VIDEO: ABC News – Boston Bombing a Conspiracy? George W. Bush Has A Slip-of-the-Tongue

George W. Bush has a slip-of-the-tongue and ALMOST says the Boston bombs was a CONSPIRACY.

You almost can hear his mind thinking “don’t say conspiracy, don’t say conspiracy, don’t say conspiracy…” but then “…I don’t know all the facts, I don’t think we all know all the facts, but I was deeply concerned that this could have been huh, huh, you know, another CONSP…. duh, organized, highly organized attack on the country…”

Youtube Video by StillSpeakingOut

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  • Joanne Dorlando

    Ahhh…George W…Another idiot heard from…can’t say conspiracy let alone spell it…

    I think if it would not play into exactly what this terrorist wants- to become a martyr…I know that I don’t want to support this clown for life

  • Griffin Dolan

    Any real reporter would have pulled that loose thread.

  • Howard Ahno

    yes he implies that 911 was dodgy as; you don’t say!

  • sammyecky

    another good video about that incident (close up on the eyes of Laura Bush) is here:–U