Video: Geoengineering And The Legalization Agenda

Video: Geoengineering And The Legalization Agenda

In the video below Michael J. Murphy discusses geoengineering, the plans to legalize it, how the climate change agenda relates to agenda 21 and our loss of freedoms.

Murphy is the Director and Producer best know for “WHAT in the world are they spraying?“and “WHY in the world are they spraying?

This information is very important in moving forward with efforts to stop geoegineering.

Youtube video by Truthmediaproduction

  • Peter

    Geoengineering is being used as a cover story to cull the global population with aerosol toxins, which is why they won’t admit to spraying. Secondly, they say they’re not spraying, but global temperatures are increasing and causing droughts, but we know they are, their spraying program is causing this. They want to implement their global carbon tax system which goes to a few elites and its worth trillions! When they finally get those laws passed, they will stop spraying the stuff that causes temperatures to rise, but continue spraying the toxins. The droughts will cause starvations, the spraying will cause diseases, they’re causing the problem and pretending to present the solution while being paid trillions of dollars to do so. They’re a bunch of sick f*cks and those planes need to be shot down. Now they’re trying to jail people denying climate change.