Unveiled: NASA’s Mars Curiosity Actually Filmed In Greenland?


A NASA video purporting to show the surface of Mars has been exposed as a fraud, as experts have revealed that NASA’s Mars Curiosity rover was actually filmed in Greenland, fooling millions who believed they were watching footage from the red planet. 

NASA have defended the footage, saying that they often test their equipment in Greenland due to its similarity to Mars. However, many experts and conspiracy theorists believe that NASA have been caught red handed faking footage of the red planet.

From the video description:

Here is the Mars rover Curiosity seen in Greenland (Devon Island) on Google Earth. Time for people to once and for all stop believing anything from NASA or the Government.

The NASA loving Sheeple will say that this is a test site for NASA, BUT the problem with this is NASA would have already disclosed all of this.

They would have shown us the test sites, shown us the duplicate rovers here on earth, bragged about how hard they test everything here on earth, etc.

They could not do any of this because you can easily see this area is the exact area in the NASA Mars scam photos, it is not something similar to it.

NASA’s secret?

So, tell us, what do you think of this video? Is it just a test site? Or are the images we are being shown from “Mars” nothing else than photographs taken in Greenland? Perhaps the truth is only known by those who work at NASA.

  • Aidan Taylor

    ‘experts and conspiracy theorists’ Experts on what exactly? Mars? NASA technical testing strategies? Astronauts? Actual rocket scientists? Nope. Just people who claim to have an expertise in a subject of their own choosing. Conspiracy theorists? Big clue in the second word. By now you’d think at least one ‘theory’ could be backed up by fact as opposed to galloping assumption and flimflam. But just as it’s not much fun for a kid when his favorite toys are taken away, conspiracy theorists’ ‘fun’ depends upon everything they see being not quite what it seems. If NASA truly wanted to fool us tI suspect they would have both the funds and the expertise to do so.

    • http://data-driven-marketing.net/ Gianluigi Cuccureddu

      wow.. you’re in a deep coma

      • The Archmage of the Aether

        Nice counterpoint to the guy who said “y’all just say things”.

  • Emily Elizabeth Windsor-Cragg

    There’s a man and a car in the picture at 11 o’clock. NASA never does what they say they do; and their Scientistic explanations are all wrong.

  • Mike Krön

    You are funny guys, sure you will solve this planet problems, you’re smart

  • wew

    the world is such a lie

  • Hi

    This isn’t even Curiosity. Curiosity has six wheels while this one has four

  • captain_pudding

    Considering they can’t even get their geography right (Devon island being in Canada and all) I’d take their analysis with a grain of salt.