Video: Jade Helm Marines Want OUT “I will not follow unconstitutional orders”

Jade Helm 15

An interesting new video has surfaced of United States marines who have refused and quit over Jade Helm 15 and what they are being asked to do.  The marines in the video below say things such as “I will not follow orders that are unconstitutional”.

The video was originally posted on Mark Connors News Channel via YouTube [1] The marines showed vary in their location, from Texas to California – and they all refuse to take guns from lawfully-abiding gun-carrying American citizens, among other concerns.

When asked if they knew about Jade Helm their answers vary with one marine being asked “Do you think we have domestic terror on our hands?”, and the marine in the video answers “yes”.

Watch the whole video below and let us know what you think.

  • -Devolution

    Taking guns away from americans: Not good.
    Going to Iraq, destroying the nation and killing 1,2 million: Good.

  • Brenda southerland

    Well if that trash we have in office orders that we will be fighting against our own people this 9is a democracy not a dictatorship. We are sick of Hitler Obama.

    • ArthurFrayne

      I’m sure you were fine with Hitler Bush.

    • canucanoe2

      Hahahahaaa! Does it suck being mentally deficient?

  • Blackpplunite1

    First of all only white people can be compared to Hitler because only white people are evil as Hitler and Germany. It sounds like you are a descendant of Nazi, KKK or slave master so I’m not surprised about your comment about Obama. I don’t know one white person who isn’t evil.

    • Miss.Anne Thropee

      Well THAT isn’t a racist comment…NOOOOOOOOOOO, not at all.
      I am guessing that you have never served, let alone as a Marine…I can’t claim to be Black, However, I can comment on the actual subject at hand here, proudly, as this discussion, just like the Marines, don’t give a flying fook about color.
      My heritage comes from a long line of Marines, and my Father, whom did his duty in and beyond Nam, like so many that end up here, we demand the truth. You want to see people who the gov’t has done wrong by? The vets…and again…another problem that is utterly color blind. Which leads me to question your real motivation for commenting.

      See, that is what they want…some say everyone wants a race war started, perhaps…and if the people that you vehemently spit vitriol at, (I am guessing that would be the White Devils that we are…) then do you not think that your attitude is the problem? See, that would be like me comin on in here, and saying “They will have to take my guns away pried from my cold, dead hands, unless they are talking about taking guns away from dangerous folk, like ‘those’ folks in Ferguson…cause you know, I would definitely support that move,…”
      THAT wouldn’t be very nice to say, am I right? But you see, I look at a much bigger, imminent problem, and that is our, that is right, I say OUR rights to bear arms. Unless you are mentally unstable, or have done some real time in jail, well…that would be a different story. Do you not see that when you say crap, and that is what it is, CRAP then you belittle yourself to the place where they want you…you are doing exactly what ‘they’ want.
      You are giving them that reason to divide everyone up, as we all know that dividing and conquering is one of thee oldest tricks in the big ol book of Wars. So? If you stand back and see the whole picture, you will see that anyone that pushes that kind of nonsense agenda, has to be part of it. You want a race war? Is that really what you want? Because if so? You better believe me when I tell you that it will be your asses on the line, as we all know that ‘they’ have a much larger agenda than simply breaking up a schoolyard scrap between 10 year olds whom are too young and immature to know that there will always be ‘authority’ that will take a side in the end.

      Besides, when it comes down to it, let’s be real. Do you really think that with this Jade Helm crap now is the time to be picky over what color the apples are? Because the truth is in the all-Amerikan apple pie, ALL apples get sliced and diced, consumed, and shat out by those that can.

      But yeah…go ahead and start a race war, cause that is all we need, and that is exactly what ‘they’ want.

    • Heretic2011

      So…from now on we’ll say Idi Amin, or maybe OJ Simpson?

    • Chris Brennan

      You only run into “evil” White people because no decent white person will come within 10 feet of you for fear of getting your ghetto stink on them, never to be removed.

    • Sean Allen

      Go take a flying leap. Blackplunite…what a joke! Stinky stinky ickkkk

      • -Devolution

        It seems you americans are retarded, you cant even have a normal conversation without arguing and creating tension.

        • Michael Coon

          And being childish!

        • canucanoe2

          Do you think that comments like yours lend themselves to normal conversations? Do you not see the inherent hypocrisy of your comment?
          It’s pretty obvious to THIS American that you are a complete asshat.

    • Zac

      You are one dumb fuck. People like you are thee problem with society. You’re racist against whites but then play the race card when every issue is brought up.

    • canucanoe2

      You must have never heard about Idi Amin, Pol Pot, Mao Zedong, Genghas Khan, Hrohito, Kim Il Sung, Sadam Hussein, and Osama Bin Laden. You are just like Hitler in that you believe that an entire race of people is bad. How’s it feel to be just like the most reviled white man in history? ‘Cause that’s exactly what you are.

  • Michael Fanner

    Quit telling these damn lies that is how people get killed lying like this. This dude is no more of a Soldier than I am. As many military exercises I have been on the only one I can recall soldier being court martialed is in Alaska too cold for them.

  • Michael Fanner

    If you fail to obey orders you are court martialed you dont get to quit so that is also a lie.

    • Cody Ramseur

      Yes you can quit if you’re given unconstitutional orders. The militia will protect you. We have that right, this is not intended to be a fascist state.

      • Michael Coon

        The militia! pffft! You have no idea what a real militia is boy!

  • Julie Patchouli


  • Michael Fanner

    Cody there are military codes of justice that we have to abide by. If you fail to carry out an order your ass is court martialed and put in jail, you just cant quit like in civian population. So was he arrested or not.

  • proud2beDem

    What a bunch of BS . these kids are being told and believing the right wing lies . Patriots my ass ,And the only one to blame for VA issues is the republicans , they have NOT passed any bills to help vets .

  • ArthurFrayne

    “The marines showed vary in their location, from Texas to California – and they all refuse to take guns from lawfully-abiding gun-carrying American citizens, among other concerns.” and exactly how many of them were ASKED to take guns from law-abiding citizens? NONE! This whole government is coming for your guns rhetoric is NRA-fueled paranoia!

  • sharpin la

    You guys need to shut up and not vocalize this! Stay quiet but don’t follow the orders. Shoot the right people, the internationalist totalitarians who are managing this whole operation…stay safe. Don’t talk about it, don’t do anything. Don’t call people, don’t text, don’t email. Take out your cell phone battery when you’re not using it. Don’t speak about it in your homes because insanely, it’s all wired through modern electronics/the HDTVs.

    The good thing is, if they can’t pull off their plans in the next couple months they FAIL and it’s game over for them.

  • Moral Max

    Take out your cell phone battery when you’re not using it. Don’t speak about it in your homes because insanely, it’s all wired through modern electronics.Casquette Superman