Video: Is This Proof That ISIS Shot Down The Russian Plane?

This video purports to prove that ISIS shot down the Russian plane over Egypt

ISIS have allegedly claimed responsibility for the crash of the Russian plane on Saturday over Egypt’s Sinai, which killed 224 people. 

A video has emerged that shows the plane being shot down in the sky by Sinai-based group “Sinai State”, who say they have loyalty to ISIS.

A video released by the group showed that a plane was suddenly caught on fire and fell down, but the video cannot be verified for the moment.

In the video, an aircraft is shown, which suddenly explodes in the air and crashes down. The visuals aren’t vivid and it hasn’t been confirmed that the plane shown in the video was the Russian Flight 7K9268.

However the Egyptian security officials suggested that the plane crashed due to technical fault, the video claims it an attack in revenge for Russia’s military operations in Syria.

On Friday Russian air-force had destroyed 1,623 “terrorist targets” in Syria, a strong base of ISIS in a month-old bombing campaign to support forces loyal to President Bashar al-Assad.

  • Frank Mc

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  • Frank Mc

    “The aircraft was flying through the danger zone in the Sinai peninsula at 31,000 feet when lost radio contact and crashed”

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  • Frank Mc

    The aircraft was reported missing 23 minutes after leaving the Red Sea resort of Sharm el-Sheikh

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  • ukenagash56

    Rubbish, video shows plane exploded from within. Tap can be for this plane for some other … IMO, an item was planted in the plane by some evil doer.