US Attacks Syrian Government Forces, Bolstering ISIS

US attacks Syrian government forces, helping ISIS in the process

US forces launched an air strike against Syrian government forces on Thursday, killing several soldiers and strengthening ISIS’ stronghold in the region. 

The US justified the attacks claiming that Syrian forces posed a threat to US and NATO troops and the ‘rebels’ they are arming. reports: The US-led attack comes as UN officials and diplomats are meeting in Geneva to discuss a solution to Syria’s six year war.

According to one Syrian official, the attack was a “flagrant aggression launched by the international coalition exposes the falsity of its allegation about fighting terrorism and undoubtedly demonstrates the reality of the Zionist-American project in the region.”

The move by the US also poses an indirect threat to the stability of the Astana Peace Agreement signed by Russia, Iran and Turkey which guarantees “de-escalation zones” inside Syria in order to bring an end to major ground hostilities in the country.

21WIRE’s Patrick Henningsen spoke with RT International as the story broke on Thursday evening GMT, telling newscasters in Moscow that this week’s attack by the US, like many others previously – seems to strategically benefit ISIS terrorist forces on the ground in Syria.

Other reports are also suggesting that thousands of Hezbollah troops are being deployed to the al-Tanf passageway at the Iraq-Syria border. Fars News reports:

“Hezbollah has deployed 3,000 forces in al-Tanf region to participate in Badiyeh operations in Syria. Most of the forces had earlier been stationed in al-Zabadani, Madhaya and Sarqaya regions as well as the Western parts of the town of al-Tofail and Brital, Ham and Ma’araboun heights in the Eastern mountain.”

  • John C Carleton

    The USA, UNITED STATES, Washington DC, Federal Empire, by whatever name you which to call the pedophillic evil that is Sodom and Gomorrah on the Potomac, does international war crimes. Thats what they export to the world. That and USURY debt.

  • Frank C

    This is sad and disappointing as it further illustrates that the current American Administration continues to commit unconscionable interference in other nations half way around the world that clearly supports the NWO agenda (21 / 2030).
    What we are seeing is The True Colors of Trump. Another hope is dashed.

  • Harry Wheeler

    I think that it is very important to know exactly who was in the loop and where did the intelligence come from? Who made the decision to pull the trigger on Assad again? It looks more like another UN job using US jets or was the whool pulled over Trumps eyes with blatantly bad intent?
    Interesting that everyone knew what Trumps trip was about and then bombed Syria…intentionally making him look foolish. Perhaps the CIA or DIA?