University Of Arizona Confirm ‘Planet X’ Orbiting Our Sun

Planet X discovered by University

Scientists at the University of Arizona believe they have spotted the elusive ‘Planet X’ orbiting the sun in our solar system. 

According to researchers with the Lunar and Planetary Laboratory, Planet X is between Mars and Earth in its size and exists just beyond Pluto.

The discovery has reignited fears among researchers that the mysterious tenth planet could be about to wipe out all life on Earth, as it slowly heads towards our planet.

Some researchers claim that Planet X, or Nibiru as it is also referred to, was once home to a race of extraterrestrials who travelled to Earth millions of years ago and interbred with humans. reports:

These researchers with the Lunar and Planetary Laboratory believe the planetary mass object to be between Mars and Earth in terms of size. The mass was discovered thanks to its perceived ability to control the orbital planes of space rocks referred to as Kuiper Belt objects, the authors of the study, Kat Volk and Renu Malhotra, write.

“The most likely explanation for our results is that there is some unseen mass,” Volk, a postdoctoral fellow and the lead author of the study, said in the university’s news release. “According to our calculations, something as massive as Mars would be needed to cause the warp that we measured.”

Before anyone huffs and puffs that there are currently only eight planets, astronomers from the California Institute of Technology found evidence for a planet 10 times the size of Earth beyond Pluto in early 2016.

That possible planet was dubbed “Planet Nine,” so this other unconfirmed “planetary-mass object” could be the 10th planet.

“This object would be different from — and much closer than — the so-called Planet Nine, a planet whose existence yet awaits confirmation,” a news release from the university reads.

For their study, the two authors studied more than 600 objects in the Kuiper Belt in the quest to determine the common direction and tilt of these orbital planes. points out that while this newly discovered object has yet to be actually be discovered, it is much too small and too close to Earth to be the hypothetical “Planet Nine.”

“Planet Nine,” from early 2016, is said to be 25 times further away from the sun than Pluto is somewhere between 500 and 700 astronomical units from Earth.

“That is too far away to influence these KBOs,” Volk said in the release. “It certainly has to be much closer than 100 AU to substantially affect the KBOs in that range.”

The University of Arizona researchers note that the “planetary mass object” has not been spotted in the Kuiper Belt yet, but believe that the under-construction Large Synoptic Survey Telescope will help find hidden worlds such as this one.

  • James Anthony Scully

    Nibiru is just an internet myth / hoax. There is no genuine astronomy behind it. They quote lots of astronomical news stories but they misunderstand them.

    The idea of a planet in a 3600 year orbit or a 360 year orbit that crosses the paths of all the gas giants is an astronomical nonsense, BS.

    [NOTE TO DEBUNKERS – you are welcome to copy / paste as much of this text as you like to use for your debunking comments on videos on youtube etc]

    Here are some of the absurdities

    The orbit is not stable. A planet that crosses the path of all four gas giants, Jupiter, Saturn Uranus and Neptune could not stay in that orbit for more than about a million years. Our solar system is more than four billion years old. So it is an impossible orbit for a planet in our solar system though it was possible for a few million years when the sun and solar system first formed.

    A planet in such an orbit would be ejected from the solar system, or hit the sun or another planet, or be torn to pieces by the sun or Jupiter, or evaporate in the heat of the sun within a million years. Or if it was a big planet like a brown dwarf, it would do the same to our planets, destroy many of them, put the others into elliptical orbits and generally make the planet uninhabitable. This would have happened already over four billion years ago, not today. It would essentially be a binary system and binary systems with the smaller brown dwarf in an orbit like that don’t have stable planets in orbits like ours.

    Astronomers do search for planets way beyond Neptune. Those can be in stable orbits in our solar system because most of the ideas for planets are in orbits that never get s close to us as the very distant Neptune. Pluto does cross Neptune’s orbit – that’s possible because it is in a resonance with Neptune. It’s not possible though to be in a resonance with both Neptune and Uranus, never mind all four of the gas giants

    • AzSouthwest Tech Installer 201

      The first one to respond to this posting is the last one to consider all the facts and just simply denounces this story to be true. It’s way to convenient and typical of SHILLS to behave in such a fashion. I have some input to help those that may be influenced by this or any SHILLS that the GOV is paying to keep others in the dark. Both Nibiru and it’s proximity and impending effects are in fact TRUE and will be cresting in the next 6 months or less. I say prepare for you may not have a chance to say good bye to those whom you love. Don’t prepare to live through it for that is Gods decision. But do prepare spiritually, mentally and wholistically for your departure. Things to consider when consider fact or fiction? I will do my best to post simple facts. 207.68333333333334, -8.23325 <<< —- Google that… then drill down. Then ask, WHAT IS NASAGOOGLEGOV hiding? As the follwoing article states, it's one thing to hide location of importance on Earth which is common for the many GOV's to request from Google(maps), but to mask the sky? On the possibility of this individual above that goes by the last name of "Scully"… Is he serious "Scully"? ANyway, there is very little documentation about these people that try and put doubt to credible stories. But in this case, you don't have to take my word against his… I have proof. Both in support of Planet 9 and for SHILLS as a GOV paid job for many! Copy this and read:

  • Mr. Manfredgensenden

    Okay, how are people photographing it, apparently BEHIND the Sun due to the full face reflecting light, and still be shown to be so HUGE compared to the Sun? If it were between the size of Earth and Mars, it would look so TINY, you wouldn’t be able to SEE it if it were behind the Sun in relation to the Earth. It doesn’t make spatial sense at all.
    I call a BIG B.S.

  • robertinventor

    This is fake news from a known fake news website. A couple of clicks take you through to the original story here, which is indirect evidence of a possible Mars or to Earth mass object far beyond Pluto. It’s about 60 au from the Sun if it exists, or about twice the distance to Neptune. If it exists, there is no chance at all that it can come anywhere near Earth, no more than Neptune can.

    List of some fake news websites

  • Dik Weed

    Sure, and I suppose Mars didn’t get hit by a Comet (Siding Spring) on Oct 19, 2014 either? It’s funny to me the duping of the American public. OH well.

  • Sleeveheart

    The B52s wrote a song about this.

  • Timothy Gh

    Planet 9 aka Planet X is below ecliptic of the Sun (below the Sun) in outer space. NASA was in New Zealand twice with their Jumbo Jet Telescope to look at southern sky for this Planet 9. NASA knows about this but keep secret about it.

    Scientists at the University of Arizona believe they have spotted the elusive ‘Planet X’ orbiting the Sun in our solar system. .

    Please have a look at the right side of the Sun during sunset. It appears on Web cam during sunset. /