Trump: US-Russia Relations Are At An ‘All-Time & Very Dangerous Low’

Donald Trump has warned that US ties with Russia are at a “very dangerous low,” and has blamed Congress for the situation, a day after he reluctantly signed into law a sanctions bill against Moscow.

“Our relationship with Russia is at an all-time & very dangerous low,” the US president said in a Twitter post on Thursday. “You can thank Congress.”

Mr Trump approved the measure on Wednesday, despite calling it “flawed”.

Russia has said that the new sanctions were tantamount to declaring a “full-scale trade war”.

Press TV reports:

Congress passed the new sanctions package last week against Russia, Iran and North Korea. The bill was passed with overwhelming margins, eliminating the prospect of a presidential veto.

Trump signed the bill on Wednesday but strongly criticized it, calling the legislation “significantly flawed” with “unconstitutional provisions.”

Trump also complained that the law, which prevents him from easing sanctions on Russia, infringed on presidential powers to devise foreign policy.

The president had privately opposed the measures and his aides had lobbied against them. Trump has long expressed a desire for better ties with Russia.

The bill imposes tough additional sanctions on Russia over Moscow’s alleged meddling in last year’s US presidential election and Crimea’s reunification with Russia in 2014.

The legislation targets the Russian energy sector, allowing the US to sanction companies involved in developing Russian oil and gas pipelines, and placing restrictions on some Russian arms exporters.

Russia responded by saying the sanctions amounted to a full-scale trade war and an end to hopes for better ties with the Trump administration.

Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered 755 US diplomats to leave the country after Congress passed the bill.

Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov warned Sunday that more retaliatory moves would come if the bill was signed into law.

  • Amaris

    a president who reluctantly signs a sanction bill? what kind of president is that then? Doing someone else’s bidding for sure, and THEN he moans about US-Russia ties being at an all time low…jeeez

    • the russian hacker

      its all for show so suckers will think putin and trump arent on the same agenda, its working great suckers eat up all the yummy media hype,when actualy putin and trump have agreed to work together to stop the deep state

      • yeahrightdickhead

        YOU DICKHEAD… LOL…. .. work together…lol.. you dickhead…wake up

    • Joshua Seeley

      Connect the dots here..Clinton supplies Russia with everything they want pre-2016..Putin seems to be a wild card.. Trump cannot fart on a Russian without “collusion” claimed..Does Putin like Trump or not? Vice versa? We do not want war but the Globalists do cause they are losing their grip..Trump will win in the end I believe..

      • Amaris

        tell me how Trump can possibly win anything when he is being controlled by the bankers and the deep state. He is just doing their bidding…., and if the deep state want a war,Trump will not stop it…remember JFK? The Russian collusion thing is just a decoy being pushed by the false media. Who said the globalists are loosing their grip? Their plans are long term…Trump flip flops on many issues as compared to what he said pre-election, so I would not trust what he says, as lying comes easy.

  • palcau ioan

    usa has become the greatest evil of all the times! no other nation in history was b4,like is usa today…usa,u can go to hell,i wont cry over you

    • palcaunos ourlitterefugeepal..

      That’s a fair point palcarco .. espida donsidos laconda sibosty yomina faraka..and all that refugee jibber..

  • clarioncaller

    Politically, a congressional over-ride would have been embarrassing and the numbers were there. At least he can attach a signing statement to this POS.

  • Thomas Poovathinkal SSP

    TWO NATIONS that worship the SAME JESUS THE LORD…….BE FRIENDS Putin and Trump, in-spite of minor difference. IF YOU ARE ENEMIES, IT IS THE DEVIL THAT WINS and NOT JESUS THE LORD.

  • havesomeballstrumpyoubankslave

    Hey..wake up …he didn’t HAVE TO sign anything….. just proves what a puppet he is.. all those bad loans he has are catching up with him.. what a shame.. a president without balls…. TRUMPTHEBANKSLAVE

  • mary

    A man with no integrity,that is you mr trump and to think I believed in you .Get it into your stupid head We the People no not want war we are sick of it all