Varoufakis Says Europe Is Using Banks Instead Of Tanks To Attack Greece

In his first interview since resuming office, Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis has described the Greece bailout deal offered by Europe as a “coup d’état which used banks instead of tanks“.

If our party Syriza, that has cultivated so much hope in Greece – to the extent that we managed to score 61.5% in the recent referendum – if we betray this hope and if we bow our heads to this new form of postmodern occupation, then I cannot see any other possible outcome than the further strengthening of Golden Dawn,” Varoufakis explained. reports:

In a comment for the Radio National of UK, Varoufakis also expressed some regret at submitting his resignation, saying that ‘’ he jumped more than he was pushed’’.

Further elaborating on the Greek referendum and the majority vote against the austerity measures and proposals, Varoufakis blamed the situation on the EU and on Germany in particular as proposing an ‘’ultimatum’’.

“I had assumed, and I believe so had the prime minister, that our support and the no vote would fade exponentially, but the Greek people overcame fear, they set aside their pecuniary interests, they ignored the fact their savings could not be accessed, and they gave a resounding, majestic no to what was in the end an awful ultimatum on behalf of our European partners,” Varoufakis said.

  • joe six pack

    So the Germans are using banks instead of tanks. What you need then instead of anti tank mines are anti bank mines. Those proprietary weapons are marked .999 fine and those vary in payload. Stack them high.

  • davide

    He’s the same guy who said it was going to be resolved in twenty four hours after the referendum. Then he quit. I thought he was radical long before his brief tenure while he was a regular guest on the now departed RT finance show. Startled he was even given the position.