US Deploys F-15 Fighter Jets To Iceland & The Netherlands

US military build up as part of an effort to deter alleged 'Russian aggression' in Europe.

US Deploys F-15 Fighter Jets To Iceland & The Netherlands

The US has deployed around 350 airmen and a dozen F-15C fighter jets to Iceland and the Netherlands as part of Operation Atlantic Resolve (OAR).

The Pentagon’s is attempting to demonstrate a show of force, designed to deter what the US  has called ‘Russian aggression’ against Europe.

However, Moscow says the Western hawks are simply using the perceived Russian threat in order to justify greater military spending.

RT reports:

The aircraft and troops were sent from the Barnes Air National Guard Base in Massachusetts and the Fresno Air National Guard Base in California for a six-month tour to Iceland’s Keflavik and the Dutch Leeuwarden Air Base.

The American fighters “will conduct training alongside NATO allies and partners as part of OAR to strengthen interoperability, demonstrate US commitment to a Europe that is whole, free, at peace, secure, and prosperous and to deter further Russian aggression,” the USAF said in a statement.

During the tour the aircraft will forward-deploy to the Eastern European nations of Bulgaria, Romania and Estonia.

The deployment is one of several planned by the Pentagon. Next month it is planning to send six F-15s to Finland, which is not a NATO member, but an active participant in many of the bloc’s activities.

Iceland is the only NATO member that has no military of its own, although it has a small coast guard force. The country used to host a US airbase during the Cold War, but it was shut down in 2006. Two years later US warplanes started paroling Iceland’s airspace.

The US and NATO are pushing for a stronger military presence in Europe, and particularly in Eastern Europe and the Baltic, close to Russia’s border. They argue that such deployment is necessary to deter Russia from military aggression.


  • Clarc King

    We have crazy people in the highest echelons of the US government, Finance, the MIC, the MSM and the US military. The trans-Atlantic financial system is in disintegration and the Financier Supremos irrationally order US military deployments for land and resources thy don’t have to pay for; maybe a ‘limited’ nuclear war will cover up the mess they made and there is a fortune to be made in busting up Russia into little pieces. The Old Imperial system for 100’s of years; Obama, like Napoleon in his day, is being ordered by the bankrupt bankers to go to Moscow. Insanity.

    Perpetual War has now morphed into thermonuclear WWIII, the United States’ confrontation with Russia and China over the financial system. This situation has to be walked backed, ratcheted down. Meanwhile, the politically ignored Greatest Depression rages across the United States. $40 trillion dollars sits in offshore tax havens as a predatory offensive force waiting for its deployment upon America; what are we doing, foaming at the mouth to invade Syria, and deploying on the Russian border? The Administration and the DOD has to assess the geopolitical imperatives made immoral and untenable by the bailed out banker-speculators, exerting extortion power over the Congress, correctly, and go and get the money.