Trump Seeks Quickest Way To Quit Paris Climate Agreement: Report

Trump Seeks Quickest Way To Quit Paris Climate Agreement: Report

US President-elect Donald Trump is looking at ways to quickly withdraw from a global agreement to limit climate change, according to a source on his transition team.

Trump has labeled climate change a hoax, an opinion which defies international support for the 2015 Paris Agreement to cut greenhouse gas emissions.

Trump once said he believed that the hoax was perpetrated by the Chinese “in order to make US manufacturing non competitive”



Press TV reports:

The president-elect is now looking at how the US can bypass a theoretical four-year procedure for pulling out of the international accord, Reuters reported on Saturday.

Since Trump’s surprise victory in Tuesday’s election, governments ranging from China to small island states have reaffirmed their support for the agreement at climate talks running until November 18 in Marrakesh, Morocco.

“It was reckless for the Paris Agreement to enter into force before the election,” the source, who works on Trump’s transition team, told Reuters on condition of anonymity.

The Paris Agreement entered into force on November 4 and has now been formally ratified by 109 nations representing about 75 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions.

Many nations have expressed hopes the US will stay, but they also believe the accord has enough backing to survive a withdrawal.

“If one party decides to withdraw that it doesn’t call the agreement into question,” Moroccan Foreign Minister Salaheddine Mezouar told a news conference.

The US and China, two of the world’s biggest polluters, formally joined the Paris Agreement in September, with President Barack Obama describing the accord as a “turning point” to save the planet.

Despite the threat of a US withdrawal, Secretary of State John Kerry said Sunday that he would continue his efforts to implement the accord until Obama leaves office on January 20.

“We will wait to see how the next administration addresses this but I believe we’re on the right track and this is a track that the American people are committed to,” Kerry told reporters in New Zealand.

“The majority of the American people believe that climate change is in fact happening and want to see us address it,” the top US diplomat added.

Kerry also said he hoped Trump would not follow through on his campaign rhetoric regarding climate change.

  • dianecee

    Most of we American people are NOT believers in climate change. Most of us know that Al Gore has been selling shares of stock in “green energy” from his office in DC and has raked in well over one billion dollars selling this lie.

    • JoeBloe

      Yet another example of a highly uneducated person believing in ‘conspiracy’ and discounting probably the single most important scientific issue the human race has ever faced. Fuck the economy and to hell with business and profits – all of which are completely imaginary. This is real. The science is completely infallibly on this point. This is not a question of belief, this is fact. Facts do not require you to believe them. They just are.

      • dianecee

        There is no science to back climate change other than the axis of Earth was interrupted due to an overwhelming earthquake. The Earth is recovering. Climate change is an investment vehicle for those pushing it.

        • Mira

          completely agree with you.

      • Mira

        Climate change is a hoax. More than 31,000 American scientists (to date) have signed a petition challenging the climate change narrative and 9,029 of them hold PhDs in their respective fields. But hey, Al Gore and his cronies have also ignored that inconvenient truth, as well.