UN Say United States Must Pay Compensation For Slavery

A UN panel of experts has issued a vividly horrific account of the plight black people have suffered in the United States, urging American authorities to establish a body that would be responsible for making reparations to the descendants of Africans who were brought to the US and sold into slavery. 

Vice News reports:

Speaking at a press conference in Washington, DC, three members of the UN Working Group of Experts on People of African Descent said that Congress should pass the Commission to Study Reparation Proposals for African-Americans Act, a bill that Michigan Representative John Conyers last introduced in 2015.

Mireille Fanon Mendes-France, the working group chair and a French human rights expert, told VICE News that the US hadn’t properly addressed the legacy of enslavement or adequately provided necessary redress for those who are descended from Africans forcibly resettled in bondage.

“It’s been absolutely insufficient,” she remarked. “They are excluded, they are invisible. There is structural racism and structural discrimination, and they face that because of the pigmentation of their skin.”

Mendes-France, the daughter of the Martinique-born writer and leading black intellectual Franz Fanon, clarified that she is not in favor individual payments, as the idea of reparations is often presented in America. She applauded efforts in the Caribbean to sue the British government for centuries of slavery, and recommended that reparations in the US be funneled through the financing and “full implementation of special programs based on education, socioeconomic, and environmental rights.”

Mendes-France and fellow working group members Sabelo Gumedze of South Africa and Ricardo A. Sunga III of the Philippines spoke in the US capitol after an 11-day tour of the country, with additional stops in Baltimore, Chicago, New York, and Jackson, Mississippi. The panel, staffed with different experts, last visited the US in 2010.

Though the group will not release a full report of its findings until a Human Rights Council meeting in Geneva in September, each member read from a lengthy preliminary statement that touched on mass incarceration, police brutality, lack of housing, and the US government’s failure to ratify a number of international human rights treaties.

“Despite substantial changes since the end of the enforcement of Jim Crow and the fight for civil rights, ideology ensuring the domination of one group over another continues to negatively impact the civil, political, economic, social, and cultural rights of African-Americans today,” said the group’s preliminary report. “The persistent gap in almost all the human development indicators, such as life expectancy, income and wealth, level of education and even food security… reflects the level of structural discrimination that creates de facto barriers for people of African descent to fully exercise their human rights.”

The three experts roundly criticized what they called a lack of gun control and the passage of stand-your-ground laws in several states, saying that they demonstrated how “the state is also not acting with due diligence to protect the rights of African-American communities.”

Citing the killings by police of Michael Brown, Eric Garner, Tamir Rice, Freddie Gray, Laquan McDonald, Oscar Grant, and Marlon Brown — among others — the panel added that they were “concerned about the alarming levels of police brutality and excessive use of lethal force by law enforcement officials committed with impunity.”

The working group said it was unacceptable that there remained no “national system to track killings committed by law enforcement officials.”

Among its recommendations, the working group said that Washington should allow the independent monitoring of jails and prisons in the US and consider inviting the UN’s Special Rapporteur on Torture and Other Cruel, Inhumane or Degrading Treatment or Punishment, as well as a separate working group focused on arbitrary detention, to evaluate conditions at detention facilities.

The preliminary report recognized several initiatives undertaken nationally since 2010, including a recent executive order aimed at reducing the number of federal prisoners that are kept in solitary confinement. It also highlighted the work of a congressional task force determining that punitive mandatory sentences for drug crimes led to prison overcrowding. The group also noted that the Affordable Care Act, the Obama administration’s healthcare overhaul, had allowed 2.3 million black people to obtain health insurance.

But the panel added that “despite the positive measures… the Working Group is extremely concerned about the human rights situation of African-Americans.” Despite pushback against mandatory minimum sentencing, the group said that the war on drugs has led “to mass incarceration that is compared to enslavement, due to exploitation and dehumanization of African-Americans.”

The preliminary report highlighted pollution and other environmental concerns — including the ongoing scandal over lead contamination in Flint, Michigan’s water supply — which the experts said disproportionately affect minority communities across the country.

As it did in 2010, the panel also heavily censured US states that prevent individuals from voting based on their criminal histories, and those that have in recent years implemented stringent voter-ID laws. According to the Sentencing Project, 5.85 million Americans cannot cast ballots due to felony convictions, including one out of every 13 blacks.

“Especially considering that people of African descent are being targeted for racial profiling and disproportionate sentencing, in our view the right to vote is so important that it must be guaranteed to everyone,” Sunga said.

Sunga added that he was particularly concerned about policing in schools, where “children are being charged with misdemeanors… leading to the school-to-prison pipeline, this vicious cycle.”

“That actually creates the conditions, recreates the current situation, and we’d certainly like to have that matter addressed,” he said.

Several activists who had spoken with the working group this year or during past visits were present in Washington on Friday. Michael Scott, the CEO of Equity Matters, a nonprofit in Baltimore that promotes access to healthcare, said that the experts had this year inquired about the gap between existing policies aimed at curbing discrimination and their enforcement.

“There are many laws on the books, like affirmative fair housing, that do not get enforced,” he said.

The working group noted that because the US has failed to ratify so many international human rights treaties — among them those concerning the rights of women and children and a protocol of the Convention Against Torture that allows for international inspection — “African-Americans do not have the possibility to bring their cases or individual complaints to regional and international bodies when they have exhausted all domestic remedies at the state and federal level, as they are not party to the protocols which would allow them to bring complaints.”

“Furthermore, international human rights treaties cannot be invoked in national courts as there is no enabling legislation,” the group added.

Also in attendance was Baltimore attorney and activist Stephanie Franklin.

“People see us as very different,” she said of black people in the US. “They see us as not facing the same issues. But we are. It’s poverty, healthcare issues, cultural issues, housing issues, environmental justice issues, reproductive justice issues — clearly, criminal justice issues. It runs the gamut.”

“Now the question is what is the US government going to do with the recommendations,” she added, “and how we as activists of civil society are going to hold the US accountable for all the human rights violations that are happening to black people in this country.”

This article was originally published in 2016 and is frequently updated

  • ibutcherii

    In tribute to our ancestors, who were unjustly enslaved and murdered, especially here in the Caribbean where it all began, the resurrecting of the properties where they toiled and died to World-Class Showcases, by the hands of their descendants would be a fitting way to pay homage to their Sacrifice of Sovereignty and Industrialism.

    We are the survivors of the survivors, and I was raised knowing it was my/our responsibility to make sure their struggle was not in vain.

    Compensation for their exploitation by the European/American businesses is also another issue of Reparation: scholarships, training, grants, job opportunities, promotions, partnerships, health insurances, etc., from these corporations, foundations, trust and their heirs.

    This should also apply to the African Nations, as for ancestral lands, we as descendants of slavery should be looking to West Africa from whence we’re indigenous. Those nations that profited owe us a lot more than just Reparation, they owe us Repatriation for trading us in to Bondage.

    DNA vs Reparation

    • Kent Ellis

      Right you are

    • Justice77

      Well stated…agreed 100%

    • Casey Litton

      Blacks served RICH whites. I know this is hard for many of them to comprehend. So I dont think all pasty crackers should pay for something RICH whites did.

  • ibutcherii

    is just another name for reparation, restitution, retribution which
    would mean they have to first accept and admit their criminal methods,
    which is now institutionalized will carry liabilities.

    profiled and imprisoned unjustly, when they release them and restore
    their civil rights, their self autonomy is what I addressed in this
    response, restating the problem at this point in time is cliche.

    Yes, a baby step, but if nothing is put in place for afterwards, many will be right back in prison or impoverished.

    • Casey Litton

      Many blacks will take the repairation money and sell more drugs cause its in their gangsta culture. Many are pieces of shit that dont want to change anything because of their sense of entitlement and not having a daddy in their life.

      • Natasha Dennie

        Another stupid white boy making stupid accusations

  • Simone15

    What a joke & hell NO- what about the TRILLIONS paid in welfare, public assistance, housing, heathcare, education already which have been squandered by the lack of dicipline, self respect and personal resposiblility in the community. Not to mention being given HUGE advantages in higher education and hiring practices for otherwise unqualified candidates. Sorry reparations have and are being paid – not our problem the “keeping it real” attitude pervades the culture….don’t believe me – look at the statistics between modern African immigrants Vs American African Americans – it’s startling.

    • Thomas Headen

      17.4 trillion was spent on the financial bailouts of 2008…. which is about 8 times more than what was paid out in welfare for ALL citizens since 1970

    • Nikki38

      According to the Huffington Post, “Nationally, most of the people who receive benefits from the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program are white. According to 2013 data from the U.S. Department of Agriculture, which administers the program, 40.2 percent of SNAP recipients are white, 25.7 percent are black, 10.3 percent are Hispanic, 2.1 percent are Asian and 1.2 percent are Native American.”

      According to The Wall Street Journal, most people on welfare have jobs.

      • Andre Fearce

        DAMN!! SIMONE GOT SHUT THE FUCK DOWN!! thank you nikki for this information

    • Semaj

      No, dear. They have not been paid. Affirmative Action was drafted exclusively and specifically FOR the descendants of America’s African Chattel Slaves; HOWEVER, (as does happen with so many other bills, etc.) other things were attached to this – most notably, changing the wording from AFRICAN AMERICANS to minorities, including White women. This is not reparations for the wrong done to our ancestors, our community and our people otherwise it would have remained exclusively for the targeted community. We have far too many success stories in our communities for anyone to legitimately state that Black folks have been sitting around waiting on a far past due reparations check but that does NOT negate the fact that the bill is still due and there are, much to your apparent chagrin…..NO STATUTES OF LIMITATIONS OF THIS BILL DUE.

      • Simone15

        So who should pay? For example what about Recent immigrants? What if they are Africans…or is this only applicable to Caucasians?

        Last comment: how do you explain the success of Asians in the US. Weren’t they subject to the same racism/pseudo slavery in the 1880’s west? I would like an explanation how they were Able to somehow overcome without continuously crying for reparations.

        • Mitchel B. Churchill

          Do YOUR homework, Asians were NEVER slaves nor were the Mexicans. In fact it was the Irish who were slaves but made indentured servants who were later freed because of the color of their skin. Boy, you don’t even know your own history & that’s sad!

          • Simone15

            Your kidding right? Asians or “coolies” were treated just as poorly as black slaves in the1800’s – especially when it came time for building the railroads- look it up & “indentured servant” was a labor system where people paid for their passage to the New World by working for an employer for a certain number of years – and it wasn’t just limited to the Irish.

          • Tyree

            Indentured servant is NOT the same as slave. So that means it’s not the same so how where they treated just as bad?

          • MK Thomas

            Asian people were treated poorly but their NAMES were not taken from them. Their families were not ripped apart, under government law, and family members sold for profit. Asian people were killed for insurance profits, Asians were not forced to have babies of whites for profit, and 20,0000 Asians were never buried in unmarked mass graves under Wall Street! Asians were never in a position that they could not have chosen to return to their home nations. Yes there was name calling, discrimination, and humiliation. But there was and remains opportunity that African Americans continue to be denied intergenerationally. If not for the sheer fight in us we would not exist in America where we have been for 500 years.

          • MK Thomas

            Also, Mexico practiced African slavery for a while, stopped, and its refusal to continue has a lot to do with the Alamo. The Irish may have begun as indentured servants in America. But were actual slaves in Europe for a time. However, the Irish were especially heinous because once given the opportunity to become “white” they practiced enslavement of African people with vigor. The sheer numbers of African American people with Irish last names demonstrates this point.

          • Phillip Nichols

            nO SISTER IT WASN’T BECAUSE oF ThE ALAMO, mEXiCO’S FIRST pRESiDEnT WAS OFAFRiCAn deScent my keyboard is messing up> Also remember that song “The Yellow Rose Of Texas”?that was written about a realperson look it up things they don”t teach in american history

          • Georgia Johnson

            Mitchel B Churchill It Seen like You don’t know your History, The IRISH was never put on the AUCTION BLOCK NOR IN CHAINS by American. They were INDENTURED, Slaves by their OWN People, For DEBT, INDENTURES Mean (1,Contract for work) Some IRISHMAN Barrow money from another IRISHMAN,Couldn’t pay IT BACK, So their Children would HAVE work for this family Until the DEBT WERE PAID for 7years, They live with this FAMILY. I’m Sick of hearing about SO CALL IRISH SLAVES, Our Ancestors were STOLD from their LAND, Put on SHIPS IN CHAINS, SOLED like Animals. it was Call(Chattel slavery) the worse kind of Slavery, In the History of MANKIND. The DECEDENT of Slavers are DUE REPARATIONS, Like everyone elsa such AS The Japan, China, Even the So call JEWS got a Check for 12Millions dollar from American, For the HOLOCAUST,

        • MK Thomas

          Asians have not had their neighborhoods over-policed, their communities ransacked by white mobs with the help of the US government repeatedly. Case in point: Rosewood, Oklahoma and thousands more examples. Asians have been able to build their communities without this handicap. Plus their families were not stripped apart under government law to the point where rebuilding families is necessary….In answer to your question. What if this happened to Asians when they came to America and continued for hundreds of years into the present?

        • MK Thomas

          The United States Government deemed African enslavement, lynching, family ruining, removal of family names, inferior education, and discrimination of public facilities LEGAL across the land. This harmed us deeply and continues to do so. Hence, it is the United States GOVERNMENT our fight is with. Not any immigrants. There is no statute of limitations on what is owed to African American citizens of the United States.

        • vivianginyard

          CATS OUT THE BAG…..

    • Michael Scott Peterson

      You can’t be serious, but it’s cool for major corporations to come in get welfare benefits from cities bankrupting small businesses though right? It’s cool for companies and legislators to vote on bills that corporations write themselves and pay people everyone black and white vote in office. I think you might need to do some research on how you feel Blacks “keeping it real” attitude pervades how we live. Don’t talk about shit you’ve never experienced. Thats like a me being wealthy and complaining about how I love to spend money.

    • Mansa Akecheta El

      Lol what a dummy it’s more white folks on welfare then Black people. Chump your ancestors owe mine and we gone get that money out your pocket whether you like it or not

      • John

        Good luck with that. When you feel like you can get that done then jump on it. It is no use trying to argue with people like you, you simply already think the way you’re going to think. There are not more white people on welfare than blacks but you would not understand the math but when you think you have grow enough to take something they try it, Boy.

        • Claude Jenkins

          First, if your white ancestors left ours alone in the first there wouldn’t be an issue now would there, but you can’t you HAVE to be in everyone’s way. That’s how you are. Secondly, we for the most part don’t want to be here. You want us gone? Give us reparations and watch a mass exodus. Thirdly, whites are on welfare moreso than Blacks folks get it right, and lastly, as much hate as you white folks have for Blacks you should be thrilled to know that we want our reparations to get out of here and rebuild elsewhere WITHOUT YOU! Racist white idiots (not all white people but you other idiots that are white ), are a worldwide cancer.You hate us? Great! The feelings more than mutual assholes trust me. We’ll leave when you either pay us, or leave your damn selves. This is NOT your land! It belongs to the Native American and Latino. Go back to the Caucus mountains and do your oppression thing there so we can live in peace again.

          • Destiny Polite

            Honey actually Black’s were in this country long before whites ever touched foot on this country. It is rightfully ours. When you say native that just means indigenous to the land many of the so called “natives” were black ppl.

    • vivianginyard



      • Patrick Anderson

        What about the Irish slaves?? Irish were sold for 5 bux. Africans sold for 50. It’s never been just a black thing. Get over the race card. We are all humans. All races have had their plights throughout history.

    • Truth

      More white people receive welfarebthan black people. Get your facts straight.

    • timothy8646

      I would live to see ur people go through 400 years of mis education, deliberate drug infestation, more taxes, not to mention liquor stores on every corner. It’s genocide, you live in that for 400 years and see ur statistics. Point 1 finger, 3 more points back to you. And granted, there are some lazy scum in the community, but a lot are trying to better themselves

    • word_criminal

      Best listen to Nikki on this one because these are the specious arguments she completely debunked. The original sins of white America have NOT been paid for. Oh but they will be!

  • Yonah El This is for those white people and black people suffering from cognitive dissonance. You can deny the truth, but that does not negate the truth, except in your own mind….

  • shaleta brooks

    America Needs to be Sued…by Black Americans… Of whom for the most part are descendants of slavery…Maybe it hast to be done by more influential people… with celebrity or social and economical format…they don’t want to give us…then It should be taken!!

    • Gamal Elkordy

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        • Christopher Scott

          So racism is how you fight racism?

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      • Georgia Johnson

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        • Gamal Elkordy

          Actually I came from Egypt, which is in Africa :^) except my country isn’t a shit hole filled with genocide. And I said if blacks in America think it’s so bad, let’s send them back to Africa. Maybe YOU should take a lesson in the world and learn what it’s like over there and be glad you live here, chimp.

          • Georgia Johnson

            I don’t exchange comments with people who call NAME. Being from another Country, I will make a except You from Egypt? Calling ME Names? When you got of the boat, With that BISCUIT under your arm SOPPING up the GRAVY, Stepping on the BONES,Walking in the Blood and Tears of My Ancestors. And You going to tell ME, A Black Person what I can and can’t say about My COUNTRY You Been SLEEPING with CAMELS to long, You need to walk in the shoes of my ANCESTORS , We don’t need LESSON FROM ANYONE

          • Gamal Elkordy

            Actually my stuffed camel was gone for a long time. But I miss little Ali </3 and I'll say what I want, I live in America and we have freedom of speech, chimp :^)


    They are in favor of giving reparations in the way they see fit? Just another form of slavery!!! Not paying individuals but in programs? So they can funnel that money too? Lol it’s hilarious how non blacks always bring up welfare and food stamps and by a landslide that money goes to non-African Americans. Fuck your welfare money we want land with resources… And retribution. England and Spaine should be sued as well. After all it was the Moors and the British throne who sent Hebrew Israelites and blacksmiths into servitude! Honestly the whole wide world sat back quietly and everyone got in on the game. Every mordern euro country on earth and several in Africa sacrificed our people to build a new world on the backs of our ancestors for free. Slaves were white and black but the legacy and lingering effects of institutionalized racism clearly still effects the blacks till this day. Some lower class whites as well! If u don’t pay in land and retribution the creator will surely take that payment with your soul!

    • Louis partin

      Why can’t we get cash for our and our forefathers mistreatment? Give me some money and let me get the hell away from America and the likes of Donald Trump. There are plenty of places where one U.S. dollar is worth 30 to 40 times its face value. Let me leave all this crap behind and live like a truly free human being!!!

      • Thatguy

        Bye Felicia

      • Bruce Bigby

        Why? Because money can be devalued. If you have land with real resources, you have real value and can become self-sufficient. Mother Earth and her resources are the only real wealth.

      • believe55

        I agree and then get away from here, because if we build up anything here, the white man will destroy it.

    • Tber

      I concur with everything you said. Right on, when need land and resources!!!!

      • Casey Litton

        Then go work for them..

    • Russ Goldston

      I hear everything you are saying…. except the word Moor means black…. the Moors were black and they ruled Europe for 700 years before the fair skinned people showed up ….. so yes black people created slavery…. we enslaved each other…. we taught the white people….. reading, writing, math, science, astrology…… religion… and yes slavery….. we give them too much credit and too much power ….. everything they are we created in them and including them….. the shit backfired on us…. and our current state as people is directly related to this fact……WE DID ALL OF THIS…..AND NOW IT IS TIME FOR US TO CORRECT OUR ACTIONS

      • Casey Litton

        Thanks for demostrating the freedom to live in fantasy land for all of US. Thank you.

      • Natasha Dennie

        Well said

    • Organ Grinder

      Donte, you should sue the countries that sent your people into slavery, AFRICA. There is where you need to start. If you like, free trip ride home can be arranged.

      The Muslims started Slavery and continue the practice today, but African-Americans today are still slaves, slaves to the Democrat Party that has kept them SLAVES. WHO is for open borders, DEMOCRATS, who’s jobs do the Illegals take, low wage jobs mostly held by minorities, driving down wages. BLAME YOUR BROTHERS.

      Reparations, are YOUR PEOPLE going to pay REPARATIONS to the business’ your people steal from and burn down in the name of BLM. Black Lives Matter. They don’t when you start burning down you cities and business, and especially when you start shooting the POLICE.

      • Maleka Turner Giovinco

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        • Gamal Elkordy

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          • Gamal Elkordy

            Actually I’m from Africa. Egypt to be exact. You think I’m white because I disagree with them? You’re a racist. Shame on you, stop hating Africans like myself!

          • Shevelle Lewis

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          • Gamal Elkordy

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          • Bigglew

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          • Bigglew

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          • Gamal Elkordy

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      • Bgaddis

        You are obviously a beneficiary of those Americans who have gotten rich off slave ownership. You are also a misinformed sick and ignorant fuck.

      • Angela Shaw-Smith

        Dumb ass. They don’t go to white communities and rob and bure… Which they should.

      • Shevelle Lewis

        So who started the lynching, segregation and other things in this country? Answer that while you dumb asses always want to bring up Africans selling slaves

  • Monica Pinson

    No. I feel if it is paid, it should go to the individuals. Not no programs. We’ve heard about many projects and programs that cost so much, but I can’t name too many programs they did in my community where we actually see it. They cut us off about 20 years ago. All we hear is, there is no funds. Everything we did over the last twenty years, came out our pockets and donations. I don’t come from a lazy neighborhood… so things for the kids are done, but not as much as we could do.
    Let people decide what they want to do. Buy a house, or maybe move to another state or country.
    What lawsuit have you seen where the sued person get to decide how they will pay something back? Don’t people get money and decide for themselves?
    Second, this proposal is slickly proposed.
    This proposal is only talking about the African slave trade, but there were black natives on The American Land, before all of this, who also had their land stolen and they themselves enslaved.
    So, by paying only those who came from Africa, that would only be a part of the equation, of those who were victims.

    • Michael Fanner

      Did it go to an Asian organization are to individual Asians

    • Linda


  • Melody Reid

    So, who’s going to go after the Barbery Pirates who kidnapped people and sold them as slaves to many countries, some of which ended up in the US?
    Here’s a video on the history of slavery.

  • ANPLiveFreeOrDie

    Michael Brown and Trayvon Martin would still be alive if they weren’t THUGS trying to harm people… as for ‘reparations’, what about all the poor white folks abused by the system? My guess is the UN is trying to start civil war in America… it might just happen if people are STUPID ENOUGH to fall for this crap…

    • Michael Fanner

      Eventhough this article was about reparations, your sick ass had to use a code word thug go ahead and call them niggars . Nobody is trying to start a civil war but you who already loss one want a repeat.

    • S Thomson

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  • SwankBanker .

    Will some of that compensation money come from the descendants of Free Blacks who owned slaves?
    In fact free blacks in the south had a higher percentage of owning slaves than their white counterparts.
    The first slave owner in the U.S. was a black man from the state of Virginia, who petitioned the colony of Virginia to have slavery legalized. Let’s not forget where the main source of slavery came from….Africa. And it’s still the main source of slavery to this day. The white nations, Britain, France, America, Netherlands, etc, were the first nations to ban slavery. There are still some African countries were slavery persists. Saudi Arabia didn’t ban slavery till the 1960s.

    People need to get their facts straight instead of repeating lies and half truths.

    • Jessica Oladunni Onadipe

      Oh please. White europeans were responsible for the slave trade as its known today. African slaves were usually prisoner of wars and they eventually get released back to their village. White Europeans are the ones who took it to the next level. African slave owners didnt cargo millions of black people as slaves to another country and continent, packed to the rafters like sardines in a tin, with thousands or them dying on the way there. African slave owners didnt make slavery what its known to today.

      • Gamal Elkordy


    • Yavenay Sanchez

      You really should read the history of slavery. Slavery has been around since the beginning of time. However, european whites introduce the most insidious, evil form of slavery. Most slaves were pow’s and did not include generational slavery. Europeans introduce chattel slavery which meant your family was enslave in perpetuity which was unheard of. Whites like to use that pathetic excuse to justify the atrocities they committed. You sound little kids that use the argument…..”he did it too”. See how juvenile that sounds? As for blacks owning blacks in the US, most of the time blacks usually bought their family members to get them out of slavery. The bottom, whites have a crack in their soul….something is seriously wrong emotionally and spirtually. Keep in mind that blacks aren’t the only ones they tried to enslaved. In fact the Arawalk Indians were the first. Read up on what that homicidal manic christopher columbus did to them….so you see……whatever race comes into contact with whites always end up either enslaved or masscre in the most brutal, horrifc ways. Willful ignorance at it’s best…..

      As for slavery still existing, human trafficking effects all races….russia, europe……it’s all over.

      • sabelmouse

        ain’t that the truth. that’s just what they are like.

      • Maureen Stawski

        Then get the fuck out of america you winy shithead. Everyone been enslaved for thousands of years . My fifth generation gr-mother because she was irish. You dont heard us bitching and winy.

        • Phillip Nichols

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          • Christopher Scott

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          • Maureen Stawski

            Asshole!! Thats why the country is the way it is

          • Maleka Turner Giovinco

            no its you and people like you spewing hateful shit instead of offering a solution or helping out the situation.

          • Gamal Elkordy

            Can’t even type right, typical nig

          • S Thomson


          • Gamal Elkordy

            I think you left your caps lock on. Or maybe you’re trying hard to be edgy kid :^)

          • Maleka Turner Giovinco

            your mother you stupid bastard~!!

          • Gamal Elkordy

            At least my mother’s children don’t look like deformed chimps.

          • Natasha Dennie

            Well us Chimps happened to be the ones who taught your nasty ass ancestors how to not sleep in the same area as their animals because they was dying off from diseases and shit it was a chimp who invented so many things and our creativity exceeds the lack of common sense that you have to even comprehend anything goincomprand us chimps are the closest thing to God so I just feel bad for people who don’t know the truth you are a dumbass idiot this was our land first now I know why you feel intimidated

          • Gamal Elkordy

            I’m Egyptian, you’re thinking of Europe, silly chimp

        • word_criminal

          I love it when White People say this shit – especially racist fuck-wits who peddle off their own ancestry like it’s some sort of badge of honor! Naw idiot. You are the invader – white freak from Irish ancestry. It ain’t your country so get the fuck out yourself! Wonder what Native Americans have to say about your bullshit? You haven’t been enslaved – your people weren’t enslaved – and you have no idea the legacy of slavery – especially chattel slavery – you pathetic excuse for humanity. Your grandmother was Irish – so fucking what? Wanna talk societal integration and racial hierarchy? You had an Irish-Catholic president by 1960 who’s father was a fucking bootleggin’ piece of shit gangster. And the Kennedy’s are considered ‘Camelot’ or the gilded family the mid-20th to late 20th century in the US. They might have been low-life Irish gangsters, but they were “our” bootleggin’ gangsters. So how’s that for what the US is willing to normalize into society? Black folk weren’t even full citizens until the 64′ and 65′ Voters Right Act and Civil Rights Act despite being freed from slavery during the Civil War – and they have been systematically denied all the privileges of your skin color – you dumbass – from zoning and real estate discrimination in cities across the US, to predatory bank loans, to voter discrimination… white folk always had more access to capital and privilege in the US. So stop peddling your suffering for suffering. You don’t have any fucking clue and never will – so we’ll just have to slap you through tomorrow with your dumbassery! You are the dying herd and your memory will be expunged from existence eventually.

          • Maureen Stawski

            Wow. Must have hit a nerve. Good luck with the invading muslims

          • Maleka Turner Giovinco

            muslims? the response was about your response. oh throw them off tactic! echoing word criminal….shut the fuck up!

          • Maleka Turner Giovinco

            thank you

        • word_criminal

          I love it when White People say this shit – especially racist fuck-wits who peddle off their own ancestry like it’s some sort of badge of honor! Naw idiot. You are the invader – white freak from Irish ancestry. It ain’t your country so get the fuck out yourself! Wonder what Native Americans have to say about your bullshit? You haven’t been enslaved – your people weren’t enslaved – and you have no idea the legacy of slavery – especially chattel slavery – you pathetic excuse for humanity. Your grandmother was Irish – so fucking what? Wanna talk societal integration and racial hierarchy? You had an Irish-Catholic president by 1960 who’s father was a fucking bootleggin’ piece of shit gangster. And the Kennedy’s are considered ‘Camelot’ or the gilded family the mid-20th to late 20th century in the US. They might have been low-life Irish gangsters, but they were “our” bootleggin’ gangsters. So how’s that for what the US is willing to normalize into society? Black folk weren’t even full citizens until the 64′ and 65′ Voters Right Act and Civil Rights Act despite being freed from slavery during the Civil War – and they have been systematically denied all the privileges of your skin color – you dumbass – from zoning and real estate discrimination in cities across the US, to predatory bank loans, to voter discrimination… white folk always had more access to capital and privilege in the US. So stop peddling your suffering for suffering. You don’t have any fucking clue and never will – so we’ll just have to slap you through tomorrow with your dumbassery! You are the dying herd and your memory will be expunged from existence eventually.

          • Casey Litton

            Ignorant piece of shit troll

        • S Thomson

          Learn to spell before you talk. You fucking idiot . As far as getting out of the country. Take your ass back to Ireland. And this story is not true. This is all bullshit.

      • Casey Litton

        It was rich whites you ignorant pile of shit.

    • Jenny

      Frankly, I don’t care who the enslavers were, whether they were black, white, brown, arab, christian, jew or whatever. Both the kidnappers and the enslaver need to pay up!

  • SwankBanker .

    The truth sometimes hurts…

  • SwankBanker .

    Modern day slaves in Africa, enslaved by other Africans

  • SwankBanker .

    Africans enslaving other Africans in recent history….

  • SwankBanker .

    The basis of the trans-Atlantic slave trade rested on Africans enslaving and selling other Africans….

  • SwankBanker .

    Africans enslaving other Africans…

  • Joyce woods

    As a lasting legacy, President Obama should endorse these reparations, long overdue

  • Gamal Elkordy

    Let me know when the UN ends the slavery going on and the human trafficking that happens every day and then I’ll pay for thugs. You were never a slave, your parents were never slaves, your grandparents were never slaves. Are you paying the Irish too? They had slavery.


      The world WILL pay for the brutal enslavement of God’s elect. You do yourself no justice comparing other people to what the transatlantic slavetrade and its atrocities did to our ancestors for several centuries! And we were not from Africa, but were scattered to West Africa and abroad. A people who were exiled from our Promised Land, because our forefathers had our King and Savior incriminated and hung on a tree. Do your research my friend, for its better for you to be for us, than against us.

      • Gamal Elkordy

        Nah shut up nig


          #HeHasReturn #GetDownOrLayDown

          • Gamal Elkordy

            No you get down, criminal chimp. Trump is in charge now so we can finally deport criminals like you B^)


      The world WILL pay for the brutal enslavement of God’s elect.

      You do yourself no justice comparing other people to what the transatlantic slavetrade and its atrocities did to our ancestors for several centuries! And we were not from Africa, but were scattered to West Africa and abroad.

      A people who were exiled from our Promised Land, because our forefathers had our King and Savior incriminated and hung on a tree.

      Do some research my friend, for its better for you to be for us, than against us.

      • Gamal Elkordy

        So you’re racist, got it. And I’ll be against you all day 🙂

    • Phillip Nichols

      First off let me say it again< FUCK THE IRISH! Blacks and Irishwere united in the struggle for freedom until massa threw them a bone and hired them as slave catchers and overseers Massa told them hell atleastyou ain”t slave> And as far as your point about who wasn”t a slave when a soldier comes home from a vicious war and he”s seen all kinds of horrors
      now after two hundred and fortysix years of chhattel slavery< working someone else"s profit from before the crackof dawn until sundown< sixdays a week if youlucky seeing your wife mother father(if massa allowed you to knowwho he was)children sold & knowing you”d see them again> seeing slaves murdered in the most cruel and inhumane ways they could think of> Being told everyday that you aren”t nothing and being shown thru cruel punishments> after all for all that time< how many generations is that five six< THEN you get "freedom" you got no land (america owes forty acres and a mule atleast) no money<youcan"t read or write< So massa offers you to sharecrop his land and you end up backslavery again If ya think i”m lyning lookitup>

      • Gamal Elkordy

        Shut up blacky B)

  • Fatima Getoffmyback

    I am enslaved to the judicial system

  • Fatimah Umrani

    Petition For Reparations is what must be done… There are many petitions ( being signed today… There are two on-line with You can go to the link I have posted here, or the Petition For Reparations page via facebook. Also, know that Mr. Silis Muhammad has been in the UN fighting since 2001 on behalf of so-called African Americans, and are now represented as “Afrodescendants”, from his efforts. He has made many major oral arguments up and until, I believe, 2010. You can get that information on MuhammadSpeaksonline. The United States will not take us serious until we join on to say this is what we want. No exceptions! We must demand they pay, and it can not be their decision without input from us that is very seriously forth-right.. That we are not backing down on this one. We have tried many things except Reparations, where we define what that is- not them… Go to these websites to get to know what is happening regarding this crucial issue. Don’t think that they will tell you because, no one is going to be jumping to do it, if we don’t demand they do…

  • LaurenGlenn

    They’re coming a bit late, don’t they?


    Our ancestors worked night and day in their fields, kitchens, as concubines, baby sitters, and wet nurses, built this country, lost their lives in the most inhumane ways, treated worse than animals. made money for slave masters and everyone that was invested in th stock market all over the world still to this day, and again they suggest programs for the black community……HANDOUTS
    The same money that will be funneled in to city and state programs, betterment of the city, streets and park departments white school districts and communities…..

    Pay the African American community the wages that their ancestors earned plus the interest, their inheritance, as you have with every nationality that have been wronged in the world by other countries.

    But, America has yet to pay for their crimes against African American (blacks)

  • Christopher Scott

    What abut the Irish and Chinese slaves?

    • Phillip Nichols

      What about theM?YOU SEE THAT LITTLE TRICK THERE Is CALLED DEFLECTION You try to diffuse the point by saying what Johnnie he got a whipping too! The IRISH came here as indentured servants who were freed
      after a period of time> Some Africans were also indentured>So when the blacks and Irish got together to revolt against the wealthy landowners (unsuccessfully)the rich landowner had to find a way to keep them from uniting again> So they made the Irish their “paddy_rollers” or slave catchers and their plantation overseers> BOTTOM LINE THE CHINESE WERE NEVER EVER SLAVES IN THIS COUNTRY AND THE INDENTURED SYSTEM DIED OUT LONG BEFORE SLAVERY AND THE IRISH (much like modern times) had become our OPPRESSOR ALSO!

      • Christopher Scott

        Well, the Chinese women were sold into prostitution and yes, that IS a form of slavery. But what people tend to forget is that in Africa their own people were the ones that SOLD them in most cases. “England shipped tens of thousands of Irish slaves for more than a century. Records state that, after the 1798 Irish Rebellion, thousands of Irish slaves were sold to both America and Australia. There were horrible abuses of both African and Irish captives”. You see that LITTLE TRICK THERE IS CALLED blacks aren’t the only people who were oppressed. Look at all the Jewish slaves over the centuries, look at how the Jewish people were treated in recent history that ACTUALLY has had a direct effect on people who are alive now. Nobody alive is directly affected by slavery. Yeah, their ancestors were but to say that I have to be a part of (my tax dollars) their reparations is ridiculous since my family on both sides weren’t even here till long after slavery was abolished. I am not saying that there wasn’t suffering by many people but it’s long since gone and the best thing that you can do is learn from it, not try to profit from it.

        • Gamal Elkordy

          Ignore Philip, he’s a dumb honkey

        • word_criminal

          This is just subterfuge Christopher Scott – and will get no traction from people who are non-white or from white folk who don’t buy your attempts at disruption from the main points of this article and this UN initiative. You’re just an obstructionist and someone that would rather see the country floundering from the weight of its original sins because you are a man who seems to also forget that never has there been a moment of real recognition for the genocidal policies of slavery in a country that benefitted from the free labor of slavery and then penal colony labor initiatives during the Jim Crow Era – policies that continue to this day. You bring up Jewish suffering. Ok – let’s do that in the 20th century context. The Jews who were murdered during the Holocaust had a reckoning through the Nuremberg Trials and through massive financial reparations/remuneration and through insurance payouts and through the worldwide shaming of a nation (Germany) that has remained in the German psyche to this day – thank goodness!!! There has never been that sort of acknowledgment of the evils of slavery in the USofA – and there has never been a proper textbook understanding in US schools of slavery or of its ramifications/residue – NOT ONE BIT. Hell the Whitney Museum in Louisiana that was opened in late 2014 is the first and only museum showing the reality of slavery in the US. Certainly white folks have no idea of the evil of slavery unless you dig – and that is the problem – you have to dig for information and that is the inherent wrong right there. It should be as plain as day and driven into the psyche of white folks that slavery and its legacy are unacceptable elements of US society. So shame shame on you for belittling AFrican slavery and its inherent evil and the clear long lasting effects on US society that demands reconciliation and restitution for this original sin! You are the evil that men do with your Machiavellian attempts at diffusing the point. Why bring up the issue of Irish and Chinese slaves in this discussion? It is not the same thing as chattel slavery and can never be compared. The issue is how blacks suffered at the hands of the slave trade and the legacy of that slave trade that went from the 13th and 14th amendments to the Jim Crow era on up to the Voting Rights Act and Civil Rights Act 64′ and 65′. That’s when Black folk were made citizens of the US. Black folk NEVER had the opportunity to craft legislation that was about their ‘well-being’ until the late 1960s and 1970s. The Irish had a president by 1960 who’s father was a bootlegger during Prohibition – and Kennedy was a Catholic – considered an impossibility in the past. So it’s a specious argument to say shit like – ‘my family wasn’t even there…etc etc.’ Well your family profited from black labor in one form or another whether you care to admit it or not – and the whole country has benefitted especially as Jim Crow turned the slave populations into penal colony “free” labor opportunities which laid the foundations for the prison industrial complex that continues to house black men (and women) today – at the massive expense of my tax dollars and yours too. So stop deflecting the issues and give some people their proper justice!!

  • TIberius

    This is stupid and the UN has some nerve talking and acting as if they are some kind of God damn moral authority they are dictators in the UN commit all kinds of human rights abuses to this very day and all this crap is so bogus and ridiculous saying that people or our government owe all this shit because of what happened almost a hundred years ago, and worse has been done to this day and is still being done people in other countries these damn idiotic UN people are obviously friends dare I say very good friends to Obama and his agenda trying to help him of which are arrogant extremely arrogant to come into our country and try to judge us and tell us how our counties laws should be and that criminals should be able to vote and that there should be voter ID that voter ID laws that are meant to keep our elections fair and honest are racist how crazy and that if you own firearms that’s being a racist liberal UN dictators need to stay out of our country and mind their own problems because their assertions are like said stupid

  • Joel Busher
  • ViveGede Coupet

    Arabs from North Africa and whites from South Africa living here can easily absorb Black People benefits under the name African American like white women and other non white groups have been doing under the name Minority, which we allowed ourselves to be called. We must stay away from ambiguous terms and causes.

  • The-Rebellioneer


  • Jim Cole

    My question is: Why did the Indians get some of their land back and we as Black people did not? This was our land too. We never came from Africa, Africans were brought here, we are a completely different culture. Then the White people tried to wipe us out, make us extinct because our skin is brown “which got like that by the sun by the way” I mean those people did us horribly, I am talking the whole USA, millions of White people mostly men would chase a Black family of four to torture and killed them, back then for us was like 28 days later and The Crazies, was very TERRIFYING. We deserve a part of this land stolen land from us back.

    • Georgia Johnson

      This wasn’t a Hundred years AGO, I don’t know for sure But some of these people in the pictures problem are STILL ALIVE, This happen, To my People durning my Generation.

  • S Thomson

    This is not a true story

  • Nubi B-Fun

    Free College Education for descendants of American Injustices.

  • tygr500

    Find out who your decedents were , I searched my family history even did a DNA search and discovered my lineage goes back to Ivory Coast and Ghana. Ancestory .com or 23 & Me will be a great start. My line also includes Eroupe which dates back as far as the 1600s and our first arrival to the United States 1730s. I know who were slaves and who were not, which is a question some will have to answer if Reperations ever became a reality.

  • Raymond SMith

    Right from the outset let me say that find the idea of slavery and the associated trade, abhorrent.

    There are however some questions that do need answering.

    Firstly, there is a question that never seems to be addressed, “Who sold the slaves to the traders in the first place?” By and large the white man did not go far from the sea ports so who captured these poor people in the first place. This is not an excuse, but pointing out the reality that it was not just one ethnic group who were involved, so should they
    not be pursued for reparations as well?

    You might argue that it was the willingness of the traders (who were not all white) to purchase slaves, that created the market in the first place. That might well be true but, slavery has been around long before the Trans-Atlantic trade.

    That brings us to the second question: How far back should we go?

    As mention the Romans had slaves, so should Italy be making reparation, what about the Greeks, the Egyptians, and the Persians? What about the various African tribes that enslaves people, as well as the Arabs, Chinese, Mongols, the various European tribes and nations? The list can go on.