US Attack Russian Spies Who Uncover Secret ISIS Base In Tennessee

Russian spies killed after discovering a US ISIS base in Tennessee

The US military have conducted an airstrike in the Levant War Zone in a compound that houses elite Russian Special Forces who had discovered a secret CIA project that funnels top ISIS leaders from the Middle East to Tennessee, USA.

Four US warplanes launched nine missiles at the base on Sunday evening, killing three and injuring thirteen. Russia say the attacks from the Obama regime were over fears that Federation forces had uncovered a top secret plot that involved the CIA smuggling ISIS leaders to a “commune/training” compound in the heart of America named “Islamville”. reports:

Aside from the Obama regime directly targeting these elite Russian Spetsnaz forces in Syria yesterday, this report astoundingly notes, the uncovering of this secretive Islamic military base in the heartland of America is not the only one active in the United States either as there are at least 22 others like them throughout the United States that have been documented.

Even worse, this report warns, not only are these “known” Islamic military training bases in America a threat to that nation, but also the over 2,200 Islamic mosques located their too—especially when viewed in the light that property records show that over 75% of them are a part of the “Muslim Brotherhood network” since they are owned by the North American Islamic Trust (NAIT)—which is the bank for the Muslim Brotherhood in the United States—and which in a secret directive released this past summer called Presidential Study Directive-11, President Obama has put his full support behind.

With Saudi Arabia being a major funder of NAIT, this report continues, these Islamic extremists supported by the Obama regime have been able to develop a sophisticated network of interconnected organizations across America.

And as if this global crisis against Islamic terror couldn’t get any more bizarre, this report says, it is now being reported by Federation forces that US backed terrorists are now fighting against Turkish backed terrorists in northern Syria—and which caused MoD spokesman, General Igor Konashenkov, to observe that the actions of the Obama regime reminds him of the “theatre of the absurd”.

Not just the “theater of the absurd” has the Obama and its allies plunged the entire world into either, this report gravely warns, but also total war—especially after Turkish supported forces seized border villages in Syria and invaded Iraq with over 900 troops and armor this weekend, which the Arab League condemned and, more ominously, Iraq’s Vice President Maliki warned could start World War III.

And with German Vice Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel warning Saudi Arabia earlier today that their support for global Islamic terror is coming to an end (“We have to make clear to the Saudis that the time of looking away is over.”), this report grimly notes, President Obama continues his masquerade to protect the Saudis and their Islamic State terrorist followers.

President Putin though, this report concludes,—who unlike President Obama doesn’t bow to anyone—in knowing the true and global threat of these Islamic terrorists, and in response to the US warplanes attempting to kill Russian Spetsnaz forces in Syria yesterday, has ordered the MoD to facilitate Iraq’s request for intervention of Russian military forces to expel the Turkish invaders, and has further ordered over 50 warships of the Caspian Flotilla to prepare to rain down “death and destruction” upon Turkey should they be ordered to do so.

  • Dominic Delia

    Bull Crap!

    • IRIQUOIS227

      evidence? or just running anus

      • keylover

        Come on I will show them if your brave enough…we have three known to me in Dover, Shelbyville, and Paris one unconfirmed still in Lebanon TN

        • IRIQUOIS227

          you’ll show me nothing but newspaper clippings. you have yet to know who owns the media you absorb

          • Thom*

            She said she would show you and that she has seem them personally. And all you’re doing is flapping your big fuckang mouth.

    • keylover

      I’ve seen the three here in TN and this is NOT bullshit go see for yourself!


    this twice now the US has killed Russians. a high yield nuclear device could be the response for these galaxian crimes. you know what they say about payback!

    • Thom*

      Aim it at DC, problem solved

  • keylover

    No I reported three Islamic camps here in TN ones in Paris, Shelbyville and Dover this is not bullshit I’ve seen them

    • leewacker

      Now, that is just ducky, Keylover! I live in Kentucky about sixty miles from Paris, and about thirty from Dover! I am not surprised, however, because the governor of Tennessee forbade the Tennesseans from doing anything bad to the muslims, because the muslims whined and cried about their mosque at Murphysboro being burned a few times! I hope our new governor has more guts than this!

  • Sundararaman Ramanathan

    The blatant sabotage is brought to light and the hidden enemies in disguise may have to pay a very high Price in retaliation and by every way the citizens are kept in dark about the awkward designs and illegitimate support to enemies of mankind . By all these the total reputation and economy will be in ruins and the hidden addenda of making the world uni polar by the spread of religious terror world wide by lying to the people of the real intentions.

  • ANPLiveFreeOrDie

    Ouch! Are you guys REALLY running a SORCHA FAAL story? Gonna have to stay away from Your News Wire unless you check who you’re stealing stories from to make sure they haven’t long been known as internet hoax queens…

    • Shredder

      Admission that this is a hoax? Hope for you yet.

    • ddduke

      And there really is no such person as Sorcha Fail. She is the brain fart creation of long time internet hoaxer, David Booth,



  • Sonny Bohanan

    It’s fitting that there’s a picture of Ashton Kutcher in the ad plopped into the middle of this story. Because Kutcher is going to walk out any minute and tell all of you that you just got PUNK’D by this nutcake conspiracy whackjob story. I don’t know which part is funnier — the fact that the writer has you guys thinking Obama set up an ISIS camp in Tennessee or that he has some sick schoolgirl crush on Vladimir Putin. I guess I’d have to say the puppy love for Putin was this story’s masterstroke. God, how did America get so stupid?

  • ddduke

    This story is fake, from Sorcha Faal’s (aka David Booth) nonsense website. Big FAIL for yournewswire/Sean. Ever heard of fact checking? It will be most difficult to take anything from this site seriously again.

  • Arizona Patriot

    More bullshit from a bullshit website

  • Jeremiah Johnson

    That’s because the U.S. created ISIS. ISIS is their tool for justification on invading other countries. They use them on U.S.citizens psychologically and physically, to justify striping freedoms for “safety”.

  • CharlieSeattle

    Soooooooo, W T F is Trump and AG Sessions going to do?