT He made a way for us who confess our sins and accept the His Son, Jesus.

          • khansgod01

            BLAH BLAH…… again…religion……being FORCED upon us….

          • watchman48

            God has never force any man to accept His ways, He gave man freewill to choose His ways or to deny His ways.. I am certainly not holding a gun to your head to force my beliefs on you or on anyone else…. Are you a child that someone needs to take your hand when you need to squat or are you an adult that can makeup your own mind for yourself?

          • khansgod01

            No, but you sure are spouting them left and right!!!

          • watchman48

            So, which are you a child or an adult capable of making your own decisions? And what am I Spouting, I make one comment and your get your panties all twisted in a wad ?

          • khansgod01

            No your right. But putting religion in a topic that GOD was never mention is FORCED. The story is about a scientist that resigned over what he thinks is not real. NOWHERE is religion mentioned.

          • watchman48

            It is not scientific facts that prove God’s WORD true but it is God’s WORD that has spoken hundreds and hundreds of verses anywhere from 1500 to 5000 years before scientist ever learned of there existence…. Most men have been fools believing in man’s abilities rather than He who spoken the existence of the universe and it stars and then set them in motion. God’s existence is in everything but man’s sin.

          • khansgod01

            So no matter what ANYONE says about anything, you will interject your beliefs (RELIGION) on that subject like your doing here, very UN-Christian.

          • watchman48

            No. that Is not what I said… And this is not just my beliefs it is the truth of God’s WORD. But where there is an opportunity to educate a non-Christian of the wisdom of God’s WORD I am complied to do so….. If one doesn’t like what is said he need not consider that wisdom into his thinking as any adult would….
            If you are an atheist I would suggest a book written by a former atheist, award winning journalist, Legal Editor and an Investigative Journalist for Chicago Sun-Times Newspaper for 14 years, Lee Strobel wrote about a two investigation to prove Christianity was a false man made religion, the book is titled, “The Case for Christ.”
            Each of us will be held accountable for our decisions we make in this life… I pray you will make the right decision before it is to late…

          • Larry

            Religion is simple organized imagination, usually centered around an imaginary entity (or entities), perpetuated by use of the imagination.
            Same as Saturday morning cartoons.

          • watchman48

            Sorry, but you couldn’t possibly be any more mistaken with your comment…. How much of the Bible have you actually study or read? My guess is you haven’t even read through one book of the Bible.
            Why should God reveal Himself to someone that refuses to even search for Him. He has given us all the proof we need but you like the vast majority refuse to read the Bible…
            If you can’t afford the $10 for the book, “The Case for Christ” or “The Case for Faith” than just Google: “watchman48 The Greater Message” after reading this ask yourself how could this have happen if there is no God… You can make excuses all day long for not read this message but in the end the decision is up to you and you alone… Each of us will be held accountable for our decision of accepting or rejecting God and the consequences for rejecting God will be a separation from Him for all eternity..

          • Atheist Annie

            I have read all of it…get off this thread, this has nothing to do with religion and I am sick of having to scroll through your religious crap before reading something relevant to the discussion…I suppose you think you ARE the watchman?

          • watchman48

            You may have studied for years and have diplomas on subjects you have studied but it is impossible to have true wisdom of God unless you have humbled yourself by admitting that you need God’s saving Grace.. but your comment reveals your lack of godly wisdom…. Religion is man made up doctrines which tells man how he can reach God…. True Christianity is understanding that there are none that are good, all have sinned; therefore no one is worthy or deserving of God’s Love… thus we all deserve death.

            Were it not for God none of us wouldn’t even exist…. So, God is involved in everything in this world.
            Here is a link that you should really check out :
            If you will take the time to read Ezekiel 33:1-20 you should get a better understanding of the work of a watchman and yes I know He has made me a watchman by leading me to the prophecies He revealed to Pastor Dumitru Duduman in Apr. 1994. To prove this, Google: ” watchman48 RFC #101.”

            There is no way possible for man to understand a supernatural spiritual event from God until he humbles himself before God because the prince of this world has blinded non-believers…
            But their minds were blinded: for until this day remaineth the same vail untaken away in the reading of the old testament; which vail is done away in Christ.
            But even unto this day, when Moses is read, the vail is upon their heart. Nevertheless when it shall turn to the Lord, the vail shall be taken away. Now the Lord is that Spirit: and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty. 2 Corinthians 3:14-17 (KJV)

          • Michael Vance

            YEP don’t say it unless you say it like me LOL

          • jpf578

            You should be directing your comment to khan. And i highly doubt you have read it all.

          • Scott Moore

            It wouldn’t surprise me. A lot of atheists have read the Bible. It is one of the reasons cited for why people become atheistic in the first place.

          • Leo

            But that’s where you are wrong. People who doubt man made global warming are called deniers. The question asked is “why don’t you believe in global warming” something that has not been scientifically proven by empirical evidence. Is that not the definition of a “leap of faith” ? so, does that make global warming a religion?

          • Philip Steinert

            It is the religion of the left.

          • Herbertificus

            Larry, you should spend a few months researching and learning about Biblical prophecy. It is the prophecy in the Bible that sets it apart from every other religious text in the world, bar none. The prophecy, once fulfilled, proves that the Bible comes from an all-knowing God, unlike every other religious text in the world.

            Truly, were you to read a really good exegesis of the prophecies in Daniel and Ezekiel, you would be nothing less than amazed beyond words. They predict ALL of the great world empires — Persian, Greek, Roman — the whole nine yards. It’s written cryptically such that no one could have understood it before the 19th or 20th Centuries, but once the symbolism is revealed and explained, it is nothing less than amazing.

            If you’re truly an intellectual, this is a learning adventure that will change the way you see the world.

          • Dan Bires

            What religion? Jesus is not religion. Morality itself proves God exists. There is no science that can disprove it and it drives every Atheist out there nuts because if you believe in Good and Bad and you dont believe in God then you have no ground to stand on.

          • Street

            Blah blah. I love God AND His “””Religion”””, but add relevance for God’s sake.

          • watchman48

            Thus, speak your wisdom or maybe I should say, your lack of wisdom….. God does not ask for anyone to be religious but only to have faith in Him and His Son as being the LORD of lords and the KING of kings….

            Man can have proof of wisdom on only the subjects he has studied but to have wisdom on subjects he hasn’t studied than he only have assumptions that have been obtained from what he has heard or read what others have said on the subjects…

            The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge: but fools despise wisdom and instruction. Proverbs 1:7

          • Pwc1983

            Telling people if they do not believe and follow they will go to hell.., than painting hell to be an awful place full of torture and pain… and all with no proof hell even exists… That my brainwashed friend is called scaremongering, and only used to force upon someone the will of the enforcer… Writing in text of the bible isn’t going to change the fact you are wrong about God… Your just another poor soul that is easily controlled by an elaborate scam…

          • Brett Ray

            I agree with you but, if you want to be taken serious and sound intelligent, please use word correctly, and that would be “You’re” not your. Thank you.

          • watchman48

            Evidently you haven’t studied the Bible on your own but only listened to what others have told you. Google and read, “watchman48 The Greater Message” and please understand this…. I get nothing for the time I put into writing to others and giving my testimony to those that will listen…

            In June 1978 God gave me a vision a fraction of a second before I was going to murder a co-worker. The vision was of my 4yr. daughter and 8yrs. son standing in a garden, both reaching out and saying, “No daddy, no!” God knew short of striking me dead this would be the only thing that would stop me.

            The Holy Spirit has spoken out a total of 8 pregnancies and each came true just as they were spoken…. I still have witnesses for five of these pregnancies to back up what I am saying…
            Aug. 1994 I began speaking how the terrorist were going to come back to “Hit” the WTC #2 Tower again and when they do, they will “Take” this tower all the way to the ground.. God has never allowed the destruction of a nation nor of it’s people before first sending His warnings hoping that the hearts of the people might turn to Him… I now tell how the 9/11/01 attack was the first of three major attack… The 2nd will be approx. 1000 times greater… Google. “watchman48 RFC #101” if you are interested in USA’s final days… God is real of this I know…

            Hell was created for Satan and his demons…. If a man choses to not follow God’s guidelines than by reasoning he, the sinner has chosen Hell.

          • cleoseau

            Hell is real and you really don’t want to go there…he cares about you. Why don’t you research it, rather than just argue and call him names. No one can force you to do anything here with words alone.

          • wmou

            Never understood why so many mistake the Bible for the Word of God, which the Bible says is Jesus.

          • watchman48

            Evidently you haven’t studied the Bible much if any at all…. The Bible also says that the WORD was made flesh… In Genesis God says, “Let us create man in our own image. If you wish a great guide that can guide you through the Bible in one year with only 15 min. of reading per day… check out (Google) Bible Pathway Daily Devotional… You can also find it at
            I have used this guide for over 19 years now…

          • wmou

            I’ve studied the Bible for 40 years. I worship the Word of God, not the Bible. The Word is Truth is Jesus. The Bible can lead us to the Word.

          • watchman48

            The Bible is all inspired WORD of God.. all scripture divinely in

          • watchman48

            I never once said that I worship the Bible… And I don’t worship the Cross….. The Bible is the WORD of God,
            I stand upon the Scriptures – All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness, 2Timothy 3:16

          • wmou

            You should worship the Word of God. The Word of God is perfect, absolute and complete Truth. Jesus is the Way the Truth and the life. Revelation 19: 11 I saw heaven standing open and there before me was a white horse, whose rider is called Faithful and True. With justice he judges and wages war. 12 His eyes are like blazing fire, and on his head are many crowns. He has a name written on him that no one knows but he himself. 13 He is dressed in a robe dipped in blood, and his name is the Word of God.

          • Katherine McChesney

            The Holy Bible is God Breathed. It IS the Word of God you moron.

          • wmou

            No, it is written by imperfect inspired people. Jesus is the Word of God. The Word is perfect Truth. The Bible is not perfect.

          • Katherine McChesney


          • wmou

            I will never understand Bible worshippers. In the beginning was the Word.

          • wmou

            Maybe but John tells us in the Bible Jesus is the Word. If the Bible is the Word of God, I’d worship it. Read John chapter one. or Revelation 19: 11 I saw heaven standing open and there before me was a white horse, whose rider is called Faithful and True. With justice he judges and wages war. 12 His eyes are like blazing fire, and on his head are many crowns. He has a name written on him that no one knows but he himself. 13 He is dressed in a robe dipped in blood, and his name is the Word of God. It was not until I read the Bible cover to cover that I came to understand the Bible in context..Old Testament laws outside the Ten Commandments were written by men, not God.
            Matthew 19: 8 Jesus replied, “Moses permitted you to divorce your wives because your hearts were hard. But it was not this way from the beginning. 9 I tell you that anyone who divorces his wife, except for sexual immorality, and marries another woman commits adultery.”

          • Katherine McChesney

            Well you should read it again. There are hundreds of commandments in the Bible…..Old and New Testament.

          • cleoseau

            The Word became flesh and dwelt among us…how did you miss this basic, fundamental, absolute truth? (Jn 1:1, 14) Jesus is the Word! And all scripture is God-breathed…hence, from God, despite man’s imperfections. (2 Tim 3:16). Pray and ask Holy Spirit to open your spiritual eyes to see these truths…He’ll do it! Blessings.

          • cleoseau

            I also meant to say the Bible is the Word..

          • wmou

            I’ll never understand Bible worshippers.

          • Rob Mieremet

            Your bible says a lot of things, constantly contradicting itsself.



            god doe not exist–

            prayer fails–

            To name a few. But i am sure you don`t dare to read it, it might contradict with your beliefs.

          • watchman48

            [God flooded the earth because he wanted people to listen to him.] Well it’s for sure you haven’t read the Bible either…

            There were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God (These were the fallen angels) came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them (Thus corrupting the DNA of man), the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown.
            And God saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually. And it repented the Lord that he had made man on the earth, and it grieved him at his heart (Genesis 6:4-6).

            The Bible tells us that godly wisdom comes from reading His WORD; you might also read the Book of Enoch.

            The angels warned Lot and his family not to look back… Whether Lot’s wife had sinned with those that were destroyed we do not know but her looking back showed the LORD that her true desires and concerns were for the life she had among the wickedness of those people. But his wife looked back from behind him, and she became a pillar of salt (Genesis 19:26).
            Have you not heard that our words have consequences. The Pharaoh spoke the curse upon his own people

            Before I continue I must ask, who are you that you but a mere man that you should question the ways or judgments of He who laid the very foundations of the earth and spoke the existence of the universe and then set it all in motion? You should read the Book of Job.

            Moses warned the pharaoh of each of the NINE plagues before they came upon Egypt… They could have obeyed anyone of those warnings and not have had to go through them… And Moses warned pharaoh that the next tenth curse would come from his own mouth upon his own people and so it was pharaoh himself who spoke the curse upon Egypt.
            Adam was given dominion over all life on earth but when he sinned that dominion was passed to Satan… But that dominion was illegally stolen by Satan’s lie. That which belongs to a slave becomes the property of the slave’s master… And this is why Jesus returns to reclaim that which was stolen with a lie.
            The Bible clearly reveals that animals were given to man for man use; whither it be for his pleasure, working, clothing or food.

            Rob, I don’t know whether you are a believer in science but most liberals will claim that science proves there is no God and that science also backs up his theories of evolution…. If we apply logic we can theorize that if the science doesn’t back up the theory presented by man than there can be no truth to that particular theory which was presented…
            Now let’s talk of scientific facts – The vast majority of liberals deny these scientific facts pertaining to the Earth, our Universe, Medicine, Science, Chemistry , Physics, Astronomy, Archaeology and Prophecies all of which are found within the pages of the Bible which were written approx. 2000 years ago to as much as 3500 years ago or so…. Here is a link for you to check this out for yourself… ( ) This could have only happen by the inspiration of an all knowing and loving God guiding the hands of the ancient prophets just as the Bible tells us. There are really only two paths to chose from in this life, the “Right Way” or the “Wrong Way.” Each one of us has the right to chose which path we wish to travel but to deny these truths is to deny the only true God and the only path to eternal life.

            Rod, it has been estimated that less then 2% of all Christian that claim to be born again has ever read through the entire Bible…. There are tens of millions of Christians that are truly ignorant to the wonders and miraculous wonders of God. Were you to ask most Christians how many animals did Noah take into the Ark they would mistakenly say two of each kind and leave it at that… But that isn’t the right asker… Most animals were brought onto the Ark by twos, while “clean” birds and mammals were brought by sevens… This is why it is so important to read all of the Bible and not just that which is pleasing to one’s ear.

            I wish you would google: “watchman48 The Greater Message.” Just as a loving earthly father will do almost anything for his children in warning them of the dangers in the world and wanting to comfort their hurts, so to does our loving Heaven Father want the same for us…. This message was a promise of a reunion to a young mother when she gets to Heaven… I barely knew this lady and her husband… In the six months I had known them I had spoken maybe a dozen words on maybe 4 or 5 occasions at church.
            God is as real as He has ever been and He is warning all who will listen… The Holy Spirit whispered in my left ear 3 days in a row to lead me to the prophecies God revealed to Pastor Dumitru Duduman in Apr. 1994. In Aug. 1994 after reading the Engineer’s Report of the WTC #2 Tower bombing, I began praying and after this prayer I said, they are coming back to HIT this #2 Tower again and when they do they will TAKE it all the way to the ground. I spoke this warning for the next 7 years to whomever would listen.. I now tell how the 9/11 attack was the first of 3 major attacks. The 2nd will be approx. 1000 times greater… After the 3rd major attack USA will never ever rise again.. If interested how this is coming Google: “watchman48 RFC Newsletter #101.”

            I was even once within a second or two to killing a co-worker but God turned the lights out on me, not in the building we were working in but in me… I closed my eyes and shook my head, I opened my eyes and there stood my 4yr old daughter and 8yr old son, maybe 10-12′ in front of me in a garden setting… They immediately reached out to me and said, “No Daddy, no! No Daddy, no!” The lights went out and I closed my eyes and shook my head again. I opened my eyes and there was Dan, my co-worker. God saved me from being a murderer… He is as real as real can get…

          • Michael Vance

            Calls it the written word.

          • LoL

            what bible are you reading?

          • wmou

            The Word of God is perfect Truth. John 14:6New International Version (NIV)

            6 Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me. ”
            Revelation 19:11 I saw heaven standing open and there before me was a white horse, whose rider is called Faithful and True. With justice he judges and wages war. 12 His eyes are like blazing fire, and on his head are many crowns. He has a name written on him that no one knows but he himself. 13 He is dressed in a robe dipped in blood, and his name is the Word of God.

          • Rob Mieremet

            You don`t need to educate atheists, because they have educated themselves away from religion. We dont need to be educated into fairytales. If we would want that, we went to buy a Harry Potter book or something.

          • Dean Stenberg

            You’re, not your.

          • khansgod01

            ??? clarify please…..

          • Jaguar Cito

            you have god in your name haha. Nobody is forcing god, they’re free to say whatever they want. Freedom of speech. Nobody is forcing anything on you.

          • James Denz

            Simple…”You’re” is the abbreviation for “you are.” Your is possessive as in “It’s your book.” You used “your” when you should have used “you’re.” You also left the letters “ed” off the word “mention.” Should be “mentioned.” Good grammar always makes for more respect in what one is writing. Just my two cents.

          • Leadrunner

            I think Dean’s response is based on a number of your posts. I have read several of them, and you are either ignorant or lazy. It is difficult to tell which it is. What he was talking about was, “You’re versus your.”

          • treebird

            Wow, you are really afraid of the comment “Amen”? THAT has you upset? This whole thread became about God because you objected! You have given Him glory and honor by your objection to a little comment of happiness for a Christian! Thank you to everyone who defended the topic of faith. God is glorious, He can use an unbeliever like you to show everyone reading here how much He matters to all of us who do believe in Him!!!

          • Nail_31

            How would YOU know what is unChristian, since you avow you are not one. Just ignore it if you don’t believe in the wisdom of the quote. Look how you have taken things even further out of context and off topic by your assaulting others beliefs. Regardless of your disbelief, GOD is present in ALL things. You have chosen to deny it…fine, but you do not chose for us and you should not mock our beliefs. Good luck to you.

          • sarah nixon

            You interject your thoughts, I interject mine, he interjects his- it’s supposed to be a conversation , not a conversion.

          • Dyrewulf

            Lol, an atheist telling a Christian what being a Christian means. Hahaha, you’re a riot Alice! Now what would you have said if he had left off Mark 8:36 from that quote?

          • Roder51

            Atheists know more than Christians. WTF do you think they’re atheists moron!

          • Dyrewulf

            Yes, of course they do. You’re soooo smart. Smart enough to be bigoted against an entire group of people that you don’t even know. How “atheist” of you…

          • OregonCityTom

            ROTFLOL! I love it when non-believers explain to believers how they should act. What a hoot! Take a look at the thread, khan… Your replies kept the discussion going, when it would have stopped if you had gone quiet at any point, and probably got more people to read it — perhaps even ponder it — than would have otherwise. ( Grin ) Nice job!

          • balls up

            I think you are being easily triggered. Wisdom such as this from anyone else, other than Jesus would surely not have offended you. You, yourself actually created the biggest detraction from the article with your outburst of anti-Christian sentiment, which is quite ironic, really. 😉
            Just relax and appreciate a great truth: For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?

          • Doc

            If God’s existence is in everything why is it not in man’s behavior. After all didn’t He create man? You really can’t have it both ways. Either God is in everything or He/She isn’t.

          • watchman48

            God give man freewill to either follow His guidelines that He gave for all nations and all peoples. It is up to man and governments to obey those guidelines…
            In saying that God is the Creator of all that there is…. First you must consider that His creation began from nothingness as we are told in Genesis. Since He created this all things do truly belong to Him… God gave Adam the dominion over all of His creation… BUT, in the fall of Adam in the Garden of Eden this dominion was lost (Unjustly, might I add) to satan because of a lie…. And man has been in a spiritual battle since that day unto now and this battle will not be won until the return of Jesus who redeem all that was unjustly stolen by satan.

          • Colin

            How does science prove, gods word, science proves god, doesnt exist, evolution, chemistry and physics are the evidence that god has nothing to do with your claim, science is an investigation into facts, a collection of data over time to prove or disprove data, theories, anomalies. A book is a story, unless it can be supported by fact.

          • watchman48

            Most likely you believe most stories written about our first presidents which were written by authors who knew them or knew someone that had a personal knowledge of them… All of the New Testament was written by those that had first personal knowledge of Jesus.. Moses was called a friend of God’s in the Old Testament and there were many, many others that had a personal relationship with God.

            You like most so-called Christians and all non-Christians can’t even began to understand the Holiness and Righteousness of God.

            To reject God is to reject the truth of science… There is not even a thread of evidence to convince me of evolution… News flash, evolution is no more than a theory and it will never be any than that… Because in reality it is one of the best lie that man has ever considered…
            Why is it that you like all other non-Christians rejects the truth of God’s WORD? Because you all want not there be any consequences for your own personal sins… Ignorance will make absolutely no difference, when you are standing before Christ Jesus at the Judgment Seat…
            The truth that can be manipulated to be pleasing to one’s ears is not truth but only to the ears of the liberal who deny the absolute truth of God’s WORD.
            You talk about scientific facts yet you and the vast majority of liberals deny these scientific facts pertaining to the Earth, our Universe, Medicine, Science, Chemistry , Physics, Astronomy, Archaeology and Prophecies found within the pages of the Bible which have been argued over for two thousand years or so, yet not one has been proven to be found to be in error.
            Truth that can be manipulated to be pleasing to one’s ears is not truth but only to the ears of the liberal who denies the absolute truth of God’s WORD and His very existence.
            I wish I could convince you to Google: “watchman48 The Greater Message,” to read how amazing, and forgiving, and loving God is to those that will confess their sins and accept Jesus as your LORD and Savior…. Please believe me, there is nothing that He can’t forgive other than the denial of His WORD.
            Reading His WORD, prayer and obedience are the keys to knowing Him.

          • Jessica Armstrong

            Sooo… in other words since God’s word is set in stone… we have no free will? We have no choice in the matter? And you said that “God’s existence is in everything but man’s sin”. But sin was committed by man and he was given the choice to do so by God. So how is God not in man’s sin? This just proves how crazy you religious types are. It must be so easy to take all the bad crap you do and place it on God. Because after all, we are the puppets and he is the puppeteer, right? Grow up and take responsibility for your actions, you overgrown child.

          • watchman48

            Sin was found in Lucifer when he claimed that he would be like the most High, thus he was cast to the earth…
            God is Holy and Righteous is all that He says and does. It is the wickedness found in man’s heart that chooses to sin against God’s WORD. God gave us the freewill to either to do good or to do evil. God wants us to choose His love for us over our love to seeking to please ourselves.
            Our earthly fathers chastised or disciplined us when we did wrong if they loved us. A father that just allows his children to run wild is not a loving father that wants the best for his children….
            Now we know there are many earthly fathers that sinned against their children and even caused their children to sin that much more…
            Our Heavenly Father gave his only Begotten Son that we may receive His forgiveness and be washed of His Blood which was shed on the Cross so long ago.
            I accepted the blame for my actions and confessed my sins before God… I know I deserve death just as much as the next person… Do you not know that even to hate your brother (Or anyone else) it is equal to having murder in your heart.
            God created man to live forever but Adam sinned in the Garden of Eden destroyed that for us all… Sin came into the world through one man, thus death came through one man unto all man afterwards. The sin nature is inherited and so to death is an inherited consequence to our sin.
            No one can keep God’s Law and live. The transgression of just one sin is a transgression against all of God’s Law.
            It is always the liberals who doesn’t want to accept his responsibilities for his sins.. So, why even argue the point with me if you don’t believe in God…? The Bible tells us that the heart knows there is a God! So, you can’t help but to argue the point.

          • Jessica Armstrong

            Really? If that is the case then does that mean I have no heart? I have never felt God. I have never felt anything from my heart other than love for other people. I have never felt the so-called hoodoo voodoo all-encompassing glory that you religious types claim. Never. Not as a child, not as an adult. Never. So that must mean I have no heart, right? If the heart knows there is a God and I don’t know there is a God then I must have no heart. Do you hear how crazy you sound? Have you ever thought to question anything in your life? Even if I accepted all the mumbo-jumbo you just spouted you would still have to concede that GOD gave us free will and GOD created Lucifer too! You can’t have it both ways. Either God exists and he is responsible for everything that has ever happened (since he is the one that created everything and man is SUPPOSED to be in God’s image) or you accept that people make their own choices and choose their own existence. What’s sad is that you still haven’t taken responsibility for anything. You basically just said that no matter what we do, how much good we do in the world, then we are still doomed because even if we do one thing wrong we are still breaking all of God’s so-called Laws. If you want to live like that, fine. Go ahead and tell yourself what a bad person everyone is and that we have no choice. You must be a very depressed person most days if that is what you believe in. Because if what you are saying is true, then how can any of us be worthy of your precious God? I CHOOSE not to live my life like that. I CHOOSE to believe that people can do good things and be rewarded for it, just as I CHOOSE to believe that people can be punished for doing the wrong thing. The sad part is that you don’t even know how delusional you really are.

          • Jessica Armstrong

            Oh and by the way? If those of us that are non-religious are so evil, then why is it that I see atheists doing far more good for people than religious people every day? My boyfriend’s mother and I are an example of this. My boyfriend has been sick for 4 years and has had 6 surgeries. I have busted my ass working my butt off to pay for his medical bills, his everyday bills (because he can’t work) and every spare penny that I own goes to him. Not to mention the time spent in healing his emotional wounds from it as well as taking care of him physically. In the 4 years and 6 surgeries he has had his mother has never once offered to help him. She makes $6000 per month and yet whenever we ask for $20 to help us out until I get paid it’s always the same thing. Sorry, can’t help. And yet she is a so-called Christian and I am an atheist. She can sit there and give her actor other son loads of money but can’t help out the son that has had 6 surgeries in 4 years. Where is your so-called heart? Where is your knowing that there is a God now? She claims to be a Christian. Goes to church and everything. And yet she can’t help out her sick son. Don’t you talk to me about God? Because if there was a God, he should be smiting her ass!

          • watchman48

            Where have you been for the last 8 years? How many times has Obama claimed to be a Christian and supported homosexuality and abortion? How many lies has he told in the last 8 years? How many times has he stood up for the muslims over the Christians?
            There are hundreds of millions who claim to be Christian yet they have no idea as to what a Christian really is… They never read through the Bible even once and most likely not even through the New Testament once… Catholics claim to be Christians yet they pray to Mary… Something that is a definite no-no for a Christian. No there are very, very few who are true Christians.
            True Christian love their enemies, we pray that their eyes might be opened to the truth of God… Yes, true Christians will still sin, we are human beings, we haven’t reached perfection and won’t until we reach Heaven… If a Christian says he doesn’t sin than he isn’t a true Christian, he’s a liar…
            I don’t doubt for a minute that there are many atheists that do good in the world, many muslims do good, many Hindus do good and many so-called Christians but God’s WORD says there are none that do good compared to God, and that we should, “Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you,” Matthew 5:44

          • Jessica Armstrong

            Seems to me that you’re just like them. “God’s WORD says there are none that do good compared to God, and that we should, “Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you,” Matthew 5:44″. Are you loving me right now? Are you blessing me or cursing me? Are you doing good to me? Are you praying for me? I doubt it. If you were you wouldn’t be sitting here arguing with me over religion when the article was about a scientist who claims that global warming is a fraud. You took an article about science and made it into your religious crap. Also, there is no way to tell the difference between a so-called “fake Christian” and a “true Christian”. Most of you spout the same damn crap. The arguments that I’ve heard from you? Same crap my boyfriend’s mom spews. But I don’t know you and have no idea what you do in real life. How do I know that you don’t walk away from this argument and look down on everybody who isn’t you? I don’t because I don’t know you. I can say one thing about you, though. You’re argumentative. I posted on here six months after you were talking on here and you’re arguing with me. Have you been arguing your religion with people for six months? Also, you can’t love your enemies and pray for something that they don’t want. That’s just you pushing your own reality onto someone else. And as for the thing about a Christian saying he doesn’t sin. That just proves my argument. You said that if you break one of God’s Laws you break all of them (not really understanding that since they’re individual laws but anyway…). That means that no matter how much good we do we will never be good enough. Even if your so-called God forgives us our sins that makes it worse. It means that a person can do a lifetime of evil and still get into Heaven. All he has to do is be sorry. Is his being sorry going to take back the evil that he did? Is his being evil going to help the people he hurt? No, it won’t. Your beliefs are flawed because they are based on a pretext that all you have to do is believe in God and be sorry for what you did. Any adult knows that eventually being sorry just isn’t good enough. But that’s the whole point isn’t it? Christians are like children who are whining to the whole world and don’t understand why people don’t want to be like them. It never occurs to them that sometimes GOD isn’t good enough anymore. After all, if you are right and he exists, then he abandoned us. I refuse to believe in a being like that. A being that gave us choice, told us not to do the wrong thing (as if humans aren’t curious from the free will he gave us), punished us for doing something that was inevitable, and then abandoned us. As far as I’m concerned, God can go back to the hidey hole he came from.

          • Turn Turn Turn

            I’m reading your post and I have empathy for your situation. I don’t know your boyfriends mother, but, could I please say that going to church and saying you are a christian especially in America, doesn’t make you a christian. I used to tell my kids that going to church doesn’t make you a christian any more than sleeping in the garage makes you a car. I wanted them to know that going to church is part of christianity but it won’t change you unless you actually change to be more christ-like by inward change as well as outward evidence of the change within, not just by going to church. ( But saying all that, going to church is a good thing for a believer to do!) I hope you don’t assume all christians are like your bfriends mom. They are not. Christian people are also flawed and don’t get things right. Only Christ himself is perfect and without fault. I remember hearing someone say: I like your Christ. Not so much your christians. lol

          • Hannah Mae Rose

            You do know that we already kbow where the origin of the universe happened… scientists have pictures of the big bang echoing thru the galaxy… what proof is there that GOD exists… where is the proof? If you cannot back up what you say and you are speaking just to hear your own voice or regurgitating what you read in an ancient vague hypocrytical racist sexist set of statements that a load of politicians made up, then you can speak your WORD OF GOD but unless you can back it up WITH EVIDENCE then it can be dismissed WITHOUT EVIDENCE… learn how to debate properly people… think about your argument and make sure that the opinion you form is based on experience and actual knowledge – not just using someone else’s thoughts… think with your head not your the soap box you keep climbing up on… by the way if religious people are so against technology and believe that we should remain in the dark ages where they kept us for 1000s of years, then you should move out the middle of nowhere and live like the omish, at least they practice what they preach…

          • watchman48

            Please help me to understand you…. So, where is your evidence? Scientist are speculating; they, neither you were presence to see this big bang… Maybe the big bang was caused by God. How much have you studied the Bible or have you ever read through the Bible? No, I don’t think you have because it is clearly you who are regurgitating what you hear so many hypocritical, racist liberals say about a book that no liberals studies…
            I have studied the Bible for the last 24 years or more and I have read through the entire Bible a total of 19 times.

            What is there in the Bible that you can’t trust…? There are hundreds and hundreds of prophecies which were spoken in the Bible from approx. 2000 to 4000 years ago or more that have came true exactly has stated… 330 of which were written approx. 450 years to 1500 years on the coming birth, ministry, death and resurrection of Jesus alone before His birth.
            I do find it funny how the liberals will claim that science proves God doesn’t exist… In their own ignorance the liberals accept the theories of evolution where there is absolutely no true evidence to backup the theory of evolution… Here is a hint for you, theories are not factual, that why they call them theories.
            You liberals reject the very evidence of the following list of scientific facts pertaining to the Earth, the Universe, Medicine, Science, Chemistry , Physics, Astronomy, Archaeology and Prophecies which are found within the pages of the Bible which were written approx. 2000 to as much as 4000 years ago or more…. Here is a link for you to investigate these scientific facts: ( ) This could have only happen by the inspiration of an all knowing and loving God, guiding the hands of the ancient prophets just as the Bible tells us.

            I throw your own words right back at you…. Learn how to debate properly young lady… think about your arguments and make sure that the opinions you form is based on actual experience and knowledge not mere theories, imagination or thoughts of others, use the brains God gave you….
            Religious people were the ones that pushed for the crucifixion of Jesus.. You don’t even have an idea or understanding as to what Christianity is about.
            I am all for technology when used appropriately.

          • Hannah Mae Rose

            This discussion isn’t about religion… it’s about science, climate change, the planet… why do you bring religion into it… they have PHOTOGRAPHS TAKEN IN SPACE OF THE RIPPLES OF THE BIG BANG… PROVING THE BEGINNING OF THE UNIVERSE… look it up… google Dr. Brian Cox… You’re proving the whole reason why ppl won’t listen to religious ppl… if we didn’t have free thinkers and scientists then you wouldn’t be sitting there typing this into your MOBILE PHONE… now where is your genuine proof of God creating the universe… I’m out don’t want to be judged for being factual…

          • watchman48

            [This discussion isn’t about religion…] On the contrary – Religion is man made doctrines most always filled with man’s do’s and don’ts to control the lives of others… It has no real bases but to empower those who believe themselves to be more superior over others…
            These liberal scientists like Al Gore pushing global warming are trying to control it all and the vast majority can’t see nor understand their objectives…

            Now if you are talking about God than we do have a good argument, for God as the Creator of all life, He is in every issue of life that there is… From the very breath in our lungs, to the dirt under our feet, to the sun which gives us warmth and the rains which aids plant growth; until the liberals begin to understand these things than they are merely living in their own ignorance of God’s existence… And that’s fine with me but when these so-called great scientist start pushing their lies about global climate change, evolution, homosexuality and abortion upon me, and cause our government to push for higher and higher taxes, and limitations on me than I will always speak up against their ignorance…
            Hundreds of scientists and archaeologists have discovered evidence to prove God’s existence but all the liberals disregard their findings…. Why? Because the liberals love their sin and they want not to be held accountable for those sins… NEWS FLASH! Nothing they say or do will change God’s desires or ways of dealing with sin… He is same today as He was 6000 years ago, He changes not!

            So, for me it matters not whether you want to acknowledge the truth as long as it doesn’t effect me and my loved ones, but when your kind pushes this ignorance of global climate change lies than I for one will stand firm on the truth of real science and God’s WORD.

          • Rob Mieremet

            You, Watchman, where you there when your god talked everything into existence? Where you there when the bible was written? So great god and he even couldn`t make a better human than this? Or did he make us just to torment us and he is in fact a bloody sadist?

          • Street

            Haha, and God is over all science, and created the globe, warming or not. His place is in and over all for sure. The deepest scientific secrets come from Him.

          • Max de Mestre-Allen

            Hey everybody, can we get back to discussing the GW scam?

          • Sherry

            khansgod01: I can’t help but notice that a discussion about God/religion has started only because you decided to comment (negatively). One person is not a discussion, two or more people, it is now a discussion (we you started). Religion was not mentioned in the post you commented on. I don’t believe in religion but believe in a higher being that is a part of us all. I also do not believe everything in the Bible but will concede there is some good history and good advice in the Bible. Many religions have some very good advice, some have had and still do have some very bad advice. FORCED is a very strong implication and very much misplaced. I wish you the very best in your life’s destination and accomplishments. BTW, I do believe in reincarnation. See you on the flip side.

          • Francisco Machado

            AGW is a religion complete with demonization of non-believers and apostates, a catechism of truth to which there can be no argument, prophesies that have not materialized on schedule – but will happen! Even the sale of indulgences enriching Pope Gore, permitting the purchasers to visit the penalty for their sins upon others. And it is based upon unproven theories that have become gospel. It is worth recalling the pending ice age of the seventies followed by the polarity reversal in dogma. Theyu have done it before – It could happen again without so much as a blush to the cheeks It is demonstrably within the ability of the establishment to do another policy driven reversal.

          • Bilbo Baggins


          • Truthseeker

            AGW IS a religion!!!

          • Rob Mieremet

            You are absolutely right, and don`t you ever back off again. Science and religion are not compatible.

          • Aetheist Annie

            Except that this started out as a discussion about SCIENCE which obviously has nothing to do with religion, then zealots starts going off about God and the Bible???? WTF, let the people who want to discuss global warning and the article have their discussion, you want to discuss God and the Bible…go to church

          • watchman48

            God is all around us, He is the Creator of all that there is…. The material that is found within your body, within your computer or for that matter everything even the water, it all came from God… In the beginning there was nothing and He spoke it into existence.
            God’s greatest desire for you and everyone else is that all should come to His saving grace through Christ Jesus.
            To reject God is to reject the truth of science… There is not even a thread of evidence to convince me of evolution… News flash, evolution is no more than a theory and it will never be any than that… Because in reality it is one of the biggest lie that man has ever considered…
            Why is it that you like all other non-Christians rejects the truth of God’s WORD? Because you all want not there be any consequences for your own personal sins… Ignorance will make absolutely no difference, when you are standing before Christ Jesus at the Judgment Seat…
            The truth that can be manipulated to be pleasing to one’s ears is not truth but only to the ears of the liberal who deny the absolute truth of God’s WORD and His very existence.

            You talk about scientific facts yet you and the vast majority of liberals deny these scientific facts pertaining to the Earth, our Universe, Medicine, Science, Chemistry , Physics, Astronomy, Archaeology and Prophecies found within the pages of the Bible which have been argued over for two thousand years or so, yet not one has been proven to be found to be in error.

            I wish I could convince you to Google: “watchman48 The Greater Message,” to read how amazing, and forgiving, and loving God is to those that will confess their sins and accept Jesus as your LORD and Savior…. Please believe me, there is nothing that He can’t forgive other than the denial of His WORD.

          • Pwc1983

            God has never forced his ways, no but countless believers, followers, workers of God has… Juhovas witnesses for one, who turn up at your door and won’t no for an answer.. You are obviously a follower of ‘god’, to have never read the old testament.? If you had, you would no your comments of “he has never forced his will” is a load of rubbish.. God himself hasn’t no… that’s because God isn’t real… God, the bible, etc.. is the oldest, most elaborate scam there ever was… again derived in the need for power and money… and oh my how much money and power has been given to this scam…

          • watchman48

            Just as Obama Is no true Christian neither the Jehovah witnesses are no true Christians… But your telling me that the Jehovah Witnesses have control over you… Than you are a very weak minded person…
            I do agree there are many corrupt pastors that are after nothing more than money and power but you are greatly mistaken about God.
            You still haven’t told me about the time and energy from whence you have gained your great knowledge there being no God…. Be careful God is listening, for liars will have no part of Heaven.

          • Brett Ray

            Not really true. If you read the bible it basically says “God knows everything, knows the future and what the outcome is going to be. Book of Revelations. By knowing this and putting it in motion means that certain people MUST do certain thing to make it happen. That means you don’t have a choice or “freewill’, otherwise it wouldn’t happen and that would make God wrong. But he is “Perfect” so in essence, you are or were, condemned to Hell long before you were ever born. Since, according to you I have “Freewill’ then I choose NOT to go to Hell. Problem solved. Or, are we forced to do as God commands us?

          • watchman48

            God knows: The heart is deceitful above all things and beyond cure. Who can understand it? Jeremiah 17:9.

            God’s greatest desire for you and everyone else is that all should come to His saving grace through Christ Jesus. God will never ever command anyone to do evil.. He can even stop one from killing someone as He did with me in June. 1978. I was within a faction of a second to killing a co-worker when He turned the lights out… Not in the building we were working in but in me…. I closed my eyes and shook my head… I opened my eyes and there in a garden setting was my 4yr. daughter and 8yr. son standing about 10′ in front of me…. They both reached out to me and said, “No Daddy, no! No Daddy, no!” The lights went out and I closed my eyes and shook my head. I opened my eyes and Dan, my co-worker was still there in front of me… The fall would have been head first landing on ceramic tile… If the fall hadn’t killed him I had moved a sledgehammer into position on the next floor down that I could use to finish the job… God knew the only thing that would stop me was seeing my children…

            God is real and He wishes are that you call upon His name.. Consider the scientific facts pertaining to the Earth, our Universe, Medicine, Science, Chemistry , Physics, Astronomy, Archaeology and Prophecies found within the pages of the Bible which have been argued over for two thousand years or so, yet not one has been proven to be found to be in error.

          • wmou

            It is not possible to force anybody to believe anything, except by exstinsive brain washing and even then they really don’t believe, they would be delusional. Faith has to come from within.

          • Thearesia Van Astrea

            God never forced anyone into believing. He just threatens you with eternal damnation and suffering if you don’t believe. lol

          • watchman48

            If you don’t believe in God than why would you believe about eternal damnation? Hell was created for satan and his demons, the fallen angels for their rebellion against God.
            So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them.
            God is eternal, thus He created us to be eternal beings just as He created satan and the angels. If you chose not to follow God than you have chosen to follow satan. It is a threat since your choice is decision, follow God or follow satan.

          • Scott Moore

            He did drown everybody, though…

          • watchman48

            I’m sorry but I can’t seem to find where this comment would be for me.. but if you are referring to the drowning of the Egyptians’ during the Exodus of the Jews.
            Who is man to judge the One who created him. No man can even understand just how Great, Holy and Righteous God is.. As the Creator of all that there is… For we are told He created the earth and all life above and below, thus He is the Father of all creation. We are created beings and no creation owns itself. Thus, only God has the right to establish the guidelines by which all nations and all peoples should live their lives.
            Since Adam’s sin in the Garden of Eve the sin nature has been an inherited sin pass throughout all of man’s history.
            My wife who is much smarter and I said maybe you are referring to the Flood… The Bible also tells us that the fallen angels were mating with the daughters of man and they were trying to destroy the seed of man, or better said the line by which the Savior of the world would come from..
            We are also told that every intent of their (All humans) thoughts was to do evil continually. So, God’s desire was to destroy the DNA of the fallen angels. Thus the reason for the flood.

          • Rob Mieremet

            God flooded the earth because he wanted people to listen to him. He changed Lot into a salty pilar because of her not doeing what he wanted, he butchered all 1st borns in egypt because of an egyptian king ignoring him, because of a dispute between him and abraham he let the chosen people wander around the desert for 40 years, en he sent seven plagues over egypt because the farao did not want to listen to him, so according to your own bible your god is a vindictive bastard. Who forces himself upon everyone and everything, why kill all animals but 2 of each, what the fuck did the animals do to him. So yes your belief in this so called god is fucking ridiculous.

          • Steve

            What force? Are you forced to read these posts? Are you forced to attend any religious meetings like many are forced to attend sensitivity/indoctrination meetings? Disbelieve of your own free will. Others are free to believe.

          • Mike List

            Just as I’m free to dissent. Follow the money, not the scientists, to find out what conclusion they are being aid to flesh out, and who stands to profit.

          • Steve

            Following the money leads directly to gov’t for grants to further GW claims. So of course they want their grants to continue so naturally they need to scare people to get gov’t to keep giving them the money. That’s beside the point. GW is guess work, faked data in report after report, and generally a carbon credit broker’s scam. They’re the ones who are making the most off this charade. You think it was a mere coincidence that Gore set up his carbon credit company in Britain before he produced “An Inconvenient Truth”?

          • Lucia

            Obama also invested in the carbon credit scam on the recommendations of his cronies just before he became President. You don’t really believe he became so wealthy by his Presidential salary? You really think that he can spend thousands a week on his recent European speaking engagement at only a $ 400,000.00 payment. He was spending or the taxpayer was spending more than $100,000.00 a week not including travel or secret service cost on his Hawaiian vacation home. Seriously do you think he and his wife’s tastes have changed since. They have become accustomed to such extravagant living style.

          • Steve

            Well there is the $60 million book deal both Obama’s signed as a package deal.

          • Randal Bragg

            That’s the way bribes are repaid for 8 years of graft without being called bribes. A turd by any other name is still a turd.

          • Pwc1983

            I’m sorry but people do have religion forced upon them… Go into any RE/RS class in schools around the world to see the evidence to that….

          • Steve

            Not familiar with your particular use of re or rs.

          • balls up

            RE?RS is possibly Religious Education/R. Studies?

          • ron111

            Having something forced upon you means you have absolutely no choice. Refusing to turn away and or ignore that something you do not like is your choice. Such pathetic crybabies.

          • Hugh Coolican

            How can children of 5/6 having religion thrown at them be said to have achoice not to listen. They do not yet have adult free will. Ever heard of indoctrination?

          • Dan Story

            Forced upon us?… like Obamacare or AGW?

          • Steven Parker

            We forgive you.

          • Hannah Mae Rose

            Wow that’s not condescending or self righteous at all… whether you’re religious or not, we are talking about science… therefore we are only interested in hearing the FACTS not a book written by antipaganistic politicians a few 100 years ago… once again… you can give the criticism but you can’t take it… now let’s all agree to disagree about religion, stop the tit for tat and remember the real issue here…

          • Reality

            Muslims won’t be so easily thwarted. You think yourself witty, but you know nothing of whats coming. You’re another brain dead liberal following the crowd and media telling you what to think, too blind or willfully ignorant to see whats really happening. Your safety bubble is about to pop, and your too stupid to stop it.

          • Hannah Mae Rose

            Really do you feel the need to threaten ppl like this. You’re not speaking for all the Muslims. They are peaceful ppl… so who do you associate with… you call me ignorant… really… I don’t get sucked into social media thank you v much… I DO have a brain and think for MYSELF… what’s with the aggression… what’s wrong with ppl…

          • O.h. Fugate

            Muslims are peaceful?

          • celestial7767

            I agree. Whenever people make such broad generalizations against any nationality, it’s usually because they have had no direct interactions with any of them. My husband and I once rented a brand new home from an Iranian who was a CFO for Bank of America and had gotten a promotion to San Francisco that he couldn’t turn down (it was that good). He and his wife were the best landlords we had ever had. Hamid was gracious, friendly, and did his best to make sure that all the landscaping and finishing touches were done in a timely fashion for us. When we moved, he wrote us a letter thanking us for taking such good care of his home and would like us to use the letter as a reference should we need one in the future. He and his family were Muslims.

          • Yogurt Grunge

            Yeah they’re peaceful people with the most barbaric justice system ever known to man… what kind of an idiot is fooled by a few peaceful Muslims put there as window dressing to hide the carnival of horrors going on inside.

          • Roder51

            Wrong. If you think for a minute that Christianity was never as barbaric as Sharia law you don’t know the history of Christianity.

          • Roder51

            Says the willfully ignorant one.

          • Steven Parker

            Well he said he was sorry.

          • guamjeff

            All a guy did was quote from the number one best selling book in the history of the United States. Not forcing religion on anyone and not arguing the facts. Just actually stating a truism. Even a non believer can see the kernel of truth in the quote. You are the condescending self righteous nanny thinking to PONTIFICATE over both sides LOL. In fact, ROFL.

          • celestial7767

            If any of you boneheads took the time to really read the article there is NOT ONE MENTION OF THE REASONS that made Lewis do a complete about face in his opinions regarding global warming. NoT ONE. And not one quote from the man either and he died in 2012 so we can’t ask him. Read my comment at the top. I did some research on the guy and his book Technological Risk.

          • amishmime

            “It is of course, the global warming scam, with the (literally) trillions of dollars driving it, that has corrupted so many scientists, and has carried APS before it like a rogue wave.” signed Bonehead.

          • celestial7767

            Well if you consider that the truth absolute, have at it. There still is not one fact just AN OPINION (not to be confused with facts proven by evidentiary science with the stats that make anything believable), Bonehead

          • amishmime

            Responding to your reading comprehension–which is par for the course of your ilk…dickforbrains

          • celestial7767

            Your sentence above indicates an IQ nearly the same as your age. No facts to uphold your rantings nor those of Lewis, the dead scientist who may have suffered from the same form of dementia that afflicts you. I have SPENT 4 DECADES IN THE STUDY OF POLLUTION, ITS man-made and natural SOURCES AND the EFFECTS ON FLORA AND FAUNA as well as THE GLOBAL ECOSYSTEM OF OUR PLANET, AND, IN THE 1970’S, THE EFFECTS OF OVERPOPULATION AND THE CUMULATIVE EFFECTS OF INCREASING AMOUNTS OF CO2 NOT ONLY IN OUR ATMOSPHERE BUT DISSOLVED IN OUR OCEANS WHICH HAVE RESULTED IN A LOWERING OF THE PH (ACIDITY) OF THE WATER BECAUSE CO2 IN WATER CONVERTS TO CARBONIC ACID WHICH IS NOT COMPATIBLE TO MANY FORMS OF SEA LIFE, WHETHER IT BE ANIMAL OR PLANTS. Don’t you EVER look up anything? Doesn’t anything interest you with the exception of flapping your foul mouthed gibberish?? Like EVERY Trumpeteer, you resort to name calling because of your limited knowledge of the subject at hand. I don’t discuss subjects of which I know little or nothing, like rebuilding a carburetor on a Mercedes. Why do you feel compelled to call me names just because you can’t add anything factual to the subject? You weren’t even able to explain what you meant by my “reading comprehension”. Please don’t respond anymore to me because I have no intention to respond to anything from you.

          • Roder51

            Says the one whose IQ matches his shoe size.

          • Yogurt Grunge

            Well the fact that he’s willing to trash the legacy he worked all his life to build tells me something about that man’s integrity.

          • Roder51

            So what’s your next comment Evolution is just a theory?

          • celestial7767

            HAHA!! You just walked right into that one. Ask any scientist. YES, Evolution CANNOT be proven so it is and will remain a theory until definitive proof can be found. And I wouldn’t hold your breath.

          • celestial7767

            you could say the same thing about the trillion spent on the military; who says global warming is a scam anyhow? You throw out terms like corrupted scientists but where are you getting this from? The proper term isn’t really global warming but climate change which entails a sharp increase in EXTREME weather of all kinds: drought, cold snaps, heat waves, hurricanes, blizzards which have already begun in numbers and intensities not seen in the 10,000 years oƒ human civilization. By 2100 it is expected that global surface temperatures will rise 3.6 degrees and will result in severe disruptions of social, economic, and environmental systems. Droughts, floods, and other climate extremes will become more frequent, claiming untold lives, destroying billions of dollars of property and endangering food production. But since you obviously have never tuned into the Weather Channel or National Geographic you’re allowed to remain ignorant with your head in a sinkhole; at least until it comes to your part of the country. Oh, an go ahead and resort to 9th grade name calling; it seems to be the only thing you are good at. I can take it. You’re pathetic.

          • amishmime

            I had no intentions of replying to a dumbass. But since you said “don’t reply anymore that you won’t be responding” and then you go on to respond to nothing I said….= moron. Funny you mention the Weather Channel.. The FOUNDER of the Weather Channel is ardent ANTI CLIMATE CHANGE. Its a well known fact …Jackass.

          • celestial7767

            Really? What is this founder’s NAME?? And where did you get this “well known fact” from? You got your info from that pea-brain of yours that spends all day bouncing around in your head like a BB in a boxcar making up “facts” and then passing them off as truth hoping more morons like you with IQ’s of 80 and below will believe your crap, SHIT-FOR-BRAINS. ALSO, BRAINDEAD, my reply you said that I replied “to nothing” was a 2nd reply directed to the comment you made to me 8 days ago above where you begin with “It is of course the global warming scam, with the (literally) trillions of dollars driving it…..”. But then again, BRAINDEAD, SHIT-FOR-BRAINS, morons like yourself generally have a daily problem each morning just defining their butts from their breakfasts so not surprising you wouldn’t be able to remember a statement that YOU made 8 DAYS AGO.

          • Roder51

            Irony personified.

          • Grace

            2010 is not 100 years ago. He is not the only scientist saying this. Why don’t you take his advice and read the book he recommended? Maybe you’ll finds some FACTS you haven’t heard before.

          • Roder51

            Don’t ask for the impossible.

          • Roder51

            We don’t need it but thanks for trying.

          • guamjeff

            Are you worried? In your areligion zeal are you going to go out and have anti evangelistic meetings and decry religion everywhere? People weepiing and wailing in despair over their utter stupidity in believing in God!!!! YOU will have the answer!! Don’t believe in ANYTHING! All happy smiles as the happy satisfied, now a lot smarter, people leave your revival tent. Nope, that’s not how atheists work. They make laws to force everyone to shut up about their religion while they loudly pontificate (love that word) about the superiority of atheism and the stupidity of believing in God….. You guys make me sick. Believe, don’t believe, shout about it, sing about it, do what ever you want but stop hounding everyone else. AND by the way….God bless….

          • Debbie Cables Hemphill

            I’m sorry you don’t believe. I will pray for you. You would know there is a God if you would reach out to Him. He has worked many, many miracles in my life. I can only attest to His love for us.

          • balls up

            I think you may have missed the irony, Debbie. Guamjeff is referring to the religion of atheism, I believe.

          • Marvin Woodworth

            Nothing more egotistical and rotten to the core than a person who says “I will pray for you.” When someone says “I will pray for you”, that’s a judgemental statement of “You’re a pile of equine dung, and I am SOOO superior to you”. Way to go, religious Debbie.

          • Carmen Veneziale

            Hey Marvin go fuck yourself. You like that better. Amen

          • Roder51

            Did someone offend your widdle delicate fairytale be-lie-f?

          • balls up

            I think you’re just a bit off track there, bro… Lighten up. 🙂

          • Yogurt Grunge

            Jesus said to pray even for those who hate and despise you. Is that pryaing from a position of superiority or humility?

          • Roder51

            She’s just another lost, uneducated backward moron who feels the need to get everyone she can to believe the same BULLSHIT she does. When she dies she’ll finally have something in common with her GOD. She won’t exist.

          • Guitarzan

            I will pray for you…yeah you’re right.

          • Sylvia Britton

            You would know God exists if you look out the window in the morning and see the sun rising, the trees, flowers, birds, and everything else He created – then you believe – and that God controls the heavens and the earth and the universe. And the fact that you are alive to see all this is his greatest creation of all – humankind.

          • fat_matt

            no, that’s called science. something you don’t understand.

          • Roder51

            When God is all you know God is all you have and then there’s Scientific fact.

          • celestial7767

            You will not find any scientist anywhere who will make the claim that evolution is fact, he truth. They will all admit it is still a theory unless someone somewhere can bring actual proof to the table which would mean being able to replicate either the Big Bang THEORY and thus prove that is a fact-based truth and then to go from there and replicate the formation of all of the lifeforms on the planet. But not to worry. With nearly 8 Billion people on the planet today, more than have ever lived on earth in recorded history, we’re running out of time to find the answers to all of the proposed scientific THEORIES anyway.

          • Roder51
          • celestial7767

            Although I am a Christian, I strongly believe in the Separation of Church and State because there is a very good reason that our founders included that. Except for the wars over oil, most are caused by opposing religions. But when people say that more wars have occurred in the name of God, the truth is that they use the name God to justify their wars. In the Old Testament, God was the General who directed his people to wars; but in the New Testament Christ preached peace and the only time he ever displayed any anger was when the priests outside of the temple during the Day of Atonement were overcharging the poor for the purchase of the animals for sacrifice. He overturned their tables and said “you have turned my father’s house into a den of thieves.” The Evangelicals are attempting to remove the Separation using “In God We Trust” and the idea that we are a Christian nation to abolish it. In our free society with Separation of Church and State, every citizen is supposed to be allowed to worship (or not) as he or she sees fit. Christ never forced His ideology on anyone. He simply put it out there and let free will allow each to choose for themselves. I promise I have never hit anyone over the head with my Bible. It’s not Biblical. And good luck to you.

          • Geno777

            An Atheists head stone, here lays so & so All Dressed Up And No Where To Go.

          • Roder51

            A Christian head stone: Born an idiot, lived as an idiot, died an idiot. Gone to idiot heaven but that’s okay. They know me here.

          • Dan Bires

            When you are a follower of Jesus Christ there is no such thing as religion. We are not religious people we are simply followers and believers in Jesus as he is God in the flesh. So being a Christian myself there was never any religion forced upon me because even if there was it would not be word of God or have came from the bible. I had to find God and let him into my heart on my own. Nothing but total freedom. Everyone finds him on their own. If there is any religion being forced upon someone then this is a cult and not the word of God (Jesus Christ). Sorry to chime in I just hear this all the time and it doesnt make any sense. It is not true. People use the word religion and they are so misinformed. When Jesus came son of man and walked the earth there was no religion. Just Jesus. No denominations, no catholicism. If you believe in him you are saved.

          • DAH20

            OH Dan I must disagree with you here on this issue. When Jesus was here on earth he called twelve apostles to spread His Gospel. That in and of itself was, at worst, an organization of some nature. This is exactly why we have so many different religions and interpretations of his doctrine because men have taken it upon themselves “to be called upon by God”.

          • Dan Bires

            They were a witness to his ultimate sacrifice in testimony. Read matthew, Mark, Luke and John they were different perspective of testimonies of Jesus but very accurate when it all came together. It wasnt an organization Thats crazy talk. Jesus simply taught them and Then they spread the word. God was in complete control the whole time. That is why nothing has changed even today about the text. The only thing that has changed is man creating denominations in churches and so on. God set a divine order for how the church meaning us would lead and thats how it was set up. 1st Apostles, 2nd Prophets, 3rd Teachers meaning pastors, 4th healings and 5th miracles. There were special instructions from God for the church to operate in this divine order. Its called the law of Genesis. This was how churches would stay protected. There is scripture that backs up all of this. When man started going against these 5 steps, is when Apostle Paul wrote his epistles to warn others that was going against Gods divine order in False teachings. Jesus warned (Matt. 7:15), “Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly are ravenous wolves.” Much of His ministry consisted of confronting the false teaching of the religious leaders of His day (cf. Matt. 16:11-12; 23:1-39). In His discourse on things to come, He warned (Matt. 24:4-5), “See to it that no one misleads you. For many will come in My name, saying, ‘I am the Christ,’ and will mislead many.” The apostle Peter devotes most of 2 Peter to warning against false teachers. Jude devotes his entire short letter to the same theme. John in his epistles repeatedly warns of false teachers. Paul’s final words to the Ephesian elders warned them (Acts 20:28-30), is clearly why churches have been failing many but not all because they dont believe that the office for Apostles was always open even after the 12 died off. Many Apostles came after the 12 and most of them were attacked just like the Apostles of today. Jesus went through the same thing. So if you stay in your bible and read it you wouldn’t doubt the fact of how this all lines up. It is miraculous in its own way. There has been nothing about the doctrine that has been changed. This is why these books were canonized. Jesus finished it and became King and would rule forever. Thats why God is the Alpha and Omega. There is no cause for God. He simply just is. There was no change in what Jesus taught thats why we have the bible as reference and also why we pray so we get discernment from God to expose evil and shame the enemy. I tell people stay in your bible. You will need it in the end. Blessings.

          • DAH20

            So Dan I’m interested in who you think the Apostles and Prophets of our day are , since most protestant churches feel that in our day they are not needed .

          • Dan Bires

            God appoints them and it might not be your local pastor. It might be a very small ministry or even individual who spreads the true Gospel who is under fire (attacked) or blacklisted by other churches basically the same way our The Apostles in the bible were always under attack, being arrested, beaten ect. God is raising them up through the power of prayer. Apostle is a high ranking teacher, Fire starter, will stand on the truth of the gospels at all costs, will protect his church and can recognize where evil is in the church and expose it. There are people out there even today that take the name Apostle but still in all cases and even in Apostle Paul teachings warns us we have to be very careful of false teachings even with pastors and people who preach the gospel. This is why even if we find a good church to worship God in with a very persuasive pastor not saying he is false but we must constantly be in our bible reading, studying, learning and praying ect. For example the Full Armor of God Ephesians 6:10-18 is a prayer that protects us from spiritual warfare and false teachers and helps to give us discernment from God as he will expose it. I believe 100% that Jesus Christ is real and praying to receiving discernment from God so that I can recognize who they are because my Faith is 100% in Jesus Christ. That is my obedience to Lord God. I could get into the warning signs but simply to much to write about. Its all about Jesus Christ and what he did on the cross for us. Get saved and get ready for his return. The bible equips us for his return.

          • DAH20

            To me it seems reasonable and logical to think that if Jesus had true Apostles and Prophets on the earth today that he would want every one to know who they are and that they would be proclaiming that they were such ? So do you know any one group or organization that claims to be lead by a prophet or any one or several persons who actually claim to be an apostle or prophet ? I ask this again Dan because as I stated before most protestant churches believe that because we have the Holy Spirit in our day we don’t need Prophets or Apostles that we can simply follow Jesus and the guidance of the Holy Spirit. I believe that if we follow the bible strictly though one has to conclude that we do need Prophets since the prophet Amos( Amos 3:7) in the old testament has said that ” Surely the Lord God will do nothing, except he revealith his secret unto his servants the prophets ” And if Jesus is the same yesterday today and forever as has also been written in the scriptures then he must have prophets and apostles today on the earth today. As further proof that we need apostles and prophets today as Jesus had during his ministry it is written in Acts chapter 3 vrs 19,20,21 that before the 2nd coming of Christ that there would be a restitution of all things or a refreshing . So again do you know who the true ones are. As a devote Christian wouldn’t you want to know ? If they are his special witnesses on earth wouldn’t you want to know ? Wouldn’t all true Christians seek after them since they are very close to Jesus and can speak his true word ?

          • Dan Bires

            Yes there are a lot of them out there. I know of at least 6 that operate. There are a lot more I am sure. I feel if the church of today that is not operating in the Apostolic dimension of a 5 fold ministry will be lacking what is called the great commission that God required of the early church. “The Church in the book of Acts was first and foremost an apostolic Church. They understood that they were sent ones. They knew that they were authorized to carry out the mission. The dominant anointing in the book of Acts was apostolic, and the anointing is what governed all they did. The apostolic set the tone for the early Church; it molded who they were and how they lived.
            When I say the commission was apostolic, I mean it was given to sent ones. Now there is the Apostolic Spirit.
            The Helper, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in My name, He will teach you all things, and bring to your remembrance all things that I said to you” (John 14:26). The Holy Spirit is an apostolic Spirit. He is apostolic because He has been sent by the Father. He is also a prophetic Spirit, for when He comes, the sons, daughters, servants and handmaidens will prophesy (see Acts 2:17–18). He is an evangelistic Spirit because He convicts and draws sinners to Christ (see John 16:8–9). He is a pastoral Spirit because He appoints overseers for the saints (see Acts 20:28). He is also a teaching Spirit, according to 1 John 2:27.
            All believers who have received the Holy Spirit have within them these dimensions. Those believers called to the fivefold ministry described in Ephesians 4:11–12 will have a greater dimension of the Holy Spirit’s anointing in the gift to which they are called. The apostles will have a greater measure of the apostolic dimension upon their lives to impart and stir up this anointing in the saints. So we have to understand that the office for Apostleship was always left open.
            It is the responsibility of the apostles to release and stir up the apostolic dimension in every believer through teaching, preaching, prophesying and the laying on of hands. When saints become aware of and begin to walk in this dimension of the Spirit, they will manifest the power, authority and characteristics of a sent one.
            Jesus the Apostle was sent by the Father, and His words indicated His awareness of that apostleship (see John 3:34; 5:22–30; 6:38–44). (We know that Jesus, as an Apostle, is in a class by himself.) A characteristic of the apostolic spirit is an awareness of being sent. A sense of purpose and destiny results from the apostolic spirit—a focus upon fulfilling a divine commission. When the Church loses the apostolic dimension, it loses its sense of divine purpose and mission. Whole denominations dry up and decline because of the absence of the apostolic anointing. The apostolic spirit is necessary for the Church to fulfill the Great Commission to go into all the world and preach the Gospel to every creature (see Mark 16:15). Instead, after the death of the early apostles, the Church became institutional and ceremonial. It jus simply dries up. You have to think back with the original 12 that not all people accepted these teachings or the fact that Jesus was God. They were attacking them at will. It was God who was protecting them and the Holy Spirit Leading and guiding at the same time so as a True Christian I do know 2 personally and they are Great Apostles. I minister the word just about everyday and I teach the best I can. God allows me to pray, heal, teach and even prophesy at times depending on the situations. I have been trained in healing and deliverance, as a Christian I just stay obedient to God and pray to him to use me to help people. I also pray that he send me people that need him and I will say I am blessed because he comes through almost everyday. I have been doing this for 3 years now and 4 years ago I was very confused about all of this Jesus stuff LOL. I always believed in God but never really understood his power. It was simply hidden from me. Well God revealed it all to me one day after I started to learn about spiritual warfare and how to defeat the enemy. That was the day God gave me my first Prophesy. I was new to ministering to strangers and not up to par on how to protect myself before going into praying and rebuking spirits ( casting out demons ) Then it happened. I had a few customers come in later in the evening and I do what I always do before I talked to them> I prayed for discernment earlier in the day. and Bam. God revealed that there would be a witch coming in to visit me plain as day. I was like no way. So the customers who came in later that evening was a mom and daughter. I was with them for about 2 hours tops. From talking to them everything seemed fine. We got into talking about God and they told me they were Catholic so I was like okay no big deal right. Wrong! So the conversation went on and then this happened. The mother came out and said me and my daughter know things we see things. I was like okay cool. I said do you get visions from God like prophesy. She said no nothing like that we just know things. Hmmm I was confused so I said didnt you say you were catholic. she said yes but we dont go to church or read the bible. I hear this a lot so I was like well if we are to believe in the Lord we should be in our bible and pray to him every day in Jesus name. As soon as I said that the daughter looked at me and said she practices witchcraft. I was blown away. God had told me this and proved it to me. I wanted to jump out my seat but I contained myself. Here it turns out the daughter told me she hasn’t been doing this very long and I believe God sent her to me to minister her out of it. So thats what i did to the best of the ability and gifts that God has blessed me with. Ever since that day things in life have moved and flowed in such an anointing way I would have never believed I would be doing what I do. Just a little Testimony. The reason I am telling you this is because I believe somehow God allowed us to align in this great Godly conversation. Thanks for listening to me. I pray for this everyday. God gets all the glory.

          • DAH20

            Dan , Thank you for sharing with me that experience you had with the lady and her daughter and for the time you’ve put in to reply to my questions. Now that you’ve told me that you know of at least 6 Apostles could you give me their names so I could seek them out ?

          • Michael Olsson

            Yes, everyone has the right to believe whatever they want.
            Just like everyone else has the right to find it fucking ridiculous! 😀

          • Nancy petrich

            But you didn’t mind “global warming” being forced upon you. Religion is not forced upon you unless you are forced to donate money to the cause. BUT….global warming was and continues to be forced upon us and uses OUR money taken by force!!!!!

          • Robert

            It is not being forced upon u friend. It is simply your choice of what u want to believe. I wish u well.

          • deenie1219

            Although I greatly respect the wisdom of religions like Christianity, most peeps are unable to see how it is being manipulated to divide the masses into warring factions. IMO, just allow science to pure a pure endeavor to find the workings of how our reality is assembled. Many mysteries are being explored and do show that science is every bit as mysterious as one can imagine. Very beautiful too. It is the corporate version of science that is obscene and revolting, yet that is what our “leaders” accept as valid. It is anything but!

          • Don

            Science can no longer be pure since money is at the root of it’s endeavors. Whether it is global warming or space travel. Everything is driven by greed.

          • Street

            Well put Deenie.

          • des_3

            Well, we’re forced to see your idiocy, so it all balances out.

          • khansgod01

            If thats a balance, your more of an idiot you lead on too!! Im not forcing anything. Your just gabbing to keep your post stats up above 30K. Get a life!!!!

          • des_3

            Would it be asking too much to ask if you would someday learn to spell?

          • khansgod01

            like…what?? Looser!!!

          • des_3

            Yes. If you can’t type a three word sentence without misspelling a word, then you need help.

          • khansgod01

            what words are misspelled??

          • des_3

            Well for starters, sentences usually start with a capital letter. Then we have your inability to understand the proper usage of an ellipse. Then you misspelled “Loser.” Then you assumed the word “loser” was a complete sentence by itself.

            Seriously, if your goal was to have people take your opinion seriously, you missed by a lot.

            Oh yeah, and in your original rant that I commented on, you showed an inability to tell “you’re” from “your” (among numerous other errors I wouldn’t accept from a 12 year-old).

          • Bob Packard

            Looser. one who looses, say, an arrow. Loser, one who loses and argument. your mirror will illustrate THAT perfectly.

          • Street

            Yup, that part was BLAH BLAH, but speaking of the Creator of all things is never out of place.

          • Marvolo riddle

            We feel more force to vote democrat than going to church in America.

          • William Burnam

            Forced? No one has forced you to read the comments section of a news and opinion site… You could just as easily be accused of forcing your offensive obnoxious bloviations upon an otherwise polite discussion. And since I’m not a religious person, I’ll say what the Christians here won’t… Go piss up a rope!

          • jmichael39

            LMAO…someone speaks or writes something and that’s now forcing what they say upon you? Grow a back bone.

          • Bobstinate

            Secular humanism is being forced on a once Christian nation, through government education and political thuggery.

          • ron111

            BLAH BLAH……..constantly we are being force fed lies from the mouth of Obama. We have the unmoral acts of gays being shoved down our throats…….BLAH BLAH

          • ron111

            btw, it’s not being forced upon you. you have the choice to ignore any and all comments. grow up and deal with it you cupcake.

          • Robert Forrest

            Hey snow flake, nobody is forcing anything on you… Your elitist attitude says you know better then all… Bad position to be in… heed the words of watchman48 and others before it is too late…

          • Bilbo Baggins

            Dick head

          • Mike

            Muslims are forcing religion on you more than Christians ever had, yet people seem fine with that.

          • guamjeff

            Oh mannnn, atheism being forced upon us by this negativity about religion…… ……. ……. ….. blah blah blah….krishna…… blah blah…….Marx…….evolution……. go suck it.

          • RobiMac

            Force? That’s funny. We, as children of the only living God, are merely dropping a seed at your feet. No one is forcing you to accept Jesus as your Savior. Learn the difference.

          • rhondajo3

            No one is forcing anything on you. Give me a break!

          • Charlotte Butcher Bradshaw

            Forced???? Don’t read it!

          • edward_h

            Self-reliant proud people usually discover God when they are faced with problems and distress that exceed their coping resources – when they are at the end of their rope, so to speak, and in complete, utter despair. Having no one to turn to for help, they look up, their heart and soul crying out wordlessly for help. And God answers their silent prayer with His peace. Then God reveals a way, sheds new light, opens a door to the solution of the dilemma. The self-reliant, proud, wise person knows it was not his own doing, and is blessed with humility. He becomes a believer.

          • Geno777

            Religion is not forced on you, you can not believe it and go to hell it’s up to y.o.u. blah, blah.

          • Tak Tak

            another one that condemns mankind unless you do this big religious list of things… If all you bible thumpers only realized what that book really says you would hang your head in shame…enough said.

          • watchman48

            I certainly don’t condemn mankind, that is God’s job…. If man doesn’t repent of his sins and accept Christ Jesus as their LORD and Savior..
            You may very well have worldly wisdom on a few subjects but certainly not of the WORD of God….
            As God is your witness whether you believe in Him or not… How much have you read of the Bible? And why should God reveal Himself to someone that refuses to seek Him?
            I suggest that you sat down with a small easy to read book titled, “The Case for Christ” which was written by a former atheist, and Legal Editor and Investigative Journalist for Chicago Sun-Times Newspaper after a two year investigation to prove Christianity and God as being all false..

          • treebird

            That is a good book. I read it!

          • Doc

            Who told you that crap? How would you know what Gods desires are for you let alone anyone else? Because you read Some little book and you don’t even know who wrote it.? Why would you believe that ?
            How would you know what the truth is?
            Doesn’t it strike you a little odd that the doctrine of reincarnation was struck from the Bible at the conference at Constantinople? Isn’t it a little odd that child molestation goes on continually in the church? And these are the people whose words guide your life?

            God help us.!

          • watchman48

            Doc… I have no idea as to whether you have many years of education with diplomas or a Doctinec

          • Lee

            So a man can live as heineous, self-centered and godless life as he fancies and as long as he accepts Jesus on his deathbed he will be rewarded; yet a truly good man who looks out for others above himself, but doesn’t believe in your god, will be damned for all eternity?

          • watchman48

            According to the Bible there is none that do good… Of course that is compared to God Himself… All have sinned and deserve death because all have inherited the sin nature of man..
            In Jeremiah 17:9 we are told: The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it?
            No one can know just how Great, Holy, Righteous and True God is, there are mysteries of God that no one will understand until they reach Heaven and maybe some that we will never even understand then… God knows are very thoughts, so only He can judge our intentions before we even proceed our next moves.
            The message above were I mentioned I was going to kill a co-worker… I never told anyone my intentions.. it was that very night while running into work during a rainstorm that I told myself that this was the night I was going to kill Dan. I knew I would be operating the conveyor system and that the coal chutes would need to be cleaned during each break, and that Dan would be helping me to clean the chutes. Yes, there is no doubts in my mind, God knows our thoughts and intentions.
            Why He stepped in to stop me from killing Dan and He doesn’t stop others, I don’t know, it certainly wasn’t because I was any better or more righteous than the next guy.
            If we break even one of God’s Commandments we are just as guilty of having broken all of His Law.. Even to have hate in our hearts for someone is equal to murder… We live by man’s law but we who have truly accepted Christ Jesus will not do the evil towards anyone else.
            Just because one says he is a Christian that doesn’t make him a Christian. Remember, former Pres. Obama said he was a Christian.. he also supported homosexuality and abortion.. By using God’s standards there is no way that Obama can be a true Christian. Now should Obama realize his faults before his last breath and he confesses his sins and he be forgiven, only God knows.

          • Lee

            Thankyou. I get the message: believe in god and you can happily spend you life being an arsehole.

          • watchman48

            My definition of a asshole… One that rejects the truth, or one that use vulgar language or vulgar actions, a stupid, annoying, detestable or contemptible person that refuses to listen to reasoning. One that thinks he is always right and will never consider nor listen to opinions of others.

          • Lee

            So look in the mirror, you fit your definition to a T.

            I’m not the person attempting to force my beliefs on anyone and everyone who comments on a post that is totally unrelated to religion. People are entitled to their beliefs, but organised religion is the excuse used by far too many people to do detestable things. The atrocities of christianity match those of islam, and plenty of other religions,

            Nor have I ever planned to murder anyone – perhaps that is where I am going wrong.

            Not one of you zealots can square your religion with reality for me, which is why I have beliefs that don’t match you blind an slavish quoting of a single book that has been translated and mis-translated over and over.

            And the word is “arse” hole, an ass is a donkey.

          • watchman48

            I have never ever forced my belief on no one… Am I or do any Christians hold a knife to anyone’ throat threaten them that they must accept Christ as their LORD or we will kill them? No, it is the musilms that force others that they must worship allah or they will be killed. Do Christians throw homosexuals off the top of buildings or decapitates those that refuse to worship God? No, it is the muslims that decapitate others that will not worship allah. Do Christian mulate the female body or kidnap and rape little girls? No, it is the muslim that do these things..
            Do true Christians slaughter abortionist in the name of Jesus? No, only the crazies’ or mentally ill will kill another human being.

            No other religion tells its’ followers to love their enemies and do good to those that persecute you…. No, it is you and every one else who are deeply deceived in believing the lies of the non-Christians in saying that the atrocities of christianity match those of islam, and plenty of other religions…

            Christianity is the most giving of all faiths to the down and out poor throughout all the world.. It is most always the Christians Relief agencies that are the first to go into disaster areas with life saving supplies, doctors and nurses.
            My precious church sent crew of workers and a 53′ container to Africa with a 4 wheel drive Jeep, computers, monitors, printers and building supplies to build a computer classroom… They have also helped to build houses and churches in the three trips they have made over there.
            Your lack of knowledge of the truth of Christianity is astounding but than so is it the same with nearly all non-Christians.

          • Michael Olsson
          • watchman48

            You are lacking understanding in so many issues… It sounds as if you have a great deal of faith, faith in believing the lies of others or actually believing you have wisdom….
            Wisdom is using knowledge to enhance one understanding of issues which are factual…
            Factual, meaning truth concerning facts and not merely one’s interpretations on issues he has absolutely no understanding.
            You many very well have studied the Bible but that means nothing if there is no wisdom applied…
            Now we have received, not the spirit of the world, but the spirit which is of God; that we might know the things that are freely given to us of God. Which things also we speak, not in the words which man’s wisdom teacheth, but which the Holy Ghost teacheth; comparing spiritual things with spiritual. But the natural man receiveth not the things of the Spirit of God: for they are foolishness unto him: neither can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned (1 Corinthians. But he that is spiritual judgeth all things, yet he himself is judged of no man. For who hath known the mind of the Lord, that he may instruct him? but we have the mind of Christ.2:12-16).

          • Nitsud

            If a god is all knowing and all powerful than how did it fack up with us.. Religion says we were currupt n strayed n facked it all up but if that true than the god made us that way n if were designed in his image than he must be as also.. also being as he created the so called devil.. But the real question is if hes all powerfull n seeing n al that.. How the ish didnt he see all this turmoil coming n just say no in the first place..?

          • watchman48

            By religion, do you mean the Bible…? The Bible is not religion, religion is man made doctrines! The lack of studying the Bible which is God’s WORD leads to the ignorance of not understanding the truth. BUT then the vast majority of those that claim to be Christian have never even read through the Bible even once.
            It has been estimated that less than 2% of those that claim to be born again has read through the Bible… No wonder there is such ignorance even among the Christians of not understanding nor knowing the awesomeness of an all knowing God, a God who spoke the universe into existence and then set it all into motion.
            God never created the devil, He did however create Lucifer, the bearer of Light, who when found to be full of pride in himself was casted out of Heaven to the earth to become Satan or ask most of us say, the devil.
            Yes, God knew that man would be corrupted by Satan’s lie and that corruption would be spread throughout all mankind, thus He reveal this corruption through the Old Testament and man’s need for a Savior, for no man can save himself from the eternal death that sin brings.
            Just as a loving earthly father seeks to warn his children of dangers, so too does our loving Heaven Father seeks to warn us of the dangers of sin… For the wages of sin is eternal death.
            Hell was created for Satan and the fallen angels, who were also cast out of Heaven with Lucifer… God has provided us with a way out of our destiny with Hell by providing us with a Savior. The New Testament is the introduction of that Savior, Jesus and God’s promise of Salvation through our faith in Jesus.

          • Street

            Religion says it all, athiest scientific scammer.

          • Roozter

            You had to start it, eh?

          • Leo

            I could care less if it was a Dr. Suess quote. If the shoe fits………

          • purplinko .

            we can only pray for you

          • khansgod01

            DUDE!!! That was 2 YEARS ago!! A little slow on the uptake!!??

        • O.h. Fugate

          What do you mean?

          • watchman48

            My reply was to – Syd Schultz MarvLS1 • 2 years ago
            Al Gore is now a rich man. Invested in GREEN tech.

            Al Gore has made millions of dollar pushing his lies on global warming change.. And the Bible says it best: But the fearful, and unbelieving, and the abominable, and murderers, and whoremongers, and sorcerers, and idolaters, and all liars, shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone: which is the second death. Rev. 21:8

        • tda325

          It profits him an 9,000 s.f. seaside home in Santa Barbara and a replacement wife…

          • watchman48

            Everything seen in this world is only temporary, that which is not seen is permanent…. Meaning the riches of this world cannot enter in a spiritual world; whether it be Heaven or Hell….

        • Gina Marie Conners

          So you’re suggesting that God denies climate change? Wow! I would have bet, given his whole episode with Noah, that he’d be the first to be sensitive to Mother Earth going through an industrially-induced menopause.

          • watchman48

            ​Evidently you haven’t read through the Bible nor do you know who God is. Maybe you haven’t heard but, In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth (Genesis 1:1). I don’t know how it is in your world but in mine if the artist or builder creates something then it belongs to him unless he was commissioned for the project or if he freely gives it away…. There was no one at that time that was here to commission anything, thus we can conclude all that there is belongs to the One and only Creator….

            When God place Adam in the Garden of Eden He gave Adam dominion (ownership or control) of that which was on the earth, that which was above the earth and that which was in the waters below.) but the dominion was stolen with a lie. thus it wasn’t a legal transaction…

            The liberal’s use of the term mother earth is an extremely weak effort to deny God’s existence and it doesn’t change the absolute truth of God nor His sovereignty over all that there is even today…. You may say, “Will the artist who painted the painting owns the painting.” The artist himself is a created being, he doesn’t legal own his own body, the paint, the canvas which he painted upon… Legally, concerning God, we own nothing but we pay for the services of those that produce, supply or fulfill our wants or needs…

            While the earth remaineth, seedtime and harvest, and cold and heat, and summer and winter, and day and night shall not cease (Genesis 8:22). And He changeth the times and the seasons: He removeth kings, and setteth up kings: He giveth wisdom unto the wise, and knowledge to them that know understanding (Daniel 2:21):

            Nothing happens in this world that He hasn’t allowed… God’s thoughts and ways are so far beyond those of man it is truly ridiculous to think that man can do anything to change what is meant to be… Sure He gives man freewill to sin but there are still limits even as to how far He will allow us to go….
            I would guess your next question might be, “What about the mass murderer? Or, “What about allowing Hitler’s reign of terror and the Holocaust?” Who are we to judge God’s decisions on anything. He is God, “And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose (Romans 8:28).”

      • dino digger

        That would give him a great reason to push, normal climate change, I mean Global Warming!!

        • dino digger

          I wonder what Obummers cut is??

      • Sonny Vargas

        Invested in Green Scams Perpetrated by the Elite Establishment Leftists!

      • Herbertificus

        Nooooo . . . Algore’s invested in fraudulent “green” media.

      • R. Kobert

        Al Gore, who rides around in his own personal jet and lives in an immense mansion. ( Hugh carbon footprint) He wants everyone else to live without electricity and ride bicicycles, but not him and his buddies.

      • Philip Marsala


      • Sean

        Al Gore was a rich man before and has lost all credibility when it was found he was an amazingly decadent overuser of energy and not a conservationist at all, just one of the first politicians to jumps into the green money pit.

      • O.h. Fugate

        Al Gore installed a thermostat on the sun when he invented the internet.

      • commonsense woman

        Really? Done any research into WHO funds those companies (HINT our tax dollars) and how long those companies stay afloat before the money has been disbursed? I suggest you do some digging!

      • Steve Freeman

        He hasn’t invested in green tech or he’d be broke. He IS VESTED in green tech scam, but he has no green tech in any of his multimillion dollar mansions, 2 of which are on the very coasts he claimed should be under 6-10′ of water by now.

      • Steve Freeman

        I would just like to add that I enjoy the haughtiness and self-righteousness of atheists. I mean they are SOOOO much better than the rest of us. So much so that well over 100MILLION people were slaughtered by atheists over the past century…many in the name of atheism, no less. Thats literally more murders than all other groups in human history combined. How holy the atheists must be.

      • stant

        Actually, Al Gore is a rich man because of his Global Warming scam…where he made over $100 million off a movie whose predictions never came true, not a single one…

    • Occam’s Stubble

      Which has increased in the last eighteen years?

      A. Global Temperatures
      B. The size of Al Gore’s bank account
      C. All of the above
      D. None of the above

    • radicalizedconservative

      Soooo….does this mean AlGore also did not INVENT the internet???? (lol!)

      • LASTew

        No! Say it isn’t so!

    • Kelvinator

      I knew it was a scam when Algore told us, in 2004, that it was already irreversible that, by as early as 2014, BOTH polar ice caps would have melted. I knew he was full if BS then, and now, in 2016, that both ice caps have grown by 50%, I have no reason to listen to this buffoon ever again. No wonder he has become a recluse. Good bye, Manbearpig.

    • The Issue

      Al Gore bought a house in 2005 that, if he was correct, should be under water today. It is not. He either know it was a fraud or he is that stupid.

      • wornhall

        Short answer: he is a stupid fraud.

    • Greg Mac

      John Casy use to work for NASA for 90% of his working life he stoped working when he retiered back in the early 2000’s any way he also called it the biggest fraud on the world, “Globle warming.”

    • AuldLochinvar

      The replies here are about as stupid as your axiom. I have even known Trump, who is much more ignorant than Al Gore, to get something right, even if it was for the wrong reason.
      Read James Hansen, or visit
      The worship of renewables is as silly as the worship of the God of Roman Emperor Constantine, which we find here too.
      You might as well lose your soul as give it to any Church, whether it be Islamic, Jewish, Christian, Mormon, or Capitalist.

    • O.h. Fugate

      When Earth was warming and cooling it was doing and is doing the same on Venus and Mars.
      Ask someone. See what they say. Stop the liberals forever.

    • Melody Gere

      Global warming is a scam just like evolution. But money is definitely the driving force. I’m glad to see that there are some scientists out there interested in truth over money.

  • Cajun69

    I have known this for years and it is about time some one Stood up and told the world the TRUTH!!!!

  • Mark Denton

    So your showing a post of an 80 year old physicist retirement letter, who have nothing to do with climate research, has something important? Apparently you guys would go to a psychologist to treat your heart disease.

    • PghGuy

      Mark Denton: can you cite for us climate change doubters 1 scientific report that conclusively shows that mankind’s actions have caused global warming? We don’t need bullet point answers such as you provided with the tree rings. I’m serious, please provide us the name of that scientific report that proves we humans caused global warming.

    • GCG8688

      “A MATHEMATICAL discovery by Perth-based electrical engineer Dr David Evans may change everything about the climate debate, on the eve of the UN climate change conference in Paris next month. A former climate modeller for the Government’s Australian Greenhouse Office, with six degrees in applied mathematics, Dr Evans has unpacked the architecture of the basic climate model which underpins all climate science.He has found that, while the underlying physics of the model is correct, it had been applied incorrectly. He has fixed two errors and the new corrected model finds the climate’s sensitivity to carbon dioxide (CO2) is much lower than was thought.” The climate change group base their proposition/hypothesis on models i.e. software architecture if the data is incorrect or insufficiently inputted it will screw up your analysis an ability to identify the root causes and appropriate solutions. On top of that when your problem solving you need more data for a greater period of time to solution long term problems in a process. Since climate data has only been collected since the early eighteen hundreds I would think there’s insufficient real time data to come to an absurd conclusion as “the world is warming and where the problem”.

  • Chris

    If it is clean energy, every inch of the earth is directly above a temperature that would boil water… Geothermal clean and renewable… If concern is rising oceans, consider a glass with water and topped with ice cubes… when the ice melts the water level drops… Duh? Oh, and if the air temp is high enough to melt ice caps and all above sea level ice… water vapor is created making clouds which helps to shade and cool the earth.. And CO2 is not weighed in tons, it is a volume measurement… Duh again… So, why are we spending so much money to destroy economic engines? Social Control due to government over reach…If you ask me

  • John

    Hal Lewis died in 2011

    • jackrussell

      Welcome to the discussion, John. And, how much warmer is the earth in that time?

  • Charlie Daubitz

    So how long has the climate been changing, 4.5 billion years.
    When will climate quit changing, never

  • Kurt Schulten
  • HeyNav

    Someone have a link to The Telegraph for this? Not seeing it there.

  • Shawn Banus
  • Shawn Banus
  • rebman

    “Well what the hell am I supposed to do with my Prius now?”, said all the kool aid drinkers.

    • OBlamo Binlyen

      The ones with enough money will be buying into Elon Musk’s wet cash dream and bilking the tax payers of even more. But meanwhile in the land of Fruits and Nuts the insanity continues unabated as the ‘true believers’ will not release from the teat of the cash cow.

  • Bob

    Peer-reviewed scientific studies are the best source for science education. Scientists reviewing scientists with benefit for creating an antagonistic argument. That should be indisputable since innovation occurs when hypothesis becomes theory. It’s pretty easy to find “deniers” in any field, however worldwide consensus is pretty strong evidence for reliability. But, deniers are a loud bunch and have BS technique; and, therefore, not worth arguing with. It’s an important subject that requires deniers and 97.1% of the science community should study BOTH sides of an argument (your side, my side, and the truth).

    • therideneverends

      “worldwide consensus is pretty strong evidence for reliability.”
      You mean like when ‘scientists’ thought the sun revolved around the earth and that four humors controlled the body and its emotions? Science has been dead wrong before.
      True scientists don’t mind being wrong and don’t seek a consensus. Seeking a consensus is political, not scientific. A scientist seeks evidence for a hypothesis that can be tested over and over again to be true, not the opinions of others (until after the science can be verified through mathematical equations or physical experimentation).

      • Bob

        I’ve never heard of a peer reviewed scientific research study on the earth revolving around the sun. Or, any scientific research studies from the 4th Century……… BC!!!!! Some progress is sure to have happened in 2,000 years. Maybe, I’m not sure smh

      • Bob

        The helio-centric theory was from the 4th century BC…….. not one scientific peer reviewed study was even imagined at that time.
        I believe I said the same thing as you about the scientific method. All scientists have been wrong, even Einstein. Dr. William Libby, the creator of carbon dating, stated that C-14 dating was only accurate to 20,000 years. Scientists still use carbon dating and radio-metric dating because it is a standard in Science. There are tons of research data about climate change that are scientific. There are, also, paid deniers and pseudo-science that cherry pick data for their own purposes (anomalies).
        I didn’t know if climate change was real, so I searched for research papers and experimentation about it. I could go on for days with where to find actual climate science and the vast network of scientists performing experiments on climate science, but people should do their own homework and not be spoon fed facts because something you don’t work for; you won’t appreciate it because you have put “no skin in the game.”
        Science isn’t conservative or liberal, it’s neutral, based on experimentation and facts obtained through those experiments. One comment from Sen. Ted Cruz stated that satellite data proves that the ice caps are frozen. Well, there are scientists in Antarctica observing a volcanic river that has turned the ice into slush. But, it looks frozen from a satellite. That is one comment, from one man that isn’t a scientists that used misleading “data” to convince people it climate change was a sham with the worst possible explanation.
        I would challenge the deniers to Google search: Scientific research papers and experiments for climate science. Take a few hours to search and read as many as possible. The vocabulary is difficult, but there is plenty of raw data and interpretation of data. Some are on forums where scientists will argue with each other about the conclusions and cross reference with more experimentation.

    • Pappa Bear

      There was once such a consensus for a flat earth. Then we did not have the powers of the globe aligned to create one world governance either. That is the actual consensus, Climate change is a good tool to get closer to that end.
      Thank goodness we had deniers to set us straight back then, though not without consequence to them.

  • Kevin Aldrich

    Okay, but this is not news. He died in 2011.

  • banneduser

    what a funny fella this hal lewis is…

    he is right though, it is all about the money.. i wonder who is paying him…

  • BillO

    Good morning boys and girls. Your assignment today is to learn something about this farce called global warming, or as it has been reclassified, climate change. Of course there is climate change. It never stops changing. But, it is NOT the “sky is falling” scenario painted by these alarmists. It is natural. Climate has changed forever. We have evidence of it in those huge mounds of pebbles and rocks pushed by glaciers into Illinois, Wisconsin. They are called moraines. Yes! Big piles of those rocks pushed by the front of the glaciers and when the glaciers receded (more climate change!) those piles of rocks were left behind. Now boys and girls, all these glaciers came and went a loooooong time before there were 6 billion people on earth, a long time before coal fired power, and even before automobiles. So, these changes have truly been forever. And they will continue….forever. Now then, there was a scientist who keenly recognized these cyclic changes and they became known as Milankovitch Cycles – yes, named after him for his discovery. But the climate changers like to leave out these evidences because they run contrary to their scam. Look up Milankovitch Cycles for homework, and for EXTRA credit, look up the word interstadials too. You’ll soon begin to recognize the you’re being misled by the climate changers. Oh, by the way, did you know that woolly mammoths were once found in Florida? That’s right! Florida wasn’t always the sub-tropical climate. More proof! Climate does change. But those silly mammoths were long gone even before there were factories. So the nonsense being foisted on the public amounts to nothing more than mammoth piles of mammoth dung. I know, I’m am retired scientist.

    • Rick Freeland

      The real sky is falling scenario will come in fifty to a hundred years from now, when we run out of petroleum. The resulting chaos will make concerns over climate change look like kindergarten nap time.

      • Cynthia Cook

        According to all of the experts, we were supposed to be out of oil by 1980, It hasn’t even come close to happening. There are other sky is falling scares that are not really happening. Food shortage and overpopulation is one of them. There is more than enough to feed everyone, just leave out dictatorships, greed or transportation problems, problem solved. The man who invented overpopulation, when questioned on where he got his data, said he made it up.

  • Mark Giovanni Sandore

    Oh geez, not another left wing kook scam designed to pad the dead beat rolls. When will these Bill Maher types quit ?

  • Nore

    Bullshit… Shitest and most vague article I’ve ever read. Eat my dick you fraud misguiding pussy.

  • Shanghai Brown

    Well this is total bullshit. First, the 87 year-old professor emeritus of physics did NOT resign his position at the university, so you can’t even get that right. Then, this letter is from 2010. It’s already been discussed and debunked and virtually everyone has moved on. Your News Wire? Definitely not mine. I’ll get my news from reliable sources, not some hokey horseshit factory.

  • LatherRinseReTWEET

    Should be a front page, top-of-the-fold headline in every major newspaper. But it won’t be.

  • Bill

    Bollocks. The letter is from 2010. Hal Lewis has been dead for years and was hardly a top-scientist; he was an Emeritus professor in physics only. Given his background purely a career committee member with no scientific papers of note published.

    Typical denier rubbish.

    • jackrussell

      Yes, he was an emeritus professor in physics only, hardly a top scientist.

  • Bob Munck

    Hal Lewis died 4½ years ago at the age of 88. He had been retired for 20 years. His speciality was solid-state physics; radiation, elementary particles, etc.

    • jackrussell

      Thank you, Bob. Why don’t you tell Wikipedia?

      • Bob Munck

        tell Wikipedia?

        It’s more important that and Sean Adl-Tabatabai know.

  • Roberto Locatelli

    Oh my, so we invest in a better world, clean air, clean water, forests preserved, for NOTHING!! From now, let’s pollute like crazy, because global warming is a scam!!

  • Magic_Physicist

    Left-wing conspiracy

  • marti123

    K, first the guy died 4.5 years ago, retired in 1991, and was not in climate science. (He was into nuclear weapons and their effect on nuclear winter). This letter, written 5 years ago shortly before his death, was a resignation from a professional group, not the university. A “top scientist” or ramblings of a dying old timer outside his field, far removed from the latest science? Still sound like credible “top news” from a “news wire”, or maybe a troll with a blog front, scavenging for someone who agrees with the right wing climate change deniers?

  • Wendy Wagner

    It must be quite difficult to back the idea we are getting warmer when the government also says this. h

  • Pulseguy

    Every level of government is adding layers of bureaucracy based on climate change. Building codes are changing, cities are being re-planned, businesses are being shut out of making needed changes, and all because of something that is not real.

    • Pappa Bear

      Oh it is VERY real as a means to an end. Kind of like the war on Drugs. How many layers of bureaucracy have been created over that? Not to mention a whole new state of the art private prison system expanding daily. Meanwhile drugs are more prevalent and less than half the price they were 20 years ago. Raging success but for whom exactly? Almost looks as if it was expected to fail.

  • dooberheim

    He loses all credibility when he cites “Climategate”. Three separate commissions absolved the affected scientists of any fraud. Science takes fraud very seriously. Nobody gets away with fraud for very long.

  • Phil Blank
  • Tami Chapman

    It is real. Ask New Zealand, who has a huge hole in the ozone over their country whether it is real or not. The scam lies in the fact that it has been engineered on purpose using all types of weather modification to create situations that big money can use to manipulate and control the masses (NOT that it isn’t real). We are in crisis, but it is man-made by big money, and only we can change that by first getting the money out of politics and government, so that our leaders work for everyone, and not just the rich.

    • Pappa Bear

      Yes I think there is a HARRP in Australia as well as Japan and a few other countries. Not to mention the billions of aerosol particles admittedly being spewed into our atmosphere daily “supposedly” to reflect heat away from the earth.

  • F4U

    I have no doubt whatsoever, that corruption and financial gain are large factors in a lot of political issues, global climate change being one.
    I suspect that mr lewis has seen this first hand and wants out.
    I dont blame him, but his decision to resign sounds politically based.
    However, observing that climate change is a natural phonomenon, thats been happening for millions of years, doesnt in any way discount mans possible involvement.
    In the past, solar activity, volcanism, dinosaur farts, may well have all caused climate change, no humans involved.
    human impact is nevertheless a very credible addition to the historical causality of climate change. of course its a theory, but many so called scientific experts have been very wrong regarding a host of subjects. current climate change may have a human causality, maybe not. A perceived lack of solid evidence is not a valid reason to discount a theory.
    Mr lewis could well be wrong. A lot of people also think that climate change is not man influenced. Thats evident in the posts here.
    If he is wrong, and enough people agree with him, then the human race is doomed to extinction. Thats quite a gamble, high stakes.
    If we assume man is responsible, and take steps, whats the outcome? A better environment? Id lke that. Take a look at what china is doing to its air in its larger cities, theres no doubt that pollution in china is real and that its causing health problems. Id like countries the world over to take action to prevent this .
    Mr gore may well get richer, but hed find an outlet to do that somehow anyway. Im fine with that if it means my ancestors can still thrive.
    I agree with david attenborough, who says that human population, and its inherant demands on the planet, is a real danger.
    Plenty of evidence to support his case. He has a lot of credibility to make this observation.
    Climate change is a moot point and just one element of a bigger picture, ie human population expansion, of which there is no doubt.
    Taking measures to avoid polluting the alarmingly thin and delicate atmosphere of planet earth should be top priority, above pretty well every other issue, we all rely on it for our survival.
    I dont care who is right or wrong about climate change,
    Steps need to be taken to protect the ecosystem, the likes of individuals who personally profit shouldnt be cited as reasons to not do so.

    • Pappa Bear

      Steps are being taken, it’s called new world order or one world government and the coming DE-population. Yes it will be man made unless some sort of great natural catastrophe beats them to it. I suspect it may be the latter.

  • Budhita

    Manmade, yes, but emissions are only a tiny fraction of the issue. The myriad of planetary destruction underway includes one very big hitter: Ionospheric heating of chemical aerosol clouds. This technique produces rain, floods, draught, earthquakes, tornados, tsunamis, hurricanes and monsoons. It’s well documented that the US government was employing weather weaponry in Vietnam: (

    Research, it’s easy.

    Government Documents:…/USAF-Study-of-Toxicity-of-Nano-part…

    Related Patents (searchable on the US Patent Office Database

    #3429507 – Rainmaker

    #3613992 – Weather Modification Method

    #3659785 – Weather Modification Utilizing Microencapsulated Material

    #3813875 – Barium Release System to Create Ion Clouds in the Upper-Atmosphere

    #3899144 – Powder Contrail Generation

    #4035726 – Cold Plasma Injection into Ionosphere

    #4362271 – Weather Modification Utilizing Dimethyl Sulfoxide

    #4412654 – Laminar Microjet Atomizer

    #4653690 – Method of Producing Cumulus Clouds

    #4684063 – Particulates Generation and Removal (Electrically Charged Aerosols)

    #4686605 – Method and Apparatus for Altering a Region in the Earth’s Atmosphere, Ionosphere

    #4704942 – Charged Aerosol

    #4766725 – Method of Suppressing Formation of Contrails

    #4948050 – Liquid Atomizing Apparatus for Aerial Spraying

    #4999637 – Creation of Artificial Ionization Clouds

    #5003186 – Stratospheric Welsbach seeding

    #5286979 – Process for Absorbing Ultraviolet Radiation Using Dispersed Melanin

    #5762298 – Satelite Weather Modification System

    #5984239 – Satelite Weather Modification System

    #6315213 – Method of Modifying the Weather

    #6520425 – Process and Apparatus for the Production of Nanofibers

    #7134857 – Electrospinning of Fibers Using a Rotatable Spray Head

    #7291300 – Coated Nanofiber Webs

    #7332321 – Viral Fibers

    #7582809 – Sorghum Aluminum Tolerance Gene

    #7645326 – RFID Environmental Manipulation

    #8010048 – Microradio Design

    #8119091 – Carbon Dioxide Capture (David Keith)

    #8204438 – RF ID Tag Reader

    #8204575 – Locating Guide

    ‪#‎RE29142‬ – Combustible Compositions for Generating Aerosols

    • Pappa Bear

      Yes Tesla wanted to give the world free energy, that could not be allowed. The government took all of his research after he died, HARRP being some of it.

  • MaxPeck58

    But they that will be rich fall into a temptation and a snare, and into many foolish and hurtful lusts, which drown men in destruction and perdition. For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows. – 1 Tim 6:9-10

  • Peter Toth

    Seems like the “consensus” is not so wide spread as we’ve been told. More and more of this will be coming out. What will naturally happen, is that these whistle blowers will be vilified, ostracized, and slandered, by those that rely on those trillions of dollars continuing to fund the fraud.

  • Pete Tittl


  • Terral BlackStar

    This article is BS. Here are the facts:

    2014 was the hottest year on record.

    Here are the charts showing the sharp increase in global temperatures.

    2015 is the hottest year on record.

    “13 of the 14 warmest years on record occurred this century, according to the UN.”

    Last night my girlfriend and I went to the gym here in Florida as usual. I looked down at the temperature gauge on the dashboard of my truck to see a reading of 74 degrees ‘after dark’ on February 1, 2016. This year will be the hottest year on record surpassing 2015 and 2014 and 2013. The record hot temperatures are ‘not’ due to human activity, as the temperatures on all the planets in the solar system are going up.

    Warming of all the planets in the solar system is taking place at the same time that scientists say the Sun is going into a Maunder Minimum:

    The heliosphere has shrunk 25 percent in just the last decade going into 2010:

    The evidence clearly shows Global Temperatures are rising despite the fact that our Sun appears to be going into a minimum. The rise in Global Temperatures has nothing to do with human activity nor the Sun, but everything to do with the near proximity of the Sun’s invisible/collapsed binary twin siphoning electromagnetic energy from the Sun for redirection to the planets using a secondary magnetic portal connection network. There is no evidence anywhere suggesting that Global Temperatures are declining. The scientist from the story above is part of a lettered agency dis/misinformation operation geared to desensitize the Sheeple into believing exactly the opposite is taking place with Global Temperatures and without a single shred of evidence; or he is a dupe without enough sense to read the charts showing dramatic increases in Global Temperatures for the last fifteen years compared to those for more than a hundred years.

    Terral’s 2016 Newsletter Volume 2:

    Terral’s 2016 Newsletter Volume 3:

    Terral’s 2016 Newsletter Volume 4:

    These are links to my three recent newsletters with information about the inbound Black Star for those interested. Get more information at in the Project Black Star Section.

  • goober

    There is only one alternative — kill all who are involved, whenever possible — their family too

  • Ed Kling

    The fact that they never talk about about any advantages to global warming tells me what an agenda driven claim it is. So what is the agenda? As I have long suspected, it keeps the funding flowing (as Lewis describes) and as far as liberals are concerned, it requires giving more power to all the governments, more taxes, and more transfers of wealth, the very thing liberals love and think will be the answer to our problems. Another thing you will notice, the liberals who are pushing this agenda, do not really change their lives to reflect their claimed concern (Obama’s extravagant trips and Al Gore’s extravagant house) Consistent with their belief system, someone else needs to do the sacrificing.

  • Mychele Hillary

    What do you guys keep posting the story as if it were new news?
    And why do you keep insisting that this man, a physicist who studied under Oppenheimer, had anything to do with climate research?? He did not. You may as well be putting him up as an expert on cancer research.

  • Dayna Hamilton

    When the politicians got into the “science” of “climate change” anyone who is paying attention should have figured it was a money/power scam. Politicians are the biggest, smoothest talking grifters on the planet.

  • Turboblocke

    The story is wrong: in 2010 when that letter was written he was 87 years old. He retired from the University of California in 1991. The letter refers to his resignation from the American Physical Society because he didn’t like them saying that climate change is real and caused partly by man.

  • John C. Turmel, B. Eng.

    ClimateGate documents, which lay it bare. (Montford’s book organizes the facts very well.) I don’t believe that any real physicist, nay scientist, can read that stuff without revulsion. I would almost make that revulsion a definition of the word scientist.
    Jct: Bingo. It’s not the TRICK in their “trick to hide the decline” that bothers me, it’s the HIDE that revolted me.

  • TRStrunk

    Of course it’s a scam. A BIG MONEY MAKING SCAM! Why after 3 decades of fighting climate change and still the wealthy say we need to do more or else. More as in give more tax payer money to the weathy to fight it that is.

    Is the climate changing? YES! Is man causing it? NO! What is causing? The solar system. What is never discussed ( I learned this while working for the NSA down on Antarctica in the late 70’s early 80’s). As the Earth orbits around the Sun it’s distance from the sun becomes a little greater. Now if that isn’t enough to change the Earth’s climate here is more. Every time the moon orbit’s the Earth it’s distance from the Earth expands approx. millimeter’s (Times 4 mm by how old the Earth is and that distance is a far distance). Ok still not enough for the doubters. Continental shift. Every year down at the South Pole there’s a ceremony. The Geographic South pole (Southern most part of the Planet) moved in 1 years time 12 to 15 meters. The Ceremony is to place the Pole back at it’s southern most tip. Most people don’t know this but the Continent of Antarctica has several times through Earths history rotated around on the Equator. It moves South to North and then North to South. It’s presently on it’s Northern track now.

    So is there anything man/women kind can do about what’s happening? NO! No amount of money or anything else will STOP Climate Change. It’s a Natural occurrence which man/women kind can do nothing about.

  • cecil

    Itsr all about Money, While I Froze My Butt Off This Spring!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Keith McMannes

    Looking back thru the history of planet earth you will find times when the earth has cooled, and times that the earth has warmed and now we ar told that WE are the cause of climate change. I don’t think this is the case. The cause of what used to be global warming, and since we began to cool has become climate change has been , and will continue to be the natural order of things. Money is the only thing driving it this time around. While I’m here can we also speak to the money being spent on terraforming on other planets. If we have the ability to do this on other dstant planets then WHY couldn’t we just do it here. The answer is it can’t be done no matter how much money we throw at it on other planets or here.

  • DC Murphy

    Global Warming is just another BS government lie! It’s gonna all change when Trump takes over!

    • Roder51

      It has changed and nothing about it is good. Take a dump on tRump the stump.

  • Bitterroot

    Yep. Just another Liberal Money Scam; a new “tax the public and big business” opportunity.

  • Bob McMahan

    The author suggests that a lack of intelligence is not the issue, but clearly only persons of sub-normal intelligence could assert the man-made global warming hypothesis in the face of apparent evidence to the contrary.

  • HubichKokov

    Please help! My penis burns when I urinate! Is this due to global warming? How can I reach Al Gore, and will he check my prostate when I meet him?

  • howard mackley

    I agree its a scam. Sea water levels have risen just 8 inches (20cm) in 110 years. The graph is linear from 1900 until now. If CO2 was the issue it would be a hockey stick rising from the 1960’s and 70’s. I live in New Zealand,our glaciers have been receding for several hundreds of years …its not something that has commenced in the last 50 years. Climate globally moves in long cycles affected by solar activity and the elliptical orbit of our planet. We have warmed and cooled many times in our long history and nature has either adapted, moved, or died as a result. We are part of something much larger and interestingly more predictable than we imagined but mans effects are minimal. However pollution is another story and that is the scourge we need to address.

  • dino digger

    Well said Mr. Lewis!!!

    The Chicken Littles won’t even listen to NASA!!!

  • B C Ingle

    Wow, we would not even be having this discussion if it weren’t for the theory-ridden racists who blame everything on Obama because he is black. These people?? need something to make them feel superior. Will investigate this and it would be very nice and satisfactory if the global warming theory is all BS. Because if it is not – then, we are doomed. The biggest perpetrators are the ones who continue to destroy earth’s oceans, etc. because they do not think they have to be responsible for their part in making the earth unlivable.

  • jossass

    Hottest girls are every man’s wildest dreams )))

  • TRStrunk

    Ask yourselves this. If the Earth was moving away from the sun would the climate change on Earth? Now go research and see if the Earth is moving away from the sun.

    Then ask yourself this. Is the moon moving further away from the Earth? No go research that and see if the Moon is moving away from the Earth.

    Ok, now if you’ve correctly answered those questions ask yourself this. Do the Continents on Earth move. How come every year upon reopening the South Pole do they have a ceremony repositioning the geographic location of the South pole?

    Last Question. IF any of the above or ALL of the above was happening would it cause Climate Change on Earth? If so how much money would it cost to fix any if not all three of those things?

  • Drake Travis

    This will be very disconcerting to former President of Vice: Mr. Al-GoreBallWarming

  • Drake Travis

    I address this same culture of prattle on my new show.
    It’s on DirecTV #379 May 8, 8 p.m. [PST].
    Democrats are immersed in such scams because none of them know how to make a living in a productive endeavor.

  • richten4

    So, one scientist quits and admits (who is he admitting to, himself?) that global warming is a lie and everyone believes him?

  • stonemike

    Much like how “most good people are tempted to declare every man accused of domestic violence ” as useless criminals, because of leftist demonization, the left has shamed good, decent folks into accepting “global warming” as simply defending our planet ! But in essence the movement is a “global socialist” design to destroy nations sovereignty, install world govt, and forcibly redistribute the wealth of the western world !

  • Elmer Jorgensen

    Once upon a time, about a thousand years ago, give or take, Vikings settled on Greenland and had farms. They were only there for a hundred years, or not even, then the climate changed and the growing season declined and they could not longer maintain farms, they left. Greenland, as of today, is not warm enough to allow farming, but it may one day be again — So are we saying that Global Warming is what enabled the Vikings to establish settlements in areas that are now impossible to produce a crop? What happened to the Global Warming? It went away — and if it comes back, there seems to be more evidence that this is naturally occuring climate shifting, if we return to the way it was 1,000 years ago.

  • Tim

    Absolute power corrupts…absolutely.

  • PackCat

    No evidence to back up his claim one way or the other.
    Whatever the degree of damage we are doing to the environment, it cannot be argued that we are not indeed polluting the planet, and that cannot be good.

  • Othmar Vohringer

    Finally someone learned has the guts to speak up. It is by now a well established fact that climate change, formerly known as “global warming” is one of the biggest money grabbing scams ever perpetrated on taxpayers.

  • KeithEns

    He’s entitled to his opinion, but the facts tell a different story. I wonder if he thought the depletion of the ozone 20 years ago from Chlorofluorocarbons was a hoax, too? I’m glad the majority of his colleagues disagreed, and humanity actually did something about CFCs like we should be doing with pollution that has been proven to warm our planet.

  • LHFraser

    Oh. Having a “discussion” recently with a couple of Gaia/Wiccan types who believe every word uttered by the “Climate Change” crowd. You know you can’t talk any sense into them but I try. If they stalk me because I pissed them off I hope they find this comment, and this article, and get Truthsplained.

  • Richard Smith

    I think sometimes the point of ‘global warming’ gets lost: you can’t destabilize the greatest amassed wealth in this worlds history and feed it at the same time…..hence, fail or not, go green. And have a war to back it up. Maybe more than one.

  • Adolf Skroatler

    They tried to make it illegal to deny Global Warming. Can you imagine, having an opinion that differed from that of the establishment would make you a prisoner? Go to jail for just an idea…. I can’t imagine anyone would do that, but wait, they have done that for other things, and the Leftist love it!

  • Alan Braswell

    I have to believe that with all of the pollution we as humans have dumped on this earth that there has to be a negative effect, look at China, having to wear masks, when was the last time they even saw the sun?

  • Bud Lenz

    I am not gong to believe this over 90 guy.

  • C. Smith

    I still remember as a kid in the 70’s, being afraid that my family was going to either freeze or have to move to southern Mexico to stay warm. Just wait until the 2030s and we’ll be worrying about another ice age.

  • William Fuzi

    I’m still waiting to burn to death from the hole in the Ozone layer from back in the 80’s and 90’s. Not to mention the impending ice age of the 60’s and 70’s. It’s always been pseudo science.

  • Dusty Koellhoffer

    Nice to see that some finally develop a conscience.

    Follow the money of the global warming scam

    Corruption + Hubris x Stupidity = Democrats: Hillary and Obama lie to their voter’s faces and laugh.

    Can Trump unite a divided America?

    The morality of choosing not to support Trump

    Conservatives who believe they are too good for Trump

    Liberals only use 10% of their brains

    Londonistan’s new mayor threatens Trump and America

  • B. W.

    The only people that buy into this fraud of man-made global warming are brain dead enviornmentalists, left wing jerks and the so-callled scientists who have a financial stake in sucking up the grant funding to push this BS non-science. Reminds me of the allegations that sugar substitutes cause cancer, the world is flat, the earth is the center of the universe and so many other scientific “facts” that have proven false in the past except in this case financial gain is the prime motivation!.

  • juco42

    What about all that money being directed towards it? Scam.

  • dave larochelle

    Al Gore is in it for the Carbon tax and transfers which bring in money to his organization. Obama sees the same green in the money (tax) which he can squander.

  • Drifter

    This planet has been undergoing “climate change” since it became more than a ball of gas how many billions of years ago? Are people so arrogant that “we” are having a greater effect on this planet than the rest of the cosmos?

  • Letthemeatcake

    Multinational corporations have been laughing all the way to the bank for years while bribing our elitist career politicians. Here in Maine, Iberdrola, a Spanish multinational owns our Central Maine Power. GE and Siemens are just one of many companies manufacturing wind turbines. Very big money is driving the pseudo science of climate change while destroying our environment. We should not have to destroy our mountains, forests and wild life to save our environment.

  • DCHsr

    Liberalism is a mental disorder that afflicts people with too much time on their hands and no common sense.

    • Roder51

      mental disorder is religion based. ya know like what conservatives do.

      • DCHsr

        Like Hitler? Mao?…Stalin? Ghengis Khan? All of which were murderers of mega magnatude. None of them were religious. Sorry to have to school you in public but I suggest you read.

      • DCHsr

        Like Mao? How about Hitler? Maybe Edi Amin. Okay how about Stalin? All of them were avowed communists and atheists that killed over 100 million people. ATHEISTS….hello?

      • DCHsr

        Like Hitler, Mao, Stalin and now the godless puke in North Korea? Atheists are murderers of mass amounts of people. Get a grip and face reality. Your false narrative is getting old.

      • DCHsr

        You sure thing libtard. Like Hitler, Stalin, Mao and the lists go on…? They were all atheists or idol worshipers.

      • DCHsr

        tell that to hitler, pol pot, stalin, mao. All your religion of NOTHING

  • toobored54

    I knew when I went to the keys 3 years after Gore said it would be underwater that something was fishy.

  • Jerry Koszut

    Al Gore has purchased ocean front property within the past 5 years.

  • Jerry Koszut

    To my theist friends: Have you notice the angst in responses when the Creator is mentioned in these posts. It’s like a panic attack grips the disbelievers when they are exposed to His name. I would be afraid too if I was a denier.

    • Roder51

      Unlike Science which deals in facts Religion and Gods don’t. Any questions?

  • James Smith

    U.N. communist Al gore is now a reverse psychology asset…

  • Joachim

    Can someone explain me why we actually are increasing in temperature and at this point it will be 2 grades up for 2050, and why it is happening a massive extinction at this very moment, why the weather has changed that much at the point everybody in the world can’t deny it, the only fake I see here is this notice and I can’t think why something that obvious still being questioned.

  • Jay Cunnington

    Considering the author touts this as a resignation from UCSB when it’s a resignation from the American Physical Society, I’m glad he merely posted the letter. I wouldn’t trust him to get much else correct.

  • Trac Mila

    This should be all over the MSN. Not!
    Oh, this was eight months ago. Guess it’s back to keeping up the hoax then.

  • Giuseppie

    The Telegraph link at the start doesn’t go to a particular article, but to the main page.

  • Kilgore Trout

    So…this “physicist” is right and the thousands of climate scientists who actually study the climate are wrong. What a disingenuous liar.

  • banger377

    It’s difficult to understand when this all began. I spoke with the head of the Oceanography dept at U of Miami. He explained that the oceans were going to be “dead” in three years, if we didn’t act NOW! He showed me all the experiments they had going on and proved it! That was in 1978. Didn’t believe it then, don’t now.

  • Peter Lincoln

    this is the biggest load of crap i have ever read.

  • Flat Track Fan

    You know it’s a scam when someone starts discussing the last 30 yrs effect in geological terms.

  • PoppaDom

    Presumably Google Earth, which will show anyone who cares to look how much the Arctic ice sheet has shrunk for the first time in recorded hisotry, is also part of the scam. As are those Russian oil companies test drilling in waters that are ice free for the first time.

  • Beverly Lein

    You religious and non religious people are being very childish, it’s nobodies business what you believe or don’t believe, who cares. We were talking about climate change.

  • lichuck

    Anyone got a sweater?

  • Mark Renton

    This is not news; it was not news in 2015; it was news for about the first half of October of the year 2010…
    The American Physical Society fully responded to Dr Lewis’ accusations with an official statement on 12 October 2010.
    This is described in the Wikipedia article about Dr Lewis ~ ~ (section Views on climate change), which also provides links to the APS’s two responses, the 12 October 2010 Press Release ~ ~ and news article ~

  • Retha Craig

    Watch your back. You probably have a bounty on your head for saying this. God Speed

  • flicker66

    Most of us realized that this was hoax and scam when Al Gore stated his own propaganda campaign . This 3is a money making a money making machine for many including politicians. My suspicion is when the fraud Obama leaves office he will be up to his eyeballs in this money making scheme

    • Roder51

      I think you misspelled Trump.

  • Mic van het meer Weede

    Why haven’t more resigned yet? Or yeah my $$

  • marlio

    So most of the scientist have sold their souls to the Devil for a few trips. Seems a high price to lose your spot in Heaven.

  • Xcalicoco

    Obviously the oil corporations don’t waste their time on clickbait garbage like this, they’ve been building their ocean based oil rigs 30 feet taller since the 80s, knowing full well that the water is rising.

  • Compartiendo

    I am not so sure. Sea levels have indeed risen in my area.

  • ladychurchillusa

    Always follow the money. And when someone says “settled science” you know they are a fraud. There is no such thing to a true scientist.

  • Mike Ohara

    Well we now know that this letter dated back to 2010 does not hold water. Six years later and Global Warming is a fact.

  • bsroon

    The Vikings FARMED GREENLAND from about 800AD to a bit after 1200AD. The planet had to be much warmer than the “experts” assure us is death and destruction – for the Vikings to (did i mention) FARM GREENLAND!!! Magically – we still have walrus, polar bears, etc. The rich corporations are polluting and causing the ecological deaths, it’s not the CO2 scam.

    i’ve had people state point blank that the oceans rose 20cm during the 1900s because of CO2 anthropogenic global warming. So – since the oceans rose 20cm during the 1800s also – did that only occur during the latter half of that century when the industrial age went into larger production? Well then, someone still needs to explain how the oceans also rose 20cm during the 1700s – was there some special CO2 increase in woodstove cookery of the age or something? (sarcasm)

    The temps now shown are a) changed (historical temps altered) by NASA so that global warming looks real. and b) current monitoring stations are pretty much all urban. So – the large cities with toxic air pollution greenhouse bags over them ARE going to be warmer. These are the end points of almost all the energy and production on earth. There are less than half a dozen cities in this nation (USA) in which over 60% of the people live. So – that is where the bldg heat escapes, the cars cover the streets, the ground has no plant life to cool the ground, etc. And someone is surprised that cities get hotter? C’mon – what else COULD happen?

  • Guido FL

    It’s very simple ” follow the money ” !

  • Pelzen

    Telegraph have canceled the link!

  • Frederick Jackson (El Lobo Mex

    During the Bush Administration, talking frankly about the problem of global warming was discouraged. Sure there are bandwagon effects and science today will tend to follow the money, but the research in so many disparate disciplines — not just climate science – shows that already global warming is having huge negative consequences.

  • Katherine McChesney

    Today is January 24, 2017 and President Donald Trump has eliminated the Global WArming Hoax and has wiped it off the White House website.

  • Misst

    Wonderful story. To bad it is old news. Hal Lewis resigned in October 2010. He died in May 2011. Posting it as if it is a recent happening, without the date of his resignation, is dishonest.

  • Rhonie Briley

    Just another straw to break the Democrats Back. Many more are coming.

  • baruchzed

    Climate change certainly appears to be real given that the climate is, in fact, changing. Calling it “global warming” is of course a tactic used by deniers because obviously it’s not just about warming, it’s about more severe winters as well, although the fact that it hit 99 degrees in Oklahoma this week (February!) is pretty unusual!

    But, by all means, stick with your ideology that a giant fairy in the sky is in control…that’s always more credible than decades of documented observations (you know, science).

  • NoLogic

    Warming. Colling. Staying the same. One thing is certain. The ocean is rising. Quickly. Its time to sell your waterfront properties.

  • Rustyangel

    But the last president of the United states recently said it was our number one threat…so yes, it’s a lie surely.

  • Ruthless

    Maybe try thinking for yourselves. Or understanding actual science. This guy died 6 years ago. He did not just resign.

  • Teri Key

    Resigns !!! Yep after he’s made A LOT OF MONEY scamming right along with the rest of them !!! Now he sings ! Hang the bastard along with each and everyone of these career corrupt asses ! He’s only singing cause the TRUMP TRAIN ! is on their deceitful lying asses !

  • Jessica Armstrong

    Just so that everyone is aware, all of Lewis’ allegations in this report are inaccurate. Read the following article: I can’t believe what these scientists are saying. Scientists are supposed to report facts. Considering that Lewis is a physicist (an area of science that is incomplete at best just by the general nature of it – i.e. relativity vs. quantum mechanics) it makes him as bad as the people that claim that global warming is fake when they themselves have never actually done any research on it. Anyone with half a brain can tell you that if you pump a lot of CO2 and methane into the atmosphere that it is going to have an effect somewhere in the world. Global warming is just the phrase they use for that kind of idiocy. But yet again humanity has decided to discredit those people purely because they don’t want to take responsibility and do something about it. Better to live in ignorance and die from it than to have knowledge and work to fix it right? I’m appalled at how many people are in the world that are nothing more than sheep. Grow up, people, and do the actual science rather than put your head into the sand.

  • John Macdonell

    Rogue scientist from over 6 years ago. He died about 7 months after this incident.

    The deniers, I think, fear regulations, so they post nonsense like this.

    APS rebuttal:

    • jerry


  • Michael Paul Tillman

    So much for reading and discussing GW.
    Best hijacking i’ve seen in years.

  • ThinkingClass

    Global Warming is a buzz word that was used to included a lot of contributing factors that lead to climate change on a planetary scale.

    Proof of human induced climate change;

    The chart at the top of the page linked is taken from ice cores dug out of the artic, essentially its unquestionable archeological scientific evidence. (More commonly known as the truth).

    Additionally here is the closing paragraphs from the article in the telegraph this post was ripped from;
    The society continues: “The graph of global temperature vs. time for the last 30 years shows just that. The statement also contains the following language: ‘Emissions of greenhouse gases from human activities are changing the atmosphere in ways that affect the Earth’s climate.’ That statement is based on basic principles of molecular physics and thermodynamics.

    “Finally, the statement acknowledges uncertainties in the science: ‘Because the complexity of the climate makes accurate prediction difficult, the APS urges an enhanced effort to understand the effects of human activity on the Earth’s climate.'”

    Essentially I think Sean the writer of this post doesn’t know the difference between scientific evidence and opinion.

  • Roder51

    Not sure what’s more of a scam. Websites (American obviously) saying global warming is a scam or the the comments saying their fairy tales is legit. You Muricans are by far the most ignorant on the globe.

  • Jamie Claire Chatters-Elf

    WTF! It is just as likely that this scientist got a big pay off to say all this. There is more money behind big oil and other producers of carbon than there is behind climate research. This is just one scientist bought off.

    • Sparafucile

      Evidence, please. If you got none, then nothing is “just as likely”.

  • AuldLochinvar

    Wind turbines and solar panels are a delusion or a scam, depending upon whether they cost you or deliver you money.
    But Global Warming is a fact, because the Earth has to get rid in an hour of as much solar energy as world human industry creates in a year mostly from burning fossil solar energy. Carbon dioxide and leaks of carbon tetrahydride (methane) interfere with the infrared radiation that would otherwise escape. A mere thousandth of the solar energy incoming, being kept instead of re-radiated, has already endangered much of the fundamental oceanic life, like shelfish and corals, and melted shockingly large amounts of ice and snow. What seems a trifling difference in air temperature is a devil of a lot of heat in all the Earth’s oceans.

    • Sparafucile

      If you can’t quantify and experimentally validate the feedback that supposedly amplifies the nominally-small amount of warming directly-attributable to CO2, then you ain’t got science. You’ve got speculation. And sensationalism. And propaganda. And agendae.

  • AuldLochinvar

    It is urgent that coal and methane burning cease, and wind turbines and solar panels are no threat to that industry.
    But who do you think encourages the wildly exaggerated account of damage from nuclear meltdowns? At least 15,000 people died of the Tohoku earthquake and tsunami. NOBODY died of radiation. Perhaps 1000 people died of being unnecessarily away from their homes.
    Three weeks before the Chernobyl meltdown, the USA’s IFR EBR-2, designed to make only tiny quantities of only short-lived “waste” was deliberately subjected to the coolant pumping power loss that destroyed Chernobyl, and as expected it swiftly and quietly shut itself down, and was bought up again the same day for the same test on the power output circuit, with the same result.

  • guamjeff

    We solved the ozone problem easily by stopping the use of spray deodorant. I’m sure we can come up with something equally successful. Why not plant a few more trees? There you go. Problem solved. Greeners are happy, the CO2 level rises just alittle more slowly and there is still no significant global warming. At least caused by human actions.

  • Flo Jay

    Religion just another way of controlling the masses. This will go on forever as long as the Earth is bearing fruit and people now with that said every civilization that we know about has had a religious belief in all have failed sooner or later civilization will collapse upon itself and to so shallall the religious beliefs. Like I said before a bunch of stories and fears put in the people to justify how they think their self-righteous in better than the rest eight control measure put in by people to control the masses

  • Flo Jay

    And yes climate change is a hoax and they money making machine

  • Rob Mieremet

    Well, the zealots took over, science is gone. LOL.

  • Anne

    It shouldn’t surprise me anymore how the comment section so often devolves into some side issue, not on point at all. So I’ll jump into this side issue since it’s already going and I’m gonna go out on a limb here as a Christian who believes in God. I do not think God or spiritual beliefs need to be interjected into every comment section. People who share your views are already there agreeing and people who don’t are not going to be swayed in the least by a comment here. I’m not saying we need to be silenced, I just don’t think this is the forum. It seems to inflame emotions in an unproductive way. As to the article and letter referenced, it was from a year and a half ago. I have no problem believing it to be true but my cynical side wonders if this has been properly vetted, as far as the letter. I am a lot less trusting of what I read than I used to be. The whole climate change frenzy has been lining quite a few pockets for sure.

  • marktomark

    where are the solar panels on Al Gore,s multi million dollar mansion ??? answer = NOWHERE !

  • RobiMac

    Funny how no one in high places ever mentions HAARP. I’m just a regular Jo ella, and if I know, you can bet they do too.

  • Conservadiva

    So many people will deny this letter and stick with the propaganda.

  • Robert

    “In his letter, Lewis speculated that Council’s policy positions on climate change must be driven by financial interest, adding that Callan’s own physics department “would lose millions a year if the global warming bubble burst”. The APS press release categorically rejected the notion that APS as an organization is benefitting financially from climate change funding and further pointed out that the vast majority of the Society’s members do not work on climate and derive no personal benefit from such research support.”

  • Robert

    “A physicist named Hal Lewis who doesn’t know the first thing about climate science has resigned from the American Physical Society because he doesn’t know the first thing about climate science.”

  • Jerry Pait

    Beware the prophet who profits. Out of all the countries who are part of the Paris Climate Accord, the USA is #8 from the bottom of the list of air pollution. ERGO, President Trump’s decision to stop paying for everyone else’s problem.

  • Crystal

    the climate cult is like a televangelist, send me your money and I will save your soul, right after I buy a mansion and a Mercedes.

  • celestial7767

    When I first read about Dr. Lewis I noticed that NO REASONS were given for his change of view regarding Global Warming. I don’t believe anything I read until I research the source and try to get the facts. What I learned was Dr. Lewis wrote a book, Technological Risk in the 90’s in which he agreed with the scientists of the day that fossil fuels are responsible for increasing temperatures worldwide. Then in ’92 he wrote “All models agree that the net effect will be a general and global warming of the earth; they only disagree about how much. None suggest that it will be a minor effect, to be ignored while we go about our business.” He also adds that “the bottom line is that the Earth will be substantially warmed by the accumulation of man-made faces mainly carbon dioxide….The only option in the long run is to decrease the amount of waste gases in the atmosphere.” Then read the news about how the upper 1% have built Apocalypse Shelters underground to maintain them for a year or more and many with hydroponics to supplement food sources. AND YOU STILL ARE GOING TO STICK TO YOUR DESIRE TO NOT BELIEVE IN GLOBAL WARMING?? As one of you stated: Follow the money and it ain’t going underground because they believe in an apocalypse caused by God. I fully expect that the Moderators of this will remove my post (again) because it isn’t politically correct.

  • CyberSarge

    This is rather old news and suspect at best. Hal Lewis died in 2011 and we are just seeing this letter in public? I don’t believe in global warming or this letter.

  • SagebrushRebel

    A confabulation of crisis with the intent of exerting government control over our minutest activities. Same with Common Core and Obamasnare. Did anyone NOT see this coming?

  • Phillip Coffey

    The truth is not a concept, but an absolute and selling your convictions to the highest bidder doesn’t change the truth. All it changes is the side of the fence you stand on… and while it might change your financial worth, it will definitely change your self worth. Is it “worth” sacrificing your honesty for 30 pieces of silver?

  • SocialismIs4Sissies

    Let me remind folks: If E=MC^2, then C^2=E/M. The speed of light is constant so in order for energy to increase, then the mass of the earth must increase to maintain that constant. So how is the “captured” energy converting to mass? See my point?

  • Michael Swift Ryan

    And yet there are plebeians who choose to ‘believe’ there is not any evidence against #Climate #Change.

  • flyfisher111

    I am still waiting for someone to tell me what the earth’s correct temperature is……………….

  • edward_h

    Some atheist global warming believer has hijacked the discussion and diverted everyone’s attention from the falsehood of man-made global warming to senseless quarreling about RELIGION. What a shrewd tactic. Let’s not continue enriching GW hucksters who are stealing big bucks from the public on this fake issue of man-made climate change. Let us thwart their greed by following some enlightened self-interest. Demand that our legislators stop spending our money needlessly on this scam.

  • Don Swindler
  • Kevin Manning

    I remember my first “climate” article I ever read. It was an article around 1970 in the Weekly Reader we got every week in my then pro-America
    public school. It warned of dire consequences coming by the year 2000. A new coming ice age. Glaciers would again be advancing from the north pole through Canada and eventually back into the USA. This was based on the fact that we had seen avg global temps drop over the past 30 years. Suddenly the temp trend reversed over the next 30 years , as we go through normal up and down cycles for numerous reasons mostly not related to man’s activities. This time liberals seized the opportunity to launch a political-related campaign called global warming, later changed to “climate change” so they could now use it no matter which direction or locations temp changes are recorded. Climatologists who are not invested financially see this for what it is. Political corruption of “science”. One of the foremost experts on this topic presented in a rational way is Joe Bastardi. I suggest that those who are open-minded and have no political agenda look up his research and read his writings.

  • Kevin Manning

    TIME magazine ran a front cover ICE AGE WARNING article around the same time frame.

  • The Sanctified Muse

    Love this guy!

  • Brett Cooper

    He died in May 26, 2011 So lying bullshit story. Using physics to talk to the dead so they can say he changed his story is so typical of these climate deniers.


    What goes around….indeed. They seem to all be abandoning the band wagon these days. Has the money dried up?

  • isaac orogun

    I thank God for the honesty of this great and accomplished scholar. The repeated failure of climate change predictions should indeed be very embarrassing to any scientist that is worth his salt. All nations that are committing their resources to this global warming and climate change agenda should have a rethink and retrace their steps like the US has being doing in the recent past.

  • beniyyar

    The Big Lie is always more acceptable than a little truth because most people can no longer be sure of what is true and what is false. Corrupt scientists and experts have so corrupted all the institutions of learning and science that no longer can there be truth, just consensus among the faux experts as to what is true. It will destroy the world.

  • Herman Gunt

    It is indeed a scam.

  • Gina Marie Conners

    I’m not certain what physicists have to do with climate change – that’s usually the provenance of climatologists and meteorologists. So, this clown isn’t an expert in the subject to begin with. His “resignation” from the APS in protest is about as meaningful as a fingernail artist quitting her professional association in protest to climate change. Or, and this actually happened, back in the 1980s the American Occupational Therapy Association passed a resolution in their annual conference condemning nuclear weapons.

    It’s also interesting that his letter is from 2010. I guess the deniers have to go back seven years to find a scientist who “came out of the closet” on climate change. Congrats to you, Neo-luddites!!

  • Roder51