Turkey Threatens Armenia With “Another Armenian Genocide”

Turkey threaten another Armenian genocide as Putin prepares to offer Armenia military assistance

Turkey are to begin military operations against the Republic of Armenia – just a century after they attempted to wipe the country off the face of the earth in the brutal killing of 1.5 million of its citizens in what is known today as the Armenian Genocide. 

According to Russian intelligence sources Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has voiced concerns that the 3 million population nation of Armenia has become the “greatest threat to world peace”, and has vowed to “do something about it”.

Whatdoesitmean.com reports:

Once gaining their own nation, however, this report notes, Armenia was forced to come to the aid of the Christian Armenian’s living in the Nagorno-Karabakh region of the Islamic Republic of Azerbaijan—who had vowed, since 1988, to eliminate Christianity from their borders altogether, and which led to the Nagorno-Karabakh War that ended in 1994 with a death toll over 30,000 and the displacement of nearly 1 million more.

Though this war has remained a “frozen conflict” for the past 22 years, MoD experts in this report say, this past week it became “hot” when Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan traveled to his $100 million American palace outside of Washington D.C. to meet with his paid Mercury LLC lobbyists—who then immediately began warning US politicians that the 3 million populated Christian nation of Armenia had now became the greatest threat to world peace known in our times.

Within hours of Erdogan’s US lobbyists from Mercury LLC giving such an outlandish and absurd warning, this report continues, Turkish backed Azerbaijan launched a “massive attack” with tanks, artillery and helicopters against the Armenian protected Christians in the Nagorno-Karabakh region with their Russian Ambassador, Polad Bulbuloglu, stating “The attempts of a peaceful solution to this conflict have been underway for 22 years. How much more will it take? We are ready for a peaceful solution to the issue. But if it’s not solved peacefully then we will solve it by military means”—a statement fully backed by Erdoğan too.

With Turkey being the key supplier of weapons and military hardware to the Islamic State terrorists for the genocide of Christians in Iraq and Syria, the MoD says in this report, Armenia’s President Serzh Sargsian ordered his foreign ministry to “draft a treaty on mutual military assistance with Nagorno-Karabakh” to protect these Christians from “Erdoğan’s wrath” lest these Christians suffer the same fate.

Vice speaker of Russia’s State Duma (lower house of parliament) Sergei Zheleznyak further warned that Turkey was the “third force” behind the war developments in the Nagorno-Karabakh region, this report continues, describing them as a provocation—which back in February, NATO stated it was growing “nervous” about should Erdoğan’s provocations against Christians erupt into a full scale war with Russia.

NATO’s fears are, indeed, justified, this report notes, (and as we had previously reported on) after President Putin, this past November (2015), ordered thousands of additional Federation military forces to Armenia should Erdoğan attempt the war moves he has begun this past week against the Christian Armenian peoples living in Nagorno-Karabakh.

And as to exactly why Erdoğan, and his son Bilal who funds ISIS, are intent on igniting a war in Nagorno-Karabakh, this report concludes, is due to the ongoing talks between Russia and the Obama regime to coordinate their attack on the Turkish supported Islamic State capital of Raqqa (in northern Syria) which the US is preparing for a massive increase of Special Forces troops to conduct—and if successful, would destroy Turkey’s dream of Middle East dominance and cost them millions of dollars.

  • worldPEACE9

    Genocide is literally the only turkish tradition.

  • Kardashian

    the Turks can only destroy and kill

  • Hovig John Krikorian

    This idiot just admitted that they committed the genocide

    • silvergoldstars


  • Varouj Asdourian

    The only thing that Turks unfortunately know is how to kill and destroy. That has been their history for over a 1000 years and it still is today. Armenians aren’t the only ones they have persecuted; Greeks, Assyrians, the list goes on and on and yet they claim to be a civilized people? What a load of horse manure.

  • Mike Smith

    go ahead! Try to make another threat and watch what will happen, in 1915 something really bad and sad happened! Which never got accepted 100% by turkey! So Go ahead, try to think about another Genocide and this time World will clash on your little tiny country!

  • Babak sadeghi

    A bit of history here is being recklessly ignored and misinterpreted to the point of absolute lies. Firstly, Azerbaijan is not an Islamic Republic, it’s still a part of the Russian common wealth, like Armenia, also Nagorno Karabakh was and is a part of Azerbaijan, most of the country we call Armenia today was Azerbaijan, the original Armenia was a country mostly located in South Eastern Turkey and North Western Syria along the Mediterranean coast, both of these countries still retain a sizable Armenian population. With the constant onslaught of the Ottomans against the Armenians for many centuries they were dispersed to Iran, Iraq, Azerbaijan, Syria, Turkey, Lebanon, Palestine, Georgia, and Russia. Armenians were pushed into Azerbaijani land were they were able to establish a small enclave close to thier own ancestral lands, especially after the Ottoman genocide which killed at least 1 million Armenians in 1904-5. Nagorno Karabakh was sovereign Azerbaijani territory that became populated by Armenians, and then annexed by Armenia through an armed conflict of conquest, ethnic cleansing, and genocide were over 40,000 Azerbaijani men, women, and children were killed, and 1 million Azerbaijani’s displaced. The world, Iran, Turkey, along with Russia brokered a cease fire, with Nagorno Karabakh as an autonomous region of Armenia in 1995-6, though the conflict still insues till today. Allegiances in this part of the world are very complex, the Islamic Republican of Iran is Armenia’s closest Ally for oil and gas, food, as well as Iran having over a million Iranian Armenians, the Iranians and Armenians have cultural and linguistic ties that go back thousands of years, and both were rivals against the Ottoman Turks for centuries. Azerbaijan is a Turkic country, that shares a common language with Turkey, but unlike the Turks who are predominantly Sunni Moslems, Azerbaijani’s like Iran are predominantly Shia Moslems, also one third of the Iranian population is made up of Persian Azerbaijani’s. By tradition the Russians have always armed and allied themselves with the Armenian Christians against Islamic countries in the region, from the late 17th centuries to the 20th century Russia aided Armenia genociding moslem states where Kurds, Turks, Tartars, Chechens, where ethnically cleansed for over 200 years, the Armenian genocide prior to WWI was partly in retaliation for the Turkic genocide earlier on. And yes, a war between Armenia and Azerbaijan could ignite, but it would draw all the surrounding nations into the conflict with devastating consequences for all the parties involved, especially Armenia, and could ignite WWIII. Also the Armenian genocide was partly due to starvation as a result of war ravaged and devastated towns, villages, cities, and farms, many Jews, Germans, Kurds, Russian, Tartars, and Chechens died in the Armenian genocide as well.
    Erdogon is mad, he wants to reestablish the Ottoman empire.

    • SEAN

      Thank you for your informative reply however its full of inaccuracies and falsified “facts”.

      • Babak sadeghi

        Not falsified, generalisations yes, but all you have to do is check Google to verify what I’m saying, I study art history and my knowledge is based on the history of art and architecture. As for the thousands of churches, yes, Armenia became the first kingdom to declare Christianity as it’s national religion by the Royal family of the Asacids a Persian province, in 301A.D. before the Arab conquests, and many of the ancient temples of older religious temples were turned into churches, primarily Greek, Roman, and Zoroastrian edifices. Along with the expansion of the Holy Roman Empire, when Constantine declared Christianity as the faith of the empire, later called Byzantium. The other prevailing religions in the region were Manichaeism, Mithraism, Judaism, Zoroastrianism, later the temples of these religions would be turned into Christian sanctuaries. Christianity itself was much divided, amongst several sects, Roman Catholic, Greek Orthodox, Coptic, Arabici, Assyrian, Armenian, with about 20-30 more sects, Maronite, Valencians, Marcionism, etc..so to reclaim Armenia as a nation you’d have to include all of Syria, Turkey, Azerbaijan, parts of Iran, Lebanon, Palestine, and northern Iraq, Georgia, basically you’d have to reclaim the eastern half of the Byzantine empire.

    • Riko

      Yeah, that was a load of bollocks, please explain the thousands of Ancient Armenian churches and other buildings that exist in present day Armenia and Kharabakh, also if you bothered to read a few of the ancient texts, from Assyrian times to Roman and Persian, you would realise that Armenians have been living in those territories for thousands of years.

      And please don’t bullshit about the Armenian genocide being a reaction to some Turkish genocide, the massacres of Armenian have started in the 19th century and culminated in the Genocide.

    • Garegin

      Lets first wash off all that dirt jam from your brain and then try to find a country with the name azerbaijan before the 20th century. And if you manage to find it that would be the great discovery and you’ll certainly recieve NOBEL PRIZE

      • Babak sadeghi

        Well? Azerbaijan as a word or rather name, encompasses the North Western part of Iran, in antiquity the area’s we call Chechnya, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Kurdistan, Turkey Daghestan, Ossetia, or rather the Caucasus in general was part of the Persian Empire, the name simply means ” fire mountains”, in reference to the Persian national religion Zoroastrianism, which originated in these countries, the Zoroastrians held great fires upon these mountains as part of thier religion, and built hundreds of fire temples, Azar, means fire, baijan, means by the mountainside, this name is ancient, and is a still used in modern Persian, also, Azar is a very popular women’s name today. This predates the advent of Christianity and the creation of Armenia by 1000 years. Prior to the Persian empire this area was called Media or Midian Provences, its not till the late Byzantine empire that the eastern areas were referred to as Armenia, and ancient Armenia encompassed virtually all of Turkey, Syria, parts of Lebanon, and Iraq. So, Azerbaijan originally was a persian name, expression, that goes back to antiquity, as does the Armenian name, which also refers to an ancient people in the Western provinces of the Persian empire who where there before the advent of Christianity. Prior to Christianity the region was divers in it religions, Zoroastrianism being the most powerful at that time, Judaism was also very prevalent, Buddhism was well known, as was ancient Egyptian, Assyrian, Babylonian, Greek, Minoan, Phonecian, religions as well. Azerbaijanis today make up about 13
        of the Iranian population as an ethnic group, speaking Persian. Also the Armenians are a people of Indo Aryan Persian stock, as is thier language, derivative and related to ancient Persian and Sanskrit for those of you who don’t know who you are.

    • Zuzana Rehakova

      You jump left-right, high and higher, let me also take some corners:
      in the 4-th century this land was Christian. The M. religion came in with sword in the 8-th century.
      Others, non-M., like me (I do abolish all three Abraham religions, originating in Palestina) have to suffer now, because M. wants to dominate?
      NO and with the help of A-bombs once more time no.

    • Duftopia

      First history is written by the predators. Azerbaijan like many other countries are dominated by a religious group, in this case Islam, although almost NO countries refer to themselves as Religious but rather secular does not mean doctrine is dictated by LOGIC minded people. Turkey / Russia moved ethnic populations to regions where slow assimilation could take place and thus created conflict choosing sides to take to maintain its empires. A REAL peacful solution would be to redraw maps and relocate populations to CLEAR borders but then we would not have decades wirth of blood as we see in Armenia, Israel, Yugoslavia and other areas. THIS is ONE reason the Ottomans wanted to “wipe out” populations to avoid the in-evitable establishment of peace which ultimately will occur one day and prove they are in fact Empire based on Barbarians. (not necessarily a bad thing, based on perspective and reward), the FANTASY of Armenians commiting genocide of the Azeries follows the American, Nazi, Ottoman empire philosophy that if even 1 member of the race you want to exterminate should defend themselves you can redefine your crimes and even re-write history to favor your actions. Christianity is a very civil religion and to this day Armenian has expelled populations in a gradual peaceful fashion where as Islam condones readily extermination as a just means of dealing with ousiders, the response of a civil removal of azeris (with a marginal if not 0 casualty rate) from Armenia was hi-jacked by azeri fanatics funded by Turkey resulting in yet another massace, this has been the policy of the Ottoman Empire as it struggles to kill off its native population. Armenians DID NOT commit genocide. We had a minority of vindictive responses to Turkish Genociders and the same could have been said about the Azeris’ has they not been funded and armed to attack Armenians by turkey and/or riussia, this is because the BASE of Judao/Christian religion is order/mercy and with Christians having no exceptions to the rule makes it hard to justify the acts of genocide, islam does not, and so the WORSE we can do is a crusade whereas ISLAMIC based structure can murder w/o conseqences. The solution can be seen in America, we are STILL integrating the American Indian population into our society and that’s ONE reason god shed his grace on us even though we are also now an empire. Turkeys needs to surrender some land to Armenians (Mostly useless land) and actually WIN or its behavior will only result in a plague or death on its side, it is GOD who we must appease in the long run, love and hate are plentiful, Peace is required, I could say much more but I will leave it at that.

      • Babak sadeghi

        Wow, the ridiculous diatribe that’s spewing forth from imaginary historians who think that just by writing something makes it true or real is absurd, both Azerbaijanis and Armenians are ancient peoples that predate both Christianity and Islam, and both are descendents of Indo Aryan peoples from antiquity. The Western half of the ancient Persian empire was referred to as Azerbaijan, which means the land with the mountainous fires, in honor of the Zoroastrian fire worshipers of the Elbrus and Caucasian mountains, the Turks didn’t arrive in the region till Genghis Khan about 1700 years later. Armenia was the eastern half of the Roman empire, but prior to that it was the Western half of the Persian empire, not to mention other conflicts in this part of the world such as Assyrian, Babylonian, Hittite, Greek, and so on, Armenia was the Eastern Byzantine empire, and became the first nation to adopt Christianity in the 3d century AD as it’s national religion, where the Romans retained Mithraism and the Persians remained Zoroastrian, it was the Islamic conquests in the 7th century by the Arabs that destroyed both of these empires. The Arabs didn’t force conversion, they preferred taxing other religions for profit, conversion to Islam took place out of convenience by local populations over time in order to avoid taxation. Local Islamic empires gradually evolved of non Arab origins, as in the Samanids, Fatamids, Safavids, these Royal Islamic dynasty’s started importing central Asian Turks into the region as mercenaries and slaves, and slowly the Turkish presence started manifesting itself in the region and slowly manifested itself into a political entity that had to be reckoned with, until the Mongols under Genghis Khan conquered and destroyed the whole region with devastating brutality nearly inihilating Christianity and Islam in the whole entire region. Know your history before you spew crap and bullshit out of your racists Nazis scumbag brain asshole!

        • Tigran Minasian

          step 1 on how to win an argument
          call them rasicst
          step 2
          call them nazis
          YOU WIN

    • Kardashian

      The history begins not from 1904….you know it….

    • Pistol 818

      Go learn history u don’t even have the rite dates loll its sad u speak with zero knowledge

    • silvergoldstars

      This, in no way, justifies the Turkish president’s doings.

  • silvergoldstars

    Reading this I wanted to explode. This is so sick. Haven’t they done enough with the genocide? “Armenia is a threat to world peace”… the BS Turkey’s president says makes me want to scream. I am an Armenian myself, and know plenty of people residing in Armenia though I was born and raised in America, and this is just unbelievable.

  • Great white

    I really dont get it. Everyone blames the Turks. Ok but, why there is NO one talking about the shamefull human zoo’s not so lang ago ? Over 10 million ppl slaughtered by the Belgium why nobody doesnt talk about it ? Indonesian genocide by The Netherland who talking about it ? Is there anyone talking about the Canadian holocaust, raped tortured and burned alive children ? Genocide;s by France in Vendee, Brundie, Syria, Haiti, Algeria, Vietnam, Rwanda, Morocco ??? Over 100 million native american butchered by the US ? I dont see anyone talking or does something about these why ?? Is it racism or hypocrasy or both ?? What a disgusting act isnt it ??? What a shame, everybody loves to tach us humanity. lol