UK Government Claim Right Wingers “More Dangerous” Than ISIS

The UK government has said that people with right-wing leanings pose a bigger threat to the British public than the Islamic State (ISIS).

The UK government has said that people with right-wing leanings pose a bigger threat to the British public than the Islamic State (ISIS).

As American Conservative and Christian voices have taken a hammering in the USA following the Parkland shootings, so fearmongers, pushing the “answer” of censorship, have been equally active in the UK over the last few days.

“Hope not Hate”, the controversial “watchdog” of “extremism”, has just released its annual report.

It claims that far-right terrorism is now an expanding concern and blatantly states:

“The UK should be prepared for more terrorist plots and the use of extreme violence”

For those who consider “Hope not Hate” to be connected to MI5, these words read with a sinister undertone.

But these concerns are certainly being expressed from the heart of the UK government. Mark  Rowley, outgoing head of UK counter-terrorism, says that since the 3 successful Islamist terror attacks in the spring  of 2017, four “far right” terror plots have been foiled, alongside ten Islamist terror plans. And surveys show 42% of Britons trust Islam less since last year, while 25% of those on the government de-radicalisation programme have “far-right” views…

Concern has been particularly heightened since the Darren Osbourne trial. Osbourne drove a van into a group of Muslims outside Finsbury Mosque, and ever since, media has been blamed for “radicalising” him, as previously covered by Your News Wire.

Certainly, any critic of Islam in UK social debate has faced constant attack by “twitter mobs” etc and had to endure hysterical “reporting” against even the mildest statements, causing the loss of jobs and platforms. Names like Katie Hopkins and Tommy Robinson are hated by the UK mass-immigration fanatic left. And Osbourne did read some of their tweets.

It’s quite clear where Hope not Hate want to go. Nick Lowles says:

“Prominent right-wing figures including American commentator Ann Coulter, ex-Breitbart writer Milo Yiannopoulos, Infowars editor Paul Joseph Watson, EDL founder Tommy Robinson (real name Stephen Lennon), and former newspaper columnist Katie Hopkins are reaching millions of people through their social media posts and videos.

All have seen followers and views spike in the wake of Isis-inspired massacres, with campaigners accusing the far-right of “exploiting terror attacks for its own benefit”.

Because most of the material posted by high-profile figures cannot be proven to call for violence, it has mostly evaded criminal law and guidelines on social media sites. “While these people are not directly inciting violence, it is the logical conclusion of their rhetoric.”

Here the article is saying that these people are engaged in lawful NON-VIOLENT speech warning about the social problem, but because the problem is real, and the government is doing nothing credible about it, people get the idea to do something themselves… The solution being pushed here is very clear. Hope Not Hate should be able to speak, people it is doesn’t like, should not. Government has no responsibility to actually tackle the core issues: it’s the citizens who should shut up about it.

And the UK governments guilty conscience is a big factor here. They do not want the British people as a whole to realise they have used British passport holding Jihadi’s for years as mercenaries to fight convenient enemies in countries like Libya and Syria.

Now these Jihadi’s have come home to free houses, benefit payments, and a status as “untouchables”. The world has changed: Donald Trump is not Obama, or Clinton, and is not going along with Neo-Cons using ISIS to manipulate the Middle East. Which leaves these British Jihadi’s, with all their evidence of what the government has been up to, with massive leverage: they are the proof of UK government War Crimes.

Being unable to tackle the hard core generating UK jihadi radicalisation, the government has instead decided to shoot the messengers. But its not working.

Tommy Robinson is a very controversial figure. There are many claims made about his past. But there can also be no doubt, he has been subjected to extreme state persecution. And this has entirely back-fired, making him far more followed than ever.

This popularity is affirmed in an article by “Hope not Hate’s” own senior researcher, Doctor Joe Mulhall.

Here he bemoans that several major “alt-right” figures come from the UK, that they have a global audience, that its cheap and easy for people to spread these messages, and that these messages are popular. He cites a Paul Joseph Watson video about “faking a refugee drowning”: but he can’t argue against the content of the video! Instead, he argues its negative that it can be seen at all!

Watchdog’s against “Hate” seem to have brutal repression of free speech as their default “solution”.

Political repression can only go so far. Leaders can be jailed, movements outlawed, views persecuted, but as long as the conditions creating those views persist, they will grow faster than they can be repressed, making “Deep State” bully tactics counter-productive.

“Hope not Hate” can warn as much as they like, there is little hope for improvement while the UK Government is determined to cover up its own War Crimes, repress concern about Islam, and protect its jihadi cats-paw mercenaries:

And its those failures that have left the ordinary Briton to suffer all the negative consequences, and created the very anti-Islamic radicalisation the Government is now talking up as a major threat…

Your News Wire hopes there are no terror attacks in Britain this year. Nothing could do more to reduce tensions than that. Or the risk is real that one night, a riot might start, perhaps in Luton, or Peterborough, or some other town on the front line of tensions between Islam and wider British Society, and that nightmare scenario might become real…

John White

John White

John White is a truthseeker with years of experience, a veteran of 9/11, Brexit and Trump. Follow his Facebook page
John White
  • Kane

    Faih not Fibs .Repression always creates frustration.Frustration always leads to aggression They know.They want chaos because ,firstly it creates,more opportunities to maximise profitsfrom a myriad of sources ,and secondly bit allows them to enact police state totalitarianism so agreeable to tyrrany from despotic dictators.So much more fun ,than hideous free will gifted by the grace ofGod, you know .

    • Kane

      Faith not Fibs .!

    • John White

      Thankyou Kane. I regret that my country, the UK, is in such a situation. Unfortunately, for those whose religion is Ordo Ab Chao, its music to their ears. And the last thing I want to see is people carrying out killings in the name of “Britain”. Ironically, the British people’s best hope is that there are white-hats in the Intelligence Services actually out to catch bad guys and protect the citizens! Considering the murky background to some historic events, like 7/7, that is something of a risk. And its not just Britain. The bodies of the victims of Islamist Terrorism are stacking up all across Europe. There was a time, pre Charlie Hebdo, when it seemed likely Islamism was being allowed to get away with a few things to push society towards approving war on Syria, but after ISIS formed, it seems things switched and became far more than fake. Now things have got so bad, it could be “they” don’t need to manufacture enemies anymore… the wolves slipped the leash.

  • Steve S

    Demanding justice, freedom, and a responsible government may make conservatives a threat to UK government but hardly makes them a terrorist group. Disagreement and dissent is allowed, and encouraged, in a free and open society. Time for the pedophile, luciferians to leave the royal house and the parliament.

    • Sheila Guerrier

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  • cb

    She has a sick twisted look in her eyes.

  • nobullpls

    are you guilty of wanting a future for your children (without rape and murder)?

  • clarioncaller

    Whenever I see PM Theresa May, I ‘m immediately reminded of someone named Jenner.

  • Andy C

    More dangerous – but to what? Global communism?

    • John White

      More dangerous to the British Establishment losing its grip on power and being replaced. And that certainly means a rejection of Globalism. Because there is a difference between ISIS and “Britain First”: the people are more likely to sympathise with “white british” movements than Islamic ones! A key factor in the UK is the archaic electoral system is heavily biased towards established parties and makes new parties hard to establish. Hence the same of support that get AFD 90MP’s in Germany only got UKIP 2 in 2015. This adds to the frustration factor, but also pushes the UK conservative party farther to the right. However, the government is so heavily compromised over is prior use of Jihadi’s, it cant tackle the core issue.

  • MrDoug supports Deporting

    Who would have ever thought that the UK government would ever be afraid of freedom of speech and the truth

  • Bengt