President Trump Announces Elite Pedophile Ring Investigation

President Trump has announced a federal investigation into the Pizzagate elite pedophile scandal involving human trafficking on Tuesday and promised to help put an end to the “horrific, really horrific crimes taking place.”

President Trump has announced a federal investigation into the Pizzagate elite pedophile scandal involving human trafficking on Tuesday and promised to help put an end to the “horrific, really horrific crimes taking place.

The president held a short, dramatic press conference after meeting with human trafficking experts to announce that he will direct “the Department of Justice, the Department of Homeland Security and other federal agencies” to devote more resources and personnel to the investigation.

Appearing at the press conference for less than two minutes, President Trump said that the issue has been on the radar of federal government “for some time” but since taking office in January the investigation has become “much more focused.”

It has been much more focused over the last four weeks, I can tell you that.

Appearing calm and determined, Trump thanked staff members and his daughter Ivanka for their hard work on the issue in the lead up to his announcement. While the establishment and mainstream media have been trying to destroy the investigation into Pizzagate and suppress the findings, the Trump administration have been quietly researching and launching low-level take downs, gathering evidence in order to move up the chain.

Trump made it clear that the investigation intends to go all the way to the top, promising to bring the “full force and weight of our government” to eradicate the insidious problem.

It’s happening

“I want to make it clear today that my administration will focus on ending the absolutely horrific practice of human trafficking and I am prepared to bring the full force and weight of our government at the federal level in order to solve this horrific problem that is getting worse. 

“Human trafficking is a dire problem, both domestically and internationally, and is one that’s made really a challenge. And it’s really made possible to a large extent, more of a modern phenomenon, by what’s taking place on the Internet, as you probably know.

“Solving the human trafficking epidemic, which is what it is, is a priority for my administration. We’re going to help out a lot. “Solve” is a wonderful word, a beautiful word, but I can tell you, we’re going to help a lot.”

Former Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney welcomed the news on Twitter and provided D.C insider information: if Trump goes straight all the way with the investigation, senior Democrats and Republicans in D.C are going to be bought down.

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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Baxter Dmitry
  • rick lonzy

    Powerful US politicians and elites from around the world will soon be exposed for being involved in pedophilia, ritualistic cannibalism and murder. The day of judgement is approaching for the evil ones, they should be afraid, very afraid at this moment. FBIanon provided these initials of prominent politicians: NP, JM, LG, CS, DF and RB.

    • Greg St Pierre

      Maybe this is why the Left was so traumatized by the election after all. Would explain the panic.

      • MEL

        It explains (her) reaction after losing for sure …. and so much more!

        And, we thought Trump was referring to smashed emails when he said …. “and, you should be in prison….” during a debate. Ha … everyone was in the dark …

        Where is all her support now … pedophiles are always quiet under the spotlight

  • rcwarbirdbuilder

    About time these political tax money parasite scum are brought down and enact term limits.

  • gerry d welder

    Go to minute 5:00 for a few seconds, then watch the (alleged Podesta) youtube video below:

    Could it explain this?
    Leaked: John Podesta Torturing Child at Comet Pizza

    Go to minute5:30:
    5 Dark Outcomes for victims of Child Trafficking #PizzaGate

    Notice the artwork in the beginning of this video of bound children in the bottom of a tiled pool (more convenient to hose down the blood?):


    Suspect With DIRECT CONNECTIONS to Hillary & Obama …

    ADRENOCHROME: The Blood Sacrifice Exposed | CONSCIOUS …… Proxy Highlight
    Nov 10, 2014 … What exactly IS adrenochrome? In scientific terms, it is a chemical that is produced in the human body when adrenaline (epinephrine) oxidizes.

    10 Things I Bet You Didn’t Know about PIGS! – Facebook
    7. Pigs will eat anything, bone included. It is better than urban legend that organized crime will dump bodies in a pig pen because pigs will eat it. There was a case recently in BC where a commercial pig farmer was arrested in the murders of 52 lower East Side prostitutes, and it was discovered that a lot of the evidence against him was because they found bone gristle and DNA in the soil of the pig pens. He was connected to Hell’s Angels and other organized crime, and whatever he was doing human disposal for someone.

  • FollowDaMoney

    Something makes me think that Bill & Hillary were not the only ones Flying on the Lolita Express.

    • Sharon Wilken

      Oh, they’re not.

    • Loosegoods

      By NO MEANS Were They, this is like an ocean of criminality that spans wide and deep, it also touches very many shores.

  • gerry d welder

    Does reporting of child porn go into a government toilet?

    Vidme Investigation

  • Julie Smith

    That’s my President! <3 <3 Now follow the Federal Fatherhood Initiative funding. That's where the major child Trafficking is going on! Using federal Fatherhood grants through programs such as the Reentry, CASA, the Family Courts, Behavioral Centers, Just to name a few. Good mothers are losing their babies at alarming rates due to this corrupted funding that I'm sure is involved with PizzaGate.

  • Mary Carmel

    He never mentioned pizzagate . What’s with click bait ?

  • JLD

    Wow Fake-News is about to be investigated.

    • junktex

      No.a coverup is hopefully to be investigated.Pizzagate is real as was the Franklin Scandal,the Priest/Rabbi Abuse scandal,the UK pedophile plague,ad nauseam.Recently in the UK it was decided that there were to be no more streets/public thoroughfares to be named after politicians/public glitterati because so many had been exposed as paedophiles.I would bet that’s not just an anomaly of the UK.Your post is “fake news”.

  • junktex

    Praying this will not be another whitewash.

  • Ben William

    More BS from the Trump propaganda machine. Considering that Trump was tied up / mix up with Epstein and the lolita express fiasco, this investigation talk is simply more disinformation.

    • Eileen Kuch

      Source, please.

      • Ben William

        Damage Control

    • ejeff

      I’ve only heard that the Clintons visited Lolita Island- Bill visited some 20 or more times, Hillary a couple times.

  • Formulakid

    One of the biggest problems in the world is trafficking. Going after this will lead straight to Satan’s front door. Trump better watch his back because these Satanists won’t go down easy. Expect an assassination attempt. Pence is a pedophile himself and is the reason Trump will be targeted. Trump needs to remove Pence to protect himself. Have him leave with some bs story or kill Pence, Pence is a pedophile and deserves to die anyway.

    • Brian Tucker

      What makes you think Vice President Pence is a pedophile? What evidence do you have?

      • antoniosantiago

        the same evidence everyone else has that all democrats are…none.

  • Corey

    None of their findings will ever see the light of day unless it’s necessary to get rid of someone. They will take all of their information and force those involved to bend to the administration’s will. If you suddenly start seeing D’s and R’s (who have been resisting Trump) voting for things like term limits or falling in step behind the administration, you know there’s some leverage being employed. Were I Trump, I’d have my admin’s resources devoted to finding dirt on all of the D-bags in Washington and in the media to bring those bastards to their knees. I’d love to see them vote in term limits for congress. That would be beautiful.

  • broncofan79

    How can President investigate this without worrying about revealing his own wrong doings? I’m sure plenty of people at those affairs snuck cameras in to use against each other “just in case”…
    Epstein was one of Donald’s best buds and they jet-setted the world together.
    Not to mention what Putin has on him.
    The whole golden world may just come tumbling down.

  • Loosegoods

    Dr. McKinney is exactly correct as this scandal goes straight to Poppy and Boy Bush’s Administrations as well as the criminals Clinton’s stay in OUR White House. One can only imagine all that went on in in the Obummer Administration and with his insolent and out of control Secretary of State Clinton, however I think that the PizzaGate issue and its’ variety of perps, clearly show PizzaGate as the U.S. segment of PedoGate where victims are smuggled across the world.

  • Rich

    Trump has also indicated publicly he knew of Epstein’s interest in “younger” women, although he never suggested the financier crossed any legal lines. “I’ve known Jeff for 15 years. Terrific guy,’’ Trump told New York Magazine back in 2002. “He’s a lot of fun to be with. It is even said that he likes beautiful women as much as I do, and many of them are on the younger side. No doubt about it — Jeffrey enjoys his social life.”

  • jamesa

    he should investigate himself then