UN Warning: Gaza Strip Soon To Be Uninhabitable

The UN say that Gaza will be inhabitable by 2020

The United Nations have said that under Israel’s continued blockade on the Gaza Strip, the area will become uninhabitable by the year 2020. 

With over 2,200 Palestinians dead and half a million homeless due to the 2014 war, the outlook looks bleak. The UN have warned that if things continue as they are there will be no way to “reverse the ongoing de-development and impoverishment”.

Presstv.com reports:

In the summer of 2007, Tel Aviv imposed its blockade on the tiny coastal sliver, which has one of the highest population densities in the world and is home to over 1.8 million Palestinians. The import of everything apart from basic humanitarian goods has been banned as has the exporting of goods.

Israel’s devastating summer war in 2014 and two other military operations over the last six years have caused economic losses close to three times the size of Gaza’s gross domestic product. The latest onslaught claimed the lives of over 2,200 Palestinians and left over half a million more displaced. It also severely damaged more than 20,000 homes, 148 schools, 15 hospitals, and 45 clinics. At least 247 factories and 300 commercial centers were rendered inoperable or totally destroyed in the attack.

The coastal sliver’s socio-economic conditions have also reached their lowest since Israel’s occupation of the Palestinian territories in 1967. Unemployment has sky-rocketed by around 44 percent, and 72 percent of all homes in Gaza are dealing with food insecurity. Based on figures released in May, some 860,000 people required UN food distribution to survive while in 2000 the recorded number was only 72,000.

The report added that Israel’s blockade has “ravaged the already debilitated infrastructure of Gaza, shattered its productive base, left no time for meaningful reconstruction or economic recovery and impoverished the Palestinian population in Gaza.”

“It inflicted large-scale destruction on Gaza’s local economy, productive assets and infrastructure, and affected numerous industrial, agricultural, commercial and residential facilities either directly or indirectly through debilitated infrastructure and acute shortages of inputs, water, electricity and fuel,” it noted.

“Short of ending the blockade, donor aid… will not reverse the ongoing de-development and impoverishment of Gaza,” it said.

  • 1AdamBaum

    This is old news but worthy of repeating by all means. As a species, we need to send a strong and clear message to the animals like Netanyahu who have taken it upon themselves to play God instead of recognizing his will for all humanity.

  • Mathusla

    Netanyahu’s personal makeup and physical system is dominated by and possessed of a strain of the reptilian rhesus factor in his blood stream. The rhesus factor is well known to Western medicine as the ” Monkey Factor ” This explains why Netanyahu displays an acute lack of empathy with, and supreme contempt for the ancient Natives of Palestine, whose land the European Zionist (movement and the DC cabal in Washington have conquered and dominated for some time now) In a word Netanyahu and his ilk, IE the reptilians who dominate the world with presages of war and destruction typical the blood types of which he is so clearly a member. Like Obama, The Bush’s, The Clinton’s. Lizzy Windsor and her husband Philip De-sax-Coburg, and the countless other reptilian bloodlines who rule the world. He Is missing in his make up the root source from which the state of empathy is derived, compassion.