US Increases Weapons Airdrops To Opposition Forces in Syria

US Increases Weapons Airdrops To Opposition Forces in Syria

The United States is increasing airdrops of weapons, ammunition and other supplies to foreign-backed militants in the Syrian city of Raqqa.

The weapons are intended for opposition forces to “fight ISIS”  as they close in on the groups self-proclaimed capital of Raqqa in Syria, according to US media reports citing the country’s military.

Gen. Carlton Everhart, commander of the US Air Force’s Air Mobility Command, was quoted by USA Today as saying: “Our expanded precision airdrop capability is helping ground forces take the offensive to (ISIS) and efforts to retake Raqqa”

Press TV reports:

The Air Force carried out a total of 16 airdrop missions in Syria last year; six of those were in December alone, the report said.

Officials say the airdrops are meant to boost the capabilities of militants who do not have extensive ground supply lines in a hostile environment. Raqqah is Daesh’s self-proclaimed “capital.” The terrorist group took over the city in March 2013.

“In those instances airdrops are absolutely essential,” said Air Force Col. John Dorrian, a military spokesman in Baghdad.

  • barbaragol

    Just shameful – USA’s interference of another country trying to overthow Assad under the pretense of “helping” fight ISIS. Who is the war for? Did Assad ask for our help? Seems like the news media is trying to make a case against Russia ever since they helped Syria – pretty coincidental? Who has issue with Syria – oh Israel our “friend/master”. Hope Americans wake up to why we have been involved in the Middle East for over 30 years and it is not for our safety or oil.

    • ricck lineheart

      I agree !

  • ricck lineheart

    But what does this do for John McCains ” Moderate terrorists ” …?

  • Vasile Lucian BUJOR ( Vasi )

    The image used is a just an older image from the web… I like the site, but is it fake?

  • Southern

    In his last days — The President with the Nobel for peace and an even greater passion for prolonging war airdrops more weapons and supplies to Deash.

  • John C Carleton

    ISIS is a CIA/Mossad proxy army. Of course the US is going to provide them weapons. A terrorist is a terrorist in Syria. Does a “moderate” terrorist rape the Syrian children moderately? Does the weapons provided by the international war criminal USA kill innocent Syrians moderately?