VIDEO: 11yr Old Child Has a Frightening Prophetic Vision About the Future and You Won’t Believe His Earth-Shattering Vision…

A pretty interesting video, the prophecy starts around midway through the 9:00 mark…. via Before It’s News:

2014 has been one psychotic year. With tension from ISIS, to talk of WWIII, to the Ebola and RV D68 pandemics and not to mention the economic tensions on the forefront; things are getting downhill and fast. The truth is here in America we have flushed God down the toilet as a country and as a result all chaos abounds. Many famous and wealthy mega-church pastors are miserably failing at their job and many are falling from the faith.


The book of Lamentations tells a story of how pastors allowed sin and iniquity into their lives, and as a result they opened a door for Babylonian soldiers to invade Jerusalem and take the city.


“The kings of the earth, and all inhabitants of the world, would not have believed that the adversary and the enemy could enter the gates of Jerusalem. It was for the sins of her prophets and the iniquities of her priests….” (Lamentations 4: 12-13)


I believe the same is happening today with America. Pastors and believers have allowed sin to abound in the land for far too long.


God is giving those that love him a warning, and this warning, rather shockingly, comes from the eleven year old son of Evangelist Anita Fuentes. God tells us in Acts 2:17 that in the last days He will pour out His Spirit on all flesh and that our sons and daughters shall prophecy. I believe this could be exactly what has happened with her son. Here is breaking prophecy…(prophecy starts at the 9:57 mark)…

  • Thadwick

    No disrespect but I could hardly follow you. Your speaking skills are atrocious. It woild appear as if youve got a studder and your redundancy had got so monotonous that I was forced to fast forward numerous times. Its hard to take your message seriously as God gives his people the words and abilities to speak and clearly you do not have those abilities. Some of the ideas took you literally minutes to get your idea out ejich could have easily bern accomplished in two or three short sentences. I am a Godly man and my intent is not to criticize.. but I could not follow along as you repeatedly get off topic and utter ah, oh, huh, uh, a,auh, huh, uuh, ect. ect. I will pray for you to be given some speaking ability very soon. Thank you