Trump Says US Ready To Use Nukes Against North Korea

Trump says US is prepared to use nuclear weapons against North Korea

President Trump has warned that he is ready to use nuclear weapons against North Korea, if Kim Jong-un continues to threaten the US and its allies.

The White House warned that all military options are firmly on the table, including the use of nuclear bombs.

“President Trump reaffirmed the US commitment to protect our homeland, territory and allies with all the diplomatic, conventional and nuclear capabilities we have,” the White House statement said.

Sofia News Agency reports: “Any threat to the United States or its allies will cause a massive military response,” Defense Secretary Jim Mattis said after meeting with President Donald Trump.

Pyongyang announced that a successful test of a hydrogen bomb, which can be uploaded on an intercontinental ballistic missile, was successfully conducted. Mattis pointed out that Washington does not want total destruction on any country, specifically North Korea. Meanwhile, Donald Trump warned that the United States could end trade with any country that has business relations with Pyongyang.

The Japanese prime minister said Japan will do its best to co-operate with the United States to protect itself from any missile that North Korea has fired. He added that the country would increase its missile defense and capacity.
Abe made his speech at the beginning of a meeting of MPs in the ruling coalition, which took place one day after North Korea held its sixth and most powerful nuclear test.

Russian President Vladimir Putin urged the international community not to give up on the emotions after North Korea announced it had carried out its sixth nuclear experiment. Russian President spokesman Dmitry Peskov said Putin spoke to Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe on the phone and said the international community should not “lend itself to emotions” but must act “calmly and deliberately”. The Russian president has stressed that a comprehensive solution to the nuclear and other problems of the Korean Peninsula can only be achieved with political and diplomatic means, TASS reported.

Putin and Abe “have condemned Pyongyang’s new nuclear test, which undermines the global nuclear non-proliferation regime, violates UN Security Council resolutions and international law, creates a real threat to regional peace and security.” Responding to a journalistic question, Peskov said Putin did not plan to hold a telephone conversation with North Korean leader Kim Chen Un.

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