Video: Bizarre Secret Footage From Inside A Closed Wal-Mart

As many people around the world know, Wal-mart suddenly laid of thousands of employees and closed many stores in various states saying that it was for “plumbing” issues.  Most are not buying it, with many believing this is part of a long term plan involving the implementation of martial law.  Strange footage from inside a closed wal-mart (one of the centers just shut down) has emerged… and what it show is slightly disturbing to many people.

The online magazine DC Clothesline reported this week about the theories surrounding the closings:

Others have suggested that the closings may have something to do with upcoming military exercises and the possibility that the massive stores could be used as detention centers for American citizens.

In a report published in July 2014 on, Shepard Ambellas outlined a plan by the Department of Defense and FEMA to use, “abandoned or unused department stores, shopping malls and warehouses as camps to accommodate the mass human influx from South America.

Although FEMA has used a massive influx of immigrants as the reason for needing detention centers, their power to control the entire country in the event of a martial law scenario could easily lead them to use the centers for American citizens.

According to the description from the video posted to YouTube:

“I want to thank Stephanie for the footage, Pictures and info.

She filmed this at the Pico Rivera California Walmart location that recently closed for suspicious reasons.

Walmart had never contacted the County to get permits for Plumbing work. They have now covered the windows with black tarp, surrounded the place with cops and built a wall up inside so no one can see whats going on past the Pharmacy area. Why would All this be going on for PLUMBING? Plus Cops at the receiving dock at the back!”

The footage from inside a closed awl-mart is strange for other reasons as well.  As a commenter on the forum GodLikeProductions said:

“Why would a store pull all its merchandise from the shelves for reported pluming problems?  [Why are there] police stationed at entrances? Tell me this is not related
to the upcoming JADE HELM that is about comemnce soon.”

What do you think about the released footage from inside a closed walmart?  Is there something to be concerned about?

  • corrine

    I see neither in this video, walls are up to keep peolpe out of a closed store..
    why would they want people walking around a closed store?
    Police around building to keep curious people out, looters out.
    Only thing questionabe is reason for closing..

    • BM

      To much union activity at that store and it must of been a real threat to Wal Mart.

    • Angela Warden

      Remodeling duh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Roy

    I live in China where Walmart had hundreds of stores. They have had a continuing problem with quality and it showed. The produce was disgusting and the meat was similar. Shelves were stocked with the same crap that the other cheap supermarkets had. However, this last fall there was a huge sting conducted by police and an investigation company hired by Walmart. There were about 1200 people arrested in a one hour period. These people were primarily purchasing agents, buyers, suppliers and quite a few police officials who formed a crime ring with the mafia to control supplies to all Chinese supermarkets. The success can be easily seen now in Chinese Walmart stores as there are now plentiful meat and produce of excellent quality, imported wines and liquors, as well as quality goods. Perhaps this has something to do with the closures in the USA??

    • Chelsea Lynn Counts

      I read some of your other comments on other articles….. You don’t seem to actually live in China. o.o You live in the USA and you are under obamacare. You are a very confused man.

      • Chinaman2

        You must be a Liberal to assume things to fit your own agenda. What does Obamacare have to do with Walmart, or did your fantasy ignore that small piece? I do not use Obamacare, never will. I look out over the North end of North Korea from my living room window.

        • Chelsea Lynn Counts

          o_O If a Liberal is someone who doesn’t really care about politics and rather escape America but can’t due to just having to just live comfortable. And lucky you, getting to look out at Korean. I love their Shows.

  • ipragmatist

    Oh my god….what a terrible and ineffectual vid. God, go away.

  • John Miles

    The one terrible thing I see the only proof of is the bad grammar in the article.

  • chester drawers

    maybe zombies or aliens are taking them over.

  • chester drawers

    omg its the end of the world as we know it. those hosers in canada let the pod people take over the walmarts, goodbye wally world

  • Don Payson

    Canadian Targets are closed.. we know why, its not been a secret. All this I’m not buying yet,either. Those pics at the beginning could be from any Walmart, anywhere, from anytime

  • MJ Seide

    The only thing that is bizarre, is the author of this “Fear Mongering” rubbish! Why? Because the top 1%, like Walmart, would NEVER do anything to help the Obama administration!
    They probably shut down those stores because they recently announced a pay raise for their employees.(from below poverty pay.) and they know Obamacare is here to stay… The pigs at the top don’t want to take any kind of a pay cut, so…get rid of stores and their overhead and employees which will allow them to make good on the raises, while still keeping their coffers FAT! Wake up!

  • Janette Seidel

    They have cops to keep people from looting. Not sure about all, but the one my sister worked has had plumbing issues for years.

    • Fluffy Sue

      How can anyone loot? The shelves are EMPTY!

      • Sorchiaz

        No they are not. They are still doing inventory in the back of the store. There is merchandise still there

        • Drock

          Wrong. Get the god damned facts you fkin idiots. 2 of the stores that have been filmed have been filmed from the old garden center to the front door… all fucking empty as shit. Trucks have all been loaded up with the merchandise and left… stupid fkin morons.

          • Princess Julie Qadir Gill

            True nothing to loot China sell human meat girls andwomen american

      • Janette Seidel

        The store in Livingston at the time wasn’t completely empty at this time.

  • Andrew Trueblood

    A majority of walmart stores had recently had a compliance check to see if store is properly stocked safety compliance and etc. If the store continued to fail compliance they could get shut down or temporarily shut down. Walmart is strict about compliance and if corporate don’t see the store fit they will close the store tell it’s fixed. Everyone is making a big deal and making assumptions. Yall are going to look dumb when u find out no conspiracy is going on and the store opens and looks better then before.

    • Anita

      It is part of the military exersise & nothing to do with wal-mart compliance.. both target & wal-mart stores in the US & Canada are doing exersises.. 6 states in the US are involved

      • Sorchiaz

        What if I told you that i know the guy who started that hoax rumor ?

        • Princess Julie Qadir Gill

          Not just an exercise .

      • CanadianShocker

        What if I told you that I live in Canada and know of no Walmart locations closing. There was one in Quebec in 2005, but it closed because it was unionized. All of the Target stores in Canada closed because nobody shopped there. Target completely misread the Canadian market. Now many of the empty locations are going to be turned into Goodlife Fitness locations. Time to take off the tinfoil hat.

      • volkerball85

        Got any proof of these so-called “military exercises?” I mean, citations that don’t lead back to the forum that first fed these ideas to you, that is.

      • brian nunziato

        You’re an idiot…

  • Quentin Daniel

    Funny how the “black plastic” was gone when we saw daylight coming in through the doors at the end. SMH

    • William Wilson

      Funny how the doors she went in through were open and daylight was coming in them at the beginning… it was the way they left open to enter the pharmacy area… you should be shaking your head wondering how you could be so stupid….

  • Loose Change

    Omg. How can they just put up barriers like that in a closed store!? Do they not know we have rights to be nosey!? I don’t understand why we can’t go through the front doors and walk around an empty store. And what the hell is all the silence? They need to turn on all the lights and play music on the loud speakers for those 2 people standing in line at the pharmacy! God help us all when other stores close their doors without our permission. Please keep posting updates…I need to be kept informed when I am bored while I’m taking my daily dump!!! Gtfoh

    • IDrink2Much

      I agree. When someone closes their store but still allows me to fill my prescriptions I also expect them to let me roam free around the part of the store that’s closed where merchandise is probably still stocked on shelves. Wouldn’t it have been easier just to close the whole damn store and tell its customers to fill their prescriptions elsewhere if they were really planning something so nefarious? Conspiracy theorists have no common sense.

      • appalled_by_religions

        In Martial Law you have no rights

        • brian nunziato

          Do you even know what martial law means?

    • Winomie Rene’ Wilson

      Ha, love it. Right on que. Agree, everyone is making it into a big ordeal when it’s not. Other employees such as security managers have had to go to these stores for the over seeing if the pharmacy and transfers if meds.. Nothing is off base.

  • Glenn


    3.042 Google reviews · Google+ page
    13310 Telegraph Rd
    Santa Fe Springs, CA
    (562) 946-6343

    Walmart Neighborhood

    3.76 Google reviews · Google+ page
    6820 Eastern Ave
    Bell Gardens, CA
    (323) 282-2503

    2.333 Google reviews · Google+ page
    11729 Imperial Hwy
    Norwalk, CA
    (562) 929-6766

    These are the ones listed as Pico Rivera locations , just called each one, they are all open…

  • Tava2

    so what is suppose to be going on?

  • Love one another

    Crazy the trolls on the comments.
    The stores are directly over entrances to our underground bases.
    Get a life.
    Our a better job.

    • volkerball85

      “The stores are directly over entrances to our underground bases.”

      Proof pls.

    • Janette Seidel

      Exactly, how the hell are you going to fit a tank through any of the doors.

  • jane

    They made a path with walls to go to and from pharmacy. The bay would have police to get product out of store without people trying to loot it. This video shows nothing at all. They are only letting those getting pharmacy prescriptions in so yea she would be asked to leave if she wasn’t there for that purpose. The shelves would be empty because the store isn’t open the path would be for directing to pharmacy only to avoid any theft from people trying to get something for nothing much like this video is trying to make something out of nothing. The guy doing the voice over sucks at his “job” lol he has nothing.
    However I question what is going down for reals. But this video/voice over just sucked that much

  • Winomie Rene’ Wilson

    First and foremost any time a Walmart is shut down for any reason there are always officers outside guarding. Depending on the store depends on how many officers Walmart hires in. YES Walmart pays them to work when they are off duty so the city does not provide protection. There are so many due to one, the nature of the closing and 2 the removal of product and delivery of pharmacy meds. The reason for the stores closing is because of the attempt at creating a Walmart union, the company doesn’t want it and neither does the majority of the employees. If you will notice the only places with union activity and talk are ones that mostly employed people who are not native to this country and were able to be easily brainwashed. If they only knew what the mass of employees wanted they wouldn’t feel as they do. Now all the stores with this closing were union happy. Of course they moved the product out.. They are going to send it and have sent it to other stores and the main distribution centers to be sent to other stores. These stores will likely open back up in 6 months, when all of the employees will then have to reapply for jobs and will likely be screened out if they are union supporters. Another direction I’d that they might keep them closed and go in a direction of smaller super Walmarts or break then up into the Market and General Merchandise like they use to be. Walmart had also discovered that creating massive super centers is too costly and just a bad direction for many reasons.

  • Susan Stanley

    is this for real or a hoax?

  • Joe Coverstone

    Lols this has to be a joke, I mean why if starting Martial Law would they use closed Walmart’s ? This makes no sense and the thinking behind this seems kinda like paranoia. I’d suggest if anyone thinks the Government is starting Martial Law and using Closed down Walmart’s to do so, then they need to seek some mental health care.

  • David Phillips

    It’s the end of the world for sure. This proves it. They always close the Walmarts and block them off with empty shelves when the end is near.

  • Tony Sorrells

    very normal. ive worked retail management many times. when a store is going to be closed for long periods they move the merchandise to the center then surround it with shelving to make it harder to get to to steal anything. this store still has an area open, so yes, with reduced personnel and no S1 or surveillance this is the proper procedure. additionally, all walmarts put up a plastic sun screen on entrance doors to block sunlight and make cooling in warm weather easier. this makes sense. nothing to see here, move along.

  • Sorchiaz

    Enough lame theories. This was a union busting ploy and nothing more. They will reopen are rehire a whole new crew. The police are there to gaurd merchandise until it is packed up..window boarded to keep people out of course. This is how walmart deals with unions.
    Jade Helm determent camp in the middle of Pico Rivera indeed.

  • dan

    Some of these fucking conspiracy theories are getting out of hand folks. I believe some conspiracies do exist but some of you people have become obsessed with this crap. You are working yourself into a frenzy over the most ridiculous stuff. Paranoia is setting in for many of you and you need to back away from this kind of stuff for a while and gather your thoughts. Martial law would never work in this country for a number of factors.

  • JW

    It’s being used for our military. That’s a fact.

  • LAGraham

    Personally, I’d call it just good security measures to ensure the closed stores aren’t looted. It makes perfect sense to prevent people from seeing the rest of the store: shoplifters, anyone? Plus, we’re told the store was silent; that suggests to me that the store actually is vacant. We’re getting way to paranoid.

  • David A Deal

    Big deal they enclosed the one area so people wouldn’t wander around in areas that had no employees or merchandise.

  • Jill Henderson

    Dude, did you even proofread this shit before you posted it? It’s riddled with spelling errors.

  • Zerock22

    OMG get a life people. Nobody cares about your conspiracy theory bulldhit

  • Leaftwig

    Who can feel confident absorbing news from someone that can’t take the time to spell-check?

  • Rikaishi Rikashi

    DAHBO is an idiot. Just fyi.

  • Ronny L Wilson

    i have just one question ……………have you ever known our military to practice maneuvers and weapon checks in our own towns………..they have bases to do this in are you kidding me

  • Russell M Price

    I see NO conspiracy here. Of course there are walls up. To keep people using the open pharmacy from wandering around the closed store. Do you know what silence means? NOTHING IS GOING ON! Of course there are cops guarding the place. It’s closed and full of merchandise. The temptation for low life’s to steal is no doubt immense. I don’t fully accept the whole “plumbing problem” excuse but I have yet to see any proof of government conspiracy here.

    • Janette Seidel

      The pharmacy at my sister’s store stayed open long after it closed.

  • Tammy Lynn Porter

    The truth is there for people with eyes and the proper vision to see. Conspiracy theorists are not afraid to ask questions and in general show an above average I.Q.. I can understand fear, I can understand even shaking your head at people. What I cannot understand is the lack of respect. These people who are putting out sensitive information are doing it for you. They put their own and the lives of their families at risk…for you. If you want proof then go ask the questions and your answers will come from military whistleblower testimony. You will not like what you find but forewarned is forearmed. What do you have to lose by doing some of your own research and having some extra supplies? I do not know about this particular Walmart but I will tell you that it does not take a brain surgeon to figure out that something’s off. For all of you that think you have a right to judge another simply because they do not share your opinion…stop it. This world is changing and if you want it to be a good world to change in to then be the change you wish to see.