U2 Announce ‘Strike’ To Protest Trump

U2 have announced they are canceling the release of their upcoming album in protest to Donald Trump becoming President.

Following in the footsteps of liberal celebrities calling for a “total Hollywood strike” until Trump resigns, aging rockers U2 have announced they are canceling the release of their upcoming album in protest, band members said in an interview.

Speaking to Rolling Stone, guitarist The Edge said that U2 has canceled the release of the completed album and will take some “breathing space” because of Trump’s ascension to the White House.

The 40-year-old group were set to release the album, Songs of Experience, which The Edge said was finished toward the end of last year. He explained that most of it was was written in early 2016 or before then.

Now, as I think you’d agree, the world is a different place,” he said, sparking hopes that U2 will finally call it quits and disappear.

“More winning and he hasn’t even taken office yet!”

The group used their dwindling platform to campaign against Trump during the election, endorsing Hillary and threatening Americans with doomsday scenarios if they voted Trump. At the iHeartRadio music festival in September, Bono used lyrics from their song Desire to make pointed remarks about the then presidential nominee, telling Americans they would “lose everything” if they elected Trump.

Bono also told a virtual Trump, “You’re fired,” at an October benefit concert, and speaking to Charlie Rose in September, the Irish singer said that Trump is “trying to hijack the idea of America”.

Out-of-touch Bono has a history of braindead ideas. In 2015 he told a hearing on combating violent extremism that “we can defeat ISIS with comedy” and advocated sending Amy Schumer and Chris Rock to Syria.

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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Baxter Dmitry
  • Djago

    Sir Bono! My ass, who elected you? Get lost

  • Black Swan

    Sir Bone Head needs an adjustment to his fraudulent income stream.

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  • Kubla Khan

    AHAHAHA!!!!… Strike? … yeah, you go on ahead and Strike … let’s see if anyone notices.

  • Unfukinghappy

    Hey Bono you f……g POS, shut your mouth, and worry about the garbage going on in your pathetic country.

  • Kieron

    Hey Bonio, who gives a rats that you think. Knob

  • Larrey

    WTF is wrong with this knuckledragger? He is shiting in his own nest.

  • hiphop

    He needs to mind his own business you are about as useless and ridiculous as your lousy music. This is not your country go away.

  • MKrokus

    OMG! The world will refuse to spin if U2 doesn’t release their music. The sun will also stop shining if a bunch of half-assed entertainers and actors go on strike. I wonder if most people would actually notice or care if this were to happen?

  • Roger Heart

    Aged and outdated washed up has been choir singing the blues to each other about a strike ? HAHAAAA..I had no idea there were that many comedians in Hollywood .

  • Patrick

    Bunch of idiots. I haven’t listened to their music for years anyway. I wish all these crybabies including U2 and these forgotten actors trying to reignite a career with some petty publivity, would get over the fact that the criminal crooked Hillary and her theiving gang are done where the white house is concerned.

  • Dave McManus

    U2 is STILL making music? wow. who knew?
    Well they WERE until Boner decided to shoot himself in the dick.

  • EndAlz

    GOOD! Leaves room for these boys to sucCeed…and they are out to…HANSON

  • http://antidem.wordpress.com/ AntiDem

    Trump: Making music great again.

    • WendellGeeStrikesAgain

      Proof that braindead twats of the highest order support Trump as this news is completely fake.

  • Ian

    Jesus fuck what a total wanker never could shut his fucking mouth about politics
    The stupid looking fucker is as useful as a perforated condom

  • Ruez2

    Ok Bono, you can head back to Ireland and grow potatoes, but please stop trying to sell your stupid sunglasses on my FB wall you dick!!

  • Jason

    To the author of this article. Did you really suggest that people are hoping U2 were on the way out and that their fan base is dwindling???? Lmao!!!! Having a personal opinion and writing an article is one thing but to actually suggest falsehoods because you got your panties in a bunch, is something entirely different and disturbing. Might I suggest you crawl out from underneath whatever rock you have been living under for the last 20 years and breathe in some reality! U2 concert tickets have been sold out at every venue they have toured for the last 20 years. They’ve even had to add additional concert dates to meet the demands of their fan base. Allowing your own petty little insecurities too Cloud your article. Only made your article good for one thing…a laugh! Had it been in paper form I would have been wiping my ass with it right now!

  • Shoemaker
    • Rottn Scott

      Those shit stains aren’t even American…..

    • Rob Murtoff

      Well, no, he won’t. They’re British, so.

      • atlspfox

        Irish Rob. Irish. Sheesh.

  • Charles Angus

    No need to strike if you get boycotted you pompus peice of shit.

  • Mihai Mihaescu

    His voice sounds so good because his empty head works as a resonating chamber.

  • budfudlacker

    Myyyyyyyyyyyy Gooooooooooood…Shut. The. F#$k. Up. and PLEASE grow up!

  • Rottn Scott

    Thank you very much. You guys suck anyway so you’re doing us a favor……

  • Ken O’Neill

    Can I just apologise on behalf of the Irish people to you Americans for this complete fucking idiot Bono, every time he opens his dumb fucking mouth to speak he puts his foot in it. A hateful traitor to his working class fan base who has his head buried up the establishment’s asshole, an obnoxious cunt. Regards from Ken here in Dublin, and hopefully Donald IS going to make America great again!

    • Navysquid

      What’s sad Ken is I am a huge U2 fan and have been since their inception. I have always overlooked Bono’s political rants but this is just too ridiculous! I guess the only way U2 will get the message is by people to stop buying their music.

      Love U2 as my favorite band but my country comes first!

    • David

      Apology accepted, Ken.

      Regards from California and thanks for the kind words. 😀

  • Maugaoali’i Pele

    Go ahead and defeat isis with your dumb song…they’ll chop off you head so fast you wouldn’t even feel it.

  • Arthro

    I swear. Unless Trump steps down, i’m going to hold my breath until he does and with old the release of my shitty album. Don’t test me. I’m serious.

  • Hallett Newman

    Is this where we are suppose to care?

  • JarheadMarine

    Bono is a pompous asshole, That arrogantly forced his music on for many of Apple iPhone owners. You can’t take anything he says seriously.

  • bvee

    the deuce.

  • Stephen Charles Slater

    Bono, the chubby little social justice Jihadi who ran out of talent long ago but never ran out of snacks.

  • James Carlton

    Bono needs to stay out of American politics but on the other hand try to get a ticket to one of their concerts the biggest band in the world today for all you do U2 haters you’re out of touch with reality #U2Rocks

  • John 8:32

    Smart move alienating the fan base that can actually afford the exorbitant ticket prices. U2 is “Stuck in a moment” -1987. Reagan & Thatcher were in power & U2 became the biggest band on the transatlantic stage. I don’t remember them delaying the release of an album due to Reagan’s reelection. If they were true believers in Clinton/ Sanders, why not give free concerts to promote their socialist agenda? I guess George Bush was ok? A republican who did more for the aides/ Africans then all of the aforementioned democrats combined( including Obama). This so called protest sounds more like an Apple move delaying the release one of their iPhones to ” build anticipation”.
    “It’s no secret that a conscience can sometimes be a pest
    It’s no secret ambition bites the nails of success
    Every artist is a cannibal, every poet is a thief
    All kill their inspiration and sing about their grief”-The Fly

  • Colleen

    So do you people really think we care you guys are trash and you’re worse than Trump because you’re taking it out on American people you don’t belong in our country so why don’t you get out you and your crazy group of people

  • FittyTwoCent

    All I can think of when Bono speaks is the South Park episode where he cries because he’s a #2. Lol…. watch it. Seriously. Bono is SHIT in the cartoon. It’s AWESOME.

  • Patrick Dale

    Does anyone even listen to U2 anymore? … lol.. well, now this band is in the same classification as Katy Perry. Good Job Bozo!

  • MickeyFreakinDougal

    They had to give away one of their last albums as a free download. Pretty sure nobody’s gonna lose any sleep because they can’t get the latest U2 album.

  • Adolf Drumpf

    Your news wire is full of shit fake news!

  • joe

    Oh Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!! What do we do??? How do we survive…………..where can I go to get some playdough or maybe a cookie and a sippy cup or even a participation trophy!!!!!! https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/e573289ef897da94b8a196c27af49a09db395740aab3aa407d056221a2b53a2e.jpg

  • Macmel

    Ok – do they not get boycotting and not working will get even their biggest liberal fans to flee from them?

    And actors are a fine a dozen and there will be plenty to fill in the space if these current ones strike.

    I see this protest failing miserably.

  • Whitey WRight

    GOOD, DON’T show your butt-ugly LibTarded Limey face at Wrigley Field this year Boner, you hasbeen, you WILL NOT be missed !

  • Rob Murtoff

    Sure, U2 can be pompous and annoying. So what. The real problem here is that the headline is 100% FAKE. It’s a LIE. Now everyone will spend the next couple days babbling about it. They never called for a strike, mentioned protesting Trump or even said a single negative word about him! Wow. Click the link to the Rolling Stones interview and read what they actually said. STOP BEING PAWNS.

  • emersonushc13

    That’ll show that Mr. Trump!

  • Leo Palileo

    Frankly speaking who gives a damn or a flying Nucking Fats if you release your album or not? Was that a threat, see if I care? 🙂 🙂 🙂

  • Lou Cifer

    Gosh, I guess Trump will promptly announce his resignation so the newest U2 album can be released… Bono is a freaking genius… an idiot savant.

  • Rick Neal

    Who cares what he or the band thinks…they are aging hacks! They have as much political clout as a mushroom!

  • Kim Seese

    Love it! Thank you U2!

  • ProcessFixer

    The group and Bono into Tichelaar have done more for citizens of the planet and Trump will ever do.

  • Jakaroo

    This turd has openly admitted he has a huge ego! Let’s help deflate it….. don’t buy his music. Oh and perhaps tell him to check his privilege!!