Video: Does Bill Gates Want Depopulation Through Vaccines?

depopulation through vaccines

Listen as Microsoft billionaire Bill Gates uses climate change as the excuse for depopulation through vaccines during this clip from the notorious Ted Talk.

Video By Knowledge Resource. Use it!

Do your own research and think for yourself.

Bilderberg Group member Bill Gates is telling you that vaccines and quack healthcare is going to be used for depopulation. This is happening people.

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  • ProudAmerican9

    Bill and his wife are very evil people. What do you expect from a guy who stole the MS system from a friend. Despicable human being.

  • libor

    I can only applaud him. It is not the evil corporations but overpopulation in the source of instant pressure that kills forests and animals. Whoever thinks that the depleted resources and species will suddenly reappear is just happily religious.

  • James Smith

    Why hasn’t Bill Gates been arrested? It’s a valid question.