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  • MsLady Lifestyle

    Obadiah’s Vision for Esua and Edom… Enough said

  • Patricia R

    Snyder ignored the Flint crisis for nearly two years! He is touring Germany and other European countries spending $$$$$$$ when he should be spending it on Flint’s tragedy! Strange that these two people were found DEAD!!!
    And the “emergency manager” is an incompetent nitwit that Snyder placed there!!!

  • Phishhed44

    Somewhat related: My Son, David (29) took this situation to heart and has been working with others to get private donor HELP in the replacement of all Lead (PB?) piping in Flint and the surrounding area! I’m really proud of him!!!

  • Carol Ann Blondeau Ruaro

    Know that if you vote either Dem or Rep with the exception of Trump, your vote doesn’t matter, this is NOW common knowledge….vote TRUMP if you don’t want more of the same either Dem or Rep…they are one and the same…the only alternative is to vote outside the system and that’s TRUMP…!!!!!

  • Vivelevin

    Is this for real? What have we become in this country? When you’ve lived as long as I have, you get a perspective of the changes that have taken place over time…we always expect change; it is inevitable, but as a society, we are failing each other because too many people lack a moral compass. We know there are people who criticize the poor, accusing them of being welfare sponges and/or drug dealers and criminals…well, how do people survive when there’s no work around and only miserable low wages? Then these officials in Flint KNEW the water contained lead at a dangerous level and they ignored it…that is murder…genocide…and now people are suddenly dying who had knowledge about the cover up? WTF? We need a sea change in politics and people need to start paying attention to the people who run for office and dig a little into their backgrounds. We need more investigative reporters at every level of government, and maybe especially at the local level. It isn’t enough to report on the weather and the local high school football games or proms.

  • Andrea Roy

    The real solution is is a National Infrastructure plan that should be carried out immediately throughout the United States. Money that’s being wasted on war should be put to use by upgrading the cities for the future, so this doesn’t keep happening. People need to fix things when they break, even in depressed economic areas. Flint should be closed down and the people relocated until a clean up has been done. Unfortunately their industry died due to Replublican outsourcing and quicky, Yuppy, trading. As a friend truly, band together make stronger in country economic changes while these forgotten cities still have a chance.

  • Stan Ubeki

    She was shot by a former lover. Read up on it from a responsible news agency.

  • John Rogers

    Silent weapons for Silent Wars, pure and simple Genocide. Wake TFU! you live in an Actor Based Reality.

  • BeaM

    You’re putting together two separate stories about two separate family tragedies and turning it into a sinister plot in your own head to promote yourself. What a sham and a crime!

  • Ceunei

    Interesting. One a Generation Xer male, they are dying off early at this time, I’ll bet toxicology comes back with an overdose of some pharmaceutical or another, nothing to see there. The other a young black female, she was shot, nothing to see there, either. What a perfectly frightening set up.

    Neither Hillary Trump nor Donald Clinton can fix this. It is up to we the people, quite frankly. Voting for the Corporate backed candidates playing a dangerous reality TV show game with the voters is not the way to go in my book. That is more status quo, one with centrist change that benefit only the top and the other with hate and division that helps no one.

    While I don’t think Bernie Sanders can fix things like this on his own, I’m pretty sure the majority that seems to back him over the two actors on the Corporate Reality Show TV stage certainly can.

  • frank furter

    Running a country,is not the same as running a company..ah duhhh!!..Trump and his Klan,appeal to the dimwits that are at a premium now…lots of them..from both sides of the political aisle..but I have to say,that a dimwit will most likely pick the repub view of the world..every time…

  • Judy Kirkham-Beville

    I wonder how high up this goes? There has to be a lot of fat cats at the back of everything.

  • robot g

    downriverdem you have to be the dumberer in dumber bwahahah

  • Christina

    Ok folks this article is about rwo people that may have been murdered because they were whistle blowers. Please do not loose site of this fact. The American people are sick and damned tired of this kind of bs. We do not need another elected official on the damned inside. ok…can we all agree on that? Yes Donald Trump has flaws..none worse than any of us.ok…and Obama let us all down. Who really gives a damn how Trump inherited his money? Take your jealous mind off of his cash for a minute will ya? And think about what is beat for you and our country. We are on theverge of being taken over by the mouslim people. Mr. Obama has dedicated his Presidency to the muslim causes? He gave black America free cell phones and a bounus check that he took right back if you owe child support ar student loans???Thanks but no thanks! If we fail to hire Trump…We will be in deep trouble folks. Obama could have taken a billion away from the muslims and repaired Flint water problems. But he will never do that folks…Right now we have ONE CHANCE to save ourselves…So get off of your American Behinds and VOTE. I’am voting for Mr. Trump 2016

  • tariq

    When it comes to harming original people, privileged class people are capable of anything.

  • tommybruner01@gmail.com

    We don’t live in a time where people could get away with a Silkwood or JFK-type cover up. There’s too much media now. Too many people paying attention. These people will not get away with this. Their time will soon be up.

  • fgvyti

    get out of the US if u can

  • junie

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  • Donna E. Ploss

    Sounds like a MAJOR cover up to me.

  • MargaretEDavis

    Like the GOP official who was going to give evidence about Roves server that the results of the OHIO vote were sent to and then released to the public, whose airplane which was checked over by mechanics before he took his flight to Texas and crashed how can you believe any GOP official who is under indictiment when the whistle blowers come up dead.

  • Erutan409

    “The net result is that over 10,000 children (mostly Black) were exposed to water contaminated with lead.”

    And the reason for highlighting the race was because….?

  • damionblackthorn

    This is a Democratic bastion and all the folks involved are connected democrats…..so, theres nothing to see here, let’s just move forward…..the examples have been set…you fight, you might be the next found in an alley….Yeah, that’s how they do it in Michigan…

  • Sigus

    I love how this comment section went from flint water crisis to Donald Trump to Grammar Policing to Liberal Bashing… Allow me to put this back on point. Two people involved in what looked like a form of genocide by our own government have been killed. It was probably by our own government! This bullshit bitch slapping everyone is doing is pointless. This type of shit is exactly what they want you to do because, while you’re too busy cock slapping each other they can continue to pull shit like this. So, if everyone would look over here, at the fucking truth for a moment, I’ll show you whats going on. The Flint Water Crisis, as these two aforementioned deaths have started to make it look, seems to be a form of genocide perpetrated by our own government. As the above article says, mainly black people live in that area and mainly black people were affected. Can any of you possibly think of a better way to alienate not only an entire race but also an entire social caste?!? Everyone knows that since the GM plants closed years ago that Flint is nothing more than a ghetto and, with the way our fucked up government looks at it, what better place to unleash something that was probably meant to fuck population growth in that area. Think about this shit and quit fighting among yourselves! We all need to be on the same side here and put an end to shit like this. What if it were your kids drinking chem laced water? Would you give a blue fuck about who was on what side? I fear its not just those in power that are taking us down but the very dumb asses that they have successfully indoctrinated with their bullshit to sink us further….

  • Karl Hutchense

    The Feds d@mn well better be setting up shop right there in Flint until this is all investigated and all of the dirty dealings are exposed!!!

  • Doc


  • N

    It’s not that I don’t believe you, but this would be much, much more persuasive with links to evidence, instead of just saying the names or titles of articles

  • Pandora Wallace

    OH just stop with this. Between Flint Detroit and Saginaw we have almost a murder/shooting a day right now. What about the other women who was shot no one bats an eye about her. “Sacorya Renee Reed was also found shot to death in the home.” As for the Foremen plenty of people die and it takes a blood test to figure out why. Maybe he OD on something/ Maybe he had a allergic reaction to something/ maybe it could be anything, really people wait for the rest of the testing before you drink the conspiracy theory kool aid. The water issue is a lack of care by a city over 50 years a lack of care by the auto industry a lack of caring by LOCAL GOVERNMENT all those issue should have been addressed over the years. Now all the tax payers in this state get to pay for LOCAL government corruption in Flint than we will get slammed with the corruption in the Detroit schools after we got saddled with Detroit’s screw up from their last wonderful Democrat Mayor who is sitting behind bars. OUR WHOLE system is Screwed we are all in trouble. Just image if these cities are screwing one state how much is the Federal system screwing us all.

    If you don’t think she lived in a dangerous area check it here it not one of the worst but it is by no means one of the safest areas of Flint:
    Than read this:

  • Charli03

    How convenient. A death from unknown causes; a coincidental death of a vital witness and her roommate, records missing from city hall and what, a unique city hall with no security cameras? Sounds like the 1920’s Chicago. My next bet, that the “killer” of the two young women will be found to have mental issues… a perfect scapegoat. This is the place we have arrived, where corrupt governors will do anything to stay in power and we’ve got a number of them, including Christie, Walker, Scott, Snyder, Brownbeck, to name a few, several of them despised and with trash bin approval ratings and yet they are “re-elected.” Reports of electronic ballot tampering, and that’s only the tiny tip of a melting iceberg. Wake up, America. The very fact that Michigan kicked out elected officials and appointed their own guys is surely against the law and yet it happened and no one said anything. WE didn’t say anything because we kept waiting for the residents of Michigan to say something…which they did, but the media other than Rachel Maddow, chose to ignore it. The Federal government didn’t get involved. The more they get away with, the voter disenfranchisement, robbing education funds to pay for privatized schools, privatized prisons, trying to privatize the post office by making them pay $2 billion in retirement funds while killing collective bargaining and government retirement funds everywhere else. If this tea party type politics straight out of the 1980 election platform of the 1980 presidential election with a Koch running as VP is coming to pass and if we want to save our country, we need to vote the fanatics out. They’re not that hard to identify. For starters, just find out if your legislators are a member of Koch’s ALEC who is writing the crazy bills getting passed across extreme right states like mine to disenfranchise voters and privatize everything in sight.

  • Robert Gravenor

    They obviously got hit for what they knew

  • Kim Triolo Feil

    My TCEQ investigator died and his field notes are missing in a case I filed against Chesapeake….gotta luv texass

  • http://www.localharvest.org/farms/M18178 Maggie Henry

    How did this thread get hijacked from 2 people murdered to trump and education?

  • Eric

    Bill and Hillary have been ‘taking care of things’ this way for years; their body count is somewhere in the high 30’s.

  • Joe La Fata

    wow will synder and his boys,,do in next..

  • Jesse Corder

    Forget it. It’s Chinatown.

  • Brett Jennings

    Someone remembered the old adage, dead men tell no tails. Especially in court.

    As what to do for corruption by elected officials. Join the problem. I got onto the borough council, then the rest of them appointed me to the sewer authority,with one mission. “Some thing stinks down there, so fix it.” They were not just talking about the smell from the failing treatment system. After 2 years as the chairman we received recognition as the wastewater system of the year by the PA rural water association for 2015. The 3 municipalities that appoint people to the board have been appointing people that have been complaining about the sewer system. That has worked wonders on how it has been running. People using common sense can go a long way.

  • BarefootBoy1

    Folks, there definitely is something Criminal happening in Flint, MI. And the Criminals doing this mischief need to be caught and executed!!! Forensic Science needs to be deployed to expose them. These two deaths appear to be murders, and the perpetrators are too stupid to realize THE TRUTH IS STILL OUT THERE!!!!

  • Timothy Babcock

    Who cares if the children were “mostly black”. All children are precious no matter of race and it should have no part in reporting of this horrible incident. Racism will never die because of reporting like this.

  • downtown21

    There’s no reason to believe that the timing of McFarland’s and Bell’s deaths is anything more than a coincidence. There’s a lot in this story to be angry about but don’t disgrace yourself by resorting to wild speculation about assassinations and conspiracies.

  • Ben Slade

    This all brings to mind the Karen Silkwood case from the 1970’s, when a whistle-blower against another govt. entity was murdered, by all evidence, but no charges were ever brought. There is corruption in high places in our country; as stories like this one, and the “Silkwood” story clearly give evidence to. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Karen_Silkwood#Death

  • Ray_ping

    I wonder what Lead to their deaths.

  • Roghish Sun

    This makes 3 people so far……2 black women, 1 white dude. “found dead”.

  • chris comer

    Gotta love how the author had to stir the race pot by pointing out that most of the people affected are black .. Well no shit .. Flint is mostly black ….

  • Dwight

    Who was the genius(s) who made the switch in sources without testing the new source?
    I’m fine with legal action against polluters, but the government officials who failed to test the new source also have blood on their hands. Perhaps more because public safety is their direct, legal, obligation.


    I find it amazing that the people i question on here can respond to me they can post more commentaries. Yet there is a never ending stream of Regurgitaters on here spouting all kinds of BS. Fucking trolls


    Failed Dem AfroCOON local government.

  • Jay Virtue

    When this country goes to pot and it soon will, the ignorant spewing their hate and idiot theories will feel the brunt of it. You think that what’s happening to the people in Flint is not happening to a lot of people all over the US? You people are insanely stupid. This article is about killing innocent people and the poisoning and covering up of it. A great deal of kids were poisoned by lead. How would you like that to happen to your kids? What is this crap all about? I see nothing but mentally dead, hateful, ignorant people spewing crap and it has nothing to do with this article and the facts. There’s an all white town in Kentucky that has black water! This happened in Detroit! In California, the water has been tainted, too! If you have a mind and you’re reading these types of articles, you’ll see that the powers that be are doing this purposely. What is wrong with people? Can’t make the connection? You people have to rant and rave about stupid, racist, ignorant, pointless things. When people are able to control your water, poison it, move you into whatever they want to move you in or to, you’re no longer in control. In fact, you never was! And if you dummies think that this is only happening to Africans and when the shit hits the fan your ass won’t get chopped by the blades – you have a big surprise coming. Mark, my, words…

  • Anonymous

    True the us is at the point of being great but it’s also at its most weakest and when it’s at its most weakest is when we the people have to rise up and actually speak about it and not just type all this up in a website were only a certain few will read it you need to hit the street literally right were it hurts them by them I mean the (corrupt) it is clearly stated in the admenments we the people have all the power a government can’t govern us we lost that freedom when became ingulfed in the Internet and lives of famous celeberties I can’t even have conversations with my freinds longer than 20 seconds without them checking there phone because of fucken social media keeps the generation in the dark about what’s really going on and once one generation falls the rest go down and this is where we end up know brainwashed to much to realize no one has the balls to start up and form a rally of people from all over the world to raise up and open there eyes to what’s going on to finally put and end to this and take over our own future and not one made by someone else rise up the facts are payed down right in front of you know you choose what to do with it either ignore this and carry on the day or start a revolution simply by having a conversation with people you know and try to open there eyes and they will do the same and so on and so on
    Remeber these words

    “It only takes one man to change the future”

    The rest is in your hands

  • Michael Jay

    Sounds like we are in a third world country but are still bragging as if we know what we are doing when we obviously dont or the people in charge of that arena really don’t! Out massive publicity machine can no longer lie to the world about how great America is anymore!

  • geewhizzwow

    That’s convenient

  • Str8 up

    This water crisis was brewing prior to 2014. Consider Flint’s economic troubles and mismanagement of money from elected officials, who were all Democrats by the way. Everyone always wants to point the blame on republicans. Puh-lease! Flint is ran by incompetent black democractic politicians and why they’re being protected just reveals the corruptness of our govt. Blaming Democrats doesn’t fit the narrative to keep blaming Republicans. A Republican got voted in because of the incompetency of liberal politician. And I’m black, so this isn’t coming from some white person. Black people better wake up the govt. manipulating all of tbis in order to control the poorest communities. Smdh!

  • Didaskalos

    I’m not to sure about the water chemist claims in the lawsuit. I think it was all about a pH change in the water

  • debra waters

    We the people must stand for justice. We the people must end the corruption in our political system. We the people must unite to make this country a better place to live.

  • Rick Elizzo

    Repugs are killing you in FLINT

  • Patricia Herr-Conde

    OPEN your eye’s people, if any of the one’s blamed were republican it’d be every where. ALL THOSE INVOLVED ARE OR WERE DEMOCRATS. I’m neither but I have a brain and use it, media is only quiet when it’s Democrat’s at fault and they are trying to find a way to blame RINO’s, Tea Party’, Libertarian’s, or Independents

  • Samantha

    It’s past the point that we consider over-throwing. The sooner the better.

  • Frances Tintelnot

    Ties to Clinton?

  • JR Hannafin

    How did this woman go from one of hundreds suing, to “the woman leading the suit”?

  • JR Hannafin

    This story is total bullshit… the shooting of the woman had nothing to do with the water investigation, and there were no indications of foul play in the water employee’s death… the writers here are being completely dishonest.

  • Thomas Muir

    I’d call it a fortunate Clinton accident but I doubt I can trace it back to Clinton.

  • JPReturns

    This story is now two months old. What happened?

  • Ibulena

    Yikes! Sounds like the Clinton’s are involved.

  • Barbara Lyons

    I never went in for conspiracy theories BUT know I don’t believe a damn thing “my” government says.

  • gwayne

    Will the moral outrage finally boil over and cause the people to awaken and vote for an incorruptible Bernie Sanders or will America be destined for more of the same as before.I will be voting my conscience and for Bernie as he is above reproach compared to all of the other nut case candidates. I’m more than convinced that he along with the democratic party will set America on the right path unlike what the GOP has and will continue to do if given any more chances to destroy the country in return for the huge campaign contributions that have made them serve the wealthy instead of the people that need help more.

  • sailorbill

    billions for Israel who have free education,health-care and pure water NOTHING FOR FLINT.USA now officially has capitulated to Israel rule

  • Sangreal

    They need Dale Hinman!

  • Sam Skaaf

    What is really crazy is that during this same period of time, the Sierra Madre water supply was going thru a very similar experience where our water was causing corrosion to the galvanized pipes to the city, our water was yellow, sometimes green and always brown. Until they say they had to force the County water supply out of their main supply using phosphate. http://www.pasadenastarnews.com/general-news/20151227/how-sierra-madres-water-issues-went-from-bad-to-worse-due-to-the-drought

  • http://canexco.com/ swansea-jackacer

    If you listen carefully Trump says a lot of the same thing that Bernie says. The difference being Trump realizes it all has to be paid for.

  • Broos

    Remember, the Company (CIA), Mafia and Gummint are ALL Now one.

  • CeeCee

    Woman was murdered by a punk, man overdosed. Happens everyday. paranoid ppl abound.

  • skw

    This is what you get if Hillary is elected.

  • Dan Smith

    They will piss off the wrong person sooner or later.

  • jtrose

    Michigan Republican Governor Snyder belongs in jail. Please stop shifting the blame around!!!! He sold
    Flint out just to save $100 dollars a day for three months. “He hollow too-much”