UK government surrounded by fracking lobby

The UK government are surrounded by the fracking lobby so it is no surprise they are so vocal in their support of hydraulic fracturing going ahead in the UK. A new chart of who’s who has been published recently and it looks more like a political siege than democracy at work. point out the personalities surrounding the government who have strong ties to the tracking industry:

The fracking interests at the heart of UK government:

* Lord Browne – Chairman of Cuadrilla Resources – installed by David Cameron’s Government as “lead non-executive director” at the Cabinet Office

* Ben Moxham – ex-Riverstone Vice President (who own a large chunk of Cuadrilla) – Cameron’s Energy Advisor from 2011-2013

* Tara Singh – former Centrica lobbyist (who invested in Cuadrilla a month after her appointment) – replaced Moxham in May 2013

* Baroness Hogg – non-executive at BG Group (who own substantial fracking interests in the US) – non-executive director at the Treasury

With the fracking industry having had the chance to mature in Canada and the US, other countries have studied the long-term impact of the side-effects and banned it outright. These countries include Germany, France and Denmark. Lake Athabasca in Canada has suffered as a direct rest of fracking, and constant tremors are being felt in Oklahoma and now Texas.

With an approaching drought in California, an average 5 million gallons of water being polluted with heavy metals and carcinogenic chemicals per well which is injected into the bedrock and long-term water supply, the case for fracking is looking, well, rocky.

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Have your say. Can we survive without fracking? Is it essential for energy security or another nail in the environmental coffin?

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  • Andrew James

    the oil companies can do whatever they want . our gov say only if its regulated and safe. but it means nothing to oil companies what the worse they get a fine of a few million then they legally string it out for 20yrs + in some cases. they have so much profit millions is only 30 mins profit. in past jungle, forests rivers had been distroyed. sea accidents distroying coast lines wild life. Anybody with a IQ higher than a bricks can look at youtube and see the distrution shown worldwide by people who live by it. not sure but 10-15 countries have already banned it. So now its our highly educated PM, MPs, councillors say itswhat the uk needs.