President Trump Orders Guantanamo Bay To Prepare For ‘High Level’ Prisoners

President Trump orders Guantanamo Bay to prepare for high profile elite prisoners

President Trump has ordered Guantanamo Bay to prepare for incoming ‘high level’ prisoners, including American politicians, within the next few months.

According to a Military of Defense report, Trump is preparing to transfer an unknown number of ‘VIP’ American detainees to the notorious prison in preparation for their trials before a US Military Tribunal.

Reports suggest that people connected to the Uranium One scandal are being placed in custody in preparation for the trials.

Hundreds of US Army Military Police have also been deployed to Cuba to help oversee the process.

According to the DoD report,  while conducting routine training missions in Cuba, intercepted an unusually large number of encrypted communications emanating between the Guantanamo Bay Naval Base (Cuba) and Luke Air Force Base (Arizona)—immediately after which they made a request to SVR counterintelligence analysts for an explanation of—with the SVR, in turn, then reporting to SCT that these communications were being conducted between the Guantanamo Military Commission (that holds US Military Tribunals) and US Attorney Generals Jeff Sessions.

On 11 April 2017, also, this report says, the SVR reported to SCT that Attorney General Sessions was at Luke Air Force Base to “hold/conduct” meetings with various commanders of the Arizona Army National Guard (AZ ARNG)—with the longest of them being with the commanders of the 850th Military Police Battalion—that numbers nearly 800 highly trained and specialized US Army Military Police forces.

Since its beginning on 11 April 2017, this report continues, SCT intercepts of communications between Guantanamo Bay Naval Base and Luke Air Force Base continued on an unprecedented basis—with the largest amount of such communications being reported on 7 July 2017—and was the date Attorney General Sessions and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein made an unannounced visit to the Guantanamo Bay Naval Base—and whose meetings there on that date included the commanders of the 850th Military Police Battalion who had been flown there the day prior.

The specific type of communication intercepts noted by SCT occurring between Guantanamo Bay Naval Base and Luke Air Force Base, this report details, were encrypted video satellite broadcasts transmitted at the North American standard rate of 59.94 frames per second—and whose near predictable times of transmission suggested (to SVR analysts) that these video broadcasts were being used for classroom instruction.

On 21 December 2017, this report further notes, SCT reported that nearly all of these communications between Guantanamo Bay Naval Base and Luke Air Force Base had ceased—with the SVR reporting that this cessation occurred when US Defense Secretary James “Mad Dog” Mattis made an unprecedented-unannounced visit to Guantanamo—the first visit there by a US Defence Secretary in nearly 16 years—and that in doing, Secretary Mattis shockingly broke with the longstanding tradition of persons holding his high office visiting American troops on the front lines—but that he deemed his sudden visit to Guantanamo was vitally more important than.

And as to how “vitally important” Secretary Mattis deemed his unprecedented visit to Guantanamo, this report says, became known yesterday, 29 December 2017, when President Trump suddenly ordered the entire 850th Military Police Battalion to immediately deploy from Luke Air Force Base to Guantanamo Bay Naval Base.

With the Guantanamo Bay Detention Camp holding only 41 detainees, but able to hold nearly 800, this report notes, President Trump’s suddenly ordering there such a large number of US Military Police forces requires a further explanation as to why—and which the SVR says can be found in the equally sudden activity of the secretive IBC Airways—and whom, upon President Trump’s ordering the 850th Military Police Battalion to immediately deploy to Guantanamo, announced, on 29 December 2017, that it is increasing its flights to Naval Station Guantanamo Bay to three times a week—thus highly suggesting its anticipation of a flood of visitors there—most likely to include American attorneys defending their soon to be imprisoned traitorous clients.

To the likelihood of President Trump actually imprisoning his “Deep State” enemies, who are currently engaged in a coup against him, General Staff Deputy Defense Minister Tatiana Shevtsova in this report lays out the trail that Trump’s been following since he first took office—and whose clues can be found in his “extreme vetting” immigration plan—the long history of which his enemies have ignored to their peril.

Though not known to the American people, this report explains, “Deep State” aligned leftist US Federal Judges have been battling Trump over his “extreme vetting” plans since the very week he took office—with their reason being because Trump has asserted his power to act based upon “one of the most controversial and least understood laws in the history of the United States”—that’s known as McCarran Act (or Internal Security Act of 1950) that allows for the detention of dangerous, disloyal, or subversive persons in times of war or “internal security emergency”.

As founding FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover had warned the US Congress in the late 1940’s that “it only took twenty-three Commies to overthrow Russia”, this report continues, the Internal Security Act of 1950 was enacted into law in order to protect the American president and government from an internal coup like the one Trump is now facing—and that President Trump, on 21 December 2017—the exact same day Secretary Mattis made his sudden visit to Guantanamo—enacted the first phase of by his signing an Executive Order declaring that America, indeed, was now in a state of “National Emergency”—with his exactly naming, too, the Hillary Clinton linked persons seeking to overthrow the US government.

Mostly unknown to the American people when President Trump arrests and detains for US Military Tribunal trials in Guantanamo these “Deep State” coup plotters, this report further notes, is that it was actually President Barack Obama who, in 2012, signed this presidential power into law with the feared National Defense Authorization Act—and that authorizes the indefinite military detention, without charge or trial, of any person labeled a “belligerent”—including an American citizen.

Equally unknown to the vast majority of the American people, too, this report concludes, is that the current “Deep State” coup plot against President Trump is not the first one their nation has faced either—but is, in fact, its second—with the first being in 1933 when the “Deep State” launched the “Business Plot Coup” against President Franklin Roosevelt in order so they could join the United States with the globalist power Nazi Germany—with this coup plot being led by the Nazi-aligned Bush Family—but with this coup being destroyed by US Marine General Smedley Butler—whose mighty shoes US Marine General James “Mad Dog” Mattis now stands in so that he, too, might save his nation.

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    Do I laugh about this story now, or should I wait till it’s forgotten about? The alt media that falls for trump these days has not a leg to stand on… the ONLY good thing about this clown is he’s not Killary.

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      “He’s Not Hillary” is the best thing about Trump. I’ll wait.

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      you won’t be laughing for long… ha ha ha

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    Talk talk, no action.

    Nothing ever happens.

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      Maybe we will finally see justice prevail. Anything is possible!

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      nothing ever happens???? where have you been for the last two years ?????? just because its not in the headlines does not mean it aint happening. get a grip….it takes time….this is the biggest take down ever…. do you expect this to happen over nite ?????? if you have not noticed,, most of the population does not have a clue of whats going on…you have to ease them into it…and that is what is happening…

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        Let me know when something happens but I’m not getting any younger.

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    Nothing ever happens …nothing happens at all

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    It’s about time something was done about high level criminals whose crimes were ignored! The FBI and Congressional investigations were ludicrous, and nothing was done about crimes committed because nobody had the backbone to do what was right. Ordinary people would have been in prison. Hillary even laughed in the face of Congressmen and said, “what difference does it make”. Will something be done about emails that endangered America and about Benghazi?

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    such bs, warring crime gangs and ya know what -they all suck. They will also imprison the cia for killing millions and turning afghanistan into the heroin production center of the world, sure they will.The above article is propaganda courtesy of some subhuman crime gang.

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    Can I actually believe that Guantanamo will seriously be used to contain high ranking officials, after being tried and convicted, who are joint enemies to the United States in trying to overthrow our government; be imprisoned there—rather than possibly Christians, who are now being deemed as enemies of society by Islam and their ultimate goal to rule the world ? Satan is alive and well, knowing his time grows short!!

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    Trump is going to carry this out like a champion. People will be ecstatic!

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    I prefer the Clinton method of keeping people silent. They should be thankful that Trump doesn’t want them all suicided, but paraded in front of the corrupt MSM instead. Or perhaps it will remain as quiet as the Iran govt overthrow and never be heard of since some of the CIA controlled media may be present at Gitmo, too. Nothing has ever happened in the past because the deep state was everywhere. Controlling our Congress, alphabet agencies, Military, Judiciary, Businesses, Campuses, MSM, etc. All bought and paid for by the CIA and satanic global elitists. Trump cannot be bought. He made his money and loves this country and wants to try and get it back for the NWO globalists who only want us to live as slaves to the shadow govt. They deal in human trafficking, gun running and drug running, and probably much worse. It is probably worse than we really want to know for we would be horrified that we have let it go on for so long.

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    How perfectly fitting it would be to see the very person who signed the NDAA into law be on the receiving end of it.

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    Hhmmm, no way Trump moves any American citizen to Gitmo, let alone Gov employees.
    Folks, this is what tyrants do, and Trump and Sessions are not Tyrants.
    More then likely, if anything, it will be used for highly valued terrorist or illegals, as always.


    Is it a coincidence that Pickles Clinton’s mansion just caught fire? Better than BleachBit.

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    This is fake news period..If it were true anyone wishing the president could imprison anyone he declares an enemy,is against the constitution.
    I am a Trump supporter!! But this action would be grounds for impeachment for any president

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    This is a FAKE MEWS SI”TE so don’t hold your breath for this to happen!!

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    need to get rid off sessions first. he’s a Hillary Boy

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